i should watch this show like now

Thanks dad
  • Dad: *comes into room* hey do u want to talk about your SAT???
  • Me: *tells him the basic things, not really wanting to talk about it anymore*
  • Dad: cool! *looks at my TV* are they about to kiss??? (It was on like a teenage show or something... I always need background noise when I'm in my room)
  • Me: ya
  • Dad: maybe you should watch something less inappropriate
  • Me: you're seriously telling me this, right now? I see you and Allison (step mom) kissing all the time -.-
  • Dad: ye but were married and stuff
  • Me: and??? *tries not to add "well I'll have you know that I've read things worse than kissing lmao"*
  • Dad: well, here, watch this *takes remote and changes it too this baby show*
  • Me: um excuse you *tries to change it but fails, finally turns off TV*
  • Dad: ok well I guess I'll leave
  • Me: ok love you
  • Dad: *leaves*

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Nickname: Fern/fefe/fapis

Star sign: leo

Height: ~196 cm / 6′5′’

Time right now: 12:34

Favorite music artist: 4lung

Song stuck in your head: the kamen rider w op

Last movie watched: the man who fell to earth

Last T.V. show watched: kamen rider ooo

When did you create your blog: july of 2011 i wasnt even 13 yet

What kind of stuff do you post: whatever i feel like. art, memes etc.

Do you have any other blogs: my nsfw/kink blog which idk if i should give it to everyone like this and @fernandaxbox which i made for reasons

Why did you choose your URL: i changed my name to fernanda and i wanted to be fernanda.tumblr.com or fernandarocha.tumblr.com but they were taken so i just slapped ps2 in it bc why not and now it’s also my artist name

Gender: female

Hogwarts house: >_>

Pokémon team: skull bc i dont know anything about pokemon and those guys look fresh af

Favorite color: red? a little dark red?

Average hours of sleep: i try to keep it 8 but most of the times eh

Lucky number: 10

How many blankets do you sleep with: just one

Dream job: idkkk

Following: 1244

Followers: 343

i tag everyone ure all tagged all of u

Yuuri is slowly learning to pronounce “v” and it’s beautiful

I noticed this in the last episode but after watching compilations of Yuuri calling out Viktor’s name it became obvious. 

In the beginning of the show when Yuuri says Viktor’s name he pronounces it more like “biktor” which, many Japanese do with the letter “v”. But now many months later when he calls on Viktor we can actually hear him say a “v” sound instead of a “b” sound.

Tiny details like that are put into this show, and I think we should all appreciate the amount of care taken in showing realistic progress in the main characters.

It’s funny how on my post about The Get Down and Stanger Things, people are acting like the two shows have to be of the exact same genre, to be compared.

Y'all know damn well that if The Get Down was lead by a white boy who was learning what hip-hop was, and coming into his sexuality, it would be all over the place. Y'all binge every white show there is, no matter the genre, but all of a sudden now you need an 10k word essay on why The Get Down should be watched. On why I put it in the same hype category as a show about white kids finding aliens, when let’s be honest, that happens about twice a year in every summer blockbuster.

Stop deflecting, and just own up to the fact that people aren’t checking for The Get Down, simply because it’s lead by Black and Latinx kids. Because it’s not the music that’s the issue. Y'all listen to that. It’s not the location, because y'all live there. And it’s not the Afros, because y'all love those on Halloween. The issue is the fear of enjoying something that is extremely Black/Brown, and doesn’t cater to white people. The kids aren’t ghetto, criminals, or teen mothers. They have goals, feelings, and confidence, and apparently that’s more complicated to imagine and consume, than a white girl with super powers.

last year we lost phineas and ferb, this year we lost gravity falls and wonder over yonder and were told that we were going to lose regular show, the amazing world of gumball, and now adventure time in the near future

i’m like…..desperately clinging onto steven universe, we bare bears and star vs the forces of evil lmao

Links to playlists of some MX shows

The original, the one that formed MX, No Mercy. Be ready for second hand embarrassment, laughter, and a lot of tears. 

