i should stop being so excited

-Kinetic Abilities Prompt List A Edition

Acidikinesis - Control Sloth

  • I have a personal vendetta against someone wildly more successful than me so I’m trying to make them lazy.
  • You don’t know how to relax so I’m literally filling you with laziness but you just won’t stop.
  • I work at an animal shelter and I sometimes make the animals fit what people are looking for by removing or adding laziness. You haven’t lived until you saw a cat with 0% laziness.

Aciukinesis - Control Sharpness

  • Did you know that most man made spheres are still more jagged than the earth itself? You haven’t experienced softness until you felt a perfectly smooth ball. There’s also not a lot of traction so please cup it in your hands.
  • I’m one of the only chefs here that doesn’t have some sort of hot or cold ability. But me being very clumsy, the ability to make all my knives dull saves my fingers a lot.
  • I keep making all the knives in the kitchen blunt so I can watch my parent-in-law get frustrated and lose their dominance over me.

Aerokinesis - Control Air

  • I can control the air but that doesn’t do a lot so I just got a few wind turbines for my property, so I get power for free. It’s a small win, but I like it. 
  • Sometimes I go to the beach and set up a kite rental booth while making it windy. It doesn’t make much but it helps with rent.
  • No one thinks that controlling air is that cool of a super power until I take it out of their lungs.

Aestatekinesis - Control Summer

  • I hate sweating so I made this summer really mild but it’s affecting my town’s farming economy.
  • I forgot that Alaska’s still supposed to be pretty cold in the summer and I may have made the ice caps melt a little more.

Aggressiokinesis - Control Anger

  • I work in tandem with a crisis clinic and so far, there isn’t a patient I can’t calm down.
  • My anti-aggression dog classes are the best in the business. I even stop by pet shelters.
  • I just love watching these people tear each other limb from limb with blind rage. I’m gonna be sad to see you go though.

Aidoskinesis - Control Humidity

  • One of the only things good about my powers is that I can make my boss’ office so humid they have horrible hair and sweat stains for their meeting with corporate. 
  • My greenhouse is always at the perfect humidity even in the dead of winter.
  • I’m gulty of making someone so humid they’ve taken off their shirt before. It’s a blessing.

Alcokinesis - Control Alcohol

  • You always get too out of hand with your drinking so I just take the alcohol content out of your drinks.
  • My coworker bugs the hell out of me and they’re going in for a company-wide drug test today. I made their breakfast have a healthy amount of alcohol.
  • It’s very fun to see someone pantamime being drunk when they think they are when in actuality I’ve taken all the alcohol out of their drink.

Amokinesis - Control Love and Desire

  • Shit are you actually in love with me or did I manipulate you into liking me?
  • As a joke I was going to make my classmate fall in love with whoever came in next but you did and now I’m very jealous.
  • I make people forget about me when we break up so it’s easy on them but I can’t get rid of my own love for them, even when there’s no chance of getting back together ever now. 

Anthracokinesis - Control Coal

  • I like being alone so I move to Centralia and just turn off the surrounding coals when I’m walking over them. It’s very quiet but very smoky. I need to leave town to buy a gas mask.
  • I bought a bit of land and made a little mine before buying a truckload of coal and just stiking it in the walls. Then, I compressed it all into diamonds.
  • So my parents gave me a little tough love as a child and gave me a piece of coal one christmas. I’ll admit, I was a naughty child. But that piece of coal made me learn of my powers. It’s the only piece I’ll never manipulate anymore.

Antikinesis - Control Antimatter

  • No you can’t come to my antimatter dimension. It’s very private.
  • I think we had a good run, I’m just gonna get a black hole in here real quick.
  • I always wanted to visit Chernobl, good thing I can just sort of turn off the gamma radation and go for a walk. 

Argentokinesis - Control Silver

  • Whoops I’m in werewolf country better make all my clothes and stuff have silver mesh.
  • “Yes this is genuine gold” I say to someone when I took the silver content out of a ring.
  • So I don’t have the best impulse control. I made my rude neighbor’s prized dog into a silver statue and now it’s like… eighty sets of flatwear.

