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“Little Did I Know”


After a long *long* hiatus, I have finally recollected my inspiration and I am back in time to celebrate our favorite *Academy Award Winning* movie with my man Mr. Scamander!

AU: Hogwarts (bcuz I’m trash for a school AU)

Word Count: 1333 (sorry kiddos I had a lot to write)

Warnings: So sweet you might get diabetes (also contains a timeline jump)

Without fuuuuurther ado!

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You stuffed your potions paperwork back into your briefcase, brushing your bangs out of your eyes and recollecting your thoughts. There was no clock in the Hufflepuff common room, but you didn’t need one to know it was late. Much later than a third year like yourself should be staying up. Yet here you were. And you know what could make you feel a hell of a lot better now? That fluffy brown hair. Those freckles and that wide goofy grin. You could listen to that boy all day. You could…

No, you willed your thoughts to halt, and clapped your hands down on the desk.

“No…” you swiftly pulled out the next set of paperwork, banishing any thoughts that weren’t related to polyjuice potions and proper cauldron cleaning.

You would often get on Newt for forgetting to clean his cauldron. He, of course, would assure you there was nothing to be worried about.

And it would blow up in his face every time. Quite literally.

You smiled fondly.

“Sporting a grin I see, may I ask why?” you hear that all too familiar voice call.

“Newt” you yelp in surprise, the papers you were holding were suddenly airborne.

“That’s me. May I ask, what are you still doing awake?” his puppy dog eyes squinted in concern. “It’s well past midnight”

“Is it? Why I haven’t even finished studying! This is all your fault anyway, for keeping  me up with those fascinating drawings of yours” You giggled in an attempt to wipe the worry off his face, but somehow your hysteria seemed to frighten him even more.

What? It’s not like you were drun-

“(Y/N) we have a big potions test tomorrow, the time for cramming has come and past.”

“You see Mister Scamander, there will always be a time for cramming” His smile widened, causing your’s too as well. Damn, this boy’s charisma was infectious.

“While I find our debates quite amusing, I’m afraid your well being must come first. Now go to sleep” He began to bend over and pick the discarded potions papers off the floor, most of which were either blank or covered in red marks. He studied one of your papers closely, eyebrows furrowed and nose scrunched. You couldn’t help but stare at how his eyes always maintained its light, even at God-knows-when at night.

“Why have you never asked me for help? (Y/N), we’re in this class together, how did I not know you were struggling?” Your attention was suddenly turned to the crisp paper in his hands, dread filling every crevice in your body.

“Oh my God I’m going to fail…” the realization dawned on you.

“Oh my God oh my God I’m going to stay at Hogwarts ‘till I’m thirty” you gathered your hair in your fists, staring off into nowhere in particular. “Newt I’m going to throw myself off the Astronomy tower.”

He suddenly rushed over to you, sensing your panic, and wrapped his warm hands around your wrists, trying to whisper any words of comfort. But you refused to meet his gaze.

“No, (Y/N), you’re not going to fail. It’s only one exam, you’re going to be fine. We are going to graduate and travel the world together. You, me, and who knows what else?! Maybe we’ll find a Niffler, how cool would that be? (Y/N) Look at me” You smile fondly at your best friend’s words, and turned your head in his direction easily.

“Maybe tomorrow won’t go so brilliantly, but I promise you will get a perfect score on the next exam. We will study for hours, just you and me, how does that sound? All you need is rest. Can you do that for me?” Your eyes wander down to Newt’s hands, still entrapping your wrists in the gentlest of grips.

“You always know what to say, Newt”

“I’ll take that as a yes. Now, I would carry you to your bed but I’m afraid that involves trespassing to places with cooties.” You let out a soft ‘pffft’  and ruffle his curly hair, making his freckled cheeks blush in embarrassment.

“Alright alright, only if you get to sleep too. That reminds me…why were you up Mr. Scamander at such an ungodly hour?” He pauses.

“I was…thinking” he admits, tilting his head to the side like a dog.

“About what?”

“About things. The future, our future, really.” Your sleep deprived mind was suddenly picked with curiosity.

“Our future? Tell me Newt, what lies in our future?” There was that grin again, and he ducked his head to hide his teeth.

“All the places we would visit. I was thinking we could start with Japan. I heard Occamies are native to the land, but I doubt we’d be able to find any.”

“Nonsense” you replied, your mind in a bit of a haze.

“I bet we’ll find a whole family with your luck! I can’t wait.”

“Yes, all of that is waiting for us if you go to sleep and not fail third year potions.” He then leaned down and pressed a kiss against your forehead, making your entire face heat up.

“You’re an asshole” you tease, attempting to swipe at him, but he was already up and out of the way.

“Goodnight (Y/N)” he called once again before disappearing up the staircase, leaving you with nothing but a dreamy feeling and a blush as red as a lobster.

You did end up lugging yourself to your bed half an hour later, instantly falling asleep as your head hit the pillow.

And you dreamed…

And you dreamed about Japan.

And you dreamed about Newt.

-Four Years Later-

“Newt! Come on we’re going to miss the train!” You called to your boyfriend as he scurried down the platform, his ridiculous blue coat and Hufflepuff scarf flapping in the wind.

“I’m coming! I’m coming don’t leave without me!” He finally caught up to you and the luggage, sweat visibly forming under his curly brown bangs.

You couldn’t help the smile widening across your face.

