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Hi, I'm so sorry to be a bother, but on one of the blogs I run I had someone ask be how to blacklist a tag and I can't find any resources on how to do this. Would you be able to help me out?

Yes, of course! This link should help, specifically numbers two and three of these options: http://www.wikihow.com/Blacklist-on-Tumblr (These are for desktop, I will get to mobile later.)

Number two talks about how you can download Tumblr Savior as an extension and type the tags in the boxes provided (instructions are provided in the link). Also, it is available for the major web browsers, which are Firefox, Google, Opera, and Safari, so anybody who uses this extension should be covered.

Number three entails using the XKit extension. This is more popular than Tumblr Savior from observing interests in extensions for Tumblr. (This too has the instructions in the link I provided above, at the very top of this.)

Now for mobile, there is XKit mobile (http://www.xkitm.com/) and Washboard (https://washboard.ws/#_=_). I heard there was some problems with Washboard but you can try it and see. I hope this helps!

-Mod Angel

hey! sometimes when i’m stuck in an inspo drought, song lyrics have been v helpful so i thought why not make a challenge based solely around song lyrics?

so here’s how it’ll work

  • reblog the post to spread the word!
    • feel free to put in the tags some of your favourite artists/bands (my music taste isn’t great lmao)
  • send me an ask with a 🎶  or just say you want to participate!
  • i will answer privately with 3 songs for you to pick from.
    • then you make your creation based off one of the songs ! it can be any type of creation - edit, gifset, writing, headcanons, playlist (including the song you’ve chosen ofc!), fanart, anything! 
    • make sure it’s clear what song you have used + tag your creation with #hplyricschallenge in the first 5 tags so everyone can see your creation and you can see other people’s! 

a few more details below the cut and if you have any further questions feel free to shoot me an ask - any updates/further info will be tagged with hplyricschallenge

hope you consider joining! ♡

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Why Sexualizing Minors in K-Pop/General is Wrong

It’s currently 2am where I live, and instead of sleeping, I stumble upon a sudden anomaly in the fandom today. So let’s gather around the talking ukulele (as that is how I imagine you guys see me as, a giant talking ukulele) and let me explain to you guys on why adults sexualizing minors (in this case it’s the kpop community, but this is applicable anywhere) is wrong. You should probably already know why, but just in case, here’s my two cents.

1. It’s Illegal: this is the first red flag. If you choose to ignore this, I’m honestly already done with your bullshit :-) Let’s look at this in international terms, not “oh where i live the age of consent is 13″ terms. The age of consent where i live is 16, but guess what? It’s still fucking wrong for an adult to have sex with a minor, whoops, who would’ve known! Internationally, the age of adulthood is seen as 18. In most countries, you are allowed to drink, drive (not while drinking), and move onto a higher education at this age. 18 = adult. Not 17, not 16, not anything younger. 18 = adult. And if you’re one of those people counting down till they’re 18, that’s still predatory and gross.

2. Age Does Matter: If you’re, hypothetically, 21, you would have a different maturity level than say, a 17 year old right? A different level of experience? The answer would probably be yes. You’re an adult; you’re old enough to drink; you’re in college, I presume. Now the 17 year old? Where are they in their life? It’s a stark difference right? Like yeah, you might think there’s only a 4 year age difference, no big deal right? You’re wrong; it is a big deal. 4 is not a big number when both parties are both consenting parties of the same maturity level. If one party is still a child, it’s not the same maturity level

3. Your Excuses Aren’t Cute: “oh they dance sexily” “they flash their abs” “even more bullshit” Let me tell you this. K-Pop is a toxic industry that takes actual children and trains them to be commercialized, and unfortunately in this day and age, sex sells. K-pop idols do the stuff they do to survive. I doubt it when Woojin lifts up his shirt thinking “wow, i love being sexualized by Wannables!” Highly unlikely. 

4. It’s Honestly Just Wrong: I am 16 turning 17, so when I log onto Tumblr and find an adult sexualizing someone who is around my age, I’m disgusted. I have friends on this website who are minors, and I promise you they do not find adults sexualizing people their age cute. If you do happen to have such thoughts, please just keep them to yourself. Have human decency and common sense to keep such inappropriate thoughts on minors to yourself. 

