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Who You Should Fight: Kingdom Hearts Edition
  • Sora: You could fight Sora, but why would you want to? He only wants to be your friend. Why are you trying to hurt him? Why are you so mean?
  • Riku: This child has seen enough shit. He doesn't need you to make his life worse. Besides he'll probably just kick your ass. He is a Keyblade Master after all.
  • Kairi: DO NOT FIGHT KAIRI. She will kill you. I know she has a pure heart but that will not stop her from jamming that flowery Keyblade down your throat. ESPECIALLY SINCE YOU TRIED TO FIGHT HER TWO BEST FRIENDS. AVOID KAIRI AT ALL COSTS.
  • Naminé: Why do you want to fight this precious cinnamon roll? I mean you'll probably win, but why do you want to hurt her? Why?
  • Donald: Fucking fight this asshole duck he'll probably forget to heal you anyways.
  • Goofy: I don't care. Fight Goofy. Just understand what you got in to.
  • Roxas: I wouldn't fight this kid. He's got an army of powerful beings behind him that can kick your ass for him. Besides he doesn't need your shit, he's got enough problems as it is.
  • Ansem/Xemnas/Xehanort/Master Xehanort: They're basically all the same person. Fight them. They are fucking assholes that ruin children's lives and need to be taken down a peg. Do it. It's not likely you'll win but just fucking do it.
  • Xigbar/Birag: This asshole needs a punch to the face. I mean you'll probably lose, but it'll be fucking great.
  • Xaldin/Dilan: This motherfucker uses FLOATING SPEARS OF DEATH. Avoid at ALL COSTS.
  • Vexen/Even: Do it. Fight this crusty nerd. I would. Just be careful of his ice attacks, and his giant fucking shield.
  • Lexaeus/Aeleus: No you'll die.
  • Zexion/Ienzo: This child lost his parents and now you want to fight him. Alright. You monster.
  • Saïx/Isa: I mean you won't win but I'd still try. He's kind of as ass to his friends and he needs to know you don't do that. Fight him.
  • Axel/Lea: Don't fight the trash can lid dad. He's just trying his best.
  • Luxord/???: Don't fight the Ticky Tock Card Shark. Play a game with him. It'll be much more fun, plus he'll critique your strategy when you lose and tell you how to get better. He's a p cool dude.
  • Marluxia: I don't man know he has a scythe I wouldn't go near him.
  • Larxene: Not if you don't want to get shanked by an electrified kunai.
  • Ansem the Wise/DiZ: He is a weak old man and not long for this earth. Punch him.
  • Terra: This sloppy child is stuck in an enteral purgatory because he was a such a sloppy child, and you want to fight him? K.
  • Ventus: Don't. He is too pure for this world. Don't. Besides he's sleeping. Don't wake him. Shhhhhhhh.
  • Vanitas: Fight the jealous evil Sora. He's a child but he could still use an ass kicking.
  • Aqua: Do not fight her what the hell are you doing she's a fucking Keyblade Master and the fucking Queen of your shit you shitwad she'll kick your fucking ass.
  • Eraqus: Why do you want to fight Luke Skywalker.
  • King Mickey: He's called King for a reason tbh.
Books I Read in 2016

I read a whopping 150 books this year (up from 86 last year) (if I don’t stop trying to outdo myself I will soon do nothing but read), which I blame entirely on the world being too terrifying to stay in for very long.

As in the last few years, some statistics for my own reference!

  • 124 were written by women (an additional 4 were anthologies edited or co-edited by women)
  • 35 were rereads
  • 52 were written for YA or younger (as always, an approximate figure, some things skirt edges), 86 are sci fi or fantasy of some kind (but I think I lost count in there somewhere), 26 are romances or romance-focused, 11 were nonfiction. Some crossover, as always, between many of those groups.

A vague top ten where I sometimes put a whole series into one bullet point because I do what I want and life’s too short to pick favorites. Also, discounting rereads.

