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🍑 some looks from our resident mermaid princess (inspired by @tofusaucee) 🍑


Bran felt all cold inside. “S h e   l o s t   h e r   w o l f,” he said, weakly, remembering the day when four of his father’s guardsmen had returned from the south with Lady’s bones.

L a d y,” she whimpered softly, wondering if she would meet her wolf again when she was dead.

ok i’m going to sleep now but just to let u know that rea @pipedream and i DO have an idea for an epilogue if any of u are interested,,,, and if ur interested i’m gonna try to convince her to let us do that in ACTUAL FUCKIN PROSE bc i’m a sucker for heartbreak and also a challenge so. hit us up <3

Where V really went after Jaehee’s good ending.

(Maybe Ice skating paid him better than photography???)


You love him. I’m not saying in what way. Maybe you don’t know yourself. But anyone paying attention could see how much you care about him.


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Here’s the last (but not the least) for the free requests from my ML sticker post. This one is for @mirachatulous, who requested for their Monster in Paris AU. How can i not use the most iconic song? (  ̄▽ ̄)ノ I love everything about Monster in Paris; beautiful art style, engaging story and wonderful soundtrack. ٩(。>ω<。)و