I can probably write more coherent thoughts, but it’s now 3am. And at their request, I’m tagging @smols-n-tols, so they can also read my dissertation on something that should be common sense. Thank you and have a nice day :-)

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Hi Steph! I'm new to tumblr but was introduced to the TJLC fandom through the TJLC explained videos (which I still really love). I have some ideas and want to write metas, but have no idea how to do that. Do you have some tips? Aside from sharing my weird ideas about BBC Sherlock, I mostly want to write metas to hopefully meet some new people and talk about TJLC with them. So I guess that would be a second question, on how to make friends on tumblr. Anyways, I love your whole Nonny Q&A thing

Hi Lovely!!

I’m so happy you’ve come into our corner of the hell hole, LOL. For meeting new people and interacting with the fandom, I’ve actually written about that before, so you can check out these posts here and here. Plus, English doesn’t have to be your first language ;)

As for meta writing, some people have a method, like brainstorming it all out on paper in really complicated steps, but for me personally: I just jot down whatever comes to my head (sort of a “thesis” line") and springboard from there. I literally have no direction whenever I write original meta, and it’s mostly lines of shitposts to refine into a cohesive narrative written in a style that will appeal to my audience. That’s honestly it.

My advice: don’t write a meta just because there’s a place for it; write about it because you are PASSIONATE about your view on the topic you are writing, especially if there is some sort of personal experience involved. For instance, I write passionately about Mary’s character because it helped me understand the motives of a person in my real life and helped me come to terms with the fact that I can’t change said person, so cutting them out of my life was the healthy option. I write passionately about Sherlock’s character because I too feel like a lonely outcast who loves too much and tries to hide it. I write passionately about the narrative arc because I hate things not making sense, and in order for me to make sense of it, I thrive on connecting the dots and helping others do the same. Your readers will KNOW how much love and thought you put into your meta if you’re writing it not for the views but FOR YOURSELF. The notes and additions to it are always a lovely bonus to it. One of my fave metas turned into a community discussion about people’s life experiences, and it REALLY was so amazing to me to see people just as passionate about a character and his life as I was.

Also: don’t be discouraged to write just because you think someone has already written about it! No one has written how YOU view the scene or story or character, and adding your two cents always helps to engage the fandom in your meta! As well, especially if you’re starting out, cite other meta or posts that may have inspired you to that conclusion, and DON’T BE AFRAID TO TAG “MORE POPULAR” PEOPLE" who share a similar viewpoint; they’re all just like you (many of them just not even aware they have any pull in the fandom) and are always up for interesting discussion about anything.

What else? OH If you’re going to write your meta directly into Tumblr rather than in a word or textedit doc, THE “SAVE DRAFT” BUTTON IS YOUR FRIEND. Dear lord, after every paragraph or if you leave your browser window for a few minutes to make accompanying gifs or to find links to add to your post, SAVE DRAFT. I cannot tell you how many meta I have lost and said “fuck it” to because I just wrote it all for hours and didn’t save and my browser crashed or I have accidentally closed the tab instead of going back to the tab (which is mostly MY problem, because I literally have 50 tabs open on any given window, so it gets… small)… this happens more when I do asks (which a large portion of my meta are nowadays) because it’s easy to forget to save it as you’re writing.

Pictures as supporting proof is always a great way to break up walls of text as well. Even if the pics are just used as section headers, it just really gives the eyes a break. Sometimes our eyes get tired, and showing with canonical proof often leaves a greater impact. Have a nice ratio of images to text, your readers will thank you for it :) Image width for tumblr is currently 540px for the dashboard. Though all blogs have their own ratios; find out what yours is, and tumblr *should* auto-resize that pic to fit the dash ratio, so long as it’s over 150px, I believe.