  • “The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet” Becky Chambers (this list isn’t going to be numbered, but this is my favorite book I read this year, hands down)
  • “Rivers of London” (series) Ben Aaronovitch
  • “The Goblin Emperor” Katherine Addison
  • “The Duchess War” Courtney Milan
  • “Skating Shoes” Noel Streatfeild (I read the rest of the Shoes books as a kid but never this one, and I loved it so deeply!)
  • “The Wolf Wilder” Katherine Rundell
  • “Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe” Benjamin Alire Sáenz
  • “The King of Attolia” Megan Whalen Turner (I loved the whole series, obviously, but especially this one, wow)
  • “Code Name Verity” Elizabeth Wein
  • “Radiance” Catherynne M. Valente (I read two in the Fairyland series from her also, and I like that world better, but I couldn’t choose between them so this goes on instead. It is weird but beautiful, like much of her prose)

If anyone wants to talk about books, or ask me what I hated and what I reread and what was fine but disappointing, or if anyone has recs for the new year, please feel free to drop by my askbox! I always love talking about books.

unapologeticocdsufferer  asked:

I need fluffy ass practice sessions for this duet with lots of um *clears throat* relationship stuff happening while they work it out coz that's not improvised. Will this make an appearance in Winter Song?

Hehe - I’ll see what I can do. ;) Victor lifting Yuuri into the air literally added years to my life. That entire scene was so romantic!

I’m so excited to start working on Winter Song again! I’ve now plotted out the fic through the ending, and I’m really, really glad I stopped posting when I did.

Chapter 7 is going to require a little editing, which I’m going to try to complete tonight. I’ll post on my blog when the edited chapter is posted. After that, Chapter 8 should go up pretty quickly. It’s almost finished, and it’s a longer chapter.

Thanks for being so patient, everyone!

This Just In...

Qui-Gon Jinn is a locquaious mother kriffer. STOP TALKING. I HAVE THINGS TO WRITE

So the upcoming Tano and Kenobi Chapters will be as follows…

09 Give it the Old Temple Try (The THING happens here)

10 Jar’kai can wait (The Much Nicer THING happens here)

11 Never Go Full Skywalker (No! Ahsoka, No!)

Of course, this makes me wonder… What does Full Kenobi look like? 

spot the difference

nikolai says the right thing: alina grins

malaria says anything the wrong thing all the time: alina suffers

lauragmaldon  asked:

I know you posted about this a while ago, but I recently looked at the Grisha Trilogy wikipages (big mistake, I know), and you were right. It is a complete and utter mess. They've been turned into the battlegrounds for angry shippers. I tried to edit some things out, but they're EVERYWHERE. Come on guys, it's been almost THREE YEARS.

i know lmao and if you try to edit it into something. sensible or - factual?? it gets edited right back

it’s okay not to like things! it’s not okay to go and trash other people’s enjoyment of that thing and start actively closing off communal fandom spaces to them! like no one is stopping anyone from writing an essay on why they think mal is the antichrist or why they think x ship should have been canon but the wiki is 800% not the place for it. 

it’s legit why we have tumblr

Age-Edition {Sentence Starters}
  • "So did you hunt mammoths for extra credit?"
  • "Aren't children supposed to respect their elders?"
  • "Should I get you a cane for your next birthday?"
  • "Damn kids these days, I swear!"
  • "You were actually alive when ______ happened?"
  • "Back in my day, we didn't have it so easy!"
  • "Please stop trying to recapture your youth. That look died with the dinosaurs."
  • "This is what all you kids are doing, isn't it?"
  • "No. No you are not being 'hip'."
  • "I'm young at heart. Slightly older in other places."
  • "What was it like growing up back then?"
  • "You're only young once, but you can be immature forever."
  • "At my age, my back goes out more than I do."
  • "I wish I was as old as you. Then I could do that, too."
  • "Wasn't that a little before your time?"
  • "Aren't you too old to be doing that?"
  • "What was it like growing up back then?"
  • "History wasn't even invented yet when you were in school."
  • "Why can't you just grow up? You are so immature!"