Arthrokinesis - Control Joints

  • I may be a very inactive person, but damned if my joints ever pop. I’m doing sprints anytime I feel like it.
  • I got too excited testing how much I could let my joints move and may have dislocated by shoulder. 
  • Yes, I tried to suck my own dick. Yes, I should have realized that there is actually bone stopping me from bending my spine like that. Don’t laugh at me.

Asterokinesis - Control Cosmic Energy

  • I’ve ascended to be the god of the universe and all I want to do is to stop being in charge and just have some time off for once.
  • I saw how much earth was desperate to meet other beings so I made some closer planets support life. 
  • I’m not just some giant being in space. I’m a regular person. I buy groceries, collect rocks, and I’m desperate for people to never know I made them. 

Astrakinesis - Control Astral Energy

  • I am nearly constantly disassociating. The good news is that I have like thirty dream selves I can be while the others go on autopilot. 
  • I can see spirits so I just deal with ghosts for a living. Most of the time they’re just confused.
  • I can work as a medium for ghosts to talk through but you roleplaying with your dead datemate is the last straw.

Astronkinesis - Control Remnants of Cosmic Substances

  • I realized that in my lifetime I would never see a mission to a star so I made some much closer to us.
  • I don’t feel like this world’s really going anywhere. I’m just gonna supernova the sun next weekend. 
  • My tarot card readings are always perfect and I sincerely want you to leave the country.

Atmokinesis - Control Weather

  • I am the best weather forecaster the world has ever seen. I work for a small town in rural country though. I think I have five hundred viewers on a daily basis? 
  • I always make sure my neighbor’s/parent’s/friend’s/etc farm gets the best weather.
  • My entrences are always punctuated with lightening and I love it.

Atomkinesis - Control Atoms

  • It’s like 3-D printing, only much better. Check out this awesome watch I made.
  • I hope you like nuclear wastelands, because that’s what you’re getting.
  • Surprise, your house is full of radon gas!it’ll stay that way until you do what I say.

Audiokinesis - Control Sound 

  • Nothing quite like a day of absolute silence when you have an audio processing disorder.
  • Movies are very fun to watch when I can make one character silent and just ad lib the dialogue.
  • The fact that I can chat style silence someone is the best.

Aurokinesis - Control Aura

  • I can see how people act before ever talking to them, that’s why you’re the only one in the room I’m going to talk to. 
  • Where I live, auras are very important. So I can easily hide among them as someone without giving an inkling of malice.
  • I personally hate you so now you get too radiate bad energy until you apologize. 

Aurokinesis - Control Gold

  • I’m allergic to what they use in fake gold but I have no money for good jewelry so I just make it gold after I buy it for cheap. 
  • It’s not quite the Midas touch, but I’ve pulled that prank before. 
  • I make golden jewelry and sculptures by making them out of clay/wood/etc and turning them into gold for huge profits.

Autumnuskinesis - Control Autumn

  • My hometown capitalizes on my love of pumpkins and sweater weather by becoming a destination for those looking to beat the heat but don’t want to own a down jacket. 
  • I can make things rot. So I rotted my neighbor’s garden a week before harvest. 
  • I make autumn immediately follow winter so now the world’s harvesting systems are fucked because I get pollen allergies. 

Avarikinesis - Control Greed

  • I’m trying to make the world fair by taking all the greed out of high-ranking officials but sometimes that was their only driving force and they have no actual job experience. 
  • I made someone comically greedy because being a superhero in a town in which no banks need protecting is boring.
  • I want so desperately to not have to take greed out of anymore people. It’s getting so tiring. I need to go on a vacation. 

Avikinesis - Control Avains

  • Having hawks fly to my aide when my boss was giving me shit in the parking lot was definitely a sweet move.
  • I may live in this cottage alone, but these birds are more than enough company. One of them just told me about someone who ate shit on pavement last week in a city ten miles away. It’s awesome.
  • “Bats fly, right? Why can’t I control bats?” “Please just let me do my work.” ‘What about bugs?” “Please go home.” “Do flying fish count?”
13 Going on 30 (Part 3)

Summary: When your 13th birthday party goes awry, and you make a life changing wish - you wake up to discover you’ve flash forwarded 17 years ahead. 

