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5. DIC. 1976

“The people who were trying to make this world worse are not taking the day off. Why should I?”

“La gente que está tratando de hacer este mundo peor no se toma ni un día libre, ¿cómo podría tomarlo yo? Ilumina la oscuridad”. 


Say what you will about this pot but it never burns bridges. Only gumbos, chili’s and anything else you try to cook in it.

When not in use this pot should be stored on top of the trash. Just so it knows how its lid feels.

We’re all making fun of this pot and nobody’s mentioning its good features and that’s uneven. But still not as uneven as its heat distribution.

I’m telling you, don’t try to explain global warming to this pot. It can’t even fathom the idea of everywhere getting hotter at the same time.

This pot is so awful, it’s still not legal in Alaska, Washington, Oregon & Colorado.

Not so crazy after all

imagine: Justin calls you up asking you to come meet him. As you get there you notice that he’s shooting a video for something important. Walking into the studio you give him a confused smile and wave at him, causing him to not being able to concentrate so they have to start the scene over. Embarrassed you sit down on a couch and watch Justin doing the shoot. Well, he fucks up a lot, he can’t keep a straight face and spends a lot of time looking at you while he actually should act for the camera. Since you arrived at the studio, you own his attention and make him all nervous. 

director: “Justin can you at least try to not look over to your girlfriend, I know she’s beautiful, but c’mon!”

Justin: *mumbles* “She’s not my girlfriend.” He goes while his cheeks blush up.

You and Justin in fact aren’t together, well, yet. You’ve alwayys been good friends but for a few weeks it feels like you guys are more tha just good friends. Which could be the reason why Justin isn’t able to keep his eyes off of you. After a about ten minutes the director wants you to leave the room just until they wrapped up the shoot.

director: “Ok, honey. I’m not tryna be rude but is it possible for you to wait in the other room until we’re done shooting?”

you:”Of course, that’s totally fine.”

Scooter walks you to the room next door and sits down with you. You and Scooter are friends so you have a little chat.

Scooter:”So, (y/n) what’s up with you and Justin? are you guys dating or something?”

You: “Oh god no, seriously we’re only really good friends.”

Scooter: “No you’re not and you know it.” *laughs*

You: “No for really, though, we are nothing but good friends.”

Scooter: “Sure, (y/n)”

You change the topic but are interrupted by the director peeking in. He asks Scooter to come and watch at the stuff they just shot. Then Justin walks in and you guys leave the studio together. You can’t stop yourself and tell Justin about what Scooter just asked you.

You:”Scooter just asked me if we were dating, it was so awkward.” *laughs*

Justin:”Crazy Scooter, anyways, you wanna go to mine now?” 

Half an hour later you’re at Justin’s place. You sitting on the kitchen counter while Justin is cooking lunch for both of you. He puts dry pasta into a pot with boiling water, puts the lit on it, turns around and leans onto the counter with his forearms right next to your thigh. He’s looking up at you, his eyes are focussed on yours.

Justin:”What are you thinking about (y/n)?”

You:”Nothing, really. What about you?”

Justin:”I’m thinking about waht Scoot was talking about, like if we were dating and stuff.”

You:”Crazy isn’t it?”

Justin:”But, is it really that crazy if we were dating?”

You: “What do you mean?”

Justin:”Call me weird but, I feel like we’re more than good friends, we’ve been for a long time now.”

You don’t know how to reply, so you just give him a confused look. He answers that with a smirk and leans onto his hands that are resting next to the outsides of both your thighs now. His eyes are like locked with yours.

Justin:”I mean you made me lose my mind at the shoot  and I was so close to quit the shoot and fuck you in the other room that you were sent to.”

You:”God Justin, you make me blush.” You admit and jump off the counter and stir the cooking pasta to play hard to get.

Justin gets that and walks up to you. Now he’s standing right behind you, putting his arms around your waist, his chin on your shoulder. 

Justin: *whispers* “Lemme show you my love, you won’t regret it, baby.”

He places a deep kiss on your shoulder and presses your body onto his. You feel his erection on your butt which makes you grin a little. Facing him he bites his lip at you, you lose yourself in his eyes and give into him. Your hand finds its place on his abs and wanders down to his crotch. Fast you grab what you find down there which leads to him letting his head fall back into his neck. You loosen the grip and he leans into you and starts making out with you. As you feel his tongue in your mouth your heartbeat increases in speed and your tummy feels like it’s curling up. While his kisses get sweeter it’s getting harder for you to restist him. You lose control as he places both of his hands beneath your butt, picks you up from the floor, turns around and lays you down on the counter. His hands strike from your hips up to your chest which leaves your upper body being naked, except your boobs but Justin puts your shirt up a little more so you’re tits are exposed as well. He leans over you and starts biting your ,firm nipples, you moan while he keeps making out with your nipple. Your hand grabs his hair while you feel a sensation in your lower tummy. After a brief moment Justin looks up at you.

Justin: *smirks* “You like that?”


He climbs onto the counter and you get back to making out. At some point you pause.

You:”Wait,are we like dating now.”

Justin:”Well, do you wanna date me?”

You:”Uh, I guess we’re already dating anyways.”

Justin:”So, yeah we’re officially dating, I’m yours (y/n).”


Mikleo to the rescue  ᕙ( •̀ ‸ •́ )ᕗ

Merry Christmas to all my friends, to those who I follow and those who follow me. Because of you guys I made it this far, this is been a great journey so let’s keep going I probably don’t have any talent but my only talent was collecting ever since I was a kid I used to collect things like momentos from friends and families, you guys keep bringing the best and I keep collecting it by liking and rebloging lol, but you guys should be proud of yourselves cause you guys are so talented and so awesome. I’m trying to fix my past mistakes and learn how to make my own edits or gifs even so I make some but I want learn more, thank you for being there for me, you guys learned me a lot of good things, I’m so happy that I met you all, let’s continue this journey together utill the end.


PS: The gif is not mine all the credit goes to @toukyoghoul merry christmas to you too  (≧◡≦) ♡

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