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Burnin’ Love (Part two) (NSFW)
  • Title: Burnin’ Love - Part two (NSFW)
  • Pairing: Maxwell x MC 
  • Summary: My entry for this week of #ChoicesCreates! @hollyashton @texanhusker

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She absentmindedly stared at whatever was in front of her, the sound of the chatter surrounding her and the soft music of the violins being played at the end of the room distant to her ears. Hands were fisted inside the pockets of the dress, her back straight for good posture and body tense.

A hand placed itself on the lower-half of her back, making her almost jump due to the unexpected touch, but she had learnt to always keep her composure when in a royal event. Turning her head to the side, she tilted her head back a bit to lock eyes with the one who had interrupted her thoughts.

The blue eyes staring down at her almost took her breath away. The colour was darker than its usual light tone, pulling her inside its depths, making her notice the specks of green that surrounded the pupil. Dark and unnerving, they moved across her face, studying her features while stripping her down from the fences she had built against his charm…

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Could you write me a grant gustin imagine we're the reader is apart of te flash cast but she is a really big actress who has been in Hughes shows and movies like teen wolf,the walking dead,big hero 6 ect. and she is grants celeb crush and has been for a while and she doesn't know until at a panel a fan asks who there celeb crushes are and he reveals its her and they eventually get together ( she is also good friends with the teen wolf cast since she was on the show ) sorry if its too complicated

I’ve got an exam that I should be studying for in about 30 minutes, but instead I choose to write. I’ve clearly got my priorities in check :D 

“Alright guys settle down! I know you love the cast, but let’s just chill for a moment,” the commentator chuckled, trying to calm the audience down the best he could. I wiggled in my spot next to Grant, waving at a few of the fans in the front row. “We’re going to be taking questions from the audience now so please line up if you want to ask something.”

“I’m scared for my life,” Grant whispered in my ear, making me giggle softly.

“You should be. These girls look like they want to molest you,” I winked, nudging his side playfully.

“Guys stop flirting!” Candice called from down the table, making us both pull away from our conversation and glare at her.

“I know you want me Candy but jealousy isn’t a good look on you,” I teased, laughing when she stuck her tongue out.

“Alright come on, pay attention you lot,” the commentator interrupted our banter, bringing our attention back to the audience. “We’re going to take our first question now.”

“Hellloooooo,” a young girl spoke into the microphone, making me smile. “First off, love you guys; couldn’t think of a better cast for the show!”

“We’re pretty darn fabulous aren’t we,” Tom joked, pretending to flick his hair over his shoulder.

“Exactly!” the fan giggled. “I’m sure the entirety of the fandom wants to know who your celebrity crushes are!”

“Pretty standard but every female can relate… Johnny Depp,” Danielle swooned, leaning her head on my shoulder.

“Oh my god yes!!” I squealed. “I don’t care how old he is, he will always be perfect!”

“He’s here today doing panels and stuff,” the fan spoke up excitedly.

“Imma track you down after the panel and we can all collectively go and stalk him and beg for a selfie,” I planned, causing the audience to scream.

“Haven’t you already met him though?” Grant asked.

“Well yeh, but you can never get to many selfies with Johnny,” I pointed out, poking his cheek softly.

“We all know who Y/N’s celebrity crush is,” the commentator piped up, making me look at him confused. “It’s obviously one of the boys from Teen Wolf. You hang around them more than you do your own family.”

“They wish,” I scoffed playfully, screwing my face up at the thought. “They’re all really good friends, pretty much the brothers I never had.”

“So you’re saying they’re on the table still for the fans?” he asked, gesturing towards the now excited audience.

“Yeh of course. I can hook y'all up,” I winked, causing the audience the squeal excitedly. “What about you Grant. Who’s your celebrity crush?”

“Do you really want to know?” he chuckled nervously, fiddling with his fingers in his lap.

“YES!!” the audience chorused, all leaning forward with their phones in hand, recording every moment.

“Well, she’s this really gorgeous and incredibly talented actress…” he gushed jokingly, placing a hand over his heart.

“Do we know her?” Candice questioned, resting her chin on her knuckles and raising her brows at Grant. almost as if she knew who it was.

