i should stop posting these on my personal blog

One of the hardest things is to watch someone slowly lose interest in you.

The iFunny user, under the username ImpossiblyCleverDreamer, is continuing to repost my art, comics, and photos without my permission. I have told them to stop twice. They have not. This is why I will stop posting art on my Tumblr, until this person deletes the account, or if they stop reposting my art Stealing artwork is a terrible thing, and you should not do it. 

No more art on this blog until that iFunny account stops. I will do this for every reposter I find. Don’t worry, I’m not going to stop making comics, I’m just going to take a break

Thanks, and bye for now.


hi it’s 7am (queuing for 10 though)

sometimes I do this thing where I sprinkle time with a dash of effort into my artwork and it ends up looking like this despite the fact that based on my previous drawings I don’t think any one of you would’ve thought this is my art if I didn’t post it here and have my signature on it, I’m really proud of this but at the same time I wish I could stop miraculously drawing this well out of scenic nowhere. I guess I was just really focused when I made this and I had the idea clear in my head so I was able to make something really nice.

also just in-case you don’t follow my mod blog you should know Night in the Woods is my new absolute favorite game of all time and I connect with the main protagonist Mae Borowski on a personal level, I love her so much

I also had this neat idea of drawing Mae but also doing a second version where she’s got her dream sequence colors so I did that

i really love Mae okay alright I’m going to bed goodnight

So I have terfs in my inbox demanding I be nice to them and a straight person who thinks they aren’t allowed on my blog because I don’t post any straight positivity, someone saying I’m being really mean to terfs and should stop, someone saying my followers are nasty for leaving “mean comments” on asks and for them to tone it down, and ddlg/kink anons demanding why I don’t like ddlg (as usual).

What other tomfoolery will appear in my inbox today?


I want to make a clarification post about my blog before, during, and after the Tony Awards.

I may post wonderful, good-natured posts that have no hate or bias in them. Then right after that, I might reblog a “OMG WHAT DO YOU MEAN X ______ X?!” discourse post. I’m not trying to, in any way, shame the winners of the Tonys tonight. I may agree with what the premise of the discourse is (I think some people who didn’t win should have), but do I, in NO WAY, want to spread hatred and anger against any winners or nominees. I’m not trying to disrespect anyone who was at the awards.

Everyone who was nominated was well-deserving, and everyone who won was also very much deserving of their Tony Award.

The Tonys are a night of theatre celebration, and now it seems (on Tumblr, in the theatre fandom at least,) that it is the complete opposite.

Everything is just kinda leaving a bad taste in my mouth, and some of it is my own fault. I get that. But I do hope that some folks realize that the hatred they are spewing is not okay.

Enough is enough

I’ve always tried to keep away from the ship wars but considering the recent message I received from a charming anon calling me an “Homphobic racist slut” before telling me to “Do us all a favor and go hang yourself”, I think it’s time to say my opinion.

I don’t ship M@lec! *Horrified gasp* I simply can’t see the chemistry between them but I respect the shippers. Most of them are probably good people but since there’s a small but loud part of them on social medias who act like shipping it is required to earn the right to breathe…

I prefer Jalec. I don’t have to justify this to anyone but especially not to entitled kids who believe they have the right to dictate what I should post on my own blog. This has absolutely nothing to do with homophobia or internalized racism (As I saw some people calling it). It’s time for people to stop waving those words around to defend their actions/bullying. It is bullying to insult people over their own personal preferences or to tell them to go kill themselves. 

There’s something else that people should know by now but considering the posts I’ve seen lately, I’m going to say it.

Those characters are fictional.

One more time for the people in the back


How would you feel like if one day, someone really kill themselves because of your messages? Do you realize you would have ended a life because of fiction? Does Magnus and Alec are seriously worth more than a real human being life?

