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I never realized how much the Twelfth Doctor's hair had changed until I watched early Series 8 episodes right after finishing Series 10.

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it was always october there. 
the only light you could ever see was soft, and a little orange. 
it was perpetually 7 pm and dark outside, street lamps glowing while lawyers and janitors and zoo keepers drove home listening to christmas music through their car stereos in secret, inspired by the newly insistent chill in the air - 
all of them awaiting the moment when they’d walk anxiously through their front doors to greet their husbands and wives with a tired smile and kiss on the cheek.
it was always october there. 
the world stopped for a little while, and it smelt like espresso beans and cinnamon candles.
it felt like reading fitzgerald in front of a crackling fireplace, and wearing woolen mittens in the bitter cold. 
it was memorable in the way that old novels often are - 
warm, and unmovable. 
it was a distant memory -
still sharp, as if it had happened only minutes ago.
but fleeting -
it was always october there.
—  a poem for a coffee house in north seattle 

Found this in my everything journal. Date drawn 11/11/11. Could it have been my own premonition of  the day I Would read the fantastic stories by kaz2y5-imagines

Just some little sketchy gift for @keiid bday cause I know you love this bae very much ( am I right BTW??)