“And he crosses the finish line with two minutes to spare!” you exclaim, lifting his arm in the air in a display of victory.

“Stop that, people are looking” he blushed as he pulled his arm back down, looking around at the many pairs of eyes resting on the two of you.

“Oh that’s probably because of your ridiculous blue coat. I begged you not to buy that, you’re going to stick out of Japan like a sore thumb” you thumb the sleeve of his new woolen garb. He then proceeded to pout and rub his arm self consciously.

“I thought it looked dashing”

You reach for his shoulders and raise yourself onto your toes, planting a small kiss on his cheek.

“Of course you look dashing, I was only teasing. Besides, you’ll match the Occamies”

He scoffed, averting his eyes from you to the newly arrived train, a blush forming around his freckles.

“I doubt we’ll find any.”

“Nonsense, I bet we’ll even find an entire family with your luck!” His eyes suddenly brightened with a sense of recognition.

“Well that sounds familiar. Didn’t you say that to me four years ago when you were cramming like mad for a portions test?” You nod, blushing like an idiot.

Oh, you remember that night.

“Yes, I recall you gave me a kiss that night and gushed about our future.”

“Something like that…” he trailed off, staring off into the distance like he was remembering something. Your placed your hand under his chin, tilting his face down to meet your gaze, and you smiled so wide your eyes crinkled at the sides.

“I remember you said we would go to Japan together. Little did you know ‘together’ meant more that you thought”

“Little did I know…” he repeated, his eyes filled with something you couldn’t describe with anything but love.

“Now come on love, we have a train to catch”

Meeting Memories-Mark fluff

Request- “can I request?? For when you meet all the other members and you’re Mark’s s/o :)) thank you!! I love your blog omG”

Song- I Do-Susie Suh (I don’t really know if this fits well but I’ve been listening to a lot of cheesy love songs lately that fit the oncoming cold weather nicely and this is one of my faves right now)

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

You peered up at your boyfriend as you two walked along the busy sidewalk towards his dorm. Your neck to your mouth was covered with a thick scarf that Mark had placed there despite your protests that fall had barely started yet. Even though the thick scarf was engulfing the lower half of your head, you still took that he sensed the reassuring smile you were giving him from behind it.

“Of course I’m sure.”

Mark giggled and took the hand that wasn’t clasped with his own to pull the scarf down slightly until your lips were in his view. He pecked your cheek and unclasped your hands so that he could wrap his arm around your shoulder. He leaned his head down slightly towards your face more, tilting his ear towards your face.

“What did you say? You sounded muffled under that scarf.”

You pushed yourself from under Mark’s arm and skipped two steps ahead, getting excited once you saw his dorm building just a few feet away. You turned around and began walking backwards as you beamed at him fully now that he could see your restless smile. 

“And whose fault is that? Anyways, I said I’m sure. Why wouldn’t I want to meet your members? They’re going to be my future in-laws one day so we should get comfortable around each other, right?”


You giggled at his flustered cuteness. You then grabbed his hand and started dragging him towards the building quickly so you wouldn’t be spotted by any fans or reporters. You and Mark been dating for about 6 months now but due to his and your busy schedules, everything you did was slowed down, which you were glad for. It kept things innocent, light, and fun. Figuring out new things about each other during the relationship was like beginning a new chapter in a novel that you were slowly figuring out would always be your favorite story to read. Meeting his members would be the first major step you two had taken (other than your first kiss) since you had begun dating. You were excited since you heard from Mark how great his members were but you were still nervous for your boyfriend who was acting like he was meeting your parents.  You adored your boyfriend’s cute nature when he was offstage but you still couldn’t understand his nervousness . You were constantly  reassuring him that it all would be fine. Besides, it wasn’t like you hadn’t met any of his members yet. Plenty of them had met you before, they just didn’t know you and Mark were an official couple since you opted for showing the more best friend side of your relationship when you were around them. It wasn’t like you were trying to keep it a secret either. It was just Mark had a lot on his plate considering he was already put in all three of the debuted unites of NCT and he was one of the youngest. He was scared some of his older members might disagree with you dating since it would just be another concern for him to handle but little did they know it was a little paradise for him when he was with you. He was scared the members would tease him a lot in front of you, too. He was also scared that he would end up having to share you among his many members, but he hadn’t admitted that to you just yet.

You two were now standing in front of NCT Dream’s dorm door. You urged Mark to put in the code so you could hurry into the warm dorm but as you turned to look up at him, you could see hesitation displayed everywhere on his features. He caught your eye and tried to pretend he wasn’t nervous but when he saw the warmth your eyes were emitting just for him, he knew he couldn’t lie to you.

“What’s up baby? Are you still nervous?”

“Honestly, I’m more scared than nervous. I mean, I don’t know how you aren’t freaking out! If I were you, I would be going crazy worrying.”

“Of course I’m going crazy! I mean, what if your members don’t think I’m worthy of being your girlfriend? Or, what if they want us to break up because I’m a distraction? It’s all scary for me, too. But having you by my side and knowing you’ll support me all the time really helps.”

“…you’re right. I’m sorry, I’m just being silly. C'mon, let’s get inside so you can take off that huge scarf, even if you are the cutest in it.”