Word Count: 1,719.

A/N: This part was super fun to write! Hope you enjoy, and feedback would be greatly appreciated. (also can we take a moment to appreciate this beautiful gif)

@spidweeb - you’re a gem, and thank you so much for always being a great help.

Part 1 Part 2

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Do we turn you on? (Muke threesome)

Summary: Your best friends pick up on the fact that the both of them make you insanely horny (i can’t do summaries okay i suck)

Word count: 3k

Warnings: This is smut! Luke assumes ‘dom’ position and they all have a threesome ;) 

There’s a little bit of NSFW above the ‘keep reading’ line!

A/N: I’m such a slut for muke I’m surprised this is my first threesome with them? Let’s just say I let my imagination run pretty wild haha :) enjooooy!

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Michael’s warm fingertips trail across your upper arm, the heat causing goosebumps to pebble across your sensitive skin. As you’re sitting so close to the boy, you can smell the deep musky scent of his aftershave and feel a tug of desire to lean across and smash your lips against his.

You would if you weren’t in a room with your other best friend.

Luke’s leaning against a white wall, his blond hair tousled into loose curls. You take a moment to admire his wide stance before your attention drifts to his fingers curled around his phone. So many night you’ve spent - in the crowd at one of their shows - watching his fingers work magic on his guitar.

You’ve always wondered what they’d feel like inside you.

You imagine they’d be nimble: Luke always brags about his ability to twirl his fingers at perfect angles. But at the same time, there’s no doubt in your mind that he’d move quickly, immediately establishing his dominance before proceeding to bend you over a table.

“Did you just moan?”

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Forelsket - Part 2

Characters - Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff

Word Count - 3407

Warnings - Language

Forelsket -  (Norwegian) That overwhelming euphoric feeling you experience when you’re falling in love with someone

A/N - I’m so excited about this soulmate AU that I basically have been writing it non-stop so far. The feedback from you guys is what keeps me going, tbh. Your boyfriend Bucky or your soulmate Steve, who do you go for?

Forelsket Masterlist

You knew that bringing Steve back to your apartment probably wasn’t the best idea but you didn’t know what else to do. Being seen out in the open on campus wasn’t something that you could risk, which you should’ve considered before you kissed him.

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Dating Joe Sugg Would Include

*not my gif*

-Breakfast in bed all the time

-Funny snapchats while he’s off at meetings or other various things

-You and Zoe being really close

-Zoe shipping you two the most closely met by Caspar

-Zoe telling you all the embarrassing stories about Joe from their childhood and him getting embarrassed and telling Zoe to stop talking about them

-Him getting low-key jealous when the boys would be snapchatting you

-Coming home and him surprising you with a really good meal

-Constantly getting pranked (or getting stuck in their prank war even when the pranks weren’t on or by you)

-Being extremely close with Caspar and it sometimes makes Joe jealous how close you two actually are

-Just sitting there laughing about seemingly nothing for hours 

-Him calling you ‘love’ more then anything else

-Him vlogging you in bed all the time

-Him getting all shy every time you say something nice about him especially if there are other people around

-Going for cute little adventures even just around London anytime you get the chance and always really cute photos of each other for Instagram

-Him teasing you all the time (you can take that however you want honestly)

-You always wearing his sweaters (especially the Sugg Life ones)

-You telling him he needs to quit working himself so hard and take a night for himself

-Having lots of baths with him (we all know how much the boy loves his baths with his bath bombs)

-Trying to show you off to anyone and everyone 

-Him being really excited to take you back to Wiltshire and show you all the places he hung out at when he was growing up

-So much cuddling

-All the boys being surprised by how much of a romantic Joe actually was

-All the boys being jealous and telling you two to stop being so cute all the bloody time

-Being there for him after he plays his scary video games trying to make him calm down

-Encouraging him to do a cover video

-Being really supportive and excited about everything that he’s getting to do with his career

My ask box is always open for requests like these and others. 