Deokspatch was the next thing they did. Classic moments that should not be missed. Truly shows what dorks they are. 

Right Now they filmed last year. My bestie and I have watched this through twice, and you can learn a lot about these kids.

A few random things I have saved in a playlist for some reason. 

There is a ton on VLive as well, they have shows all the time. Those playlists above are the roots of the group, though. It’s a lot to watch, a lot of hours, but you find out a lot about the boys, so it’s worth your time.

Monsta X is one of THE most hardest working groups out there. I stan a lot of groups (like all the boy groups) but I still feel like MX is at the top of the list of groups dedicated to their fans and busting their asses for their performances. They are talented and worth every effort to get to know. 

Things My Roommate Says Sentence Starters (Part 3)

“Hello, salt. Cleanse me.”
"’Whisper?’ That’s a stripper name!”
“He’s one of those mushy guys with too many emotions.”
“I’m always up for lots of intense, in-charge ladies talking to me.”
“What is going on upstairs? What sins have they committed?”
“Sometimes I spawn so many chickens at once that my phone slows down.”
“Get the blowdryer! The Gods have blessed me this day!”
“Pumpkin bathbombs? I don’t…want to smell like a pumpkin.”
“You don’t want to attract white girls in Uggs?”
“And that’s why men are so easy to just…just murder!“
“She asked me if I was gay or straight. I told her I was ‘stressed’.”
"We should watch that show about Satan.”
“Are we …like…in Jumaji right now?”
“Well, now I need cotton candy.”

Avengers Chatroom: Hammer Time

Requested by @estel-of-the-eyrie

Pairings: Some Thor x f!Reader

Scenario: Reader and co. try to introduce Thor, Steve and Bucky to various tv shows etc.

A/N: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) pietro is sin, so am i, forgive me

Clint has created a chatroom.

Clint has invited Wanda, Pietro, Y/N, Thor, Bucky, Steve, Nat.

Clint: Any suggestions on what the relics can watch?

Bucky: We are not relics!

Thor: I am. I am roughly 1000 years old.

Bucky: … And yet Steve and I are the victims of old age jokes.

Pietro: I can think of many jokes for Thor.

Clint: Later. Suggestions, now! Or else Tony will force them to watch his shows and we all know what happened last time.

Wanda: Brother, when will you stop using that… face?

Y/N: They should watch Supernatural!

Nat: No, Viking’s. Thor will like it.

Pietro: Why do we need to help though? Don’t they already watch shows and movies?

Thor: Stark wishes for us to be more “with the times.”

Steve: How was I supposed to know what twerking was? I don’t have time to sit around and learn all of this. I SAVE THE WORLD, DAMN IT!

Y/N: Wait, what now?

Nat: Tony had a party and Sam got people to twerk. Next thing, people were all over our captain.

Clint: Tony started trying to get Steve to join.

Nat: But Steve didn’t know what to do.

Steve: I tried… to do that dance…

Clint: It was painful to watch, really.

Wanda: And now Tony is upset?

Thor: Barnes and I are being forced to endure this because of Steve.

Steve: I’m sorry!

Y/N: Did anyone video Steve trying to twerk?

Pietro: I did.

Steve: Don’t you dare send her the video!

Y/N: Too late. Steve why do you have a better butt than me? What is your secret?

Pietro: His secret is Twerking, obviously.

Wanda: Back to the main topic… What about Pacific Rim?

Thor: Ah the one were large metal beasts duel ferocious monsters! I saw it with my princess.

Pietro: Who is this princess of yours? 

Thor: Lady Y/N, of course.

Wanda: I can sense all the innuendos Pietro is coming up with.

Wanda: I should not have read his mind… We should have just left him on Sokovia.

Pietro:  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Y/N: Star wars?

Y/N: The Walking Dead?

Y/N: Harry Potter?


Steve: I know that reference! Bucky and I already watched it.