Finally, as you write more and more, I recommend keeping an RTF document of EVERYTHING you’ve ever written, especially if you’re gonna post to tumblr. I myself do have an efficient tagging system, but after awhile it gets messy and harder and harder to find some of my posts since tumblr doesn’t have a way to look at the tags at-a-glance, so I have been cataloguing my posts and replies on a document so I can find them later so I can reference them. Referencing your own posts keep you from not only constantly repeating yourself, but also saves your regulars from reading the same thing over and over again – a link will give people the option to read your extended thoughts on a topic if they so choose. Eventually, your blog will become a Wikipedia of meta – as in THERE’S NO WAY OUT LOL…. Seriously though, people appreciate if you tell them what your posts are referencing or if you just keep a succinct liner about your thoughts with a link to additional thoughts.

Other than that… JUST HAVE FUN. Seriously, just enjoy it! And if-when you do write your meta, feel free to DM it to me! (I get tagged on a lot of things so I tend to miss them, LOL)

Happy writing, Lovely!! <3

Angelina’s Author Admiration Alcove

If you have ever talked to me here, you may have heard me say “We are here to build each other, not tear each other down.”

This is part of my ongoing mission to build each other up and spread more love. If you have an author you would like me to check out, see my side-side-side blog, @angreadsficsandauthors and send me an ask!


My dearest Lee, what can I say? This gem is just that. Lee writes with the power to rip your heart to shreds and patch it up again. A few of my favorites?

Unspoken - A tale of two J’s. One has been her friend since childhood, the other she meets by chance and the hits keep coming, the emotions keep rolling. 

The Beginning at the End - I do love a strong OC and this has one. Strong, sassy and capable. 

Fort Winchester - Oh man, talk about pulling at your heart strings. This was such a phenomenal read and I only wish there was more!


Let me tell you about this little peach. I first fell in love with Ana and her Tic Tac Toe series. The fluff, angst and suspense she writes into each story is what keeps me coming back. If you are not following her, go do it. She is a gem and you can thank me later!

Tic Tac Toe - Reader is new and town and finds comfort in a game of Tic Tac Toe with a stranger on a bus bench. 

Constellation - An all around cavity inducing fluff fest. I couldn’t get enough of this and I was so sad when it was over! 

Stroke of Luck - This series is top notch. There are so many feels here, there should be a link from the Merriam Webster definition of ‘roller coaster’ direct to this series!

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Me: Mm, this art is yummy! Where do I put it for later? It tastes like strawberries, so I'll put it in my misc Strawberry drawer. - Hnery: Plz don't, that hurts my feelings. - Me: But... it's just my private drawers to organize it so I can find it later. - Hnery: You're hurting me so much! - Me: Sorry! Ok, got a new drawer label I should use then? - Hnery: Not strawberry! - Me: Then which--? - Hnery: I'M SO UPSET! - Me: ...*puts art back and leaves without it.* - (Plz, give us tags to use?)

i don’t know what i’m allowed to say anymore

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I've recently stumbled across the word "otherkin" and it seems to describe certain feelings I have, but the tumblr tags seem to be full of unuseful information and, well, silliness. I'm sort of looking for people to talk to while I try to sort myself out, without making too much light of it. Do you have any advice on sifting through everything?

Besides going ‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA’ and never doing anything about it?

First things first. You’re new, so we’re going to divide this into two parts. Part one, crash course on otherkinity, alterhumanity, and the little branches of it you should know about. Those words and terms will help you figure out what’s what. Part two is great, you know all these terms, how do you sort through the mess that is kinfeels. 

Under a readmore because long, since I ramble sometimes. I’m glad you asked, and if you have any further questions, hit me up again and I’ll do what I can.

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Do you have a divorced!klaine tag? I feel like I can never find any divorced fics or at least angsty marriage fics

I’m Not There by Hadelli

When Kurt and Blaine’s marriage ends, it should be the end of everything.

Instead, this is the story of how Kurt and Blaine finally start finding their happy ending.

Because sometimes it takes more than love and luck for your life to work out the way you’d planned

The Problem With Perfection by satisfied_with_tranquillity

Kurt and Blaine go their separate ways after the failure of their marriage. When Kurt receives a call years later that Blaine has been in an accident, he’s unsure how to react. Especially since Blaine doesn’t remember they’re divorced.