The other ones I’ve done like this for the other boys: Conor  Jack  Caspar   Mikey  

My thoughts on SPN episode 12x11:

  • Dean waking up with a bunny is the best.
  • I love how much Dean loves waffles.
  • Aw poor Dean doesn’t remember how to drive. 
  • LOL Dean loves Finding Dory. 
  • Dean calling the lamp a light stick made my night. 
  • Sam is being the best brother this ep I love him so <3
  • Dean is amazing at riding things. Go figure…
  • I love that this woman is all about consent YAAASSSSS
  • OMG Dean is becoming an innocent human with no memory of the supernatural. He’s so adorable I cannot. 
  • Dean super excited about his best friend being an angel is the best.
  • Awww Dean complimenting Rowena’s bouncy hair. 
  • “I’ve seen my brother die. Watching him becoming not him… this might be the worst.” OMG SAMMY MY HEART :( 
  • LOL so who is Dean voodoo dolling right now.
  • Oh no Sam :( :( :( Stop hurting Sam 2k17. 
  • Dean implicitly trusting Sam omggggggg
  • What is this weird montage at the end??? Just an excuse to show Jensen riding a bull???? I’ll take it. 

In conclusion: Jensen should get all the awards for his acting. 

anonymous asked:

I don't wanna call it too soon but this is the CUTEST PHIL LS maybe ever. Can't wait for you to say a little on it (especially re his many verbal eyerolls at chat, and the cat paintings...)

ughhhh yes there were definitely so, so many cute little anecdotes and jokes, and a lot of interesting tidbits that i took note of while watching: 

