i shouldn't be laughing i know

So, we’re all aware that Jin freaked out during the vlive because he had to kiss Namjoon on the cheek, right?

Namjoon is all calm and Jin is losing his mind. Seems a bit weird that they have different reactions, at least to me.

But then I remembered this little gem from m countdown where Jin volunteered to be the statue. Familiar, yes?

Guys, he freaked out because he knows that we’re onto him. He knows that we know. 

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Okay so I was in the shower right and I believe I’ve come up with the best potential Mercy ship ever, as well as basically the best possible overwatch ship possible.

Right, the two most popular Mercy ships that I know about (and that I love) are with Pharah and Genji. So I would like to introduce you to


A love triangle you say?

No no my friend. In this potentially perfect hypothetical world, instead you have Genji and Pharah being best armoured assault pals who both love Mercy, and Mercy loving them both in return. But instead of a bunch of jealousy and horseshit, you have two totally supportive friends supporting each other in their mutual love.

So instead of a love triangle, you end up with something more like this

Now let’s throw something in there to indicate the friendship between Pharah and Genji. A straight line would probably make it look way too much like a triangle so let’s go with a curve instead.

Yeah there we go. Though I dunno if that really displays how cool those two are with each other. Let’s throw in another curve, only Mercy would kinda be in the way of a curve of the same size so it’s gonna need to go all the way around her. Like them both hugging her at the same time. Embrace the love.

There we go. And just to embellish the fact this is the perfect ship, we’ll throw a sign indicating the fact at the top.


Drabble #253

V: shoelace

“Dad! Dad, look what I can do!”

From the other side of the partition wall, Carolyn drew in her breath.

“Go on, then, I’m watching,” came Gordon’s voice. He was in one of his rare good moods. “Oh, you’re going to tie your laces first? Good idea. Let me know when you’re ready.”

She heard Arthur laugh. “No, Dad, that’s what I’m showing you! I can do my shoelaces all by myself, look! Done!”

Please, Carolyn thought, just pretend to be impressed. Just once.

“Well I never,” said Gordon. “So you can! Good chap.”

Carolyn closed her eyes in silent thanks.

I wasn’t singing, I was yelling. I was yelling four letter words. It wasn’t so much just pain, I ended up… I can’t actually have a baby naturally like cause of whatever reasons so, um, I had to have a spinal tap done. So I couldn’t feel… like all of sudden my right leg was like by my head and my other one was on the other side of the room. It was like really weird. They cut you open and it feels like they’re gardening in you, it’s so bad. It’s so bad. I was like ‘why is this woman gardening in me?!’ And then my baby like got stuck and they had to like crawl inside - it’s like the worst. But it was really fun and I love my OBGYN and she was fun. But I kept yelling four letter words. I was like 'please no one be recording this.’
—  Kelly Clarkson (on her giving birth to River)

AN: This has been sat in my inbox for a few days. I thought about not writing anything, because I’m not taking prompts, but it hit some kind of inspiration centre in me, and here we are. 

“Wait a second,” Tony instructed, struggling with the wiggling little body in his arms. “Lily, honey, just wait a second. I gotta put sunscreen on you or you’re gonna get burnt.”

“Duh sea, Dada!” the four year old squealed, bouncing excitedly in the sand as Tony quickly rubbed cream into her skin. “So much sea!”

“I know, princess,” Tony huffed out a laugh, a little in awe of her childish wonder. “You can go with Uncle Clint and Thor in the sea once I’m done, I swear.”

A couple of feet away, Sam and Steve were similarly struggling with putting sunscreen onto Peter and James. Tony snorted out a laugh when Peter, legs flailing, managed to kick some sand into Sam’s face. 

“Oh my God, kid, why -?”

Tony turned back to finish up with Lily, and grinned at her when he was done. “All done! Be careful, okay?”

“Yeah, uh-huh, uh-huh,” Lily nodded, shuffling excitedly on the spot. “Sea, Dada!”

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i was laughing with BFF about damien from pokemon, you know the shitty trainer who abandons charmander? because we are endlessly entertained by his british accent (maybe because we’re british and it feels kind of ott) and the way he says charmander (CHARMINDER). 

ANYWAY she challenged me to compile all his CHARMINDER moments. surprisingly not many at all. even more surprising how this still amuses us to no end 

Round 2 of Hoshido-Nohr Headcanons

I really have no life. Anyway, both Kamui are referred here as ‘they’. These little scenarios aren’t specific to either. (Too early to ship with others too, though my heart kind of laughs weakly. Trying not to keep it gender specific.) Just mentioning this again because people might get confused.

  • Kamui kind of makes offhand comments about their Nohr family to Hoshido. Feels awful about it too since they know it’s horrible to cling onto their old family despite having betrayed them. Like they’re taking a nap and Sakura wakes them up. “Did you cut your hair?” they would ask, until they would realize, wait, you aren’t… 
  • Kamui would feel kind of lost with Hoshido family in the beginning, but they would slowly build a solid foundation of trust and love somewhere down the line. “I would take an arrow for you” strong and “We keep each other safe.”
  • If Kamui chooses Hoshido or Nohr, I can sort of see them suffering from nightmares. With Nohr, they see Marx angry with them and ready to cut off their head for daring to betray them. The look of hurt and betrayal on his face when they turned their back on him and Nohr that day has never left them. Similarly with the Hoshido, the fear of meeting their real blood siblings on the battlefield is what keeps them from sleeping at night, because they are aware what they did wrong. 
  • When Kamui defects to Hoshido, Camilla has to deal with the aftermath. She can hear Nohr little sis sobbing in her room. The servants give Marx a wide berth. She knows that Blarth is somewhere out on the training grounds, trying to drown out the pain through action. She knows that the emptiness won’t go away for her, but she needs to look out for the others. She hums a lullaby for Nohr little sis to help her sleep and carries Blarth to bed after tiring himself out with whatever activity he did. She hugs Marx, and he just accepts gratefully. She doesn’t like leaving being alone because if she closes her eyes, she can hear Kamui’s footsteps echoing in the halls. She doesn’t want to pretend.
  • I’d like to think the Hoshido army is close and almost familial with each other, whereas the dynamic in the Nohr army is slightly different. It’s more of respect and loyalty to Nohr, and the “we must do what we must, because it isn’t a matter of can or can’t, we fight” mentality. Glory-seeking indeed.
  • This is going by the theory that the Hoshido lady seen in the trailer is Kamui’s mother and the man shot by arrows is Kamui’s father. And Hinoka is Kamui’s sister even though I believe in the childhood friend theory. She thinks that maybe her family can heal after the loss of her husband and her child being taken from her. But she sees Ryouma staring solemnly at his father’s blade, Hinoka demanding to learn how to ride a pegasus, Takumi firing arrows with intense concentration, and Sakura standing by her lonesome. She sees them and herself in the mirror, and deep down, she knows they never will be. For once, she loses faith in peace.
  • If Marx is the only one who knew of Kamui’s origins, and Kamui still chooses Nohr despite this, he’d feel terrible. He knows they didn’t do it for him, because he’s aware that they were thinking of Camilla, Nohr little sis, and Blarth, how hurt they would be. Marx feels like he lost Kamui’s trust, and he doesn’t blame them.