You smiled at his sweet words and waited for the door to be unlocked. When it finally was, Mark walked inside the dorm with you close on his back. As you began unwrapping the scarf from around your neck, Mark waited to see who would respond to his “Anyone home?” and even you couldn’t hide your anxiousness when you heard the loud mix of responses from definetly more than just a few boys. Mark turned to you, a giddish smile growing on his face.

“I guess everyone’s off today. Let’s go do this!”



You pulled Mark down by his collar and pressed your lips to his for a passionate but quick kiss. You pulled away and straightened his shirt back out. He looked at you with blushed cheeks and confusion.

“What was that for?”

“Well, we might not be able to do anything super romantic while we’re here or your members might tease us so…yeah. Now let’s go!”

”Now I’m getting nervous again.”


”…Your kisses always make me nervous.”

You giggled and pushed Mark forward into the living room. You peeked around his figure and met the eyes of a few of the members. Well, actually all of the members. Even some of the unknown SMrookies. You felt overwhelmed knowing you were about to be introduced as Mark’s girlfriend for the first time in front of all of them but you knew it would be an important step in showing the seriousness of your relationship. Mark had let the nervousness hit him again and was just standing in the entrance of the living room staring blankly at his guys. You decided to take charge of the situation. 

“Hey guys! It’s great that you’re all here because…we have something to share!”

“Oh, was the movie that you went to see really good?”
“We don’t want you to share the leftover food from your date!”
“Did you two finally get caught by reporters while you were out today?”
“If Mark can have a girlfriend, why can’t I?”
“How old are you again Chenle?”
“Y/A and I are dating!”

The room grew silent after Mark’s loud outburst. Everyone seemed confused. You stood there in confusion at the references of you two dating despite neither of you having said anything already. Mark was confused at himself for letting his anxious lead to him yelling out. The other members seemed confused at his yelling, too. You guessed mostly because of the news that they had just received but thanks to Johnny’s next comment, you already knew something was up.

“We already know that? Are you telling us because you wanted to remind us or…?”

It was Donghyuck’s turn to speak up next.

“Maybe he still can’t believe a person like Y/A would actually want to date him!”

At this all the other boys in the room started laughing at his little joke. You and Mark just looked at each other in disbelief, him more than you. You turned back towards Johnny for answers. 

“What do you mean you already know? We never told you guys though!”

It was Yuta and Doyoung’s turn to stare at each other in disbelief. Doyoung dramatically rolled his eyes, sighed, and fell back in the couch at you and Mark. Yuta chuckled while sighing, too. While Doyoung was still shaking his head at you two, Yuta began talking.

“Are you serious? Of course we knew you were dating! Anyone with a brain could tell! You always have a goofy smile on your face whenever anyone mentions Y/A’s name.”

“You could say one letter in Y/A’s name and he would still have that goofy smile plastered to his face.”

“I knew they were dating when he kept trying to learn how to cook [Your favorite food] perfectly. We all know how much Y/A loves that dish.”

“Yeah, and you stay up on the phone all night long while we’re trying to sleep. You two should win an award for the holding the longest late night conversations and still making it to school on time the next day.”

“They wouldn’t even need to be on the phone for you to know they’re dating. Mark talks about Y/A enough in his sleep. In Korean and English!”

The boys hollered out and laughed at the last comment from Taeyong. You found yourself giggling, too. You still didn’t want to let the boys tease your boyfriend any further so you decided to speak up again.

“Ok, ok. We get it. You guys found us out! That’s great, so…let’s just make some new memories together since we’re all past that.”

You received a chorused agreement from the boys. The only person you didn’t hear anything from was Mark.

You looked at Mark to see him shyly looking down in embarrassment as he realized his mistakes. You were a bit embarrassed too but you still found him cute. You grabbed his hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. You leaned up and began whispering in his ear while the boys settled down. 

“It’s fine. See, I told you they would be cool with it. Probably because they already knew, haha. Now, let’s spend some time with your members so they can really get to know me.”

He had a lopsided grin as shook his head in approval. You could tell he was finally glad to have that weight off his shoulder, even if it was a bit too late. You looked around the full room and saw an empty space on the rug next to some of the Dream members so you pulled Mark over to sit next to those members.
You all began chatting throughout the rest of the night. You decided to make hot chocolate and apple cider for everyone with the assistance of your boyfriend, mainly because it was the easiest thing he could make without burning it. The older members decided to cook tasty desserts to warm you all up along with the drinks. After a few hours of games, chatting, and a little more teasing, you ended the night watching early aired Christmas movies. Most of the members had tired themselves out by then and were slowly dozing off one by one. You were sure only you and Mark were still awake when you heard him call your name out in the silence in the dorm.


You looked down at him since his head was resting on your shoulder. You two were wrapped up in a blanket on the couch together.


Your question was answered with a loud snore. You looked down and peered at Mark’s face. He was fast asleep.


“Huh. He really does talk about me in his sleep.”

You giggled at your boyfriend and ran your fingers through his hair, moving his hair out of his face in the process. He stirred slightly and said something else that you understood clearly.

“Y/A…I love you~”

“I love you, too sleepyhead.”

“….Great….Now we have to hear Y/A responding to his nasty sleep talking!”

“Get a room!”

I hope you all like this! As i said, i would try to upload at least one scenario every weekend so i can start accepting requests again soon! Sunday night is still the weekend so here’s a mark fluff. thanks for waiting patiently. I love you my sleepyheads~~~ haha. I also didnt make the ending too long since that would be a lot of dialogue for a lot of members

Wicked Games (5SOS - Part 1)

A/N: This is way different from the fluffy things I usually write. I wanted to make something different and ended up with writing this at 3am. There is no love interest as such, I want you guys to suggest who it should be as we get more into the story and see how it develops.  

