i shouldn't be amused

Vanoss is not even subscri- THAT SON OF A BITCH!
—  Delirious, exposing Evan for not being subbed to him (x)

I have this headcanon that while Rose was pregnant with Steven, she experienced hunger and thirst for the first/only time in her very long life…

Rose absolutely loved it because everything about humans fascinated and enchanted her and there was always some part of her that wished she could feel everything that ‘real people’ feel.

Pearl was initially horrified by this phenomenon, but she immediately had a fridge installed in the temple and kept it stocked at all times. She also quickly learned to cook and was on call 24/7 to prepare any food, anytime, no matter how messy, and “Rose are you sure you’re drinking enough because I purified this water with my tears…”

Amethyst and Rose secretly ate a lot of weird stuff like pickles and peanut butter because Rose had weird cravings and Amethyst was just Amethyst.

This is why I have “anti teen wolf fandom” and “anti sterek fandom” tags.

Please pay extra special attention to their usage of misogynist slurs while attempting to use “misogynist” as an attack on the character they hate.

@fandomshatepeopleofcolor and @fandomshatewomen, I thought you might get a crack out of this. :P

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Hypothetical situation Morty but say you were watching Inter dimensional TV and suddenly you came upon a channel that looks familiar.... It is you on the couch watching Inter dimensional TV and what that morty is doing is the same.... and when you move The morty on the TV mirrors you... how would you react if you realized your life was nothing more than a show for others amusement?

M-my life? A s-show? F-for amusement…?????

I was watching the Pachinko videos on YouTube and you’d assume this soccer match has Touji, Kensuke and Hikari against Asuka, Rei and Shinji, right?

So Shinji has the ball first, then he passes it to Rei, so naturally I assumed the next person was ….



Okay, being the wonderful angel athlete he is, obviously Kaworu would have some mad soccer skills but …wow. Kaworu, honey, you’re amazing but this isn’t fair to the lilin.

“HE WASN’T EVEN ON THE TEAM” - Touji probably

If Priya kissed Candy’s cheek or lips or whatever while Candy’s boyfriend walked by, I wonder what would happen next.