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Hi, I'm so sorry to be a bother, but on one of the blogs I run I had someone ask be how to blacklist a tag and I can't find any resources on how to do this. Would you be able to help me out?

Yes, of course! This link should help, specifically numbers two and three of these options: http://www.wikihow.com/Blacklist-on-Tumblr (These are for desktop, I will get to mobile later.)

Number two talks about how you can download Tumblr Savior as an extension and type the tags in the boxes provided (instructions are provided in the link). Also, it is available for the major web browsers, which are Firefox, Google, Opera, and Safari, so anybody who uses this extension should be covered.

Number three entails using the XKit extension. This is more popular than Tumblr Savior from observing interests in extensions for Tumblr. (This too has the instructions in the link I provided above, at the very top of this.)

Now for mobile, there is XKit mobile (http://www.xkitm.com/) and Washboard (https://washboard.ws/#_=_). I heard there was some problems with Washboard but you can try it and see. I hope this helps!

-Mod Angel

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jepensedoncjesims replied to your photoset “Have all the male animal sims I’ve posted in this house.  …”


jepensedoncjesims replied to your photoset “Have all the female sims I’ve taken pics of in this house… minus Zoe,…”


jepensedoncjesims replied to your photoset “A comparison of Finn directly from Dragon Valley and after his…”

More beastly looks good. Ah, your tag = Dragon Valley Run!

jepensedoncjesims replied to your photoset “A comparison of Finn directly from Dragon Valley and after his…”

wait, no. I should stop replying when tired. what the heck is GZRun. I am so out of it.

It’s okay.  But because you got confused and possibly tomatoed, I have to run with it.  It’s the rules.  :D

The GZRun tag is for myself so I can find shit later.  It used to be such that if something happened, it happened ON THAT DAY, thus, all I had to do was find the date of the post and I could match it to the date in my screenshots.  Now that I’m running a queue I have to be slightly more meticulous and create internal tags I can find things later on.  

I have found though that Tumblr will eat posts in a tag the further down the line in the tags.  So if you say, had hashtag (HT) TS3, HT sunset valley, HT Andrei, on and on, past number five Tumblr stops putting them in a Tumblr-wide search, but also down past number five, doing an internal search for that tag seems to be less comprehensive. There seems to be a greater chance that Tumblr will miss it in an internal blog search by that tag.  … and I search for a lotttttt of my shit by tags within my own blog.

“GZ” stands for Goldene Zeiten.  xD  I’m not gonna explain that again, but one can read about the Goldene Zeiten post and it’s significance.

Counting backwards it appears this poster thing I do is the sixth iteration, thus, GZRun06.  I haven’t tagged the other runs.  There seems to be no reason to do so.  xD  Amusingly this shit gets more long-winded every time I do it.  The last time I was so proud of myself for taking abouuuut 250 screens for the poster.  I’m up to almost 1300 in this one.  Though to be fair it should theoretically be four posters, not two.  … I suppose that doesn’t make it any better.  :[

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I missed the broadcast :( Do you think they'll be a way to listen later? I saw your tag about Fireman Sam and heard they talked about takeout too

i missed most of the interview. do you think we’ll get a full transcript of it? or a full video of it?

I got two messages about this so just combining them now. 

All Radio 1 shows can be listened to again after they’re broadcast. You should be able to find it on their website. 

🍰 What should I write for Trip’s birthday?

My dashboard is so dead that I haven’t checked back in over a month and still instantly caught up in literally 3 minutes but if you reply to this post with all ur hopes & dreams, your suggestions might make it into my next fic! You can also send an anonymous ask, a submission, or reply on twitter. Go wild!

Hutch the Explorer.

after the two little ragamuffins came home yesterday and got a stern talking to about staying safe hutch came up and asked me if Id take them to work with me. They wanted to see what it was like.

