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What is your favorite couple in Nijiiro days and why? I would love it if you wrote a detailed explanation (I love those). But if you can't it's fine!

Definitely Tsuyopon and Yukirin! I know they don’t get much love in the anime, but I think they are the epitome of a perfect relationship. They have such different personalities, yet they complement each other perfectly. Yukirin talks a lot, while Tsuyopon barely talks at all, yet they understand each other so well despite being polar opposites. 

As a huge anime/manga nerd myself, I think it’s adorable that they were brought together by their shared interest, especially in our modern society that often condones interest in anime/manga. I think it’s safe to say a lot of us anime/manga nerds like the idea of dating someone with similar interests, although that often doesn’t work for one reason or another. So seeing these two adorable geeks find each other is really heartwarming. 

Since the new side chapter about Tsuyopon and Yukirin just came out, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I would feel in Yukirin’s position. (Quiet boys are my type, after all!) The thing is, I personally need validation every now and then since I’m pretty insecure, and Tsuyopon doesn’t really offer that. I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Even so, Tsuyopon and Yukirin’s relationship works so well because Yukirin is confident in both herself and in Tsuyopon. She doesn’t need to hear him say he loves her to know it! She has 100% faith in him! That’s pretty one-of-a-kind, and it’s beautiful. :) 

“If everyone in LOGH were on tumblr” headcanons collection

(based on a LINE conversation I had with @gasexplosionatthescalpelfactory

Should you visit the tumblr of LOGH characters, here’s what you may find there.

Bittenfeld :
Pro wrestling gifs. Schwarz Lanzenreiter fleet (spamming a lot with it), pictures of tiger (yes, including cute baby tigers, with #awww as tag).Daily spamming about how he hates a certain person we don’t even need to name. Taking selfies on the bridge of the Konigstiger, or on special occasions (#me and muller at mein Kaiser’s wedding #he was so godly omg #also Oberstein You d*** )

Annerose :
Cooking recipes and glorious food porn pictures (occasionnally reblogged by Reinhard, implying that’s what he wants his big sis to make this one dish in particular). Kircheis liking every post. Frederica reblogging the recipes. Occasionnally sending asks to Annerose for cooking tips. Annerose answers with videos « So today I’m answering a question from…Frederica…Again !^_^’ ) ».

Eva :
She’s not on tumblr but on pinterest.

Eisenach :
Created a tumblr and made a slew of one text post, the last being « checkmate ». Then abandons his blog.

Mittermeyer :
Reblogs social issue stuff. Reblogs recipes from Annerose when he thinks it might interest Eva. Later on, baby products reviews and tips. Some selfies with Reuenthal, who isn’t really paying attention and stands in the background looking good.

Reuenthal :
Posting fancy alcohol and photography. Occasionnally female models, or reblogging the selfies he took with Mittermeyer. Vagueposting.

Women, ladies, models, reblogging/answering the longest quarell thread with Schenkopp. Reblogging/answering the longest quarell thread with Dusty (who ends up ignoring him). Reblogs wishes his followers address him on Treizember 36th.

Linz :
Holds a blog for the activity of the Rosenritter. Pics from the training sessions or equipment. Also posting doodles he makes and portraits of the people around him.

Reinhard :
Alternating intense blogging and total inactivity. Uploading some pics of the Brunhilde. Reblogging the recipes from his sister only to tag it with #want #heavy breathing.  Vagueblogging and/or complaining about things like « Yet another party I don’t want to go » « I hate my hair today, I hate Flegel’s everyday » « Fraülein got a cold and I got to read all this fanmail on my own…One looks like Bitten’s handwriting. I guess that’s just my imagination » « Hair looks shitty again today. I don’t even bother to go out. Will pretend I have fever. Yeah. Let’s do it. ». « No battle today. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORED ». Reblogs a vaguepost from Reuenthal and gets paranoid about it : « IT WAS ABOUT ME WASN’T IT ». Reuen makes it worse : « idk maybe ». Mittermeyer browses his dashboard and sees Reuenthal flaming. Screws his tablet’s screen in rage. Aside of the fight is a massive angry vagueposting on mein Kaiser’s blog.

