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The Face in the Closet

Submitted by: P.L. DuPee (http://whatisantilogic.tumblr.com/)

Length: Medium

I awoke to the sound of my closet door slowly opening. The faint sound was only audible due to the absolute silence of the room. Despite seeing the door gradually open, I remained in bed, peering past my feet into the ever growing abyss beyond the closet. Inch by inch the dark gap increased, perfectly synchronized with my dread. Just as the tension threatened to overwhelm me, I saw a face.

I sprang to my feet, snatching the slender metal lamp from my nightstand, and moved towards the closet. Just then, the intruder rushed out at me. Instinctively, I swung the lamp, knocking him to the floor, but not before he was able to utter a short sentence. It wasn’t until his limp body lay on the ground that I was able to process his final words. “No, just wait a second.”

I should have never looked at his face, but I did.

Turning the light on, I rolled the man over and discovered two terrible truths. Staggered by my blow, his head hit the side of the dresser on his way down, killing him. His death however, was the least disturbing discovery. To my disbelief, the man lying dead on my bedroom floor was me. He had the same face, haircut, tattoo on his left arm, and even the small cut on his chin that I had given myself shaving the previous day.

Before I could  think of a rational explanation, I heard a noise coming from the closet. Without thinking, I rushed to the door, wanting to meet any additional intruders head on. I found no one, but did find a waist high door at the back of the walk in closet. Foolishly I pushed it open and peered inside. There was a short hallway leading to another small room. I should have stopped there, but I pressed on, so desperate to find answers.

More confusion waited for me in the new room. The new room was a closet, but not just any closet, it was mine. At that point my fear triumphed over my curiosity, but when I turned to exit, I found that the small door had disappeared.

I took a moment to take a mental inventory of my situation. Maybe in a semi-dreaming state I had imagined the intruder, wandered into my closet and imagined the small door too. It made perfect sense, but doubt and confusion still plagued my thoughts.

Quietly, I tiptoed over to the door and pushed it open slightly. The room, faintly moonlit, coupled with my limited field of vision through the small door opening made it difficult to see what lay beyond. I pushed the door open a little more and saw a man, holding something metallic in his hand, aggressively approaching. Shoving the door open, I rushed out with my hands defensively in front of me. “No, just wait a second.”

Credits to:  P.L. DuPee (http://whatisantilogic.tumblr.com/)

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#29 Back Seat Revenge (Harry Styles)


This is a true story…haha. 

“Where is Analia?” I heard Harry ask my mother as she mumbled something. He opened my door and gave me a look. What I saw was pouty lips and red cheeks, and I knew something was wrong. Locking the door behind him, he instantly climbed the bed and got inside the covers, and between my arms. He cuddled his face in my neck, and I heard him sigh. “It’s 1 ‘o’ clock, why are you still in bed?” He asked.

“I am having a lazy day!” I exclaimed, kissing his forehead. “Did something happen? Did you lose something?” He shook his head, “Fought with someone, did you?” I asked, pulling his hair a bit to make him look at me.

“You can’t have a lazy day, three days in a row!” He raised his eyebrow, keeping his head on the pillow. I shifted the weight on my stomach, trying to cuddle my head in the pillow.

“I am a really bad ass so, I can! Stop changing the topic, what happened?” I laughed.

“Fought with my father, what else,” He said, shifting his weight to his back. “He doesn’t know what the word listening means like he doesn’t have a clue! I come back home for a just a few months and, he can’t make the effort of not arguing or fighting with me!”

“Don’t be upset, it happens…” I said, kissing his cheek.

“I think, we should get a tattoo right here,” He said placing his finger on the crook of my neck.

“I think you have enough tattoos to make up for both of us!” I giggled, sitting up and tying my hair. “Your entire arm is almost covered now.”

“I know, you find it sexy,” He smirked.

“Yes, very sexy!” I nodded and climbed out of bed.

“Taken a bath?” He asked as I opened my cupboard to take out a different pair of clothes.