“You’ve all probably heard of her,” he shrugged, smiling slightly.

“Jesus, just tell us who it is!” Danielle threw her hands in the air, obviously wanting to know who it was.

“Uh well, it’s Y/N,” he finally said, turning a bright red colour.

“OH MY GOD I KNEW IT! I CALLED IT! YOU OWE ME 20 BUCKS TOM!” Candice squealed, clapping her hands excitedly.

“Hold on wait, I’m your celebrity crush?” I asked, covering the mic with my hand. He nodded, not looking me in the eyes. “Well that’s good, considering you’re mine.”

“Wait what?” his head shot up, staring at me in confusion.

“Yeh,” I shrugged. “You’ve been mine ever since we started filming.”

“Otp,” Danielle whispered, making me laugh.

“If you two could just kiss and start dating, that would be great,” the commentator chuckled, making us both blush.

The panel went on smoothly from there, with the fans asking their questions and Grant holding my hand under the table, meaning there was a permanent rosy blush on my cheeks for a majority of the day.

“Alright guys, you’re free for the rest of the day, so just chill out and don’t go to wild,” my agent smiled, patting me on the shoulder and giving me a knowing look, wandering off shortly after.

“I don’t know about you loonies but I’m going to get something to eat,” Candice rubbed her hands together, linking arms with Dani and stalking off to the food court.

“Uh Y/N… Can I talk to you for a second?” Grant grabbed my hand before I could follow the girls.

“Yeh sure,” I grinned, letting him lead me over to a more private part of the hallway. “What’s up buttercup?”

“I know this might be moving a bit fast and you have every right to say no, I won’t judge you..” he started, wringing his hands together nervously. “Will you go on a date with me tonight?” My eyes widened slightly, mouth opening and closing a few times. “I totally get it if you don’t want to.”

“I would love to,” I giggled, placing my hands over his and squeezing softly.

“Wait.. Really?” he asked, a smile breaking out on his face. I simply nodded, internally squealing like a little girl after her first kiss. “Oh my god, ok wow I didn’t think you would actually say yes.”

“Don’t feel pressured to take me anywhere fancy… Just being with you is fine,” I grinned, pecking his cheek. “Text me when you’re coming to get me yeh?” He nodded, still slightly starstuck by the fact that I had actually said yes. I chuckled softly at him, giving his hand one last squeeze before dancing down the hall, waving slightly over my shoulder.

Costume evolution in Kanan the Last Padawan

Ooh, if there isn’t some clever costume evolution being worked into Kanan the Last Padawan. I was originally going to pop this in a reblog, but it became a bit of a thing because we all know how i feel about costume and narrative, and narrative in costume. Projection and speculation within.

I am apparently on a roll with clothing as physical and psychological armour. 

As we know from the opening prologue of A New Dawn and issue one of The Last Padawan, little Caleb takes pride in being a Jedi and dreams of being a great hero (perhaps like Generals Kenobi and Skywalker, sob). Throughout issue one we see him always in his robe, often directly mirroring his master, Depa Billaba. His robe is oversized and drowning him (though in this particular panel it appears that this is a general stylistic choice on the part of Pepe Larraz), but it is a status symbol. He is Jedi. Or will be. It’s an aspirational status symbol. We also see a lot more flashes of his cream tunic and trousers than we do later on - his cloak is that much more often for a lot of. He is that much more open, withe the brashness of youth. As the story progresses over these two issues (plus a preview), he begins to close in on himself, and these flashes become less common as his innocence is stolen.

This panel is very interesting - we’re meeting Janus Kasmir, who speculation and less-than-subtle naming suggests is going to be a big influence of the future role of little Caleb Dume. Notice Caleb’s tunic here. The belted black over the cream. Remind you of any scoundrels? This is a very neat way of foreshadowing the future development of Caleb into the roguish Kanan that we all know, by making a subtle connection to another character that we all know and love in that world.