Benemunde :
Hateblog against Annerose. Tons of aristocrats following/reblogging her stuff. Reinhard finds out. Vaguepost diarrhea on mein Kaiser’s blog, flourished of creative insult against the Annerose hatedom members. Benemunde replies by screenshoting Reinhard’s post and mocking it. Flegel reblogs « LMAO, IT’S THE BLOND BRAT »

Meanwhile on Kircheis’s blog :
« my dad grew a new orchidea specie » [with a picture of said flower]. Annerose reblogs.  Animal Crossing related stuff. The quiet life of Siegfried Kircheis.

Oberstein :
Opens a blog, puts a dalmatian as the avatar and a black and white theme. Not a single post in it.

Mecklinger :
Poems, art reproductions, his own creations. Rare but existing : posts of men with creative moustaches.

Julian :
Posts pictures of his cat being fat and lazy. Tries to chose the angle so he doesn’t photograph all the stuff Wenli hasn’t cleaned in the flat.

Yang :

Imagines he could make a blog full with interesting history content, pictures, commentaries. But is to lazy to even make the blog.

Mashengo :

Would have a blog with deep contents, sometimes hard to understand.

Hilda :

Has a secret blog no one seems to knows about. She is A HUGE ANIME FAN. Especially a Versailles no Bara Fan. Used to have sleepovers at Baroness Westphalen’s and binge watched the episodes. Posts proud pictures or shelves weighed down under a ton of manga and dvds. Reblogging artworks, fan art, gifs, ANYTHING. May have a crush on Reinhard because he looks like Oscar.
One days face a dilemna : « I just found out my crush watches Berubara when pretending to work – I knew this hairstyle change was too suspicious OMG SHOULD I TELL HIM I LIKE THE SERIES TOO. ».

Meanwhile on Reinhard’s blog : « OH NO SHE KNOWS NOW. »


Have a LOGH character tumblr headcanon ? Share it too :D

Here it is! My piece for the Yamashizuku Collab 2016! The song is ‘Karakuri Burst’ and my character is Kagamine Len/Ren!

I have to thank @teamosfanpage for giving me this opportunity to participate! It´s my first time being part of something big like this! I´m so happy there´s now one about my absolute favorite producers!

I just woke up and saw all these wonderful artworks and to be honest I am more than happy! You all guys did such a wonderful job ♥ (and you made my day thank you)

About my work: I don´t like the coloring because it looks so blunt/dull BUT it´s my first real artwork so I should be proud :,D ! Please pay attention to the flower because that´s obviously where most of my time and dedication flowed in haha

Anyway to finish it off I just want to say this event was really cool and you guys should definitely hold another one next year! If you do so I´d participate again!

Potential “Ability List “ for Servamp BSD AU

Hello lovely people, wow first of all to be 100% honest I didn’t think bsd servamp au and servamp bsd au would get this much attention so quickly. The original ask post I made for it got OVER 100 notes in only a few hours and I was kinda only joking at first but then the idea became EXTREMELY appealing to me too and now its thing and I am happy about that. :D

But it seems bsd servamp au is more talked about so far, so I wanna talk about the Servamp bsd side right now. Here’s a potential ideas list of what the servamps/eves/subclasses abilities can possibly be. (NOT EVERYONE IS ON HERE YET CAUSE I LEGIT COULDN’T THINK OF ANYTHING FOR SOME CHARACTERS) This post is in no particular order either,after all this au is still kinda a mess right now.

If you guys have any thoughts or opinions, please share cause that’s the point of this post. ^^;

*Kuro - His ability was easy to decide. It would be “Beast Beneath the Moonlight” like Atsushi. Because Atsushi is a weretiger in bsd, so that would make Kuro a werelion, doesn’t really have the same ring to it haha,but still fits him. 

