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I started thinking about how it must be for Gil, sitting in engineering, knowing Ryder is out there fighting and constantly in danger. No wonder Gil has been known to work on the ship for days at a time without sleeping. He can’t do anything for his boyfriend while he’s out in the field so Gil’s gonna make damn sure the ship and all their equipment will never let him down. 

Your world is as empty as I am…


I started drawing this before it got upgraded from an AU TO A HEADCANON ORIGIN STORY HEYYO

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Is there any LGBT content in Monsters of Verity? Or any PoC?

There is a nonbinary character in book 2 who’s pretty major and also an mlm side couple. It’s pretty white (I think there are alike one or two poc but they’re not major at all so I don’t rec it for rep of that). Also the books were basically described by the author as “Romeo and Juliet with monsters and no romance.” The two mc’s (Kate and August) have a really strong friendship with each other that’s developed over the course of the duology and a huge part of both there character arcs. It never turns romantic. There IS a scene in the second book where they kiss and some people seem confused about whether that makes them romantic or not but I firmly don’t think so. I thought the characters made it clear that it was a moment where they were both sort of overwhelmed by what was going on and doing something to relieve it. Afterwards they refer to each other as friends and never make it about some type of romantic angst or feel any desire for things to go there. It is by definition not a romantic relationship and I honestly think that scene was really good at showing that more than disproving it. So yeah, some LGBT+ rep in book 2 (there’s nothing in book 1) plus some really cool takedown of heteronormative/amanormative stereotypes in my opinion (let me make it clear neither of the mc’s are canonically aro/ace spec despite not being romantically involved or in romance throughout the books, although I def hc August as being on both spectrums and Kate as demiromantic bisexual in my head).


I originally made this coloring in late January and I wanted to see my improvement, and honestly I am proud of myself. This is the progress I made within four months. I redid this coloring because not only did I wanted to prove myself, but to show others that improvement can happen. Improvement occurs at a different pace for everyone, so please do not be frustrated when there seems to be a lack of progress within a short span of time.

pearl gets a sword to the gut and her reaction is a mere ‘whoopsie daisy!’ before rushing to reassure steven that it’s totally fine, no cause for alarm, please don’t be concerned – all the way up to when her physical form gives way

and only now am i able to make the connection that it’s because her life never held any weight in her eyes, and every time she died, just like this instance, the only thing on her mind was looking out for rose.