So then we have little Caleb Dume in the issue 3 preview. He’s just taken out a ship (or multiple?) in an entirely reactive, instinctual way that was defensively aggressive. He’s terrified, he’s alone. He’s dangerous, and the galaxy is out to get him. He’s probably questioning everything - they’re saying that the Jedi were dangerous, Palpatine is saying that they turned children into deadly weapons. In a very natural and protective way he’s pulled his hood up, cocooning in on himself like any frightened little boy would.

At this point Caleb is still swathed in the remnants of his life, literally as far as his robes go. He has the layers and the cloak, the hood and the sleeves, the leg and arm wrappings. He is entirely enveloped. The only time we see him not is when he is asleep in that one panel, where he is completely vulnerable and otherwise dead to the world. Yes, Janus helped him smudge things a bit so he looks more like a street rat than a renegade jedi - a bandolier here, a robe pulled up and no footwrappings - but he is still identifiably Jedi through each aspect of his costume. He’s still clinging to his identity and the crumbling world that he knew.

An interesting thing is to note the neckline of Caleb’s tunic:

Of course Caleb is following the common robe style of the japanese-influenced crossover, but as we’ve seen from others (Obi-Wan, Mace Windu, Yoda, many others) and real life fashions, a high neck is common. Caleb’s, however, is very low, almost open, particularly when fleeing from his battalion in issue 2. He’s young and vulnerable and completely open - he’s inquisitive, he’s warm and he’s having everything snatched out from under him (and nuked). That is going to change (this can be seen mirroring Obi-wan’s progression from his TPM costume to the very high neck Alec Guinness-style of RotS).

Somewhere along the line, Caleb is going to shed those layers. Covers, of course, are not direct indicators of anything about a comic’s content - they’re more about capturing the essence of an issue in an eye-catching way. I still think it’s worth taking a quick look at Caleb on the cover of issue 5:

Here he is, somehow back the Janus and apparently on hijinks. Again, this is unlikely to be exactly what we’ll see inside (for one thing, the wonderful cover artist, Mark Brook, draws Kanan slightly older than Pepe Larraz who is really emphasising his inexperience and naivete). But. The neckline is that much higher, we’re already beginning to see aspects of Kanan bleeding in through the shoulder piece and an element of streamlining. His Jedi layers are still there, but they are less, both in terms of number and in volume. Clearly things Are Up here, and this looks like it’s going to be a pretty big turning point as the tiniest renegade begins to shed his former self along with his garb. It’s also worth noting that probable namesake and his ticking life-expectancy appears to have taken Caleb under his wing proper here, which will no doubt play a crucial role in his transition of self.

Kanan Jarrus has a streamlined silhouette; in the look that we begin to see developed on the issue 5 cover, it’s easily identifiable as him (that shoulder piece helps), but it is entirely spare and entirely practical. This stripping away of layers to an utterly simplistic and contained look is very much a case of body image control. He doesn’t want any connection with who he was before - Caleb is gone. Or so he would like to believe. He wants to present a careful image of the drifter, the nobody, perhaps a bit of the handsome vagabond, and this look is saying just that. There is no excess; it is purely utilitarian. Every aspect of the costume had a purpose, and arguably in something so minimal there is nowhere to hide (especially since he apparently paints his jumpers on, hello). He will be taken at face value, and he knows exactly what sort of an impression he will give. It’s a very curated image.

Here i should stop and say that with Kanan’s sartorial choices I may be… projecting. I’m definitely sympathising. The idea of a streamlined silhouette as a defense mechanism is something that is.. well, actually it defines my entire wardrobe and my entire aesthetic. I’ve written about it here if anyone is interested (cw: harrassment, assault, sexism, body image).

(I had to include this)

(I hadn’t noticed before that Larraz has drawn Kanan with a much lower collar than in the show, where the stand of his neck guard mirrors the stand collar of his jumper. This may be a design decision - cleaner lines, more obviously visual ties to Kanan - or it may have been an error of interpretation. Or maybe Kanan has two almost-identical jumpers. I am choosing to ignore it here.)

The neckline is higher, which instantly ages him up from the open and exposed Caleb. It closes him in, and once you you factor in the neck shield and shoulder piece then the whole look is instantly defensive.