That would also give Kuro the hyper regeneration that comes with it. Which works well for him, because both him and Atsushi get skewered CONSTANTLY in both series and Kuro is likely gonna be protecting a certain new subordinate a lot. *coughs* I’m talking about Mahiru. *cough**cough* 

*Tsubaki - @wonderfulchaos69 helped me with this one and I really liked this suggestion.

Tsubaki being modeled after Saigyo. (Bungou Stray Dogs is FULL OF literary references after all) “I’ll forget the trail I marked out on Mount Yoshino last year, go searching for blossoms in directions I’ve never been before.”  A deconstruction and reconstruction kinda thing maybe, able to tear things apart, but also put them back together again. I think that’s pretty cool and sounds like a badass ability for a mafia boss to have. (that’s Tsubaki’s role in this au by the way) “Sorrow for Change” would be his abilities name. 

*Tetsu - Another one that was easy to decide. He would have “ Undefeated by the Rain” which would give him the gift of super human strength, you know the same as Kenji. But in bsd the catch to his ability is that he is only able to use it on an empty stomach, and will fall asleep after eating. Should that also apply for Tetsu?? (sounds more like World End almost) so Tetsu can have a different catch to his ability? 

- Things are gonna get kinda vague from here on out cause of my own uncertainty.

*Hyde - Okay so you guys already know, Bungou has so many literary references to poems/books/and all that stuff. HYDE’S ABILITY SHOULD TOTALLY BE BASED OFF OF SHAKESPEARE. IT JUST HAS TO BE. I haven’t really thought this one out too much besides the possible names for it.

All The World’s A Stage”, “Fear No More” or even  “A Summer’s Day” anything that’s a Shakespeare poem works. For what it does maybe it can be like that Phantom of the Opera thingy he does in Servamp. 

Maybe that can be his ability? Kunikida’s character is based off a poet as well, maybe Hyde’s gift can also be something like “Doppo Poet”. Idk……

*Mikuni - I IMMEDIATELY thought his ability should be called “My Fair Lady”,  but do you guys remember that thingy he did with Abel in the manga from volume 2 chapter 10??? (I have my manga right here with me and checked lol)

Yeah, it should be like that. plus My Fair Lady is a perfect literary reference. haha yes. :3

*Snow Lily - When I thinking about Lily’s ability, I thought it should be like Junichirou’s. A ability that isn’t really suited for combat but is more illusion based. You know, allows him to project illusions in a certain range of area around him, covering the affected area with snowfall. It’s even called “Light Snow”. Which is perfect for SNOW Lily lol. (I need to be stopped omg) 

Ten Nights of Dreams” (another suggestion from wonderfulchaos69 ^^) is another possible name for his illusion ability. It can be like his “The Execution Block of the Red Queen” thing he does in the actual series. “My abilities don’t harm the body, but they do attack the mind.” Lily said. I mean I think that’s pretty awesome idea. *___*

*Misono - Alright don’t laugh you guys, but I was thinking of a Alice in Wonderland kind of reference for him maybe. I was thinking of calling it “Lonely Alice” also as reference to when Yuri and Mary called him the lonesome Alice. 

For what it does I was thinking of this being one of those abilities that are more of a curse rather than a blessing. It would be like Lucy’s “Anne of Abyssal Red” It would be a dimension he created with his ability. 

Lucy in bsd made her dimension to where if you are tagged by “Anne” (this giant creepy puppet/doll thing that chases you around) you lose and you will be trapped in Anne’s Chamber. (Alice’s Chamber maybe?) but if you get the key and unlock the door in Anne’s Chamber before she gets you, then you win. Also if you try to leave right away, you will only forget everything that happened in that room. The real world outside the dimension, time stands still. 

I think Misono’s take on it should be like when he challenged his own father to a chess game with one of his eve techniques. (that part in volume 4 with the whole Alicein arc remember? It was a giant chess board.) 

He said “It’s impossible to leave this place until one of us wins.” So I think in this au this would be an ability Misono doesn’t like to use since it can be pretty inconvenient.

