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Take a Chance (Part 4)

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pairings: Reader x Steve Rogers
characters: Reader, Steve Rogers, Steve’s Parents, Natasha and Wanda (mentions)
word count: 1,120
warnings: pregnancy talks
a/n: probably the shortest chapter in this series lfmao
summary: AU! After a one night stand at a friend’s wedding, you gain something that could possibly change your life and views on life for the better or worse.

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Maybe telling your baby daddy that you were pregnant so abruptly wasn’t such a good idea. But hey! You already did and there’s no taking it back now.

Might as well take a hammer and hit the nail in the coffin, right? “You’re gonna be a dad.”

Steve stays in an unblinking stare, his eyes wide and mouth parted almost comically. You fidget with the plastic cup, pinching the bottom edges, waiting for him to say anything, something. His eyes are watering and you’re positive it has nothing to do with the fact that you just told him he might be a father, but the fact that he has yet to blink.

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Please Don’t Say You Love Me

So excited to finally post it! This is my submission for the @kleinsensongbash, a little bit late but it’s here! It might not be my best fic writing, but I’m glad I finished it in time.


  • Song: “Please Don’t Say You Love Me” by Gabrielle Aplin
  • Fandom: Dear Evan Hansen (duh)
  • Ship: Kleinsen (duh) and some implied Galaxy Gals
  • Word Count: 3,200
  • Connor Lives au (+They All Became Friends au)
  • I worked hard on this I hope you enjoy it!

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But how can Missandei know nothing about Westeros bastard surnames? She studied the Common Tongue and she’s met people from Westeros all her life. How can she be “Daenerys’ most trusted advisor” and not know something that has been so crucial for the history of House Targaryen (I’m thinking the Blackfyre rebellion, for example)? And hasn’t she just met a bunch of Sands? Didn’t she wonder why they weren’t called Martell (or Uller, in Ellaria’s case)?

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I think the mocap actor matters bc as an actor who is Asian myself I can tell you that Asians are passed up for jobs all the time. We're always given the extra part or sidekick at best. Why shouldn't an Asian body represent an Asian MAIN (at that) character? If ppl find it's not important who's in the suit & are only concerned about the voice then why not let that Asian person represent both aspects? tl;dr Asians don't get enough jobs in the field; let's fix that by all around representation.

THIS!!! 🙌

I prayed that Juuzou was at the CCG and not underground but it seems sensei intercepted my prayers and now I have to watch my favorite characters fight against each other. WHY???

I knew it was coming because of the poems but deluded myself into thinking it will not be so. What a fool I was. My hope is crushed and now my pessimistic mind will take over, destroying me this week as I wait for the next chapter. I am not ready for the loss of either.

Damn, something tragic is bound to happen. I still don’t see Touka dying but her child I can’t be so sure. I just can’t bear to think of that pain.

Sentence Meme (Secrets)
  • "I've got a secret to tell you but you have to promise you'll keep it to yourself?"
  • "Why do you smile as though you have a secret?"
  • "No one can keep a secret. That's why I'll be keeping this one to myself"
  • "You have to promise that you'll take this one to the grave with you"
  • "I know your secret"
  • "You're a terrible liar! I can tell that's you're hiding something"
  • "Stop being so secretive. I'm your boyfriend/girlfriend, you shouldn't hide things from me"
  • "You swore you would never tell anyone..."
  • "I'm never telling you my secrets again"
  • "Fuck it, I'm going to tell you something I've been keeping to myself for too long"

“…I prepared, by looking in the mirror. It was the only interview I could still get.

 When you’re sitting across the desk from someone who can hire you, you feel every one of those thirteen years.

But luckily, I had a very good interviewer; He asked me if I was up to it, coming back to the work place.

The interviewer pointed out that I was arguing against myself. I should stop pointing out reasons why I shouldn't be hired.

What did I learn from this?

Use everything you have to get the job and don’t feel untitled.

…Of course, the advantage of being a woman opting back in, is that no one ever question why you opted out in the first place.

Women are cut little slack of this, men even less.

The one upside to a scandal, or a tragedy in your life, is that it is the best kind of wake up fall.

Would I have done any differently if I were a man? Would I have felt differently if I were a man?

The answer is I would never do it differently.

The key is to raise your profile, opted out moms are held on a higher standard than anyone else.

We…Have to work harder.

We have to make up for lost time.”

Why 'The Biggest Loser' shouldn't be used as weight loss motivation.

This is my Huffington Post article in text form :)

I never make a habit of watching The Biggest Loser, but last night, I decided to see what the fuss was about.