The green… As meta-viewers, we can all look at this as a sign of his light-side alignment, his former Jedi-life in block-colour. Contextually, however… Green is so far from anything a Jedi would wear - or at least any Jedi that we have seen of his time (I believe Old Republic Jedi were a bit more creative fashion-wise?). It’s bold, it’s a little bit obnoxious. It’s camoglague - both in that if he visited a jungle planet, he’d be fine, and in that he’s hiding in plain sight. No one would look at this obvious rogue and go, ‘Yup, that’s a Jedi alright.’ There is also another aspect of that careful curation - who else do we (as viewers) know that wears green? Oh, right. Boba Fett, Bounty Hunter extraordinaire - it’s a bit meta for what I’m discussing, but it instantly creates that connection for a viewer which can then be projected onto the denizens of the GFFA. Why shouldn’t green be associated with scoundrels and mercenaries and the underbelly populace.

There is also much to be said about the fact that his armour piece gets a grey paint job in season 2, as seen in the trailer. It’s likely that this is a result of it getting ‘sabred by Vader (again, as in the trailer, I have not seen the premiere), but there is also the implication of shifting allegiances and that Kanan is shifting more towards a more overtly neutral ‘grey’ school of Jedi teachings (there is an excellent post about this somewhere around that I can’t seem to find right now - I think it’s beneath a photo of the life-size Kanan at Celebration, if anyone has a link? This post has some good discussion of the implications of this change.) Of course, his season one teachings to Ezra were a perfect blend of what he was formally taught, and what life experience has hammered into him (such as his discussions of attachment and fear - ‘We’re all afraid, kid’.)

I also think it’s interesting that the trailer for Season 2 shows Kanan in command Stormtrooper armour. Of course they chose to place him in that armour with the shoulder piece because 1) it means we can actually idtenify and track the character as he (presumably) sneaks around, and 2) adopting the persona of a command figure will narratively allow for greater and easier movement, creating fewer blocks and hold ups. BUT. It’s on the same shoulder. It’s very easy to ascribe that that shoulder piece - that we have never seen him without once as Kanan - is a crucial part of his psychological armour to help him handle the world galaxy. Even when not himself he can’t go without it.

(As he has been shown in art to be wearing the same piece in A New Dawn, I’m choosing to believe that despite his seemingly flirty, easy-going air - that of course never fooled Hera - it’s quite some time before she ever sees him without that thing strapped to his shoulder. To such an extent that she begins to believe to believe that it’s just an extension of his body. The first time he doesn’t have it on, she’s perturbed by how unbalanced he seems, looking both bigger and smaller than what she’s used to. Once he catches her staring, he scratches uneasily at his neck feeling suddenly exposed. (Ghost had become such a place of easy home, and he woke up starving he didn’t even think to put it on.) )

(Gloves and armour. Saddest damn crew in the ‘verse.)

I think that quite often people underestimate the storytelling power of costume; even moreso in mediums that don’t involve actual tangible cloth-and-thread costume. We still know so little about Kanan and about his transformation from Caleb, but from nothing more than looking at a few images of him we can already begin to piece together

(Where’s that post saying ‘One day you’ll wake up at 11.30 on sunday with someone you love makign waffles’? I think he needs that tattooed on his arm.)

Update: If you’re interested in reading me ramble on even more on this, this reblog is… just as long. But hopefully of some interest!

Makorra - Heat

WC: 2039

Rating: T

Summary: Korra decides to confront Mako about the feelings she’s had for him for the past three years.

I thought I’d try my hand at writing a fic to go with this drawing I did last week. I haven’t written fanfiction for a good 5 years, so please forgive my lack of skill! This fic is all over the place, but I tried ;w;


Her fist, poised to knock, hovered over the door to the room Asami was allowing him to stay in at her house. She was hesitant about confronting him. What if she said the wrong thing, or made a complete fool of herself? She listed all the mistakes she could make in her mind, causing her hand to draw further away from the wooden door. Her worst fear, by far, was rejection. She remembered the time she confessed her feelings at the probending area all those years ago, and the painful feelings all came back to her. Bolin wasn’t here to pick up her spirits like last time and help her forget the way her stomach tightened when he told her he didn’t feel the same way. This time, she had to face this on her own.

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