Sam has joined the chat.

Sam: I would rather kiss a dementor than be near Bucky.

Sam has left the chat.


Nat has added Peter.

Nat: Ideas?

Peter: Lord of the rings?

Thor: Is that the one where the old man denies entrance?

Y/N: Yes. We already watched it.

Thor: I do not mind watching it again. I am quite fond of Legolas, he reminds me of Clint.

Pietro: … ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ship it

Clint: We are not making any progress.



Clint: pls no.


Thor: As long as you are with me, princess.

Bucky: my secret is out. How could you do this to me, Y/N?

Nat: Can someone calm her down before she faints?

Wanda: Has Y/N ever fainted from excitement before?

Clint: It’s a possibility with her. We’d rather not risk it.

Thor: So it is settled then. We will watch this Hamilton?

Steve: I guess.


Y/N: I will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love! Da da da dat da dat da da da da ya da

Clint: Stop this madness.

Nat: I thought since I didn’t have anymore missions with Y/N for a month, I’d be safe from this… But I was wrong.

Peter: I’m going to go… before things escalate.

Peter has left the chat.

Clint: Someone do something!


Y/N: In other words, you can’t stop me now. I’m on a roll!


Y/N: Oh, I’m so scared. As if Nat would ever do that.

Nat: I wouldn’t. Just suffer through it, Clint.

Wanda: I’ll go let Tony know so he can arrange everything to watch Hamilton.

Wanda has left the chat.


Nat has left the chat.

Clint has left the chat.

Steve: Is she quoting Hamilton?

Bucky: Yes.

Steve has left the chat.

Bucky has left the chat.

Y/N: Ditched, just like that.

Thor: I’m still here, princess.

Pietro: Me too. So, Y/N, are you and Thor dating?

Y/N: No.

Thor: Do you fancy my princess?

Pietro: Are you jealous? I know you like her.

Y/N: Shouldn’t you be annoying Vision?

Pietro: Have you raised his hammer yet? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Thor: Lady Y/N has yet to attempt to lift Mjolnir.

Pietro: I heard Steve can raise Thor’s hammer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Y/N: Why do you keep using that face?

Pietro: All those people trying to raise your hammer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) but it never lifting.

Thor: They are not worthy.

Pietro: Of your hammer. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Pietro: Some people put on slow music but I bet you play Hammer Time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Y/N: OKAY. ENOUGH. I see what you’re doing!

Thor: What is he doing?


Thor: Of course he does.

Pietro: So innocent. So pure.

Pietro has left the chat.

Thor: … None are worthy of Mjolnir. But I have a feeling you are worthy, princess.

Y/N: Thank you, Thor.

Thor: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Thor has left the chat.

Y/N: wait


Y/N has left the chat.



ANYWAY, if you want to watch the four newest episodes before they air on tv they’re on the CN app, all you need to do is connect with your tv provider. Sadly if you don’t have one you can only watch previews of them which kinda sucks.
Sorry for the excessive caps, i’m just really pumped after watching those, they’re so completely amazing honestly.

“Goblin drama is so good, I’m so happy that I decided to watch it. It is shot eloquently and the cinematography is also superb. Like I can’t recommend this show enough. I’ve watched dramas for years now, and sometimes I felt like they lost they touch or that I became apathetic to them. Dramas and movies in general should move you, and this drama did just that. I’ll be watching all of it. Both leads are so adorable in their approach especially Kim Go Eun. “

Similar Confession:

“I know goblin has really great plot and actors, but can we just take a second to talk about the amazing cinematography behind this cameraman?!? I mean, I was just awed in the first episode because of the plot obviously and gong yoo’s handsomeness but what took my breath away was the AMAZING camerawork. I literally started watching for Gong Yoo but ended up being enraptured in the very aesthetic of the drama.”

Here’s where I stand on the latest Berena drama:

I’m gonna stay out of the tag on Tumblr.