I wish I hadn’t.

These “contestants” were competing for immunity. They were jumping (harnessed) off obstacles in order to save themselves from being eliminated from the program.

At this point, I am asking myself, “How much weight do you lose from jumping from a warehouse roof?”

Among other tasks, they were required to shimmy across a body of water on a wire, without falling in, and jump into the water at a different time, from a tall structure.

The last part involved them running, flipping tires, swimming and riding aqua bikes in order to secure their place in the next round.

All while being hounded by their mentors.

Understandably, the people on the program know what they’re in for. They know what to expect and they understand that it’s not going to be a smooth ride. Weight loss is never a smooth ride.

But these people are sensitive already, enduring years of bullying because of their weight, trying and failing to lose it, trying harder and still not seeing results. But now, they have become contestants in a sick game show of sorts.

In the beginning, TBL was solely about weight loss, where the contestants participated in grueling activities and stuck to a strict diet. Their trials were then broadcast to the greater public, who had favorites, had ones they disliked and stories that got them emotionally invested and attached to the show — much like your regular soap opera.

Now it seems that the show isn’t just about the successes and the weight loss of the people involved, but rather a form of entertainment for the viewers.

It’s no longer about helping these souls, but objectifying their health and well-being in order to gain ratings on the television.

The passion for helping people is gone.

I can’t help but think there are people out there who watch the program judge the contestants and use the show as a means to make themselves feel good because they aren’t as big as the people on TBL.

Moreover, these people are losing weight in extreme ways. They are dragging tractor tires up hills and working out on treadmills until they can no longer hold themselves up.

Again, they knew what they were in for, but the trainers should understand that rapid weight loss is not always healthy. Nor is overexerting yourself to the point of semi-consciousness.

When it comes to weigh-in time, the contestants line up obediently to be weighed. Some of them lose 5 to 6 kilos (11 pounds - 13 pounds) in a single week. Keep in mind that healthy weight loss is up to a kilo (2.20 pounds) a week. They are being told that this weight loss is not enough, they should have lost more.

This is giving them the unrealistic expectation that they should be powering through and losing as much weight as possible. Losing weight in this way is extremely unhealthy.

Being very big people, they are already running the risk of heart attack and stroke (some of them) and the strenuous exercise they partake in, cannot be helping that risk at all. On multiple occasions I have seen advertisements for TBL that showed a contestant collapsing and being taken away in an ambulance.

This is not a safe practice for healthy weight loss at all. Not to mention, once the contestants finish on TBL, they go home and how many of them would continue such a strenuous exercise regime at home? I doubt many of them have tractor tire they can drag up hills when they have the spare time.

The person may decide to adapt to a more healthy lifestyle when they return home and may exercise far more than they did prior to their visit with TBL, but there is still no guarantee that they won’t put on more weight because they aren’t adhering to the exercise and diet regime they had in the house.

This makes all of their hard work have a good albeit unhealthy result, but not long-term pay off.

Another thing that got me about TBL are the constant flashbacks to the contestants before the show.

They are stripped down to their underwear and shown gazing into the mirror. They are saying things like, “I have wasted my life covered in this gross fat.” And then they are shot from awful angles from under their stomach and close ups on their thighs, further shaming them for their weight.

I reiterate: These are sensitive people. And contrary to popular belief not every fat person is a hardcore eating machine that sits on their butt and does nothing. Sometimes they are overweight because emotional and health issues, which is something left unsaid on TBL.

They are just painted as uncontrollable fatties who need help to get hot.

Now, I refer to the trainers.

Exercise fanatics that like to yell and scream at people in order up the success rate of the weight loss.

When losing weight, motivation is a key to successfully losing a few kilograms. Motivation. Not shame and torment. Not making someone feel useless and weak-willed and lazy. No. This is not helpful.

This is making out that these contestants, nay, these people are merely objects that others can berate and torment because they somehow deserve it for being overweight.

This is bullying. Something that most of the people on the program would have dealt with many a time in their life.

I need not mention that some of the clothing lines released by the female trainers only extend to a size 18 AU (usually a size 16 U.S.) because apparently people larger than that don’t exist to buy their work out fashions.

The Biggest Loser is promoting weight loss, successful weigh loss even, but in a limited amount of time and in the most extreme ways possible.

Health is not a focus on TBL.

People will see this as an example of how they can lose so much weight in such a short time, and they will attempt it. Which is unsafe and time consuming.

There are ways and means to lose weight without torturing yourself for the entertainment of a national, often international audience.