You love him. I’m not saying in what way. Maybe you don’t know yourself. But anyone paying attention could see how much you care about him.


We should come back here for a proper holiday when this is over” 
“By over you mean when the sky stops trying to fall down and we’re miraculously still alive and not reduced to handsome icicles by those friendly locals?”
“that’s the plan”
“I suggest we enjoy the view properly now then”
*snorts* You’re always such an optimist, vhenan.” 

@AI please let me pose them properly for screenshots. 

Bonus disgruntled Dorian: 

Who should you fight: Hetalia Edition
  • (I'm shameless jumping on this bandwagon just you try and stop me)
  • America: no way in hell should you ever fight america. like, have you seen him? he probably bench-presses bears and and can break every bone in your body with a friendly punch. you will die, and then he'll feel really bad about it and probably cry. do not fight america.
  • England: this depends on his level of sobriety. is he drunk? then do it. do it now. please. do it for me. fight this fucker. he'll cry and it'll be really funny. but if he's sober, I wouldn't risk it. he was a pirate once. so maybe fight england.
  • France: you could fight france and you'd probably win, but like... why would you want to? tbh if you do he'll probably try to help you solve the problems in your life that got you to this point and you'll end up crying. not only will it be a serious mindfuck, you'll feel like an awful person. do not fight france.
  • China: this one is iffy. he's really old, but he also invented karate and kung fu and whatnot. it depends on how good of a day he's having. if it's a bad day, you could totally take him. if it's a good day, you'll be unconscious before you even get a punch in. so maybe fight china.
  • Russia: nooooooooooooo. no no no. no. do not fight russia. you will die a slow and painful death if you do. not only will you be physically destroyed, all the bad karma from fighting a literal teddy bear would crush you. for the love of all that is good and holy, do not fight russia.
  • Germany: also no. have you seen this guy? he's a fucking monster. look at his muscles. stare at them. those are the muscles of a nation that can crush your tiny skull like zit. do not fight germany.
  • Italy: nope. i can see why you think that you can. he's cute and cheery and a pasta noodle personified. but this pasta noodle was an empire once and if you even think about it, germany will be after your ass. do not fight italy.
  • Japan: you'll lose, but you should do it. he's a massive weeb and disturbingly chill. somebody's gotta rile him up and get him to do something. plus, he'll probably watch anime with you after. do it. fight japan.
  • Prussia: you'd win, but don't do it. he'll feel really bad and then you'll feel bad for making him upset and he'll try to be nice about losing and it'll just make you feel worse. it'll also crush his self-esteem cause he was the shit once and now he's not even a real nation. it'll just be bad for everyone and you'll hate yourself. do not fight prussia.
  • Canada: jesus. do not fight canada. i know he seems all nice and peaceful, but have you ever sat down and watched a professional hockey game? if you have, you know that canadians are not to be fucked with. plus, why would you want to? what has he done to you? what has he done to anyone? do not fight canada.
  • Romano: do it. fight romano. this kid already wants to fight himself and he'll be so happy if you fight him. you might not win, but it would be really fun and both of you would feel so much better afterwards. fight romano.
  • Spain: no. nooooooooooooo. no. not only can he kick your ass, but he's so damn nice. why would you want to fight him? he's so sweet and huggable. do not fight spain. hug spain. go shopping with spain. dance with spain. do not fight spain.
  • Denmark: hell no. hell no. hell to the no. he's like the viking king. you'll perish in some horrible and improbable way. plus, he's like an actual golden retriever. would you fight a golden retriever? no, you wouldn't. then do not fight denmark.
  • Norway: also no. i can see why you think to can, but he can do all sorts of weird magic shit. you might win the battle, but when you wake up with a thousand spiders eating your body and bleeding from your eyes, you will realize that you have not won the war. do not fight norway.
  • Iceland: you'd win within five seconds, but jesus christ, don't fight this kid. if you do, you'll have denmark and norway after you, and that's not a good place to be in. do not fight iceland.
  • Sweden: have you ever looked at aph sweden? if so, you know the answer to this. do not fight sweden. omg how dumb can you be? why would you ever think about fighting him? do not fight sweden.
  • Finland: out of everyone you should not fight in the nordics, finland takes the cake. I know he's cute and chubby and sweet, but he'll shoot you before you even think about thinking about fighting him. his people invented the moltov cocktail. you know how much shit those can do? a lot. the answer is a lot. saints in heaven, do not fight finland.
  • Hungary: uhhhhhhhhhh, no fucking way should you fight this chick. she'll kill you. multiple times. and then laugh about it. you'll look like an idiot ans feel like an idiot. do not fight hungary.