Also, let’s talk about Clalec. There’s most hate in that tag than there’s content. How are the Clalec shippers ruining your life by shipping them quietly in their corner? It’s like if you were in kindergarden and you started crying because you pretend that the quiet kid who’s drawing alone without saying a word had hurt you? Don’t even try the “But representation!” card with me. I understand the importance of representation but Alec is not going to suddenly start dating Clary because a few people think he has better chemistry with her. Alec is gay. I know it, the Clalec shippers know it, the cast knows it, my dead grandmother knew it. Now, if some people want to ship him with Clary, IT’S OKAY! REPEAT AFTER ME, IT’S OKAY!

For over 11 years, I was getting beaten up every single day. I’ve been told to go hang myself, to go slit my wrists, to throw myself off a bridge, to jump in front of a moving car. Now, I’m 22 and I’m more than I’ve ever been. If I never gave the satisfaction to have gotten me to kill myself to the guys who beat the shit out of me in school, I’m certainly never going to give it to some faceless, entitled kids on this website


Okay so this an unusual post because I don’t think I’ve posted an actual picture of myself over on this blog because its not my personal blog but I feel like this is Important.

Recently I have seen posts and videos on youtube and tumblr about bullying and loving the way you look.
Now I bet your sitting there thinking great another post about “anti bullying”, in the long run I feel like this will benefit me so if you dont want to read then keep scrolling my darling.

In secondary school (high school for all my american pals) I witnessed bullying first hand, i was made fun of constantly and it really made me feel like an outsider. Noone should ever have to feel like that ever! As school continued I became more quiet and I kept to myself, and that’s when i thought it had stopped However when I would post pictures on social media I would get bullied for it and back then to me that was just normal.

Well it’s not normal, we should all be able to post what we want on our accounts without the fear of being scrutinised.
This blog has helped me become more confident about posting on social media and you guys have helped aswell. And I want to say Thankyou, to everyone who has written nice comments on my imagines, and the messages I have received honestly make me a much happier person. I now feel more confident posting pictures and just posting in general.

It just goes to show how much one person’s comments can effect someone, I’m encouraging all of my followers to post a picture that makes you happy, one that your comfortable with. We shouldn’t all have to hide away because we’re scared of what people think.

But to sum this post up I just wanted to say thank you to my followers, your a loving bunch of individuals that have brought me out of my shell. If you ever need to talk im always here, just like you guys are there for me.

Much love, Shantay x

anonymous asked:

Just because you're obsessed with Chris Wood, you don't have the right to police why anyone else wouldn't like him. People have different tastes. Your taste is him. Surely you don't expect everyone to have the same taste as you, right? Let's stop insulting people you don't know simply based on them not sharing in your obsession. You look like an asshole. Thanks.

“Let’s stop insulting people you don’t know”

that’s some solid life advice right there, why don’t you preach it to the people who have literally made their blogs all about how much they hate chris, made up lies and distorted shit about him??

can you tell me when i’ve ever said these people should like him? i say they should shut their mouths about him because it’s all they talk about, spreading bullshit about him, calling him an abuse apologist and other disgusting comments, LAUGH when they bully people off of tumblr because they hijack EVERY positive post about him, if they aren’t blocked, even then they find a way, screencapping it or making a new account JUST to reply to it and mock the person and chris?

it’s laughable that you come to me to say this, to tell ME to stop insulting people i don’t know, I MEAN I’M SORRY IT’S JUST SO FUNNY

don’t like my content? stay off of my blog, simple as that. i’ll stop defending chris when these people decide to get a personality transplant and stop with their hate campaign against him

so to answer your question, no, i don’t expect people to have the same taste as me, nor do i expect them to like the same people as me, everyone is entitled to dislike whoever they want, they don’t even need a reason, the issue for me is they make up bullshit reasons and make out chris is something he isn’t and it’s insulting and disgusting, then they tag it chriswoodedit and chris wood defence squad so we see it, SO no, i’m not the asshole, they are, and you are for excusing them