  • he opens the show by saying that he “welcomes” people calling him dad and appreciates all the father’s day messages. amazing
  • he bought his own dad a tasting selection of jams and marmalades which immediately made me irate bc it sounds like the perf gift for my father except i would never think of it bc i’m not as creative as phil ugh. phil probs buys everyone the best presents and i’m envious of people who are good at that
  • i loled at the fact that some vintage family drama sent like nine of phil’s great uncles to australia why is that so funny. also hearing re-confirmation of just how huge phil’s family is was kind of refreshing
  • the whole centipede anecdote killed me omg jst the image of phil freaking out and calling dan into the room (whether it was in his bedroom or somewhere else, i don’t rly feel like weighing in on that debate) and then dan obviously proceeding to freak out even more than phil (which we can very vividly picture based on his reactions in the piece of art that is phil lester vs. praying mantis.) it was just such a cute story lmao, i loved the way that phil called the bug a creepy crawly and said, ‘dan’s not a fan of those creepy crawlies either’ ughghghghhh. and i love that phil is definitely forever and always going to be the designated bug-catcher in their house even though he’s scared of bugs too, jst bc dan is always too busy having an actual breakdown any time he sees an insect
  • the random interjection of him screaming ‘bear’ from the bear kayak video made me lol
  • when he’s talking about bryony’s cat paintings and says he and dan are the only ppl who like them, i like that they pretty much always share tastes in everything, be less conjoined pls 
  • him narrating his thought process when he bought the fairy light twigs: ‘what i need in my life is some light-up sticks’
  • his plan to change up the dresser trinkets for every video is interesting and referring to the setup as a ‘tableau’ lmao–as i’ve said multiple times i don’t believe this room is his primary living quarters so i def took this idea to change up the background every time he films as further confirmation that this room is basically a set 
  • martyn has been in a ‘plane incident’ at one point in his life, didn’t know that
  • the way he talked about louise’s baby was so cuteeeee, his huge grin, the way he immediately went into a higher pitched voice, cheeky suggesting ‘phil’ as a name and then saying philippa could be a boy’s name but getting a bit nervous to make the general point about not needing to gender names and just saying ‘i mean’ a lot and giggling. then his feigned indignation when someone suggested ‘daniel’ lol he’s cute
  • learning dil was pregnant made him want to ‘rip his face off’ ok calm down mate
  • the fidget spinner omg: the way that he needed to make clear that it was no ‘2 pound friend present’ lmao i read this as him jokingly being a bit salty that dan didn’t appreciate all of the time and effort and ‘good money’ he put into this loving and thoughtful gift ahhaha. it was jst such a comfortable and warm little comment i loved it. and i love that he thinks it’s beautiful bc of the colors and i was lit dying at the whole story of him lying on the floor and trying to show off to dan that he could balance it on his nose and then utterly failing. adds more context to the way that dan was so fond last week when he talked about phil injuring himself with it
  • he doesn’t like killing animals, and always finds a way to trap them and throw them outside 
  • when someone asks him to give them a nickname and he comes up with, ‘ma more like mars expedition’.. wtf he’s adorable
  • kath could ‘open a brownie farm’ PHIL PLS 
  • ‘stop calling me dad though bc it’s inappropriate,’ he says with a barely concealed smile as he complies with everyone’s wishes to clean them. why does he love being called dad i need to lie down 
  • traditional lester thing is to get fish and chips when they’re all together
  • his sheer excitement about wonder woman was amazing omg. ‘she kicks so much butt but she has a personality and more movies should be made with a woman as the main character like that’ yAS phil 
  • thoughts on chris pine: he originally jst says he’s ‘funny’ but then when someone in the chat says ‘chris pine is fricking hot,’ he basically agrees and adds that he is ‘distracting’ and ‘radiating out of his face … what is that face? how do you achieve such a face?’ fucking amazing.
  • he always finds coins that are from 1997 lmao only he would notice that and think it’s some secret conspiracy by the universe jst to fuck with him
  • this week’s beauty tips:
    • change your face wash every 3-4 months because your face gets used to it. also you might want your face to smell like something different (his face currently smells of tree sap)
    • don’t spray hair spray directly into your mouth bc it tastes really bad and probably isn’t good for your health
    • drink lots of water (again)
    • put tea bags on your eyes and the caffeine will make you feel more energized and also you’ll look beautiful with teabags on your eyes
  • i’m certain that phil giggling, ‘but they’ve seen it from space and it’s a globe!’ single-handedly debunked the flat earth conspiracy
  • he goes ‘poot’ when he sprays febreze,,,, jesus christ. also of course he had a vanilla cupcake scented air freshener once,,,, have i mentioned that i am so fucking in love with phil jesUS 
  • his spon of dan’s vid was interesting to me, he kind of seemed to think of it at the very last moment even after he’d said goodbye to a bunch of people, and focused more on sponning it than sponning his own vid or anything from the gaming channel. he said it was ‘very funny’ which i’ll admit only added to my confusion about the objective or intention of dan’s video bc it didn’t strike me as trying to be comedic in any way. i wonder if phil genuinely found it funny and what he liked about it hahah, i honestly would pay for him to give it an honest review
  • his lil meows at the end before he clicked out were v pure i adore him

ya i love phil, ik it’s breaking news to yall but i really, really do. his live shows are always exactly what i need and he makes me so happy 

(phil live show: giant centipede attack - 6.18.17)

From Vanilla to Kinky ( Dino x Reader)

Admin: Candi
“!Hi! I love your writings! OMG! I was hoping for rough smut with Dino and if you’re worried about age he is 18 years old I checked! the scenario I was hoping was for was that the reader was talking with her friends at like lunch about their sex lives and how it’s been really vanilla and you want to spice it up so you got to a sex shop together and mess around before buying handcuffs and blindfods etc. you keep them in a bag at home and when Dino comes to visit and you go to the bathroom or something he finds it and uses them on you being a little bit dominant… Phew… That was long! Sorry if I rambled on. Um I’m fine with spanking, hair pulling, choking etc.. just not rape and shit like that. I hope I’ve not put too much on your plate and it would be amazing if you could actually write my request! Thank you xx – ioneej
Member/reader: Dino X Reader
Genre/warning(s):  smut, toys
Words: 3.3k
Authors note: Thank you for reading our fics :) I’m glad you enjoy them and I hope you enjoy this fic as well. Happy reading! Dino is so problematic because he goes from cute to so fucking hot in 0.000001 seconds and I cannot deal with that my weak old heart can’t take it.