Natsume Sōseki’s Botchan reference is also possible for Misono too  “No crime should be canceled before a man apologized.“ (chaos I love ya)

*Licht -  Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde reference anyone? (by Robert Louis Stevenson I think) Servamp already made this reference though lol. Cause you know, Licht Jekylland Todoroki. Plus that combination move Licht and Lawless(Hyde) did was a total reference. “Jekyll and Hyde” (the name maybe???)

Again another idea I am kinda stumped on for what it does….. I wanted Licht’s gift to be music based still but??? HELP ME GUYS.  SO MANY POSSIBLE THINGS. 

*Hugh - Hugh’s ability should be like Ranpo’s “Ultra-Deduction” where he can solve any case in under 60 seconds. But GET THIS Hugh isn’t actually gifted (like Ranpo) one of the very few un-gifted civilians at the agency. He believes he is using an ability but no HES JUST THAT GOOD and again like Ranpo he is a very respected  at for agency for it. 

You are a role model for the Agency, no, for all gifted people.” Yay or nay this people.

- I am gonna switch gears here a bit and talk about “Melancholy Mafia” a bit, even though I already mentioned Tsubaki above. I have only thought of two for now though….

*Otogiri - I think she should be ungifted as well and kinda be like Higuchi of the Port Mafia who specializes with firearms and is Akutagawa’s bodyguard(although he always going on about how he doesn’t need her help or anyone’s really) 

Otogiri can still use her wires/strings she uses in canon. :D 

*Sakuya - I was debating with myself on whether or not he should be gifted or ungifted. I was thinking he could also be a weapons kinda guy for the Mafia like Otogiri. Cause in Servamp we see him use knives, a chainsaw, and a blood sword(?) apparently (it was shown in the anime) etc. It’d be cool if he was a highly proficient with weapons. 

For a possible ability for Sakkun I was thinking kinda like Kyouka’s “Demon Snow” that makes her a ruthless assassin for the Port Mafia.  Allows her to materialize a sword-wielding phantom, known as Demon Snow, which only follows orders coming from a mobile phone she always carries on her person. It appears that it only listens to orders from another person on the other line and does not comply to Kyouka’s own wishes. 

I can change it up of course, it just an idea right now like everything else. :p Like that “phantom” could look like you know who….

I thought of this because I thought of Kyouka’s and Atsushi’s friendship and dynamic in the anime, Kyouka not being proud of what she’s done so far for the Port Mafia. Killing 35 people in one month saying she “doesn’t want to kill anyone else.” and then jumped off a freaking train with a bomb strapped to her chest(poor baby girl) but Atsushi saves her life anyway believing she deserves a second chance, (even though she injured him really badly)  and takes her in to leave the Mafia and join the Agency instead and learn better control of her dangerous ability. You know how the story goes.

Hear me out guys… how about that kinda thing for Mahiru and Sakuya??? Mahiru seeing the good in Sakuya despite all that he’s done. AND THEY HAVE THAT TRAGIC FRIENDSHIP TOO AHHHH. Okay I am off topic now. 

This last one is a real mere suggestion but:

*Wrath - She should have “Thou Shalt Not Die” like Yosano. Because also this is how members of the agency react to Yosano…. Despite her appearances, she has shown prominent sadistic and aggressive tendencies, which is more so magnified by her ability’s conditions. As a result, most members from the Agency flee when in her presence and as much as possible.

and some characters in Servamp are afraid of Wrath too, why not give her an ability that makes her to be feared as well? Being able to treat external wounds but however, to heal someone they must first be "half-dead”; meaning they must have fatally serious injuries before she can use her ability. 

I don’t know I only thought of this because of Wrath and Yosano had something in common. so again yay or nay??

Alright guys this is all I got so far guys, if anyone isn’t on this list. ITS BECAUSE COULDN’T THINK OF ANYTHING FOR THEM YET. Like I need a Literature reference and stuff but ITS KINDA HARD TO FIND ONE THAT SUITS SOME CHARACTERS. So shoot any ideas so I can update this list. Thank you!!