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tfw u realize that the only time and fragment wherein its possible for medb and ailill to have a healthy functional relationship is during a grail war/chaldea verse since it was only their glorifying of connacht and its people that made the both of them fall like with their kingdom and role in society now nonexistent they can focus on being each other’s actual partner but u also realize this is temporary and the interactions they’ll share don’t really count since they’re just copies of the true medb and ailill’s souls

this probably won’t make any sense but i wish we got to experience harry’s solo career go from tiny to huge like he’s already got such a massive platform from the success of 1d and i’m so proud of the milestones he’s already accomplished but the selfish side of me wishes i got to watch harry go from not-so-famous to widely known to a mega super star like i wish we got to experience all of those stages of his career but his name is already out there so we’ve just jumped ahead a bit and idk i think from being a fan of 1d since literally 2010 and watching them become more and more famous it’s weird for me to be a fan of someone who’s so new but also not new at all?

Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I’m fascinated by weird religious panics about kids’ pop culture from the last few decades, from D&D being accused of teaching kids witchcraft to He-Man being picked apart for occult symbolism. So I’m honestly surprised there hasn’t been some loud, widely-publicized moral panic about Steven Universe from the religious fundamentalist crowd yet. I mean, think about it, we have a popular cartoon show aimed at children that features:

  • At least one canonical same-sex couple, as well as at least a couple major examples of same-sex attraction
  • A main character who is stated to have been born out of wedlock and raised by a non-traditional family unit
  • At least a few instances of “suggestive” dance moves
  • Magic and violence being shown as a good and positive thing
  • A major symbol for the good guys being a five-pointed star
  • Use of mystical/magical crystals (fundies are still suspicious about that aspect of new age culture, right?)
  • Seeing the future via a “third eye” (this is one thing I recall that fundies complaining about occult elements in cartoons back in the 80s LOVED to rail about)
  • A character who uses shapeshifting to turn into animal forms (another aspect of “occult” religions and beliefs that 80s-era fundies got their undies in a bunch over) or even to transform from a female form to a male one
  • A character who defies the gender binary and is attractive to both men AND women

I mean, I certainly wouldn’t agree with such a moral panic, but in a world where The Loud House can get yelled at by One Million Moms for featuring a pair of gay parents in one episode, I’m honestly baffled that this entire show managed to slip by the religious types’ radar.

Man, fundies really lost their touch since the Satanic Panic ended, huh?