Rating: Mature

(Future) Warnings: graphic depictions of violence, strong language, and/or other mature themes.

Request: No

Summary: Y/N, a part time smuggler who gets the task to work undercover for a drug company to get under the shell of the biggest smugglers of all time, 5SOS. Having to change out her hardcore attitude with innocence to get into the role of one of the 5SOS’ boy’s cousin she’ll have to impress them enough to crush them. She’ll be on a mission she’ll never forget. A mission that will leave perminent scars on her mind for life. 

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A Letter to BTS

A Letter to BTS:


Congrats on winning Billboard’s Top Social Artist Award! I hope you know that history has been made today.

Your hard work has paid off – the long days of shooting videos, the late nights practicing dance moves, the intense emotion and creativity present behind your lyrics, and the ability to give it your all while traveling from country to country. Everyone should admire that work ethic.

You are truly idols in more ways than one, and I hope you realize that.


Seeing all of the effort you put into what you do has significantly impacted my life.

I discovered your music back in 2015 when I listened to “DOPE,” “RUN”, and “I NEED U” because they were suggestions that popped up on my Spotify “Discover Weekly” playlist. I absolutely loved “I NEED U,” and I played it on repeat for several days because it reminded me of this boy in my Econ class that I had been crushing on for the past few months. Sadly, that was the extent of my BTS music exposure for a while.

I rediscovered you when I was watching a few of Teen Top’s music videos on Youtube about three months ago. I saw the “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” pop up on my suggestions bar, and I clicked on it, since I knew BTS’ name. That video was the first time I saw the group, and I instantly knew Jimin was my bias.

I rewatched the video over 20 times that night, trying to put together the meaning of the video while also just admiring the intense dance moves.

As I watched more of your MVs and listened to your music, I realized how happy I felt after several long months of job searching and preparing for life after college.


- “Two, Three” made me realize that it’s okay to have bad days, and they’re something that we have to find a way to get through. There will always be better days, and that’s what we all have to hope for. (Look towards the future)

- “You Never Walk Alone” made me realize that I’m not the only one facing challenges and hardships in the world, even though it’s easy for me to think I’m the only one going through a difficult time. (Realize that others go through the same struggles as you and will be there for you)

- “Lost” helped me learn that it’s okay to not know your path all the time. When I selected my second major, I didn’t know if it was a smart move/if I would be skilled enough to pursue a career in it. Before my job search finally came to an end, I kept wondering what my life would be like if I selected one job over another. (It’s okay not to know your path sometimes; be patient and trust yourself)

- “Save Me” helped me realize that I keep on waiting for someone to come into my life and say it’s okay; they’ve gone through what I’ve gone, and they’ve become a better person in the process. However, I eventually realized that the person I kept on waiting for should really be myself. (We can always wait for someone else to save us, but in the end, we must save ourselves)

- “Fire” (It’s okay to be silly sometimes!)

- “Coffee” (Reaffirmed my love for coffee. Also this song is just too cute – it compares a girl to the lovely taste of coffee <3)

- “Baepsae” (It’s okay to be different and to not come from an entitled background)


Despite the language barrier, your music resonated with me, and I didn’t have to understand all of the lyrics to know what your songs were trying to say.

So, thank you for helping me navigate through life.

Rap-Mon/Namjoon – Thanks for leading this group and for trying to make a difference in the world. Without your respect and kindness towards everyone in the group, BTS would not be where it is today. While you may lead the group, you always think about every member and everyone else first. Also, your English is pretty much impeccable!

Jin – Thank you for guiding the group, in terms of helping everyone grow up and taking care of them in the process. As the oldest, you have a beautiful, nuturing personality, and it definitely shines through! Also, you are just too cute when you mess up dance moves – don’t feel bad, it just makes us ARMY’s love you more :)

Suga/Yoongi – Thank you for being so real! You are my role model, in terms of just being true to yourself and not caring what other people think. I love how you carefully construct the lyrics by taking those qualities (truthfulness and self-confidence) into account.

J-Hope/Hoseok – Thank you for being so open and friendly with everyone! When I think of you, I think of the first time I saw you – in the “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” MV – and how your hair color told me everything I needed to know about you. You are a ray of sunshine :)

The maeknae line has a special place in my heart since I’m around the same age :D

Jimin – Jimin, what can I say? You’re my bias and will always be my bias even though you’re a month younger than me, and I typically don’t like younger guys. I am envious of your incredible, sharp dance moves, and I must admit you’re one of the most talented dancers I’ve seen (and I’ve watched a lot of America’s Best Dance Crew).  Your dedication to dance and singing has inspired me to try my best at everything I do, from academics to digital art.

V/Tae – V, I hope you know that you’re handsome! I haven’t watched a single BTS MV with comments that don’t mention how handsome you are! While most think you are the face of BTS, I think you are the voice of BTS :D I absolutely love your single “Stigma” on the new album!