Let us also keep in mind that when a person steps on the scales, their weight may be at one set number, but it can increase and/or decrease through the day. Things that are not being taken into account such as the person’s water weight. It can also be the loss of muscle and tissue within the body.

TBL’s key is weight loss. Not the loss of body fat.

Herein lies another problem: Keeping that weight off once they leave TBL house.

Since it was lost so quickly, it can be gained back just as quickly.

Is this the message we want to send to our young people and children? That fat people are nothing but slobs who have no self control, and that weight loss can be achieved quickly if you push yourself to breaking point every time you work out?

This is most definitely not what we should be promoting to anyone, especially our impressionable youth.

The Biggest Loser is not inspiring. It is not motivational.

It humiliating. It’s dehumanizing.

These are people. Not livestock to be publicly weighed and judged on their weight and outward appearance. They are living, breathing souls, who deserve to be treated with respect.

Question for you for me
  • This might be a weird thing to ask, but usually that means I should just go out and ask it yeah?
  • So I have this writing assignment to do. I'm to come up with a few concepts to pitch for a tv show. Looking ahead, I don't see why I shouldn't just do this for myself. And so I think I will. I'll make a pilot for a tv show and then who knows?
  • The first exercise we did in acting class was this projection exercise where we just sat in the middle of the room and people called out the type of characters they saw us possibly playing or projected onto us before getting to know us. It was a really cool exercise and got a lot of us thinking.
  • There are plenty of characters and types of shows that I would love to play and be in, but sometimes it's difficult to push aside the ego and really consider if they make any sense at all. So I wanted to ask, if you could choose a character/type of show/concept for me, what would it be?
  • I guess this is kinda like an advanced focus group, or a choose your own tv show if I had to be one of the main characters.
  • What kind of world would you throw me into next?

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What kind of effect do you think would it have on Dean and Cas' complex relationship if the writers went ahead and made them a couple? I know how they say that we can interpret the story however we want to, and while I do think them being together would be nice, I just feel like it would change their relationship somehow? It really shouldn't change how I see them if they are couple or not, but somehow I think I would have some mixed emotions. I'm just interested in what you think about this.

Hey! :) 

As irony would have it, that is the absolutely beautiful thing about Dean/Cas; nothing about them or the show would change if they became a couple. And I will tell you why. I have quoted this from myself before, but I’ll quote it again because it’s relevant again: 

So, from your ask I assume that you watch Supernatural, but let’s say you have a friend who doesn’t watch it. Said friend doesn’t know what the show is about, and doesn’t know anything about any of the characters in it.

Now you tell aforementioned friend about the show as it ACTUALLY is, only altering one little detail. So you tell them:

‘There’s this TV show that I like. In this show there is this young man named Dean, who makes a deal with a demon to save his little brother’s life, and ends up in hell because of it. Eventually, Dean gets rescued by the angel Cassandra. The reason Cassandra raised Dean from perdition is because God commanded it, seeing as the angels on this show don’t have any emotions whatsoever, don’t feel like humans do, and are merely programmed to follow the orders of the Heavenly host.

But the moment Dean and Cassandra first meet, all of this suddenly changes. Cassandra soon starts to feel, and starts caring about Dean. Caring turns into caring deeply, and ends in Cassandra turning her back on Heaven, rebelling, and even killing some of her own brothers and sisters in the process, then telling Dean that she did all of it for him.

Dean, who never had faith in God, or Heaven, or angels, still doesn’t have faith in any of that, but he now does have faith in this one angel, Cassandra. He trusts Cassandra, he prays to Cassandra (even though praying is begging in Dean’s book, and he hates that), and as the show moves on Cassandra grows away from Heaven, and closer to Dean.

Cassandra and Dean are separated on several occasions, and the odds are always against them, but even when Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory try to keep them apart, they always find their way back to each other. They both make bad decisions, mistakes, and there are cases of betrayal, but in the end they always forgive and forget, because they simply can’t stay away from one another.

Several times, Cassandra has died. Whenever Dean thinks he’s lost her, Dean gets depressed, has endless nightmares about losing her, even hallucinates seeing her, and turns to alcohol in order to keep going on with his life. They’re pretty much miserable without each other, as it shows on the actual show.
The bond they have is strong enough to break through any kind of mind control.

Every single one of their friends/enemies know that Cassandra and Dean are each other’s weakness, and use it against them at times. Long story short: Cassandra is willing to give up everything, even her wings, only for Dean, and we’ve reached a point in the show where Dean is in a position where he has to trust Cassandra with his life, and he easily does so.