I don’t mind reading people’s opinions on the show, we should have opinions. That’s grand and glorious and fun and all part of it. For me though I’m feeling a bit inundated with negativity. You are entitled to be negative - like that’s your show too man - you do you - but I’m personally opting out in order to save my own happiness over this fictional couple. Also let me add: wishing they hadn’t done something with a character is not being negative. I mean the posts that basically tear the show apart.

I guess I have always known drama was coming. Like, it didn’t take the winter trailer to tell me there’d be drama ahead because I’m used to shows that turn up the drama to the extreme. I’m watching Transparent right now and there doesn’t seem to be a single relationship that works out in that show; gay, straight or otherwise. Everyone is mostly miserable all the time with a few bits of happy that make the miserable crap bearable.

To me the joy of Berena is seeing two midlife ladies getting their love on with one another. I’d love to see more of them on screen but I think holby city’s the wrong show if you’re looking for lots of lovey dovey moments. I totally wish it wasn’t because I’d love to see Berena outside of the hospital being awesome badasses in their life and just being adorable together - but it’s not the show.

Sure we do get the odd scene outside the hospital or special on location episodes like this week’s with the wedding, but mostly it’s going to be at the hospital. That does significantly narrow what we get to see in terms of our dynamic duo being romantic. And also what their drama will be.

I don’t feel they’re picking on Serena. She has had a shit load of drama of course but she has also been on the show for ages and they’re giving C-Russ stuff to work with. Like that’s good! She’s not a supporting/background character. She’s a big part of it all and I love that.

I appreciate the precariousness of LGBT representation (hell I made a video about it) and our want for happiness for our LGBT characters to balance out the utter shit of so many other tv shows that have killed off or ruined the lives of our women loving women. That being said, this show can’t stop being what it is just because it offered up representation. It’s a medical soap drama. Sure some probably saw the same sex make out gifs and went “sign me up!” without giving thought to the show’s genre or what that might mean for the couple involved and are now disappointed. I get it.

Here’s what comes with soap drama medical territory:

*Dramatic moments of will they die or won’t they
*Lots of angsty screen time
*Little non-angsty screen time
*An enormous cast of characters that all will fight for screen time and they’ll get it when their storylines go dramatic and likely won’t when the drama’s dialed back.

I love Holby City. I mean I came for the lesbians obviously, but now I love the show. I love the precious moments we get, some surprising like the passionate kiss scene between Berena, the “confined to theatre” talking out loud “I kissed you because I wanted to” scene, the arm wrestling, and not Berena related but the beautiful flash mob scene for Arthur when he was dying.

This show gives great characters, interesting stories. It makes me angry, it makes me sad, it thrills me and it makes me ecstatic sometimes.

I love Catherine Russell, I’m surprised I hadn’t discovered her sooner and I literally feel like she’d be a bestie if I knew her in person because we have a similar sense of humor. I love Jemma Redgrave, she’s dynamic and subtle and gorgeous and intriguing.

I’m enjoying the ride I really am. I don’t see Berena being a forever thing (man would I love to be proven wrong) because I understand the nature of a show that has no ending like Holby. And one where one actor will likely leave eventually. But I love the story while it’s here. Of course I may feel betrayed down the line if they kill one of these women, because the producer and actresses have all said that’s not the direction they want to go with this and I trust them. But right now I’m just still here, still a fan. Still adoring Berena in whatever they must go through to make that angst meter tilt in favor of more screen time for them.

I’m sad that some of you have drawn the line and are putting down your Berena flags, but hey - I get it. I’ll likely be waving my flag, soaking wet in the rain until the bitter end and beyond. That’s the joy of television and us making our own choices about it.

While I may not be following the Berena tag anymore, I follow a lot of you individually. Keep being you, keep talking, keep doing what makes you happy. If your happiness is in another genre of show, go out there and find it! Life’s too short!

GravityFalls is one of my favorite shows ever. Never before has something encapsulated everything I like so well. I have quite a few ideas for Gravity Falls illustrations that I’ve prepared, but I’m kinda unemployed right now so I should probably fix that first before taking on another project… I already have too many that I need to finish….

