i should watermark this really


kacchako comic thingy i was working on for a few weeks but was too lazy to finish *blushes* but I finally found the motivation! There’s a couple more pages but the whole tumblr limit thing made me have to chose the more important ones so thats why its a little choppy. D:  However, maybe in the future i’ll format it correctly and post the whole thing. 

I hate putting watermarks on my drawings but from now on I’ll do it so it as visible as possible cause HOLY SHIT I AM SO DONE of seeing my art edited and cropped and with absolute SHIT quality both on instagram and tumblr. I am tired of calling people out on it. I am done asking for credit nicely. So please, if you see my art uncredited or edited somewhere, please let me know so I can tell them to take the post down.

waterboudle  asked:

Hey you should put a watermark on your stuff so people can't use it and call it their art cause I seen this on kik that a kid was using your art and calling it theirs.

Ahhh! I always forget to sign things! thank you for letting me know. I need to get better at protecting my work. I forget that people are dishonest sometimes…. 

I’m so tired but Cap Tadashi insisted on being drawn.

anonymous asked:

Are you okay with people reuploading your photos? Cause on Instagram this user @ "mommyscglspace" did

I am absolutely not okay with it. These are pictures of me in my real life and having them taken out of context to be reposted unsettles me; it’s not even really about anything else.

I should start watermarking but I thought I would change my URL for awhile, so I never did. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.