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The Flash producers at Comic Con: Yeah, last year got a bit dark.  So this year we’re keeping it nice and light and fun!

Flash fans: *rejoice*

The Arrow producers at Comic Con: Yeah, last year got a bit dark. So this year we’re keeping it nice and dark and gritty!

Arrow fans: *rejoice*

I dunno guys I just drew somethin’.

Ridiculous Ladybug Theories #156

The gang plays D&D together. Marinette and Adrien have characters that are THINLY veiled representations of their alter egos.

They’re also dating in the game because they all play online so no one knows who is who. 

Alya is the DM and laughs hysterically after every game.  


@ask-the2pdanish-schoolteacher  as Mr. Anderson, a 6th-grade teacher(2p!Denmark)

@ask-viceprincipal-mrbeilschmidt as Mr. Beilschmidt, the vice principal(Germania)

@askschoolcounselor-mrbeilschmidt as Mr. Beilschmidt, counselor(Prussia)

@ask-gymteacher-mr-beilschmidt as Mr. Beilschmidt, the PE teacher(Germany)

@ask-dramatic-monsieur-francis as Mr. Bonnefoy, drama teacher(France)

@askelementaryteacher-mrbraginsky as Mr. Braginsky, a 2nd-grade teacher(Russia)

@ask-languageteacher-mrcarriedo as Mr. Carriedo, a foreign language teacher(Spain)

@askmusicteacher-mr-edelstein as Mr. Edelstein, the school music teacher(Austria)

@ask-elementaryteacher-misshansen as Miss. Hansen. a 4th-grade teacher(2p!Nyo!Norway)

@ask-elementaryteacher-mrhonda as Mr. Honda, 6th-grade teacher(Japan)

@ask-elementaryteacher-mrjones as Mr. Jones, a 3rd-grade teacher(America)

@ask-elementary-teacher-mr-allen as Mr. Jones, a 5th-grade teacher(2p!America)

@ask-schoollibrarian-mrkirkland  as Mr. Kirkland, the school librarian(England)

@ask-elementaryteachermrkirkland as Mr. Kirkland(2p!England)

@askmrberwald as Mr. Oxenstierna, a 1st-grade teacher(Sweden)

@ask-elementaryprincipalvargas as Mr. Vargas, the principal(Rome)

@ask-elementaryartteachermrvargas as Mr. Vargas, the art teacher(North Italy)

@ask-elementaryteacher-mrvargas as Mr. Vargas, a 3rd-grade teacher(S. Italy)

@asl-elementary-teach-2p-luci as Mr. Vargas, a 1st-grade teacher(2p!Italy)

@ask-elementaryteacher-mrwang as Mr. Wang, a  6th-grade teacher(China)

@ask-assistant-librarian-matt as Mr. Williams, the assistant librarian(2p!Canada)

@askmrwilliams as Mr. Williams, a 6th-grade teacher(Canadia????)

i had a conversation with my parents abt shit like race and blacklivesmatter and privlege and oh my god i wanted to rip my fucking eyes out they are so ignorant and get so upset over the fact that bc they’re white they can never experience racism the way non-white people do and it was just…. jfc

Lance feeling conflicted in season one

Keith feeling conflicted in season two

Lance not being accepted in season one

Keith not being accepted in season two

Keith worrying about Lance in season one

Lance worrying about Keith in season two

Lance getting hurt in season one

Keith getting hurt in season two



Don’t forget Gorillaz fans, Jamie Hewlett exist! He made all you’re favorite band members come to life in the music videos, shorts, ect! He continues drawing them countless times and works day and night to give you new content with the band members! So please appreciate him!!! ❤❤❤