i shouldn't be laughing at this as hard as i am

It’s 245 am and I’m awake contemplating how humans are so savage. How they make a decision to hate you for something they know you have no control over. How they can be spiteful and rude, condescending and unappreciative. How they can hurt one another and justify their actions. It’s also interesting how animals exist. How we domesticated some and eat some and kill some. How animals have souls too. It’s weird. I guess we too often think we are so superior to all that’s around us that we forget we still can’t calm the wind or make the sun shine any less or prevent rain from falling. We can’t understand so much that was created for us. We can’t understand ourselves and our paths and our destinies. We give up too easily and laugh too hard at life. All its doing is being directed by us. But we fail to understand anything.