Hurricane by A Phrase That Cuts These Lips

Two years after Kurt and Blaine’s divorce, Kurt finally wins custody of their daughter. A week later, Blaine attempts suicide. He has nowhere else to go, so Kurt volunteers to take him in, believing that he can help Blaine.

Divorce is Such an Ugly Word by Verseau_87

This is a Klaine story, after 18 years of marriage, stress, arguments and non communication force them apart, Blaine files for divorce and Kurt falls apart. His best friend Mercedes and his ex Blaine help to try and put his pieces back together

A/N: This story is very dark/angsty - Warnings for suicidal thoughts and cutting


(( I DID A REPLY TO THE THING @madmadameem​ BECAUSE i have no self control i cry….


While Amita felt an all too familiar pang in her chest, she dropped to a knee beside Nadia, one hand enveloped in green light.

“Amita what–” the mage cut herself off when the druid pressed her hand against Nadia’s stomach. First, Amita did what she could to soothe the other woman’s stomach. There were several things that could have led to this, and Amita was determined to go through each of them.

“Didja’ have anytin’ last night dat could be givin’ ju food poisonin’?” Amita asked, brows furrowed in concentration. Nadia appeared lost in the thought, and after a moment, shook her head.

“No, I don’t think so… nothing left me feeling unsettled, or ill before I went to bed.”

“And ju had nothin’ ta drink, at all?”




Amita peered closely at Nadia, eyes narrowing further, “absolutely certain ju had absolutely nothin’?”

Nadia inhaled deeply, her lips pressed into a thin line - at least Amita’s healing magic was keeping the woman’s stomach calm.

“Yes, I am absolutely certain I had absolutely nothing.”

“Okie dokie,” Amita murmured, sliding her hand slowly over Nadia’s stomach. She could feel a bead of sweat gathering on her forehead, “it’s not dat I don’ believe ju.”

“I know, Amita,” Nadia muttered, lightly touching the back of Amita’s hand, “you just want to be sure that I’m sure.”

The druid nodded her head sharply, her free hand clenching into a fist. A good thing she wasn’t the least bit shy, even if it was painful to ask.

“And ju an’ Vol’jin? Have de bot’ of ya’s had sex recently?”

If not for the fact that Amita were being dead serious, she would have burst into howls of laughter at Nadia’s darkened cheeks, and wide eyes - because of course this was something she teased Nadia about relentlessly on any other given day.

“A-Amita, th-that–”

“Yes or no?”


“Nadia,” Amita gave the mage the sternest look she could manage, and she noted how Nadia’s ears twitched down upon finally making eye contact, “I need to know.”

“… yes,” Nadia finally managed, visibly swallowing.

“And ju used protection every time?”

“Y-yes, if not my own wards, then a priest–”

“Ju positive it was every time?” Amita pressed, finally pulling her hand away from Nadia’s stomach. The mage was silent, her cheeks dark with blush, brows furrowed, and fingers tapping nervously against one thigh.

“Is it really that important…”

“Yes,” Amita nearly hissed, “‘cuz if it isn’t a hangovah, and it isn’t food poisonin’, and it’s not a stomach bug cuz my magic woulda’ picked up on dat, den dere’s only one ting it could be, Nadia.”

Nadia’s tapping against her thigh increased in intensity, and Amita gently took that hand in hers.

“But,” she started, hoping to at least wipe that panicked expression off Nadia’s features, “I’m not a priest. Dat, an’ we’ve already established mah ability in restoration jus’… isn’t up ta snuff wit othah druids. I’mma take ju ta a priest.”

“Can… can I at least get a little cleaned up first?” Nadia muttered, gripping Amita’s hand a little more tightly.

“Ya mon,” the druid pulled her hand away and got to her feet, “take all de time ju need. I’ll jus’ be hangin’ out.”

She shuffled out of the bathroom, closing the door gently behind her. Part of her hoped it was just some food poisoning, because more often than not the stomach wouldn’t acknowledge the disliked food until several hours later. But she had to be sure, if not for her sake, then for Nadia’s. If only her ability in restoration was better than this… then Amita could be of considerable more help.