But I just finished watching it again for a third time so I couldn’t resist drawing Mr. Mystery!

torchwood 2.0

i’m calling it right now; the governors is going to be the new torchwood back in  doctor who s2!!!

don’t believe me?

remember when the new principal has that file about charlie?

torchwood had a file about the Doctor as well!!

even those comments she made about his last name being smith.

“’such an old name; smith. you don’t see those around that much anymore. like john’.”

she DOES know about the Doctor and the fact that charlie is an alien. 

should we trust her? no.

would she be a good ally? possibly. 

after 6 years of watching the show and the spin offs; i don’t trust the writers enough for them to pull a ‘doomsday’ on us for the season finale. 

anonymous asked:

I was going to come out to my family today. I had wrote it in my calendar and everything. I told myself that if Sherlock Holmes can be openly gay then so can I. I prepared myself to do it and then after watching that episode decided against it. For now I feel like I should be ashamed of who I am, that it doesn't matter, that I should repress it. This show gave me so much hope and now I feel like I have nothing.

Hey, listen.  You shouldn’t be ashamed of who you are.  Don’t let this show tell you that.  If anything, take what you’re feeling right now - your anger and sadness and disbelief - and feel where that comes from: the knowledge that queerbaiting isn’t okay, and that we all deserve a happy gay ending for once.  You’re not alone in that feeling.  There’s TONS of us here who feel that with you.  That’s the right feeling.  You deserve to feel pride in your identity.

What happened on tfp today isn’t right on a lot of levels, and while I hold out hope that this isn’t the end, it doesn’t erase what happened.  We deserve representation, and it breaks my heart that people feel the way you do right now.

Ignore Sherlock Holmes the character for a second and think of all the other openly gay people you know, in the media and personally.  More importantly, think of all the openly LGBT people you have met here in fandom.  We’re all still here for you, even if it doesn’t feel like Sherlock is.

Do what you feel is right, but just know that the writers of Sherlock fucking up doesn’t change your own inner truth.  Your sexual identity is important, and your truth should be heard.  Rewrite what you saw today by living your own authentic life.  That doesn’t mean you should come out today if you’re not ready!  It just means that you should try not to let this show influence your own life choices anymore, and that you should use the upset you feel as a springboard for turning your own life into the ending you didn't see on TV today.

Coming out is really hard.  I’m sorry Sherlock didn’t come through for you and give you courage.  Like I said, though, there’s an entire fandom of people here who feel the same way as you do, and we’re all here for you, cheering you on, hoping you can write your own story in a better way than Mofftiss wrote Sherlock’s.  

I’m sending you all my love and support!  If you need any help coming out, I’m here to help you with advice and my own story and anything else you need.  Don’t forget that you’re not alone in this. <3

the walking dead starters ( s7ep7 - part one.)