As a side note: It’s not uncommon for Dean to tell Cassandra that he needs her to be with him, and it’s not uncommon for Cassandra to watch Dean sleep.’

Interesting, isn’t it? Do you hear what it sounds like when you summarize the actual story of Dean and Castiel as it is, even without changing anything or deliberately making it sound more romantic?

Now you go ahead and ask your friend what kind of story this is, and what kind of relationship they think that Dean and Cassandra have. I can guarantee you that there is a 90% chance that your friend will tell you: “DOH, they’re in love with each other, it’s a story about star crossed lovers, and that angel is so whipped.”

Then tell your friend that you lied. Tell them that you changed one tiny aspect, even though the rest of what you told them is true to what happened on the show. Tell them that the angel is a male named Castiel, not a female named Cassandra.

That’s the only thing you changed. And depending on your friend, there are different kinds of reactions you could get to this one, but the fact remains; It is what it is. 

What the above tells you is all you need to know really; It already IS a love story. They already basically ARE a couple. Everything they do, how they act with each other, (outside of that kiss that has never been shown on screen), they might as well be together. 

All of the love and passion and pining between them; it’s already there. Not a thing would have to change, in fact, aside from maybe the occasional handhold or kiss, their relationship could remain entirely the same and it would still be awfully romantic. Because it already is

Truth be told, this is one of my main reasons for shipping Dean/Cas. A show shouldn’t have to bend around a ship or change in order to force it to happen. A show shouldn’t become the ship. It should come naturally. And in this case, imo it has.

As a bonus, we’ve recently been made aware (11x19) that hunter husbands can kick ass, fit into the show, and all of this without the show at all becoming about their relationship or their sexuality. 

So I’d say that this is the least of our concerns re: canon Destiel.

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anyone have celebration ideas?

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oh! one more thing: as for Posey's interview, that read as a really obvious joke to me. It seemed like the type of thing he'd say to get a rise outa people. On top of that, it flies in the face of glimpses we've had of the set so far. Derek's Wolf has been seen quite a fair bit around set, and I've heard some mention of Ian Nelson too, but I couldn't get a credible source for that one. Derek's THERE, not gone. the # of scenes is yet to be seen, but i'd wait till his con Q&A. Posey's being silly.

I just… I don’t know what’s going on on set right now (everything, like you said, is rumors at this point), but Derek slinking around in wolf form… or Ian Nelson form even, is not Derek to me. Derek is Hoechlin, and while Ian is lovely and having him around for an episode was amusing, randomly de-aging him again or something so he can stay in the story would be a terrible move, plot-wise. And it wouldn’t be the same anyway because, like I said, and I’m sorry, but Derek is Hoechlin. Accepting no substitutes.

As for the interview… I’ve always hated Posey interviews because he pretty much seems to spit out whatever pops into his head without thinking and you never know what’s serious, what he actually means or believes. Obviously he was kidding about the departed characters being at a TW convention in London, but the “Derek’s gone” part at the beginning seemed very genuine to me.

Which might honestly be a good thing, because the alternatives - random de-aging, him being trapped in his wolf shift? - would just be another disappointment to his character.

If Hoechlin doesn’t want to be on the show anymore (or the show doesn’t want him around anymore, whatever the case may be) I’d honestly rather they bring him back for an episode or two and give him a strong send off, instead of resorting to cheap and unsatisfying tricks to keep the character involved.

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"You deserve a nice girl. You shouldn't go after me." [I'm so sorry but I couldn't stop myself]

[is this angst? I can feel it’s angst. Modern then!]

Elize looked at her, her smile fading. “W- What do you mean?” she asked, fearing that her words were a kind of goodbye. She hated the idea of being away from her for even a day. “Why are you saying this?”

4886) I remember when I was little asking my mom why my thighs were so fat. She laughed and said you're only x years old you shouldn't be thinking like that! Maybe if she had given me a better answer I wouldn't still be asking myself that question.

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it's so ridiculous to say that anyone not sitting around on tumblr renouncing their love for niall and calling him trash for messing up is racist. am i disappointed in niall? yeah. at the same time though, i understand he in all likely hood didn't realize what he was doing was offensive and i know dragging him on tumblr isn't going to teach him any differently. it's counterproductive. IT ACCOMPLISHES NOTHING. not sure how that makes anyone racist? that's such a ridiculous claim, jfc.

thanks love. it’s actually quite normal on tumblr when stuff like this happens for things to go from rationally educating people on why it’s wrong, to stepping on people who aren’t being vocal or aggressive about it. that’s when it moves away from the issue and becomes about me and you. it becomes about people wanting to feel like they’re better than somebody else.