i should visit texas

Thanks to people who suggested creepy YouTube channels for me!

But I’m still kinda disappointed in the lack of YouTube videos that actually do the research on cryptids/ghosts/paranormal sightings and what not because even tho I love hearing about sightings I want more than just someone showing the video and talking over it in a creepy voice
So I’ve decided that I’m gonna start making YouTube videos where I talk about certain cryptids sightings and hauntings BUT I ACTUALLY GO AND VISIT FHE PLACES IN A DOCUMENTARY STYLISTIC FORMAT (they would have to be places I can reasonably get to for now, so like west Texas region and most of New Mexico) with elements of humor because me and friends can never be serious

I think it would be hella fun and interesting, it’s more for me to widen my knowledge on all shit paranormal (because it holds such a special place in my heart considering I practice witchcraft and have been interested in this stuff since I was a small child) while also being factually accurate, and it allows people real life insight on it from a non dramatized perspective, unlike most paranormal shows on tv now like ghost hunters or ghost adventures (no offense I still love them but come on now!)

So I ask this of my followers and anyone who’s interested in this: would you guys be interested in something like this? And if so, what cryptids or hauntings should I talk about that you would like to see?? And if you have suggestions on places I should visit (again west Texas region and New Mexico only!) then please let me know!!

I think it’s gonna be a super fun project to do and fulfills my childhood dream of being a paranormal investigator lmfao (9 year old me would be proud)