  • “ what time is it?”
  • “ let’s go.”
  • “ didn’t see THAT last night.”
  • “ looks like the end of them, though.”
  • “ making a trail.”
  • “ i think we’re close.”
  • “ we should bail out, follow the rest of the way. see what we can see.”
  • “ it isn’t usually the fall that gets us. it’s trying to fight it.”
  • “ run with it or roll with it.”
  • “ i-if i screw up and we get caught…”
  • “ it’ll be fine. we just got to go NOW.”
  • “ okay. show me first.”
  • “ i want to get back in there and unload a little myself.”
  • “ and whose job was that?”
  • “ aw, damn! i thought they packed this up tight.”
  • “ ah, no worries. plenty more where this came from.”
  • “ son of a bitch! what the hell?!”
  • “ stay back! drop your weapons!”
  • “ no one else needs to die.”
  • “ damn. you are adorable.”
  • “ did you pick that gun ‘cause it looks cool?”
  • “ you totally did, right?”
  • “ i ain’t gonna lie, you scare the shit outta me.”
  • “ back off.”
  • “ come on, ___. i’ll show you around.”
  • “ really? you’re really not gonna take my hand?”
  • “ you’re lucky you even still have a hand.”
  • “ how’s the job going, ___? hot enough for ya?”
  • “ what are you gonna do to me?”
  • “ do not shatter my image of you.”
  • “ you’re a badass. you’re not scared of shit.”
  •  “ don’t be scared of me, it’s a disappointment.”
  • “ you really want me to ruin the surprise? screw you.”
  • “ seriously. screw. you.”
  • “ check this out.”
  • “ some of that stuff can be yours if you work hard and play by the rules.”
  • “ you see that? respect.”
  • “ cool, huh?”
  • “ hey, i wanted to show you a few potentials i’ve rated b-plus or higher.”
  • “ i know where we’re going.”
  • “ no, we’re not doing shit for that cabron.”
  • “ you’re not going out to find stuff for the saviors?”
  • “ there’s no fighting it.”
  • “ perhaps we should all travel together?”
  • “ i’m down.”
  • “ i know you don’t like it, and you don’t want to hear it from me, but we got to produce for them.”
  • “ it’s like taxes.”
  • “ hey. you can keep acting pissed at me, but i didn’t do this.”
  • “ you think you can do better.”
  • “ leave me the hell alone.”
  • “ it’s cool. i won’t mind.”
  • “ knock yourself out.”
  • “ can i talk to you for a minute?”
  • “ what we talk about when you’re not here is none of your business.”
  • “ i need to know if it’s true.”
  • “ there are rules for a reason. nothing matters if you’re dead.”
  • “ s/he made a mistake. go easy on her/him.”
  • “ calm the hell down.”
  • “ i ever hit one of you?”
  • “ i know you. there’s worse.”
  • “ you know i don’t want anyone here that doesn’t want to be here, right?”
  • “ no. i– i will stay. i’m… i’m sorry.”
  • “ you know what that means, right?”
  • “ i don’t know why you’re crying. it’s all gonna work out aces for you.”
  • “ you’re an asshole.”
  • “ the messed up thing is, you like me anyway.”
  • “ you know the truth. just like me.”
  • “ WHOA! what we talk about when you’re not here… is none of your business.”
  • “ do not make me put this toothpick through the only eye s/he has.”
  • “ i’ll be down in a few.”
  • “ time for a little déjà-vu.”
  • “ we have today and only today to find somethin’”
  • “ hating somebody, is that a sin?”
  • “ thoughts are just thoughts. it’s our actions that matter in the end.”
  • “ ___ shouldn’t be in charge.”
  • “ how? by bullying you?”
  • “ we don’t know! we can’t. we don’t get to.”
  • “ we’re here now. and we can look to the future.”
  • “ what future? there’s no future with ___ in charge.”
  • “ stop the car.”
  • “ what you’re saying, it doesn’t make you a sinner. but it does make you a tremendous shit…” 
  • “ just for now. it doesn’t have to be terminal.”
  • “ i’m gonna go back.”
  • “ why follow the same old rules? why not make life better?”
  • “ speaking of… sit. let’s get started.”
We Met

Characters : Matthew X Reader

Plot : Reader is a big fan of Matthew and his work. Reader is walking around Hollywood when she bumps into someone. 1/3 parts

Rating : N

Dedication to: Beth, my amazing internet best friend <3

Part 2

So far, today had been a long day. I had auditioned for so many parts on different television shows and theater productions, but none of them sounded promising. A shopping spree sounded like a good option to cure my depressing state.

As I walked along Beverly Hills, staring at the many stores I knew I had no chance of affording, a large figure pulled me to a halt, pushing me to the concrete floor. “Owh!” I exclaimed rubbing my back that I had hit on the floor, now placed under my bum. “I am so sorry love! It’s my fault, I should’ve been watching where I was going” The large figure said, placing a hand in front to help me up. I knew that voice from anywhere, it felt like a dream. Surely this wasn’t real, right? I looked up, being met with a large man with sunglasses covering his eyes. I knew who this was straight away. 