Jungkook – Jungkook, you’re a character! Your imitations of the other members are hilarious, and I clearly see that you put your heart into everything you do! I can’t imagining sacrificing part of my childhood to pursue my dreams, but I’m so happy that you did. As I get older, I hope to follow your model and take a risk. Also, your English song covers are just so serene :)

BTS, you have changed my life, and you continue to change my life almost everyday. I love who you are, how true you are to yourselves in and out of your music, and I hope you continue to be humble, kind, and overall, just good people.

I love you and the fandom very much, and I am proud to call myself an ARMY.

I wish you the best in your endeavors, and I hope at one point in my life, I will be able to meet you all in person (and know enough Korean to tell you this in person).

Be proud of yourselves and be proud of all of the people you have inspired in this beautiful journey. Life is certainly not easy nor happy at all times, but you have shown me that through hard work and faith in oneself, anyone can reach their goals.

Thank you.


Mc x Max

Part 2 of this fic.

Word Count: Like 2,270-ish

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I never write anymore.

In fact, I write so little that I’ve come here to write this entry and failed several times in a row.

But I used to write, all of the time and about everything. I poured my heart out into journals, ‘crafted’ poetry, wrote witty Yelp reviews, had a penpal. I was an English and psychology double major, and there were plenty of papers to write every semester.

I don’t write like this anymore because of medical school and because of depression and now I am feeling that skill wane and slip out of grasp. I feel fractured without it. I feel like I am always choking on words when I sit down to write anything, even simple posts here. It makes everything more difficult, like that evidence-based case report I nearly lost my mind over (but I got a 9.9/10, ?thanks to ?despite the late-night crazy and the ugly cries).

I feel like I need to start writing again before I lose that piece of me.

I’ve also watched my classmates have their blogs turned into columns and their writing win awards, and I’ve realized I want that for myself. I don’t know what kind of commitment I would have to make to get myself to where I want to be, but I do know that writing about the lack of writing helps.

I’ve been putting off studying for the last 4 hours, and I should probably learn something about gynecology before I go to the outpatient office all day tomorrow. But I’m glad I’m putting this out there.

This is why Troian is the best. The show will never win all the awards that it should, but at least it can get some recognition. I hope Freeform puts this into a last minute TV spot to advertise the show’s return, or at least that someone puts this on a t-shirt. 


BTS - Min Yoongi / Suga - One shot.
Genre : Smut.
Word Count : 2141.

Anonymous said: Hi, can I request a suga scenario? One where his girlfriend normally wears baggy clothes(because she is insecure) but underneath she has a curvier body ( thicc thighs, big boobs, and a big butt) I was thinking that she wears tighter clothes one day and gets a lot of attention from guys which leads to jealous yoongi? If you do smut that would be great, and sorry for the bad English :)

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

gif cr. to the owner :)

“Like seriously wear something good please” your friend begged yet again.

“I have a boyfriend. I don’t need attention. Done”

“It’s not about attention. It’s about you! Don’t you feel confident about your body!?

Don’t I feel confident? regarding my body?

“I - I do!” you shouted , making some of the people look your way. 

“You don’t. It’s clear (Y/N). Yoongi would love it if you’d wear something nice.”

“I do”

“You don’t. You look like you were invited for a pyjama party not like a party.” your friend rolled her eyes.

“I don’t know” you banged your head on the table.

“Let’s go shopping?Please?”

“Okay. Something decent okay?” you pouted and begged.

“Just tag along.” she smirked and got up you followed sheepishly.

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So guys, I had an idea. Since Tyler has accomplished so much lately (winning an award, almost getting 5mil subs etc.), we should do something for him to show our appreciation and that we are just really proud of him!

So could we trend #ProudOfTyler on twitter?? That would be so cool right??? Just spread the world by reblogging please!!!

5SOS Preference: He Finds A Pregnancy Test

Ashton: It was his idea to have you go on tour with the boys and he knew you’d been trying to have a baby, so when the test appeared on the bathroom counter and he froze, he didn’t quite understand, that was until he realized the test read negative and not positive. Now he knew why you weren’t as happy as you were this morning. Throwing the test away and making sure no one else would find it, he made his way out to you. “(YN)?” You were on your computer doing some work when he showed up. “Yeah?” “You could’ve told me.” He sat next to you and put an arm around you and you mentally slapped yourself, you didn’t want him to see the test. “And let you down again, Ashton, that wasn’t my plan. I’m already devestated that another test has turned out negative. I just want to give you the baby that you want, that we both want, the one you can teach how to play drums, guitar, how to be in a band and all of that and now you’re still waiting, i’m sorry.” He closed your laptop and brought you to him. “(YN), don’t you dare talk that way again. I’m not mad at you, i’m not upset. Disappointed, well, i do want a baby with you, but it’s just not happening right now and that means nothing. We will have a baby at some point, (YN), hopefully soon, but if not, the wait will be very much worth it. I love you, (YN).”

Luke: You and Luke had already decided that you were going to move from the UK (or wherever you’re from) and move to Australia with him. While you guys were waiting on a word back on a house you were trying to get, you were staying with his parents, and things were a bit different than when Luke lived there as a little kid. For one, he had you living with him. Two, when he was little, he never knew what a pregnancy test looked like, but now, as an adult making huge adult decisions, he very much knew what one looked like. Even now as he stared at the object in his hands going back through the days, he saw the positive sign and began to shake uncontrollably. “Luke, you’ll never guess what i heard today from the realtor!” you say all giddy but freeze when you see Luke shaking with the test in his hands. “Oh. You saw the test and now you know.” You finish quietly and Luke nods, slowly the shaking ceased and he stood. “You’re pregnant then?” “Yeah. I’m sorry i was going to tell you Luke. After i told you that we got the house i was going to say something cheezy like now our baby will have their own place or something like that. Sorry you didn’t find out from me.” He shook his head, clearly excited now. “(YN), we’re having a baby and we just got our dream house, i don’t care how i found out, the point is, i know now and that’s what matters.”