“You know Mum, woke me up at 8 am, and told me to take a bath and sleep again. I don’t understand her logic!” I danced out of my pants, never being able to balance on one foot. “Can you see my stretch marks? I tried this new coffee technique, I can never tell,” I said, walking up to him.

He held my waist in his arms and pulled me closer, “Why do these happen again?” He asked.

“My skin stretched because of all my weight. I read they never go away,” I pouted.

“No, it doesn’t make any difference. It still looks beautiful,” He inspected, frowning, and rubbed over my stomach with his thumb, and then, pressed a quick kiss on it.

I pulled a dress over my head and sat beside him. “What are you thinking about?”


He was a complete drama queen. He had just returned from the University after finishing his first year, and all he did during the break was fight with his father. It was quite funny because both of them were incredibly alike and strong headed.

“Did the car come, today?” His father had ordered a new car which was supposed to get delivered today. “He was really excited about it, wasn’t he?”

He suddenly got up, with mischief in his eyes, “that’s a brilliant idea, baby!” He kissed my lips and got out of bed. “Wear your shoes!”

“I didn’t say anything!” I said, running behind him. “Mum, I’m leaving with Harry!” I yelled and ran out of the door. We had been best friends ever since we were kids and he was a year older than me. One year before he left for college, we confessed our feelings for each other in a tremendous fight and, we have been strong since, then. It was nice knowing everything about someone, and then, falling for them. It was quite strange, too cause we knew the worst of each other, too.

“I refuse to walk this fast!” I stopped in the middle of the road. He pulled me along with him to his house, which was down the block and I was still in my lazy zone.

“But, we’ll be late, and he hasn’t seen the car, yet!” He said, pulling me.

“Wait a minute…what is going on in your head!” I laughed. “Harry, stop!”

“Oh baby,” He said, quickly picking me and then, running. He stopped in front of the house and, he put me down, his eyes directly going down to my legs. I pulled my dress down and hit him.

“I hate being manhandled!” I yelled.

“Shh…” He covered my face and held me against him. “Okay, he isn’t back from work. We have time…” He kissed my lips. “Sorry, I have a brilliant idea!” He apologised.

I sighed and shook my head, “what is this brilliant idea?” He got the car keys out and, opened the back door and, tilted his head towards the car.

“What? This is your idea? What is wrong with you?” I couldn’t believe him. His mind worked in weird ways, and I couldn’t decide if I should laugh or disapprove.

“In return of your art room fantasy,” He winked. I blushed in the memory of having sex in his school art room because I loved that place.

“Oh my, that’s bullying!” I held my chest.

“Get in baby,” He said, kissing below my ears.

“We are going to be in so much trouble!” I shook my head and pulled him inside the car. He locked the windows and bent the car seat. “Aren’t we going to remove the covers?”

“Oh you little devil,” He kissed my lips and then, quickly tore the plastic off the seats. I looked around to see anybody nearby but, everyone was inside the house. He placed small kissed down my neck, leaving little hickeys on the way. I moaned, in response as his hands discovered my body, pulling me closer to him in this enclosed space. He pulled my dress off my body, and I sat in his lap, in my underwear and bra, as his tongue explored my mouth, fighting with my tongue in response, in his father’s new car.

“Fuck, you’re so wet! Always dripping for me, aren’t you baby,” He moaned, as our hands went down on each other. I took his shirt off and, he helped his pants off as I worked on making my own marks on his skin. He growled in response when I bit his shoulder, a place which always made him grow crazy. His hands cupped my breasts as he gave them a little squeeze, after pulling off my bra, “I love these, they are so big and perfect for me,” He moaned as he brought his lips to my nipples, slowing revolving his tongue around them and then, sucking him and I moaned his name in appreciation.

His fingers are on my clit, as I worked my hand on his dick, our lips meeting each other’s frantically, knowing we don’t have a lot of time. “Look at you, always so ready for my cock! My innocent little baby is not the same anymore, is she?” He moans, against my lips and I shook my head biting them. “I am going to fuck you so hard baby, I’ll completely devour you,” He said, laying me down on the seat bench, and rubbing his cock over my clit. I kept my eyes between us, waiting for him to push in. I loved seeing us become one, it was so beautiful and mind blowing to me, and he knew it and, always made a show out of it.