This time for real

I know that I never sound serious when I’m writing posts like this but I’m being 100% serious right now.
((I know that this post might possibly be a little bit too personal, but this is my blog and I respect my followers but I like posting something more personal every once in a while because I’m lonely :) ..))
So okay:
I know I already said that so many times but: I’m going to recover.
My goal is to achieve the type of body that is my ideal BUT without purging. I know that many of you think that’s stupid but it’s something very difficult for me to do and something that’s just very heart breaking for me aswell.
I know that if I’m recovering I should stop concentrating so much about weightloss and start concentrating more about my health but I need to start with smaller steps. Bulimia is definitely a HUGE step but also the most important TO ME. That’s why I’m starting with that. Because it’s physically harming me and it’s scarring me and I’m scared and I do not want to die because of MIA. I’ve been reading many articles lately about death cases Mia caused some people, and I’m not talking about ones like suicide. I’m talking about the “side effects”(??). I’ve said it so many times now: bulimia is damaging my teeth, my skin, my organs, stomach, heart, throat, my brain. It’s making me feel sick, disgusted, hated, scared, depressed, suicidal. I don’t want to feel that way anymore. I used to be suicidal a few years ago and since I got bulimia 2/3 years ago I’ve been feeling worse than ever.

My goals now are:
• Not to purge ever again
• If that’s too hard;not give up but try harder
• Eat healthier
• workout again
• take more care of myself
• go outside more
• no sugar anymore (I once stopped eating chocolate for over a month and any form of sugar for 3 weeks)(I felt great, didn’t binge or purge)(started eating again because of my birthday cake back then)
• I just want to try not to binge because I always end up purging afterwards
•I should probably eat a little bit more food to stop myself from binging. Just enough I guess.
• If I don’t recover/won’t be able to stop purging before July2017, I’m going to tell someone about my mental illness. I don’t know who I’ll tell, but that doesn’t matter because I’ve never told anyone about that before (besides on Tumblr) and that will definitely change something somehow in my life. I could never tell my parents though. I’ll probably talk with a professional.
But let’s concentrate more on the first few goals on this list :) maybe I won’t need to talk to a professional :) maybe I’m not as week as I think.

i know i said no discourse on this blog anymore but i just saw the most heinous post saying that anyone who doesn’t like the word ‘queer’ should leave the lgbt+ community. so i would like to reiterate what i said a few months ago: not everyone lives in a city in the usa or uk. a lot of us live in areas where the reclaimation of the word is hard because it is still hurled at us as an insult. we do not seek to eliminate the word from the community, people should be able to identify themselves however they like, but it should be common sense that you should not call someone a word that they are not comfortable with.

i saw a post a while ago that summed up my feelings on the topic: reclaiming the word queer was empowering until it became an expectation rather than a choice…

Dear tumblr, why do you hate people with epilepsy?

no for real. just go to the epilepsy tag and scroll for a bit. I DARE YOU. what is supposed to be a tag meant for people with epilepsy to communicate and share information has been turned into attempted murder by flashy gifs. sure there are legitimate posts put there by us. but you can’t look at them without running the risk of running into every flashing gif known to man. 

Please tag your flashers, and fast paced repetitive gifs. but do not put them in the epilepsy tag more appropriate tags could be seizure warning or trigger warning. take your pick.

sounds simple right? but there are still people who fight us with this finding this task affects them to much to take a few seconds to tag a gif

first off this guy is over reacting, we do not ask that you tag EVERY GIF we only ask you tag, bright,repetitive,fast, flashing images, if for example if it is just a looped animation  it should be fine (unless it is as just described). second tagging a gif takes only 2 seconds, and seems alot easier than learning to disable software. 3rd alot of people  have already taken this precaution. BUT they cannot do this on the tumblr app. finally if you are able to tag it epilepsy and potentially kill us. you can stop doing that and instead tag it appropriately. 

and finally we have these people

just terrible, what is funny about this? “DUR that guy has epilepsy so I’m going to send him a flasher so he will fall on the floor and twitch, and foam at the mouth, and pee himself, and stuff DUR.” luckily the person did not have photosensitive epilepsy, or this could’ve been a tragedy.

by now you are probably asking yourself Why should I care? it is my blog I can post what I want why should I cater to these people? We are not trying to tell you what you can and can’t post, we are asking you to take 2 seconds out of your day to tag your gifs. 

