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Magnus Bane + tossing things around

They all wanted to be Garnet, Garnet is proud of them all anyway UwU


Kevin Costner’s filmography (part 1)

At the time, there were nine of us working out of my house. And my neighbours kept calling the police on me to tell them I was dealing drugs or something. The police officers would come to the house and we’d invite them in to play test the games.

-Artix, AQWorld’s BattleCon 2013 Virtual Panel. Here.

This is quite possibly my favourite Artix Entertainment story ever.


Next up is an amazing leader, our lil (not so lil actually but he’s still lil in my eyes) genius, my lowkey spirit animal, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka I have to take several moments to discuss his hands bc hands are one of my faves and his hands are h i g h quality like he has the second biggest hands in bts if he’s not tied with Tae (which I think if they aren’t tied, his are only like a fraction smaller bc there’s not that much of a difference at all) and his fingers are so amazing especially when he’s rapping like honestly I need more hand appreciation especially his I want it

  • His channel is a mix of things
  • From vlogs to logs to advice to fashion to music just everything
  • He would kinda just do whatever he wanted on his channel and not worry so much about sticking to one path
  • If he wanted to just talk to the camera and tell the viewers about everything that was happening with him, that’s what he’d do
  • If he wanted to film his day, he wouldn’t hesitate
  • If he wanted to make one of the random lip sync videos you make at like 2 in the morning, yeah he’s not even gonna care he’ll upload it
  • He would live in LA
  • This is a highkey head canon for me tbh
  • Like he is from South Korea, his background’s still the exact same it is now
  • But at 18 he moves out to LA with Jin
  • Jin’s the one to suggest moving but Namjoon suggests LA
  • There wasn’t really a huge reason for it honestly
  • They both just got to the age of wanting to live on their own and see if they could do it without their parents’ help
  • They save up a bit of money and head out to Cali
  • There’s also not a huge reason for LA
  • Namjoon just likes the sound of it and they figure if they don’t like it, they can just move somewhere else
  • But oh hey they actually love it !!!
  • Jin can often be seen or at least heard in the background of his videos
  • Whether it’s just calmly reading a book or he’s on his laptop or he’s cooking or just plain out sleeping
  • It becomes an ongoing joke between the viewers
  • Instead of where’s waldo its where’s jin
  • Joon catches some of those comments and finds it hilarious so he makes Jin wear a red striped shirt one day
  • Jin’s honestly so ??? but he’s beyond used to it so he just shrugs it off
  • Joon’s videos would be so incredibly aesthetic you almost couldn’t handle it
  • Like every lil detail is so aesthetic
  • He has these huge panel windows in their apartment right and he films in front of them sometimes and you can just see this amazing view of LA
  • And when he films at night, you can see all of the lights
  • His hairs always that perfect balance of messy but styled
  • It’s like I just rolled out of bed but I also actually combed my hair for this video so you should be proud of me
  • Like I feel like he’s the type of person that could pull off vlogging about absolutely nothing and still have it be entertaining
  • Like he doesn’t even have to be going somewhere for it to be fun
  • It could be a 10 minute video just walking around but his commentary and just the way he sees the world makes it so entertaining and plus he’s just naturally funny
  • Like he turns a trip to the store into an adventure
  • The first five minutes are of him trying to get Jin to push him in the cart
  • Eventually Jin gives in btw
  • He would also lowkey teach some Korean randomly
  • Like whenever Jin and him spoke to each other, they still spoke in Korean (also there were a few random English sentences thrown in)
  • People would get curious about it and boom next video is him teaching the viewers a few random sentences
  • Okay but he’d be a fucking adorable youtuber
  • Like just actually precious
  • He’d love his subscribers so so much
  • It’s the reason he puts so much effort into everything he does, he wants the best quality videos for them
  • Not too long after he starts making videos, you make a few appearances  
  • You two meet in LA
  • You’re one of the first people he meets bc you both live in the same apartment complex and you two just click
  • Pretty soon after, you two start dating
  • He doesn’t introduce you right away and there’s not really a formal introduction
  • Like just randomly in the middle of a vlog he’s like I’m hanging out with my bby today
  • That’s pretty much it besides a “yes we’re together”
  • If you’re okay with it he’d want you in some videos
  • Some cute lil tags, definitely a few vlogs probably some other random videos
  • He’d ask for your opinions all the time though
  • “What do you think of the title?”
  • “Should I leave this clip in or nah”
  • “Okay okay okay but blindfolded rollerskating, yes or no??”
  • “Namjoon that sounds like a great way to break a bone”
  • “…so no??”
  • Youtuber!namjoon is just a lil aesthetic sweetheart who basically treats his viewers as friends like he just talks to them through their camera about whatever’s on his mind, he takes them on all of his lil adventures