“Ready to be fucked sore, honey?” He smirked, as he pushed himself in. I wrapped myself around his body, as he held me in arms. I was trying to get accustomed to his size every time we had sex and, it was a little better since we just went through a round yesterday. His name was constantly on my lips as he slowly increased his pace, the air in the car thickening with our fast breaths. “Fuck baby, you’re so tight…” He bit my shoulder as he started slamming into me and I tried to meet his pace with all the passion he was putting in.

“It’s so good, Harry. So fucking good, please go faster,” I repeated, feverishly as the car shook with his thrusts.

“I love your pussy, baby. I love how I fill you up perfectly, you’re made for me, you know…” He cupped my face in his palm, and my eyes met him as he kept his forehead against mine, slamming into me harder than before. “Tell me you’re made for me, go on, tell me!”

“I am –“I tried controlling my scream, “For you, Harry, made for you…” Making a sentence to my best and not trying to lose my mind, I pulled his lips to mine. “I am going to…I’m going to come.”

“Yeah? Yeah, baby? Come for me, come on, I am going to come too,” It was times like these when I thought myself to be so fortunate in his arms as he got us off to our peak. I came all over his cock as he continued thrusting, pushing up all the way and then, let go inside me.

“We’re all sticky over the car seat, now…” I giggled and, he looked up to my face and kissed me.

“I love you,” he said, against my lips.

“You should, I just had sex in the car with you as revenge for your father,” I kissed him back. We lay together for a while, with me in his lap resting my head on his chest, still naked. “I like that you don’t have a lot of chest hair, I don’t like it.”

“That’s a good thing, I don’t think I can grow them now! You keep pulling, hahaha” He laughed as I tickled him. “Okay, okay, we should get out before my father walks in.”

“Will you tell him?” I asked, wearing my underwear. I had to go and clean myself or, his come would start leaking through my already wet panties.

“Let him figure out on his own,” He smirked. I knew he felt powerful and completely bad ass, and I loved him feeling like that.

“Do we look fixed?” He looked at me, “who am I kidding, get out…” I laughed.

He got out of the car and then, gave me his hand pulling me out. As soon as I kept my feet outside, I saw a figure standing behind Harry. I hid behind him, as he turned around smirking, “Hello Dad, Analia and I are going in,” He smiled and asked his father to catch the keys. His father’s look was completely bewildered, and I didn’t turn around to see it, again.

We ran to his room with him giggling and laughing all the way. We got into the shower quickly, and I tried to end it quickly without Harry getting too touchy. “I can’t find my T-shirt,” I asked, opening his cupboard.

“The number one? I think it went for washing, wear one of mine if you can’t find it,” He said.

“You have to stop mixing mine with yours, messy messy cupboard!” I laughed wearing one of his.

“It’s actually in a better state than yours!” He showed me his tongue as I threw his clothes at him. “Dad must be livid!”He giggled as he opened the door a little to hear the conversation going on outside.

“The least he could have done is let the covers stay! Now, every time I use that car, I will be reminded of my son having sex in it!” We heard him say to his mother. “And Analia, she is such a good girl! Harry is spoiling and ruining her!” Harry laughed and shut the door.

“I am ruining you, did you hear that?” He said, wrapping his arms around my waist.

“We are already a lost case…” I chuckled, and kissed him.

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An idea (feel free to expand upon it or not. Just wanted to get it out there.): Kurt's soulmate tattoo (under all that fur) is a series of capital A's spiraling around his torso in a scream. He's tried and failed to come to terms with his soulmate probably being terrified of him. You have "Glad I caught you, Liebling." trailing up your left arm. As it turns out, he saved you after accidentally falling off a balcony, and you have no issues with his appearance. Whoops!

A/N: 10/10 prompt… okay but yall should see my sunburn lines i got yesterday omg 

Warnings: none (word count: 366)

   ‘It’s gotta be around here..’ You think, walking out to the balcony of your hotel room. 