Hutch is my little explorer always going on journeys to find stuff for the skeleton family. They actually found Adiea on one of these journeys a while back!

anyway they tagged along with me as I drove to work today

Well here we are Hutch my lovely desk! what do you think?

You think that its messier than it should be? hey youve seen my room, I am not a very organized person!

Oh those? Those are my Boss’s toys. he likes to collect them. you can probably go say hi later if you want. Im gonna be pretty busy all day so it dosent matter to me.

oh that dont worry about that. I made sure it was strictly off limits when Jamie and Adiea came here. 

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hi!! im a high school student and really want to major in history when i get to college.. and i know there are other jobs besides teaching you can get with one.. but i have no clue as to what theyd be :( i was wondering if you could tell me so i can kinda start to form an idea of what i want to do w my life? anyways thank u :+)

sorry I’ve taken forever to reply :P

Ok so jobs pertaining to history other than teaching are a bit hard to list because you can practically do ANYTHING. Number one that I know of is museum curator (because that’s what I want to do), and curatorial work can be broad and/or specific (ex. you can be a curator of digital media for a museum) but within a museum you can do practically anything such as archival work, conservation work, collections manager, you can also work with the education department (not teaching type edu but more public history type things like getting people actively involved such as this). Also more info on public history can be found here. And if you really want the “hands on” and getting to “experience” the history first hand consider archaeology, I have minimal experience with it but what I got to do was so much fun but it can get pretty tough depending on the climate where the dig is (rain is a b*tch). Archaeology also opens the doors to travel if you like that, I had a teacher in high school who quit so she could go travel and ended up spending a year on a dig in some catacombs in Spain. 

And museums aren’t event the beginning, National Parks LOVE historians and getting a job there is usually an easy and great way to get your foot in the door for being employed by the government if you’re looking to go deeper into that (archaeology can also be applied here too). Some places even have people hired on specifically for research but you can work with tours and developing education programs about the park also sometimes working with archaeologists in the area if you don’t really want to do the actual work they do. Within the government there are also a ton of jobs, almost every major department has historians employed (right now the U.S. Department of Justice has an opening for a historian, focus Latin America, and the description looks awesome). The White House, Supreme Court, House of Reps, and more all have what’s have ‘Office of the Curator’ and usually some sort of committee for preservation (a lot of these also have internships available for students to get experience, once I gather links I’ll post them). Positions in the Smithsonian are also government positions. Documentary work is also another biggie that is sort of on the rise as digital media is becoming more and more important. 

Libraries are also a big place, and not the librarian who shushes everyone. A lot of large libraries or even universities will have some form of a “special collections and archives” thing which employs archivists, conservationists, and special collections managers. I can go into a lot of detail on this type of work because I did this for almost 4 months over the summer but in short it usually deals with a lot of inside/outside research of documents and other manuscript material as well as the managing of these materials (message if you want more I guess). Some libraries (ex. Library of Congress) hire librarians/historians for specific sections/topics. 

There’s a lot too it, this doesn’t even put a dent in it, and honestly I’m not doing the field justice at all with what I’ve just written since it’s mostly what I can think of off hand, but check out some places like these, (x) (x), to see some current job listings to get an idea of the duties of certain positions and it can give you a better idea of what you might want to do with history. And if you find a job you like, follow up a while later and see who got the position or look for similar positions and see who got them, they usually have a bio and it can tell you some info from their resume to give you some perspective on what you should do to get get a position like that. I hope this helps :/


Batladies- The Four Hogwarts Houses

For jandavolta who asked about the batladies!

Here’s the Batboys’ houses!

The 3 traits are something that’s with the batladies at the same time, it’s what their houses are most known for~

Kate (Gryffindor)- Kate without a doubt is a very strong person. She’s very driven, determined, and she fights for everything she believes in. She’s not only strong in terms of physical aspects but mentally and emotionally as well. We saw her grow, live through deaths of people she loved, and she definitely kept fighting. She didn’t stop when they told her she’s not fit for duty but in turn, she fought her own fights no matter how impossible or difficult it seemed. She shed her irresponsible party girl self for a more righteous person. She’s daring, brave, and a very passionate lover, too. 