viridieanfey  asked:

I love all your tags on any of the Davey photos you reblog. They're always so funny. "alt rock's designated theatre kid" is probably the most apt title ever created for him. Thank you random music journalist for that. I really love photos where he's doing weird shit with no explanation. <3333 Especially recent photos. Like I'm glad to know my "lol random" emo kid persona that I've kind of held onto since 2004 will continue to flourish as I leave my 20s (and later on 30s) behind. LOL.

THANK YOU. I’m glad someone does enjoy the tags because literally on like a daily basis I’m like “should I use tags for their intended purpose of categorizing and organizing information” but then settle on “nah, I’m gonna use them to yell at/about this dramatic fucking emo kid I am in love with.”

And listen the “lol random” emo phase IS NOT A PHASE AT ALL it is still alive in all of us (but like… actually. I’m in my 30s and the emo kid side still comes out like… WAY more often than it probably should. I love that “emo nights” are a regular thing at some clubs and that every band I loved from like 2001-2006 is doing anniversary tours for their big albums so I can relive it all, what a time to be alive honestly)

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hi I just follows not too long ago and I was wondering... How do I get to all of the days of fan fiction stories that you've been posting? Do u have a masterlist for them?

Nah I dont, but if you look at the tag “31 days of fanfiction” you should find all of them :)


alex oxlade-chamberlain working the backwards hat aesthetic 

One of my favourite things about Hamlet is how simple the ending is.
Like, everyone’s dead and those who aren’t are still sort of going ‘what the fuck just happened’, then all of a sudden Fortinbro rocks up and goes 'sup, I’m the new king’.
That’s it. And it’s great. There’s no shitty twist, nor any amazing resurrection. While I’m all for twists and resurrections if they make sense, I think that there are some modern writers - Moffat featuring heavily among them - who should take some time to look back at Shakespeare and take some notes.

Maybe it’s because I enjoy things like One Piece is why I’m not all that fussed about Pokemon XY trying to be more “serious” and “shounen” as opposed to its usual “kodomo” and lighthearted nature. There are some questionable things I can do without (gender roles in Tripokalons for example, and some weird faservice here and there) but if Pokemon wants to try for more serious writing well then.. Why not? It’s still gonna be dumb goofy stuff 80% of the time anyway with all the inconsequential filler.

I’m not even one of those people who wanted Pokemon to change drastically “be more like the Manga, be more like Origins, etc” because from the start I’ve loved what the anime is. And one of the things I loved about it was it’s gradual change. OS is significantly different from DP which was different from BW and that to XY. You can argue the effectiveness of the changes and your enjoyment of them but for me it’s all still Pokemon, and so whenever I see a anime that’s been going on for 20 years try new things I get excited, or at least interested. I don’t really put the changes into categories like “shounen” as if it’s a derogatory term (it’s a genre with good and bad like every genre), more so I wait to see how well it’s integrated into Pokemon and go from there. 

 So it’s not an understatement when I say that when I see stuff like Serena breaking her wrist or Ash getting knocked unconscious I do get unreasonably excited because it’s something new and different. No one is required to enjoy every new change to the series (hell I’m still on the fence with Ash-Greninja and actually hope it exists because marketing for Gen 7 instead of an anime only snowflake thing) but for me I want to see how Pokemon does with them before I judge them fully.

Basically what I mean is that not all change is good or bad (BW for example tried to change a lot of things but most of it feel flat for me ) , but it at least keeps things interesting.