Calum: A simple trip to the grocery store shouldn’t have been taxing on you but it was and when you came home, Calum told you he’d bring the groceries in and take care of them, while you rested. When he was taking care of the groceries, his hands ghosted over a box that was definitely not a grocery item. He took it out to inspect it some more, it was a pregnancy test. Upon seeing it, he looked up towards where you were and instantly he wanted to know what the stick would read. As he mounted the steps, he began thinking. What if it was positive, he’d have a son or daughter on the way. If it was negative, nothing would change in your life. Sighing he opened the bedroom door and saw you still awake facing him. “You bought a test.” He said and tossed it towards you and you had forgotten you’d even bought the test. “Think i should take it now?” Calum sat at the end of your bed. “Well, it may explain why you’ve been so sick off and on lately. Also, what’s the harm in taking it, there’s none. Now, go. I’ll be right here waiting okay?” You nodded and got out of the bed and took the test. As the minutes passed from the time you left, Calum paced the bedroom until you walked out of the bathroom, slowly stepping towards him. Handing him the test, he looked down at his hand and then brought his gaze back up to your award winning smile. “We’re having a baby!”

Michael: For once while he was home from tour he was helping you clean up the house as you guys had just had a welcome home party for him and the boys at your house. The next day it was a mess and most definitley a two person job. He was currently cleaning the bathroom which had a larger mess due to a lot of drinking that happened the night before. As he grabbed the trash, he noticed something rather odd in there. He didn’t even think to wear a glove as he reached in and took the item out. It was a pregnancy test and he couldn’t tell if it had just been put there since the party or before. “(YN)!” “Yeah?” “Come here please.” He asked gulping. You came in just a minute later. “What’s up?” “What’s this?” He showed you the test and you forgot how to breathe for a second. “Is it your test, (YN)?” He asked calmly, getting a bit more excited at the thought of you wanting a baby with him and you nodded. “It’s negative though, Mikey. I didn’t think to tell you i took the test if it wasn’t positive.” He sighed. “You wanted it to be though, didn’t you?” You shrug and gave him a sad look. “Maybe just a little.” He put the test back into the trash and held you close. “If you wanted a baby so bad, (YN), all you had to do was ask. Let’s go make us a baby.”

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Will you pretty please write a drabble where peeta is a celebrity and katniss is a normal girl who leaves in their hometown (theyre already dating though) and peeta is nominated to an oscar so he calls her to calm his nerves and then he wins and dedicates is to her and after the gala he shows up at her house? Im so sorry if im annoying i just really need this and youre perf <3

I hope this is sort of what you were looking for! Cheers to Oscar-themed drabbles, two days too late.

Supporting Roles

“I don’t think I can do this.”

His voice is gruff andbreathy over the line, like the poor boy’s just run a mile. Her fingers automatically twitch in an innate, reactionary desire to comfort him, but then she remembers she can’t, because they’ve got a television screen and about fifty miles between them.

“You’ll do great, Peeta. You… you looked incredible on the red carpet. The correspondents were all raving about the bowtie.”

“Well, I’m glad I at lease looked okay,” he whispers back, and his consonants have a weird resonating tone to them; is he in a bathroom? God, did he actually leave the auditorium to go hide in a bathroom? “I felt like I was going to spray that lovely lunch we had all over the cameras. Jesus, I’m a mess. I miss you, Katniss.”

She smiles softly, but only slightly regrets her decision to stay back. As a small-town girl who’s never been on a stage in front of more than a hundred people at a time, parading around on the arm of her movie-star-boyfriend hardly seemed like a fair step to take up from what she’s already experienced. At least Peeta’s patient with her, understanding of her hatred for cameras and crowds in general. After all, they’ve been dating since junior high, before he was swept off into stardom; he knows virtually everything about her.

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Can you write something where Riley is with Lucas and gets her period. Its the first time this has happened while they were together (she has just tried to keep it private every other time) and for some reason she has to tell him. Lucas end up taking it like a champ and should win best boyfriend/fiance/husband award. I think with all of your post lately you would be amazing at this!

This is based on the story… Except I was A LOT meaner. My ex was bruised for a week 😳