Just think about this. You are not affected at all, but if a person with photosensitive epilepsy see’s your gif, they could have the seizure that turns into another seizure that they don’t wake up from. or they could fall and hit their heads against a table and bleed out. or they could have a seizure, not show up to work, get fired the next day. REAL LIFE SHIT just because you didn’t want to tag your gif. 

I’m sure I will get hate mail for this, but this is something that needed to be said. 

colossalcon line up~

so ill be heading out to colossalcon tomorrow to sell my books at the vendors market and i figured i should let yall know how to find me! i wont know where my table is until i get there but if you keep an eye on my blog, ill be sure to post instructions once im settled.

cosplays for this weekend are chrollo lucilfer from hxh and caesar zepelli from jjba! ill prolly be in chrollo more often so keep a look out for me. if youve got a book youd like signed, @ me on here and ill meet up with you at some point, or just hit up the hxh or jjba photoshoots and im sure youll find me there. 

Thought I should have a spot to interact with this website in a slightly more professional way than on my personal blog.

I’ll be talking about current projects, reblogging stuff about past projects, and probably end up with an #inspiration tag or something, too.

If you’ve over here via my personal/fandom blog, thanks for the continued, above and beyond support! If you’ve found this through some other route, thanks for stopping by~

What do you want to see more or less of here?

I’m trying to decide what I should do with this blog here. I’m concerned I’m boring people with all the personal garbage I sometimes post. Should I stop? I also post a lot of what my current phone or computer wallpapers are. Should I nix that type of post? 

I know I probably won’t be making any more rebels edits until S4 starts up. Though I’ll be creating Forces of Destiny stuff when it starts sometime this summer, I know that for sure (SO EXCITED). 

Anyway, I what some opinions on what any of you want to see more or less of from me. 

mentallyunstablekitten  asked:

hey just a heads up you should probably not tag your personal posts as "don't reblog" because there are assholes on tumblr who run blogs solely to reblog posts tagged "don't reblog" or "do not reblog". try inserting random slashes in between the letters so that way you can get your point across to people who read the tags but the post won't appear when the assholes search for posts.

Omg thank you! I’ve seen those asshole blogs rb my personal posts and I’ve been trying to figure out how to stop it

dragonheart23175  asked:

Hi! I just wanted to stop by and say that I think you're a really great person and a amazing artist! I think your style is so unique, and each and every drawing you make is a pleasure to look at. Your use of colors is great, and so is your lineart! I get so excited whenever I see you post something new. I only discovered your blog about a month ago, but it's quickly become one of my favorites! I'll wrap this up by saying that you are awesome and should never give up! I hope we become good pals:D

I’m so flattered by this! Thank you so much! Aahhh I wasn’t even sure how to properly respond to this ask ;w; it’s so nice and positive
I’m glad you enjoy my silly blog and art ^^ I hope you enjoy your stay at my blog for awhile!
Thx again ahhhhh

anonymous asked:

Hi I just wanted to know, I'm pretty new to the xfiles fandom and I keep seeing posts about how the fandom should stop treating Gillian like shit for having a boyfriend (???) that isn't David but I haven't actually seen a post like that (I guess I follow some pretty cool and normal blogs) but can you tell me exactly what is going on? I just feel so out of the loop here. Thanks and I loooove your blog! Have a good one :)

Now that you point this out, anon, I actually do follow some shitty blogs on my personal blog (this is just a side blog) that I should probably unfollow. I’ve just been seeing so much of it from a certain group of people, and it’s absolutely toxic. Apparently, members of the paparazzi have been following Peter Morgan and Gillian on their recent vacation. There’s even more to it, but I’m just too tired to articulate it, much less think about it. Just search through her tags on here and on twitter and you’re bound to find something. What I find the saddest about this whole thing is that members of the fandom who are much older than I am are acting so childishly concerning a grown woman’s decisions as if they’re entitled to having Gillian act in a way that always pleases them.

TL;DR I’m tired of this unnecessary drama.