  • Austria: please fight austria. please. he's a massive wimp and needs to be fought. if you fight him, i will personally kiss you on the face. i will pay you good money to fight him. you should want to fight him. look at this prissy motherfucker. do it. fight austria.
  • Switzerland: is this even an option?????? Jfc do not fight switzerland. no way. he can and will kick your pathetic little ass, neutrality be damned. don't do it. i see you considering it and i'm telling you now, don't do it. do not fight switzerland.
  • Liechtenstein: why the fuck would you ever think about fighting this girl???? not only is she princess of the cinnamon rolls, she'll straight up kill you. you won't even know what happened to you. out of everyone in hetalia not to fight, she is the one you should avoid fighting the most. she'll kill you, switzy will kill you, you'll feel awful for considering fighting her, she'll get blood on her shoes, it's a bad situation all around. i'm gonna put this shit in caps just so you get it. DO NOT FIGHT LIECHTENSTEIN. YOU WILL LOSE. DON'T FUCKING DO IT
  • Lithuania: another person you should not fight ever. i can understand why you think you can. he's skinny, he was russia's maid for the longest time, he seems like he's too nice to ever hit you back, but hoe, do not fight him. europe was once his bottom bitch. all of europe. his. he knows every form of fighting and can beat your ass in all of them. do not fight lithuania.
  • Estonia: do it. fight him. he is so fucking annoying and you'll win. please fight him. he'll probably do your homework afterwards too so it's a two for one deal. fight estonia.
  • Latvia: nu uh. don't fight this kid. you'd win, there's no question about that, but everyone will hate you. lithuania will fight you, russia will fight you, i will fight you, everyone in the world will just get together and collectively decide to fight you. do not fight latvia.
  • Poland: depends. does he have a sword or a bow? if so, no fucking way. get out of there. hit the hills while you still have most of your limbs. if he doesn't? do it. you'll win and it'll be really funny and become an internet sensation. so maybe fight poland.
  • Belarus: um why are you asking this????????? she carries a knife 24/7 and has canon broken every bone in lithuania's fingers. it won't even be a fight, it'll just be your death. do not fight belarus.
  • Ukraine: nope. you can win (unless she suffocates you with her boobs) but she'll cry and then you'll have both russia and belarus after you, and those are two people you do not want to fight. do not fight ukraine.
  • Sealand: look, i see why you want to fight him. this kid is annoying as shit. if i could, i would fight him too. but he's just that. he's a kid. don't fight a kid. that's terrible. nobody would get upset about it (except finland but that's if he can get sealand to admit to getting his ass kicked) but that makes it even worse. don't do it. don't fight sealand.
Who you should and shouldn't fight: Greek Mythology edition
  • Zeus: Fight Zeus. He may strike you down with lighting but he's also a cranky old man who likes to bone, punch him in the dick. Do it. But you'll get electrocuted. You're choice.
  • Hera: Don't actually fight Hera. She will mess you up. If you wanna fight Hera, it's your funeral do whatever you want.
  • Poseidon: I mean you can but he's like a school yard bully. But a vengeful god who also likes to bone and is kinda a dick. Actually, fight Poseidon.
  • Hades: Don't fight Hades. He wouldn't care if you did but he would punch you if you pissed him off. Don't even bother fighting him because it's not worth it.
  • Ares: Iffy. You wanna fight Ares, go ahead and see how it turns out for you. But he'll appreciate a good fight tho. But then again, if you're smarter than him, you'll win.
  • Athena: No. Do you wanna die?????? She is the goddess of War and Wisdom, she's like Robin from Fire Emblem Awakening. Don't fight Athena.
  • Aphrodite: Do it. Fight Aphrodite. Like Hera, she needs to be taken down a peg. Punch her in the face because sometimes she's a jealous ho. Do it, fight Aphrodite.
  • Apollo: This one's iffy. If you insult his mother, RUN BITCH RUN BECAUSE HE WILL DESTROY YOU. But other than boasting about how you're better than him, he won't care really. I mean, he's the God of Archery, Music, and Medicine. He has better things to do.
  • Dionysus: You wanna fight a drunk? Go ahead. Do it. He's drunk, he'll probably miss. But insult him and he will send his insane cannibal cult on you. Your move.
  • Demeter: No. She's a nice lady who can be moody and a maniac don't mess with mama Demeter. Also if you insult Persephone, they'll both fight you and you don't want that. Also you can reason with her. Be nice to Demeter.
  • Hermes: Fight him. He's a lil shit do it, teach him a lesson for getting away with pranks and not suffering the consequences. Also he fights dirty so watch out.
  • Hephaestus: No what are you doing???? Leave my cinnamon roll out of this he literally does nothing wrong as far as I'm concerned and one of the only greek gods that's loyal to his wife. Don't fight him and he makes weapons for a living so.