Lucas walked into Riley’s room to see if she was ready for their date (Bay windows are off-limits to boyfriends) and stopped in his tracks. His girlfriend was huddled under her covers, the top of her head barely showing and to be blunt? She looked terrible. Don’t get him wrong, she was as beautiful as ever but he could see the pain etched on her pale face…the circles under her eyes were dark and plentiful. She didn’t even lift her head when he walked in the room. He cautiously approached her bedside and sat down.
“Bean? Are you OK? What’s wrong?” He asked worriedly.
She mumbled a response and closed her eyes.
“What was that? Tell me what’s wrong and what I can do to make it better”
She mumbled again and when he didn’t respond she huffed and declared “I have my intruder.”
“Ummm… I’m not quite sure what that means”
“My period Lucas. I have my period. It feels like someone is pulling my insides through the eye of a burning needle. Understand me now?!” She demanded and then immediately looked regretful.
“I’m sorry for snapping. I’m not up to going out tonight. I’m in a lot of pain. I want to just lay here with my heating pad and be miserable. I’ll see you tomorrow” She closed her eyes and rolled over. She felt him get up from the bed and teared up at the sound of his footsteps fading away.
Less than an hour later that she felt someone sit on her bed, “Bean?” he whispered quietly.
She immediately rolled over. “Lucas? I thought you left?”
“How could I just leave knowing you were in pain? I went to ask your mom if there was anything I can do to help you feel better. So here I am…. Extra-large bag of red gummi bears, some chocolate covered gummi bears, tell me that’s not the best of both worlds, popcorn and some movies for us to watch. I just need you to tell me if you want me to sit in the bay window or if it’s OK for me to sit here?”
The smile on Riley’s face was at odds with the pain in her eyes. She lifted up the blanket and said “You can lay here with me.” Lucas kicked off his shoes, climbed under the blanket and wrapped his arms around her.
They laid there quietly for a moment when he felt her tense up. Wordlessly, he placed his hand on her stomach and started to gently massage in small circles. A minute or two passed and she relaxed again.
“Thank you. I’m sorry about our plans.”
“Don’t worry about our plans Bean. I’m sorry you are in so much pain. I wish there was more I could do for you.” He leaned down and kissed the top of her head.
“Just keep doing what you’re doing. It helps.” He continued to gently massage her stomach as she started to drift off to sleep…he followed not soon after.


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Since A&E are officially writing a soap opera now, perhaps they should consider studying the rules of the late, great Douglas Marland.

For those who don’t know who Douglas Marland was, he was a VERY talented, VERY successful, award-winning writer and show runner in the heyday of American soap operas.  He was THE go-to guru for how to write a compelling story.  These are his rules on how NOT to wreck a show (I am going to bold the stuff that IMO A&E need to read ASAP) :

How Not To Wreck A Show
* Watch the show.

* Learn the history of the show. You would be surprised at the ideas that you can get from the back story of your characters.

* Read the fan mail. The very characters that are not thrilling to you may be the audience’s favorites.

* Be objective. When I came in to ATWT, the first thing I said was, what is pleasing the audience? You have to put your own personal likes and dislikes aside and develop the characters that the audience wants to see.

* Talk to everyone; writers and actors especially. There may be something in a character’s history that will work beautifully for you, and who would know better than the actor who has been playing the role?

* Don’t change a core character. You can certainly give them edges they didn’t have before, or give them a logical reason to change their behavior. But when the audience says, “He would never do that,” then you have failed.

* Build new characters slowly. Everyone knows that it takes six months to a year for an audience to care about a new character. Tie them in to existing characters. Don’t shove them down the viewers’ throats.

* If you feel staff changes are in order, look within the organization first. P&G [Procter & Gamble] does a lot of promoting from within. Almost all of our producers worked their way up from staff positions, and that means they know the show.

* Don’t fire anyone for six months. I feel very deeply that you should look at the show’s canvas before you do anything.

* Good soap opera is good storytelling. It’s very simple.

First Meeting - Ashton

Keeping up with the fluffy preferences since I’m listening to Ed Sheeran lol x -h

Michael | Luke | Calum

It was another long shift at work. You had folded and refolded every shirt in the store, trying to keep it looking nice. But on sale days, it never lasted. Checking the clock again, you noticed that you only had 10 more minutes. Letting out a sigh, you stepped back behind the register, helping another woman with her daughter before you checked out for the day. 

You went into the back room and grabbed your coat and purse. Stepping out the back door, you walked down the hallway that led behind all the stores, towards the exit. You pulled out your phone to check for texts, and heard the door open ahead of you, but just assumed it was another employee of the mall. Suddenly you saw a flash of black and curly hair speed past you and duck behind a large recycle bin. You looked around confused. You peeked down the hall and saw a pair of sneakers peaking out from underneath.

“If you’re trying to hide, I can see your shoes.” Without a word, the shoes shot back and out of sight. You let out a laugh and continued on your way. You were almost to the door when you heard a voice.

“Hey.” You looked for the source, seeing a pair of eyes peeking out from behind the bin. 

“Yeah?” You answered.

“Can you tell me if there are people outside?”

“Uh, sure I guess.” You opened the door slightly and were greeted with a large swarm of girls. You quickly shut the door, confused at why there was a mob outside the back entrance of the mall. Out of curiosity, you walked back to the recycle bin and looked behind it.

“There’s a mob out there.” You said to the back of the guy’s head. He turned around, and your eyes grew wide as you recognized who it was. “Wait, you’re Ashto-” Before you could finish, his hand was over your mouth, pulling you down next to him.

“There’s a reason I’m hiding. No one can know I’m here.” He brushed some his hair out of his eyes and leaned his head against the wall. “I just needed a pair of jeans. That’s it! But they found me.” He glanced towards the door, where you could hear the girls chanting for Ashton.

“Oh, sorry about that.” You clutched your jacket tight, still in shock to be this close to someone from your favorite band. 

“I like your taste.” He motioned to a 5SOS button you had on your purse. You blushed when he smiled at you.

“Thanks. I’m kind of a fan.” He gave you another smile and you melted inside. You sat for a couple seconds, and as great as this was, your foot was starting to fall asleep. You also didn’t want to sit behind a recycle bin forever. “Well, good luck with the mob.” You got up to leave when he grabbed your arm, sending shocks through your whole body.

