i should stop making things idc


Imagine what would have happened if Draco introduced himself differently. Imagine Harry becoming acquaintances with Draco. Imagine them sitting together in a compartment because seeing as Harry was new to the Wizarding World, Draco decided to stick around as a guide. Imagine throwing Hermione into that mix and BAM new Golden Trio.

Imagine Harry not having stereotypes placed into his head. Imagine him allowing the hat to put him in Slytherin. Imagine Draco carefully guiding him through everything.

Imagine Harry slowly developing feelings for his best friend and house mate. Imagine him just gazing longingly when Draco’s back was turned and scowling because of the sheer stupidity of all the blood purity drama that surrounded said boy. Imagine Harry luring Draco out of that mindset.

Imagine Draco silently harbouring feelings for Harry. Imagine them just rough housing in their dorm room and they suddenly stop and their gazes lock and they lean in for a kiss. Imagine Draco defying his father because he finally found acceptance and happiness in Harry.

Now, I will stop imagining and just throw myself off of a cliff because tHINGS COULD HAVE GONE SO DIFFERENTLY.

swevenmalum  asked:

your graphics are cool as hell i really hope you don't stop making them cause they're amazing and idc if you don't get as many notes as you hope for!! same goes for your gifs and i know how wanting validation feels but you should learn to just make things without caring too much about the numbers...i know it's much harder to actually do than just say but i hope you can get there one day💗love your work

it’s not even about the numbers i just,, i just get so excited when i make graphics i’m excited to share them with people and read their tags and learn what emotions they feel and whether they noticed the little details or not. and i’m kind of greedy so i want them to be seen by as many people as possible. honestly the number of notes doesn’t really mean anything if it’s just likes and reblogs without tags. that’s when i know that i flopped lol. i don’t want to guilt trip people into reblogging my graphics tho because if they don’t like it enough to reblog then it’s ok, it just means that i should’ve made them better. it upsets me but it’s ok it motivates to try getting better

300 follower (crappy) art giveaway

So i finally hit 300 followers (woo)

In honor of this seemingly grand achievement I am willing to get off my lazy butt and draw/make someone a thing (been playing around with that cool thisissand site I stumbled across and it’s super cool)

So anyway, reblog this however many times you desire (but Im pretty sure the notes that it will show me only counts once (but do whatever you want I dont care) and I’ll randomly choose a winner or two and I will draw them a thing

please be following me (i’ll check)
reblog/like however many times you want i wont stop you

that’s it i guess

i’ll draw/make you basically whatever you want as long as it isnt too complicated (still a bit of an newbie here)

that’s all i can think of to put here so fire away

if you have any questions feel free to ask! i’m not that scary

Edit: Ends on the 9th btw!