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I know he’s only talking about the shield here but OH MY GOD! He should just apply this to everything Tony ever does! Don’t be hard on Tony (unless you’re hard on Tony) because as far as I can tell, he always means well. He just fucks it up sometimes. But seriously, Steve just needs to make this his motto, tattoo it on his arm, idk, just, these are words to live by. Tony meant well, so please, please, please don’t fight.

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Soulmate AU: Enjolras' says, "Hey Blondie" and his WHOLE life he's spent hating that nickname so when he gets the tattoo he's like are you fucking kidding me. And Grantaire's says, "Don't fucking call me that, shitbag."

The words are out of Enjolras’ mouth already when he remembers and then winces because he’s supposed to be eloquent and good with words, and he’d excepted his first words to his soulmate, words that are etched onto his soulmate’s body permanently, to be better, but his soulmate is just standing in front of him, lips quirked up in a very amused smile, and oh, he’s rolling up his sleeves to show Enjolras his tattoo.

“Calling someone a shitbag is not a very appropriate response to being called blondie,” his soulmate says. He grins at Enjolras, and oh, fuck, Enjolras can’t remember how words work. “So I can’t call you blondie, and you aren’t telling me your name, should I pick another nickname for you? Would Apollo do?”

“Enjolras!” Enjolras blurts out. “My name is Enjolras,” he repeats, a little calmer. 

“Enjolras,” his soulmate repeats, his grin growing. He glances down at his arm where Enjolras’ loopy handwriting is tattooed, and says "I’ve showed you mine, shouldn’t you be showing me yours?“

Enjolras thinks of his tattoo and its placement on his inner thigh, and smirks at his soulmate before he says, "It’s a third date sort of thing, if you have the patience to wait?”

That startles a laugh out of his soulmate. “Well in that case…” he says with a smile. “I’m Grantaire, I think we should go on a date.”

We talk for a while

trying something new here. this is my first ever original story i’ve written and i really love it and want to share it! (tagging @clearascountryair @marvelthismarvelthat @buckysbears @bioforensics AND @inevitablyfitzsimmons for reading this and betaing and @superirishbreakfasttea, @lapiccolina @bookedbyfandoms because you guys said you would read it if i posted and I LIKE VALIDATION )

We talk for a while

I have just pulled out yesterday’s leftovers from the refrigerator when someone knocks at the door.

‘Knocks’ probably isn’t the right word. ‘Knocks’ suggests that I was expecting someone, maybe my parents arriving—cooing and boisterous—excited to see how their daughter’s changed her childhood home. Or maybe a boyfriend, bringing homemade apple pie for dessert and cuddling and maybe something more.

But my parents are gone, I don’t have a boyfriend, and I hate apple pie.

And whoever was at my door was banging on it so hard and so urgently that for a moment I feared it was the police, even though the police probably wouldn’t knock at all.

“Coming!” I call over the noise as I make my way to the front, clicking my tongue when instead of stopping the pounding just seems to grow faster and harder.

I crack open the door and peer outside even though it’s almost too dark to see anything anyway. “Hello?”

The overhead light automatically clicks on and everything is illuminated.

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idk if anyone has suggested it yet, but if you wanna get a tattoo for lexa you should get her arm tattoo. not only is it really pretty, but its lexa's (whom is also very pretty).I saw someone else was planning to get it and even drew out the design, i cant find the post tho. another suggestion is to just get a giant tattoo of her face on your entire back!!!

omg thats a good idea but it might be too big like i want something smaller maybe her head symbol or some words idk i got to think about it. but oh im also definitely getting her whole face on my back and then a tattoo of clarke and lexa kissing on my ass :)


Prompt: You. Are. Amazing. Your one shots are incredible! I was wondering if you could do a one shot where Sam and the reader are best friends and she has a lot of tattoos and Sam just loves looking at them, touching them, and tracing them and stuff. sorta like a tattoo-kink but not smutty. Thank you so much!

Triggers: None

Word Count: 763

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