One second I remember an old thing I was really into so I go “oh wow, I should do some art of it” and I do, and while I am checking the reblogs I find a blog with a generic tag so I go into their tag, in between the text posts and old inside jokes I no longer get I find an amazing piece of art, so I reblog it, and then jump into the artist blog, I check their tag of the same thing, then I see another amazing art, and I reblog it, and jump into that blog, and hours later as I realize I should have been asleep a long time ago, while my eyes struggle to remain open and I can no longer remember how many blogs deep I am I rationalize I should probably stop.

Then I see a great piece of art… guess what happens next.

And that is why you all some times have to sit through a spam of some pretty old fandom.

kaxros  asked:

hi!! im a high school student and really want to major in history when i get to college.. and i know there are other jobs besides teaching you can get with one.. but i have no clue as to what theyd be :( i was wondering if you could tell me so i can kinda start to form an idea of what i want to do w my life? anyways thank u :+)

sorry I’ve taken forever to reply :P

Ok so jobs pertaining to history other than teaching are a bit hard to list because you can practically do ANYTHING. Number one that I know of is museum curator (because that’s what I want to do), and curatorial work can be broad and/or specific (ex. you can be a curator of digital media for a museum) but within a museum you can do practically anything such as archival work, conservation work, collections manager, you can also work with the education department (not teaching type edu but more public history type things like getting people actively involved such as this). Also more info on public history can be found here. And if you really want the “hands on” and getting to “experience” the history first hand consider archaeology, I have minimal experience with it but what I got to do was so much fun but it can get pretty tough depending on the climate where the dig is (rain is a b*tch). Archaeology also opens the doors to travel if you like that, I had a teacher in high school who quit so she could go travel and ended up spending a year on a dig in some catacombs in Spain. 

And museums aren’t event the beginning, National Parks LOVE historians and getting a job there is usually an easy and great way to get your foot in the door for being employed by the government if you’re looking to go deeper into that (archaeology can also be applied here too). Some places even have people hired on specifically for research but you can work with tours and developing education programs about the park also sometimes working with archaeologists in the area if you don’t really want to do the actual work they do. Within the government there are also a ton of jobs, almost every major department has historians employed (right now the U.S. Department of Justice has an opening for a historian, focus Latin America, and the description looks awesome). The White House, Supreme Court, House of Reps, and more all have what’s have ‘Office of the Curator’ and usually some sort of committee for preservation (a lot of these also have internships available for students to get experience, once I gather links I’ll post them). Positions in the Smithsonian are also government positions. Documentary work is also another biggie that is sort of on the rise as digital media is becoming more and more important. 

Libraries are also a big place, and not the librarian who shushes everyone. A lot of large libraries or even universities will have some form of a “special collections and archives” thing which employs archivists, conservationists, and special collections managers. I can go into a lot of detail on this type of work because I did this for almost 4 months over the summer but in short it usually deals with a lot of inside/outside research of documents and other manuscript material as well as the managing of these materials (message if you want more I guess). Some libraries (ex. Library of Congress) hire librarians/historians for specific sections/topics. 

There’s a lot too it, this doesn’t even put a dent in it, and honestly I’m not doing the field justice at all with what I’ve just written since it’s mostly what I can think of off hand, but check out some places like these, (x) (x), to see some current job listings to get an idea of the duties of certain positions and it can give you a better idea of what you might want to do with history. And if you find a job you like, follow up a while later and see who got the position or look for similar positions and see who got them, they usually have a bio and it can tell you some info from their resume to give you some perspective on what you should do to get get a position like that. I hope this helps :/

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Hi! I was wondering if you do gif requests or could point me in the right direction? I'm looking for a gif of when Jughead says he's "not beach bod ready" but haven't been able to find it. Would you be able to help me out please?

