i should tag them all but nah

They all wanted to be Garnet, Garnet is proud of them all anyway UwU

I hope I do remember correctly and Valentine’s day isn’t only about romantic love

The idea for just that dumb little heart popped into my head (not for a drawing, just as a fun little…thing?) and then I decided to turn it into this drawing

Happy Valentine’s day (if you celebrate it)!


alex oxlade-chamberlain working the backwards hat aesthetic 


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For @general-and-knight

Are you just in a mood, or did I block all fun discourse from my dash? I mean, should I pop my biggest corn and prepare for some fun reading time?

Nah, I just block the blogs as soon as I see them now. I have people showing me the funny posts, and I like to venture into the anti Hux/Kylux tag for a good laugh but I haven’t seen anything new apart from that lovely one who called every single one of us Kyluxers and Reylos, no exception, real life Nazis and cancer to humanity. That one was a riot lol. 

Trip with freckles though. Light pale freckles all over his nose and cheeks.

Trip being self-conscientious about his freckles even if no one notice them because you need to be close to him to see them and no one gets that close to Trip.

Trip being self-conscientious about his freckles because Virus has none and it reminds him of his original hair color.

Trip trying to hide them with make up but Virus secretly loves them but isn’t going to admit it so he just mocks Trip about it until he stops.

Virus gently touching Trip’s freckles and tracing paths between them when they’re being intimate, but when Trip asks him what he’s doing Virus just pretends he had dirt on his face.

Trip having freckles at some other places of his body but thanks god no one excepted Virus is going to see them.

Virus lighty kissing Trip’s freckles when he’s asleep (at least that’s what he thinks).

Trip with freckles.  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

When faced with the three oldest members of the FAHC its all too easy to disregard Jack in favour of focusing on Ramsey and his pet killer. Easy, sure, but not terribly advisable.

Because, yes, Ramsey is calling the shots and yes, the Vagabond is enforcing them, but who do you think brought them here? Who do you think picked the time, place, and means by which this meeting is taking place and invited the masked mercenary to come along? Who, exactly, do you think advises Ramsey as to when your usefulness has run its course?

Yeah that? That’s all Jack.

Jack who’s as straight forwards and honest as any degenerate criminal could possibly be. Who perhaps, in theory, is categorically against unnecessary violence but, in practise, can identify necessity at the drop of a hat. Jack who, if pushed, would torture a saint to protect a handful of vicious miscreants.

Thats Jack, who you’ve decided to ignore. Jack who has limited patience. Who knows you aren’t paying attention. Who’s as good a shot at any.