i should stop making stuff for the losers

I can’t stop thinking about how felix told kimball the reds and blues are dead, because i bet that he told some long dramatic tale that made him seem like the hero. filled with stuff like ‘i just wasn’t good enough’ and 'i barely managed to escape with my life’, something to try and make kimball feel sorry for him too

i can also imagine him trying to hold back laughter at the lieutenants reactions and then later telling locus about it and saying stuff like 'god you should have seen them, they totally broke down. what a bunch of pathetic losers just like their captains’

this episode literally made me so mad at felix

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okay wow your ziam fic thingy is so good. could you write more?


Continued from here (or here (listed chronologically). Liam/Zayn. Warnings for bullying and homophobic bullying.

This Could Be A Thing 

He keeps on crying even when they pull up outside a cramped, messy terrace house by the park, and on when they’re inside, and he’s sitting on the sofa clutching a box of balsam fresh tissues on his lap that apparently Louis had stolen from Harry’s bedroom.

“He’s still crying,” Louis says, a few minutes later, when he’s come back with a mug of tea.

Zayn is sitting on the chair in the corner. “He won’t stop.”

“I’m sorry,” Liam says. It’s just—he can’t stop. It’s been so hard. They’d pissed in his bag. They’d spilled milk all over him and told him how much he smelled. He’d made a friend and he’d fallen for him and then he’d been left, and it was a million times worse knowing what it felt like to not be alone, than if he’d just continued all by himself like he’d been before.


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