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love bites  ♡ ethan

– requested by anon

“No one will notice, Y/N” Ethan tries to convince you.

“Ethan, come on. They’re bright purple marks on my neck.” You sigh, looking at your self in the mirror.

“Hey, chill, it’s all good.” He says, taking your face in his hands and placing a light kiss on your nose.

“No, Ethan, It’s not all good. Your mom’s gonna be there!” You exclaim, plopping yourself down on the bed. “I should’ve given you hickey’s too.” You mumble and he laughs.

“Don’t freak. It’s just my family, it’s not like they don’t know we do stuff like this. You’ll be fine.” He says, “Now come on, we’re gonna be late.”

You groan and get up reluctantly.

“Chin up babe, you look great.” He says with an award winning smile, making you roll your eyes.

“How are you so cute?” You ask and he gives you a cheeky smile, shrugging his shoulders.

As you two were driving to his parent’s house, you attempted to cover up the love bites Ethan gave you with some makeup which barely helped.

As soon as Ethan parked the car you yelled, “I can’t do this.”

“Babe, yes you can. Just relax, no one will notice!” He repeats and you close your eyes and sigh.

“Of course today of all days your mother had to be throwing a get together.” You mumble.

With a lot of convincing, Ethan managed to get you out of the car. You made him promise to hold your hand the whole time because you hated it when he left you. You were super awkward around people you don’t know and you didn’t know a lot of the people here.

Squeezing Ethan’s hand as tight as possible, you entered the house.

“E!” You hear Lisa say and she gives him a big hug, making Ethan let go of your hand.

“Y/n, I’m so glad you could make it!” She tells you, embracing you in a hug. You look at Ethan with wide eyes and he laughs hysterically.

She pulls away slightly, examining your face with narrowed eyes.

“Ethan Grant Dolan!” Lisa gasps, taking your face in her hands, “You did not leave these marks on this precious girls neck!”

“Mom…” Ethan groans, scratching the back of his neck.

“My boy is grown up. I hope you’re wearing protection young man.” She points at him and gives you a wink, making you smile.

“Mom!” He yells, covering his ears and taking your hand, dragging you outside where you look at him, shaking your head.

“And I thought the blame would be put on me!” You laugh and he covers his ears, his face as red as a tomato.

“We’re leaving.” He says but you protest .

“No! I want to say, no one will notice okay, chill.” You mock him and he looks at you with pleading eyes.

“Y/n…Please…” He begs and you roll your eyes.

“Hm, let me think,” You say, putting on a thinking face, “Nope! You’re the one who wanted me to come when I didn’t want to mister!”

He groans and you go on your tippy-toes, placing a light kiss on his lips.

“Love you!” You say, opening the door and joining his mother in a conversation, leaving him to think about what just happened.

a/n–  this was okay. hope you liked it haha! if this isn’t exactly what you wanted, send in another request and I’ll try to make it happen! thanks for requesting!


Mc x Max

Part 2 of this fic.

Word Count: Like 2,270-ish

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This is why Troian is the best. The show will never win all the awards that it should, but at least it can get some recognition. I hope Freeform puts this into a last minute TV spot to advertise the show’s return, or at least that someone puts this on a t-shirt. 

Hamilask Fandom

So I was wondering if you guys would want to have a Hamilask Fandom Awards? 

If you want to participate (everyone will win something, if someone doesn’t win, then I’ll go over and give them a million hugs and a win) please send your url to my inbox or message me!

Things you can be nominated for:

Best Mun

Best (insert character) Roleplayer

Best NSFW person

Best SFW person

Cutest Mun

Most Adorable Version of RP

The Muse I Want Coffee With 

The Mun Who Should Be A Supermodel

The Mun (that’s it just the mun) 

And so many more! (when i think of them. feel free to send those in, too.) 


Please send me nominations! The awards ceremony will be held on Monday, April 11, or maybe later than that, too. 

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If you know me, you know that I’m a quiet person who keeps to herself. You know that I strive to have my hard work pay off and win #GRAMMYS. However, I can’t keep my mouth shut on this one. Call me bias, but my Godmommy, Natalie Cole should have had a real tribute on this year’s #GRAMMYS program. Natalie Cole was a legend by herself, not even mentioning the fact that her father was the late Nat King Cole! Firstly, Natalie Cole received NINE GRAMMY AWARDS in her lifetime! Plus, she was the first black woman to win the GRAMMY Award for “Album of the Year”. Do you know what “Album of the Year” means?! That means that your work of art has been considered a masterpiece and is being recognized by the highest honor!!!! Also, who doesn’t know a Natalie Cole song! Natalie Cole made music that people around the world recite like they wrote it themselves! She mastered every genre and knew the difference between good and great.SHOOT, THREE Natalie Cole SONGS FROM NEW BLACK SANGIN’ ARTISTS WOULD HAVE BEEN ENOUGH!!! All in all, my Godmommy was a MAJOR ARTIST who paid her dues and was much more than her rendition of “Unforgettable”. I love you Godmommy. Chrystal and I promise that we’ll carry on your legacy in the best way possible. We’ll get them back. 🎙🎤🎹

I’m so proud to call myself a Darren Criss fan!

He started off singing iconic Alan Menken covers late at night in his bedroom, then slowly became a voice for the people who had none while starring on Glee, and now he is getting his very own Emmy nomination for a song that he wrote and composed. I just. I just cry goddammit. I just cry.

Our little curly headed goofball went from singing award winning legendary covers to composing his very own award nominated song- and only in a matter of a few years. I’m so insanely proud of you, Darren. So very fucking proud.