i should wear the armour and you the gown

filmnerd7  asked:

top 5/10 cersei moments

  • “power is power” 
  • “I should wear the armour and you the gown”
  • “if you ever call me sister again I’ll have you strangled in your sleep”
  • “i was trained to kill my enemies” “as was I” 
  • “i am a lion of the rock. i will not cringe for them”

Apparently I like to torture myself.

Alright, so, I guess I should explain myself.

I can’t help but feeling I would have liked to have seen my Inquisitor in a formal gown for the Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts part of Dragon Age: Inquisition. 

Now, I understand that not every girl wants to wear a pretty dress for formal outings (I can fully understand that!) But I think that the option to choose your formal attire for the ball would have been nice.

I know you can’t fight in a gown (it’d be pretty difficult anyway), but you are given the choice to equip armour before battles. 

So anywayI took inspiration from the formal attire for the ball and jazzed it up in to this. These are just the flat, base colours. I’ll do a full render of this at some point, or at least use its design in another image.

I’ve been looking at this for 4 and half hours, it’s coming up to 1am and I ran out of tea bags 2 hours ago.

I’m going to crawl in to bed now…

delightfullydroll  asked:

So I just saw the latest episode and seriously WTF WAS THAT? Like D&D thought it was a good idea to have both twins act OOC and throw in some gratuitous rape while they were at it? The show doesn't needed more of either! That scene is supposed to be about them trying to cope with all the stuff that's happened to them together, the only way they know how, and it fails utterly because things have changed, but nope let's get rid of Cersei's sexual agency and Jaime's lack of misogyny. UGH SHOW WHY??

I am going to publish this because it express perfectly and briefly my thoughts on the matter (as always, tbh. We both think the same but you word it way better)

That scene is about a lot of things and give us a perfect summary of fheir personalities and the dynamics of that relationship. She was supposed to be as eager as him, worried that they might be caught but EAGER because she wants him as much as he wants her. Both are mourning: Cersei is mourning their son and Jaime is mourning his hand. They are both mourning what they used to be. They are both grieving, trying to cling to the love they share in order to keep going. They are both telling each other how much they’ve missed each other.

Cersei ‘I should wear the armour and you the gown’ Lannister would not fight with feeble fists if she really wanted him not to touch her. She wouldn’t say “you’re home”, she wouldn’t tell him to hurry because she desperately wants him to be inside her. Cersei has been MURDERED as a character and so is Jaime, but imho people are not talking enough about Cersei.

Cersei, the woman that has weaponized her sexuality  all her life, the woman who was canonically raped by her husband , the woman who speaks of “golden days and silver nights” when it comes to Jaime. It had never been good with anyone but Jaime. They have changed her completely and there was no way to interpret the passage as a nonconsensual sex scene. There is no excuse. Their A+++ reading skills  only show that they don’t give a fuck about the character and they are not trying to make an adaptation anymore. They’re turning the show into their own private playground where they can strip women of their agency and personality and giving zero fucks about the “the women are the strong ones” idea. My lioness doesn’t deserve this. The only person in the world that is able to make her feel safe is Jaime (even without his hand!!!). He is her knight and she trusts him WITH HER LIFE AND THEIR CHILDREN’S. The thought of him gives her strenght.

Her sexual agency is PARAMOUNT, she took control of her own womb and she aborted so fucking quickly that you cannot even imagine it. She wanted her children to be Jaime’s and she fought for it. Robert might rape her but…

Ten thousand of your children perished on my palm, Your Grace, she thought, slipping a third finger into Myr. Whilst you snored, I would lick your sons off my face and fingers one by one, all those pale, sticky princes. You claimed your rights, my lord, but in the darkness I would eat your heirs

That is how my Cersei actually is and they have destroyed that. They have left me an empty shell of what she actually is in the books and they’ve tried to make her a victim so the audience finds her more likeable, but it seems they haven’t got the memo: Cersei doesn’t need to be likeable because she is a great character. She is complex, she is evil, she is gorgeous, she is manipulative, she hates and love fiercely, she fights, she takes decisions and she doesn’t step back, she is capable of anything to protect her family and she is not willing to give up the throne, she doesn’t feel whole if Jaime is not with her. They belong together. They shared a womb.

Jaime would never rape Cersei. That is completely OOC because Jaime has repeatedly proved that he is against that kind of behaviour. There is a lot of well-written meta that goes deeply into that topic and Jaime fans are rightfuly outraged because we have had to watch how D&D were building the character as someone who canonically (in the books and in the show) was actively disgusted by rape and now they obliterate all his character developement. It’s simply outrageous. But what about Cersei? Please. Don’t forget about Cersei.

I’m angry. And sad. And it’s because some lousy writers were unable to adapt a scene that leaves no room for reinterpretation and the director keeps trying to justify his job trying to  convince us about something he knows nothing about and shoving down our throats their fucking rape culture and lack of understanding of the characters. Yes. I am angry.
They keep using rape as a plot device to show women’s weakness, to make the scene shocking, to make the audience emphatize…
they have plenty likeable characters. I don’t want more. I want the Lannisters I fell in love with and I don’t need a rape scene to make the twin’s story more shocking. Their story is tragic ans shocking and amazing as it is. STOP IT ALREADY.