“Wait, I can’t be left to fend them myself! They’ll eat me alive without the other guys. You have to help me.” You felt bad for Ashton. He couldn’t even go shopping without being followed. You thought for a second, or as best you could with Ashton staring at you.

“Okay, I have an idea, but it might be kind of weird.”

“I will do anything.” He pleaded.

“Then follow me. There’s no one back here, you don’t have to hide.” He followed you back to the store you’d just left. “Wait here for two seconds.” You peeked into the store to see how many people were there before sneaking Ashton in a hiding him in a dressing room. 

“I’ll be right back.” You said before locking him in. 

“Wait!” He squeaked from behind the door. You opened it a little bit and peeked inside. 


“I don’t know your name.”

“It’s y/n” You said with a smile.

“Oh, that’s pretty.” He said smiling, looking down at his shoes.

“I’ll be back.” You shut the door again and wandered around the store, grabbing a a couple sweatshirts, some baggy jeans, and different hat options. You threw the options over the door, telling Ashton to put some stuff on. After a minute or two, the door opened, and there was Ashton in a purple zip up, gray wash jeans, and a navy blue hat tugged tightly down to cover his signature curls. You couldn’t help but laugh at his ensemble.

“Not necessarily the outfit I would have put together, but they won’t recognize you!" 

"I’m getting hot.” He tugged at the sweatshirt and looked in the mirror before laughing. “I think this is my next awards show outfit.” He did a few goofy poses in the mirror, sending you into a fit of giggles, causing other shoppers to glance over. When he looked back at you, that’s when you saw his signature bandana peeking out from the beanie.

“That has to go.” You tugged on it, and his face turned sad.

“But I love it.” You tried to reach for it again, but he was taller than you, and easily blocked your reach.

“You can have it back obviously, but if you go out there with it on, they’ll know it’s you.” He reluctantly pulled it off and handed it to you. You tucked it in your purse, before helping him pull on the beanie again. He gave you a soft smile, his hand lingering on yours before you pulled away. Your face was getting hot again, so you quickly turned towards an accessories rack and tossed him a pair of sunglasses to finish off the look. “Let’s do this." 

"Yeah, right, okay.” He followed you back out to the back hallway, reaching the door. Although it wasn’t as loud outside, you could tell there were still people gathered outside. “The car will be out in the way back.” He groaned.

“That’s fine. We got this.” He nodded, and you pushed the door open. About 30 girls turned to look at the two of you. Ashton grabbed your arm tightly, waiting to see if they’d recognize him. But after a few seconds, they turned away and back to their discussions at what their favorite Michael hair color was.

You both weaved your way through the crowd, finally making it out and towards the blacked out car that waited in the back of the parking lot. Ashton let out a sigh of relief when the car was in sight, taking off the sweatshirt and tossing it over his muscular shoulder. When you stepped up to the car, Ashton gave you a hug, catching you off guard. His cologne wafted around you, and you never wanted to let go.

“I honestly don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t saved me. I’d still be trying to get out of there.” He smiled down at you, glancing at your lips every so often. You reached into your purse, pulling out the bandana. 

“Good acting. You get this back.” He took it into his hand with a smile, before reaching into his back pocket and pulling out a pen. He scribbled something on it and handed it back to you. 

“I think you win the award for actually having the idea. I just walked.”

“And put together a stellar outfit, don’t forget that.” You said, pointing to the ill-fitting jeans he had pulled over what he already had on. He laughed and you melted for the millionth time. You clutched the bandana a little tighter in your hand.

“Well, I have a rehearsal that I should probably not show up late for. See you later, Y/n.” He gave you another hug, his hands lingering on the small of your back. He slipped in the car, leaving you to comprehend what happened.

I have a signed Ashton Irwin bandana. You thought to yourself. You opened it up just to make sure it was real. Your eyes grew wide as you saw a phone number scribbled down. You looked up to see the car pulling away with Ashton’s hand waving towards you. He had said “see you later”. Maybe you’d take him up on that.

If you know me, you know that I’m a quiet person who keeps to herself. You know that I strive to have my hard work pay off and win #GRAMMYS. However, I can’t keep my mouth shut on this one. Call me bias, but my Godmommy, Natalie Cole should have had a real tribute on this year’s #GRAMMYS program. Natalie Cole was a legend by herself, not even mentioning the fact that her father was the late Nat King Cole! Firstly, Natalie Cole received NINE GRAMMY AWARDS in her lifetime! Plus, she was the first black woman to win the GRAMMY Award for “Album of the Year”. Do you know what “Album of the Year” means?! That means that your work of art has been considered a masterpiece and is being recognized by the highest honor!!!! Also, who doesn’t know a Natalie Cole song! Natalie Cole made music that people around the world recite like they wrote it themselves! She mastered every genre and knew the difference between good and great.SHOOT, THREE Natalie Cole SONGS FROM NEW BLACK SANGIN’ ARTISTS WOULD HAVE BEEN ENOUGH!!! All in all, my Godmommy was a MAJOR ARTIST who paid her dues and was much more than her rendition of “Unforgettable”. I love you Godmommy. Chrystal and I promise that we’ll carry on your legacy in the best way possible. We’ll get them back. 🎙🎤🎹