Cass (Slytherin)- Cass was born out of a family of really great assassins. Her mother being one of the deadliest fighters while her father is a perfectionist in the art of assassination and combat. Cass is known to be a very family oriented person, seeing as how she loves her newfound (Bat)family whom she will fight for no matter what. She’s close to all her adoptive siblings and she shows unwavering love and loyalty to Bruce. She’s also very ruthless due to her early conditioning. Cass is also not only strong physically but in terms of determination, she’s extremely adamant. You can see how she pushed herself to learn to read, write, to be a detective, and to become worthy of her mantle.

Babs (Ravenclaw)-The all-seeing Oracle, hacker extraordinaire. Babs belongs in Ravenclaw due to her ability to gain information, manipulate data, calculate endless possibilities, and create plans that can bring down a nation or even the Earth. Undoubtedly, she has the means and the intelligence that keeps the whole Superhero community in check and supported. She may have all the information but, she never  forgets to be open to possibilities and chances. The extent of her genius branches out to just about anywhere and anyone who is in need of her assistance and Babs has proven again and again that she’s indispensable. 

Steph (Hufflepuff)- Among all of Steph’s adoptive siblings and maybe even the whole family, she has the most positive outlook in life. You never see her brooding or grim. She’s always been a ray of sunshine whoever she is with and she always brings joy to her companions as well. Steph came from a humble background and it shows through her actions. She doesn’t ask for anything huge, nothing too flashy, nothing too over the top. She’s friendly, seeing as how she got through Cass and won over the batfamily’s trust later on. Steph is also very considerate, thinking of others before herself and though it gets her into trouble, she only means the best for the people she cares for the most.

YAY for the batladies! I was actually not sure where I should put them at first… But my instincts tell me this is fine? XD

Anyway~ Hope you guys like this! You can go derp around my HEADCANON TAG and please do ask me stuff!
I find your questions very interesting! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

littlepsychedelicdream submitted:  Izaya’s phone from the official design sheets form the first season, because you’re curious haha

I don’t think they’ve changed it that much, maybe rounded up the phone’s edges a little


YES THANK YOU! It’s the exact same one from the Durarara subete. I couldn’t find the official art for it, I was about to dig into my bookcase to find that dumb book and take a picture of it. But yeah it’s the exact same phone from 2010 ahahaha. Izaya is suppose to have a lot of cellphones but that should be one of his main ones. I wondered if they were going to change it to a smartphone or iphone at least but guess they decided not to. (I mean, walker and erika talk about the latest denki bunko issues and samurai flamenco is being advertized so why not update other things like cellphones too? Just was curious what they were gonna do about that).

Thank you for adding the pic since now I can clearly see the phone charm attached to it too. How cute! 

y do people feel the need to separate subjects as Math & Science vs English & Social Studies like…literally people are just like “math n science are Robot subject and english and social studies are feelings subjects” but that doesn’t even make sense. You could say English and Science should be grouped together because they involve focusing on theory a lot, or that Science and Social Studies should be grouped together because they require a lot of memorization, or that Math and Social Studies should be grouped together because they operate within systems of information. 

It’s just such a limiting way of looking at things why do we do this

Angel Series

Ok so I’ve decided to do more Angels but I need some input. When they are all done I want to make a calendar of them on RedBubble so I need at least 12. So I need ideas. So far I have

Tom Hiddleston *done
Lee Pace *done
Benedict Cumberbatch *done
Chris Evans *in progress
Matt Smith

Who else should be on the list? I want actors not their characters. I’ll do characters later :D
I will update this list as I complete them and as I get ideas so you know what to look forward to… just throw ideas at me luvs. :D

tagging so you can find it later :D

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