This was Matthew, Matthew Gray Gubler. He was my idol, the one I looked up to. I had seen him many times on Criminal Minds and he was the one that inspired me to take up acting in the first place. His shoulders were covered with a thin white t-shirt, with a drawing placed in the middle that I couldn’t make out. His hair was in a tousled mess, however he suited the messy look. My nerves were taking over and I knew that I would end up saying something I didn’t mean. I placed my hand in his large one and he pulled me onto my feet.

“Howdy Mr Gubler! I really enjoy your work. I love how you draw, how you act, everything!” When it left my mouth, I instantly regretted it. I gulped and I could tell that this gentle being could sense my fear. He let out a throaty laugh and smiled, “Aw that’s cute! I like that you call me Mr Gubler but please, call me Matthew” he said and I returned his smile, “What’s your name?” “My name is Beth (or insert Y/N).” He nodded and smiled again, “That’s a beautiful name.” His eyes diverted to the ground and he knelt down, “You dropped this.” He handed me my book that had fallen from my bag and smiled, “I love this book. I read it as a kid” He told me and I nodded and handed the book back to him. “You can have it, Matthew. I have two copies at home” Matthew let out a beautiful smile and took the book from my hand, “Thank you, Beth. I’ll put this in my secret bookshelf” He winked and I smiled, then nodded.

“So, what are you doing here?” He asked and my smiled dropped. “I’ve had a bad day” I replied and he nodded, looking at his watch around his wrist. “Well, I have a few hours before my interview. You can spend some time with me if you like?” My face lit up with a smile and I nodded, “I’d love that.” We walked around to different parts of Beverly Hills, him showing me his favourite parts of the town. A few hours passed and we were finishing our last bits of shopping. “U-uh Matthew?” I said and he nodded, “Can I have a photo please? I’d really appreciate it.” He smiled and took my phone from my hand. He pulled the camera up, put on selfie mode and held it out. Matthew placed his soft lips on my cheek and kissed it, snapping the photo. I blushed, “Thank you so much!” I said and he nodded, with a smile. “Would you like another one?” He asked and I nodded, “Climb on my back, sweetheart” He said and my cheeks turned red again. 

I climbed on his back, him placing his hands under my thighs for support. Someone passed us but Matthew called, “Hey buddy! Can you take this photo for us please?” The stranger nodded and snapped the photo, handing the phone back. “Thank you so much for an amazing day, Matthew!” I said and he smiled, embracing me in a warm hug. “Can I see the photo?” Matthew asked and I nodded, pulling it up. He grinned, “That’s definitely going on Instagram! What’s your user?” He asked and I typed it in on his phone. “Well, I’ve got to get going. It was lovely to meet you!” He exclaimed and I smiled, as he hugged me again but this time placing his hands on my hips. “I hope to see you again in the future” He said and I nodded. He let go and picked up his bags, “Bye Beth” he told me and I smiled, “Bye, Matthew.”

And then he was gone. My phone screen lit up. “@GUBLERNATION has followed you back” it read. I smiled and made my way to my car. My phone vibrated, displaying an unknown number.

“Hello, Beth speaking” I said, confused.

“Hello Beth, this is Virgil Williams. I am one of the writers of Criminal Minds” He said and I gulped. “Hi, how can I help you?” I asked, waiting for a response. “I saw your audition for a CBS drama today and I was very pleased with your performance. I would like to offer you a place on the upcoming episode of Criminal Minds” I stopped in my place.

“Oh my god! Thank you so much” I said as I felt my hand shake. “You start tomorrow. I will send you details of your arrival and the address. I hope you have a lovely evening.” He said and I smiled.

“Thank you, and you. I was just wondering, who will I be playing?” I asked, waiting for a reply. 

“Well as of now, you play Spencer Reid’s love interest.” He replied and I froze.

This was going to be fun…