robberofatms  asked:

You keep eating ALL THE FOOD, You keep trying to piss Len off by using his limited edition comic books as burning materials STOP THAT, You need to stop telling Len to go to sleep when he's planning heists even if he hasn't slept in days. (this is anon, idk what you're talking about)

“One, I make the food, I should be able to eat all I want! Two, it’s not my fault those pages are so easy to burn. Stop leaving them sitting around! And three, GET SOME DAMN SLEEP. You’re dead on your feet. 3 out of 3, by the way.”


Yooooo, who wants some low quality Aiichiro Nitori memes?

This is my Free! Secret Santa gift to @daydreaming-duckling but if I’m lucky and have time, you’ll get more stuff! I know this isn’t exactly what you asked for, but I needed to make sure I gave you something for the Secret Santa. I hope you like these!

I should stop making memes

I have sinned

I regret nothing

Someone help me

How Our Loved Ones Sleep

A continuation of this because all you goofballs liked it so much, and because I needed to write fluff about LI’s snoozing with the Inquisitor.

               Cassandra starts out as the big spoon when she and the Inquisitor first go to bed. But when she inevitably falls asleep first, she curls up against their side until they roll over and wrap around her instead. She nestles her head against the hollow of their collarbone, and snuggles deeper if the Inquisitor rests their chin on top of her head. Her hands instinctively seek warmth and often end up resting against the Inquisitor’s chest, or twined in to their fingers. She sighs in her sleep contentedly whenever the Inquisitor wraps an arm around her shoulders, and pulls her a little closer.

               Iron Bull is a muscled wall of strength and safety. His arm easily circles around the Inquisitor, but despite all his strength and the firmness of his grip, he holds them gently. Sometimes they simply press up against his side, and he lets the Inquisitor use his arm as a pillow. Other times the Inquisitor lays curled across his chest, and Bull will huff when they press cold fingers against his chest. But he loves to feel the patter of their pulse against his skin, and he lets out a sigh of contentment whenever they lay their head over his heart. Bull radiates so much heat that they rarely need blankets.

               Dorian lines his own body along the Inquisitor’s. He likes to rest his head in the crook between their neck and shoulder. He holds the Inquisitor’s hand in his own, fingers twined in theirs. He sometimes squeezes their hand too hard, afraid he will wake up and they’ll be gone. The Inquisitor never complains. Late at night, when he is restless, Dorian likes to rub his moustache along the Inquisitor’s neck. It makes them smile in their sleep and tilt their head back toward him so that Dorian can see their face clearer. That smile helps him fall asleep.

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