Hey! Yeah sure, I can make that for you. I’ll probably make it later tonight. If you check the #request tag later today or tomorrow, it should be there. :) 

au where minho runs an advice blog and thomas accidentally stumbles upon it and starts reading, and at first he doesn’t think much of it, but the more he scrolls through it, the more he finds out what whoever is running this blog is actually a nice person who takes time to reply to each and every message with kind words and useful advice, and he finds himself drawn to him without even knowing anything about him 

and thomas decides to try it out, to see if the guy – minho, it says on his description page – really replies to everything, and he starts with a simple and anonymous “i suck at biology and i have a big test tomorrow, any help?”

an hour later there’s a reply on minho’s blog, telling him to make summaries and highlight stuff and find words to make him remember

it becomes a thing

each message he sends is anonymous, but the things he’s asking go from “how do i make soup” to “can i wear a yellow shirt with red pants” to “i think my best friend has a crush on someone should i help her out” and after a while he starts adding “-T” to the messages, which gains him his own tag in minho’s blog not much later (“#T asks”) 

and it gets more serious – thomas tells minho how some guys found out he’s bisexual and they keep calling him a faker and a closeted gay guy; he talks about the death of his cousin and how it affected him; he mentions the panic attacks he’s trying to hide from his mother and how he’s picked up running again in the hope it’ll help him to calm down

but minho’s replies don’t stay purely ~professional~ anymore either. minho will respond with his own experiences – tells thomas he’s had similar reactions when he came out as pan to his family; that he used to scratch himself to stay in control and now he’s turned to drawing on his body and he hopes to one day cover the scars up with real tattoos. he asks thomas to come off anon a few times, but thomas never has the guts. it’s safe like this. minho knows everything about him except his name, his face, his identity. thomas has talked to minho about the darkest period of his life but the dude doesn’t even know his age

which is a little weird, he’ll admit that. especially because everyone else can read their conversation as well, but that only hits thomas when he’s reading minho’s blog again and there’s this one message: “do you know who T is? would you want to know if you had the chance?” and minho’s answer is immediately

thomas stays away from a few days. or at least, he tries to, because after hardly two days he’s back, scrolling and scrolling and reading more messages about him (“i haven’t seen him on your blog in a while. do you think he’s okay?” “do you know how to contact him?” “do you consider him your friend?” and minho’s replies are i hope so and sadly enough not and yes and thomas feels warm and cold at the same time)

he shoots a quick as to let minho know he’s okay, and then they’re back to talking, message after message, and he’s not even asking for advice anymore. it’s just talking. like texting, only this is visible for everyone and then

he messes up

he forgets to send his message anonymously, and for almost an hour, minho doesn’t reply to him, and thomas gets scared. was that the last message? has minho given up now he knows who thomas is? is he scrolling through his blog? thomas fights the urge to delete everything and never talk to anyone ever again, tells himself to stay calm

and then it’s there

“are you messing with me or are you really the person i’ve been talking to for the past two months or so?”

it’s not a bad message, by any means. and thomas replies truthfully

“it’s me”

“you have no idea how happy i am to finally know who you are" 

thomas gets a follow not much later, from –

minho’s personal blog

and three days later, he has to admit that it’s much nicer talking like that, privately, without having to think about all the other people being able to see whatever he said

and it’s so so easy, and he likes talking to minho so much, more than he probably should but he doesn’t care. he’s never felt so comfortable around anyone else

it takes them about two weeks to exchange phone numbers, and thomas more often than not falls asleep clutching his phone, waiting for minho’s reply and he’s falling so fucking hard for this guy it’s not even funny, and one day he wakes up to a text message that reads "i never expected to have a crush on someone who sent me a message about the expiration date of milk once” and thomas can feel his heart beating out of his chest

one week later minho makes a post on his advice blog

“to everyone who is wondering where T went and if he’s okay – he’s my boyfriend now. we’re good”


Batladies- The Four Hogwarts Houses

For jandavolta who asked about the batladies!

Here’s the Batboys’ houses!

The 3 traits are something that’s with the batladies at the same time, it’s what their houses are most known for~

Kate (Gryffindor)- Kate without a doubt is a very strong person. She’s very driven, determined, and she fights for everything she believes in. She’s not only strong in terms of physical aspects but mentally and emotionally as well. We saw her grow, live through deaths of people she loved, and she definitely kept fighting. She didn’t stop when they told her she’s not fit for duty but in turn, she fought her own fights no matter how impossible or difficult it seemed. She shed her irresponsible party girl self for a more righteous person. She’s daring, brave, and a very passionate lover, too. 

