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secret santa

This is for secret santa! I got @dude-thats-awesomesauce! I’m not the best writer but I tried! I hope you like it x

I guess miracles can happen, because on Christmas Day, everyone in the sidemen house, surprisingly, was up before 9. I was sat in my room finishing doing my makeup. Despite the fact we were only staying at home, there were going to be a lot of posts on social media. The perks of living and being friends with a bunch of YouTubers.
“Julia! Hurry up!” I heard my best friend whom I had known since the day I was born, Simon, call me through my bedroom door.
“Chill out Si, I’m done.” I stood up from my bed and stared at myself in the full-length mirror. I was wearing something quite casual, just a simple sdmn tee with some white jeans. I had my hair in loose curls and a cute Santa hat on top. My makeup was, as usual at a bare minimum. 

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