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incorrect shadowhunters quotes (16/?): unknown.
#such chemistry #amazing romance #he dislikes her so much it’s beautiful #looking straight into her eyes when he tells her how annoying she is #i wish i could find love like this 😍

I’m watching Penn Jillette run around like a chicken with its head cut off in a kitchen he’s too tall to stand up in on Food Network right now and all I can think about is him talking about hemorrhoids and making my boys play with sock puppets.

“I have a system!”

S: Sigh, I feel you, Sister.  That room is very beautiful and is not the same room that Garnet went into.  So is that like… a warp door that takes you to different places depending on how you open it?  Like from Labyrinth.

L: I don’t remember a door like that in Labyrinth.

S: When Sarah is in the oubliette and Hoggle picks the door up off the ground and opens it but it leads into a broom closet so then he moves the doorknob to the other side and it opens into a hallway.

L: Um… I think I remember that. But I don’t have the whole movie memorized like some people.

S: True.  Poor you.



let the flames of your passion grow.

It’s awesome to be able to draw Mark with his black hair again


Every Westallen Scene from episode 3x01 through 3x05. (Total Runtime: 55:46)

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I’d like to think this is John around the age he left NASA and IR was formed; there are lots of big dreams in that little ginger head