Cass (Slytherin)- Cass was born out of a family of really great assassins. Her mother being one of the deadliest fighters while her father is a perfectionist in the art of assassination and combat. Cass is known to be a very family oriented person, seeing as how she loves her newfound (Bat)family whom she will fight for no matter what. She’s close to all her adoptive siblings and she shows unwavering love and loyalty to Bruce. She’s also very ruthless due to her early conditioning. Cass is also not only strong physically but in terms of determination, she’s extremely adamant. You can see how she pushed herself to learn to read, write, to be a detective, and to become worthy of her mantle.

Babs (Ravenclaw)-The all-seeing Oracle, hacker extraordinaire. Babs belongs in Ravenclaw due to her ability to gain information, manipulate data, calculate endless possibilities, and create plans that can bring down a nation or even the Earth. Undoubtedly, she has the means and the intelligence that keeps the whole Superhero community in check and supported. She may have all the information but, she never  forgets to be open to possibilities and chances. The extent of her genius branches out to just about anywhere and anyone who is in need of her assistance and Babs has proven again and again that she’s indispensable. 

Steph (Hufflepuff)- Among all of Steph’s adoptive siblings and maybe even the whole family, she has the most positive outlook in life. You never see her brooding or grim. She’s always been a ray of sunshine whoever she is with and she always brings joy to her companions as well. Steph came from a humble background and it shows through her actions. She doesn’t ask for anything huge, nothing too flashy, nothing too over the top. She’s friendly, seeing as how she got through Cass and won over the batfamily’s trust later on. Steph is also very considerate, thinking of others before herself and though it gets her into trouble, she only means the best for the people she cares for the most.

YAY for the batladies! I was actually not sure where I should put them at first… But my instincts tell me this is fine? XD

Anyway~ Hope you guys like this! You can go derp around my HEADCANON TAG and please do ask me stuff!
I find your questions very interesting! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

littlepsychedelicdream submitted:  Izaya’s phone from the official design sheets form the first season, because you’re curious haha

I don’t think they’ve changed it that much, maybe rounded up the phone’s edges a little


YES THANK YOU! It’s the exact same one from the Durarara subete. I couldn’t find the official art for it, I was about to dig into my bookcase to find that dumb book and take a picture of it. But yeah it’s the exact same phone from 2010 ahahaha. Izaya is suppose to have a lot of cellphones but that should be one of his main ones. I wondered if they were going to change it to a smartphone or iphone at least but guess they decided not to. (I mean, walker and erika talk about the latest denki bunko issues and samurai flamenco is being advertized so why not update other things like cellphones too? Just was curious what they were gonna do about that).

Thank you for adding the pic since now I can clearly see the phone charm attached to it too. How cute! 

Little Update

Hey everyone just letting you know there is a possible theme change! And I am also going to try to be more thorough in my tagging so you can find cakes easier! many of the cakes I reblog are legit recipes and I know some people save them so they can make them later! 

I figured by being thorough with the tags and using Foodgawker’s tags when I reblog from there, you should be able to find a cake you are looking for! A lot of my posts do not come from Foodgawker so sometimes the tags are not as much as other posts. 

Thank you all for over 6k followers I really appreciate it! I hope this little blog is able to bring some happiness like it has for me! Mmm cake. <3 

Angel Series

Ok so I’ve decided to do more Angels but I need some input. When they are all done I want to make a calendar of them on RedBubble so I need at least 12. So I need ideas. So far I have

Tom Hiddleston *done
Lee Pace *done
Benedict Cumberbatch *done
Chris Evans *in progress
Matt Smith

Who else should be on the list? I want actors not their characters. I’ll do characters later :D
I will update this list as I complete them and as I get ideas so you know what to look forward to… just throw ideas at me luvs. :D

tagging so you can find it later :D

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