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Kitten: Part 2

Hi! I’m sorry to say there is no smut in this part but lots of fluffy bonding, I hope you like it! I don’t really plan on doing a part 3 but if I think of one I’ll definitely do write it! Please let me know how you all feel about it!

“We have a guest,” Kyungsoo groans, but he doesn’t move away from where we are tangled together on the large couch in his living room. I hum snuggling deeper into his side, not to happy about the idea of him getting up either. I’m completely exhausted from the hours of, um, activities with Kyungsoo. There is a knock on the door, we both glance at it. “Go away,” He snarls without hesitation.

“Hyung,” A familiar voice whines. I sniff the air and recognize the scent of the pale man I had seen the night before. “You owe me something for leading you to your mate.”

“You are lucky you aren’t dead.”

“Does it help if I say it’s work related?”

Kyungsoo scoffs, “You don’t work.”

“I’m coming in!” The younger announces, stupidly ignoring the horrifiying growl coming from his hyung. The door opens revealing the hot blonde I was expecting but in a neat suit compared to the shredded outfit from before. I click my tongue, he cleans up nice.

“Do you have a death wish?” Kyungsoo snarls, shifting slightly so I’m pressed up against the back of the couch, hidden from his brother.

The younger coughs awkwardly, “Sorry, I didn’t know you guys were naked.”

“What the hell do you want?”

“I just wanted to check in, the others were curious and you weren’t answering your phone…”

“Don’t you think there was a reason I was ignoring you?”

The younger huffs, “You never have very good reasons.”

“I have very important things to be doing!”

I chuckle, shoving Kyungsoo off me a bit to pop my head over the edge to smile at the blushing man, “Hello again.”

He jumps back a bit, “Um…Hello.”

“I’m the very important thing incase you were wondering,” I muse with a glance over my shoulder at a frowning Kyungsoo. “Why are you pouting?”

“I want him gone.”

“He’s your younger brother, stop being so hostile Kyungsoo. We can’t just block out the whole world.”

“He tried,” The brother muses. “Called into work, took all week off, turned off his phone, put extra security around the building, he really tried.”

“Yet here you are,” Kyungsoo snarls once again. “I figured you would have gotten the hint that I want some alone time with my mate.”

“Is he always like this?” I ask his brother.

He nods, “Yea but this is a bit more extreme than usual and you can assume why.”

“An unmated alpha in the room with a naked omega, I can understand.”

“That reminds me, the others want to meet her,” He scratches the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Not a chance in hell,” Kyungsoo deadpans.

“Who are the others?” I whine at Kyungsoo, “Why can’t meet them?”

His eyes shift to me and automatically soften, “Because Kitten, I don’t want those dirty wolves anywhere near you. At least not for awhile, I want to keep you all to myself for as long as I can.”

“You can’t just keep me locked in here.”

He chuckles, “Says who?”

“Kyungsoo,” I warn.

“Okay, Kitten I’m just kidding. At least, sort of… That reminds me we need to talk about a few things. You,” He looks back to his brother, “You need to leave.”

His brother his whole time has been watching our interaction with wide eyes, “She called you by your name… no oppa or ssi… no formal speaking at all… how old is she?”

“I’m 23!” I answer happily.

His jaw drops, pointing a finger at me and stomping his feet, he looks like an upset child, “And you don’t speak formally to me either!”

I look to Kyungsoo confused, “What’s the big deal? He can’t be that much older than me, can he?”

My mate chuckles, “He is almost 900 years old.”

“What?!” I yell, nearly jumping to my feet if not for his arm around my waist. “Than how old are you?”

“Use that brain of yours, you are a smart little kitten. You know a lot about our politics and rules, how old could I be?”

My jaw drops, “To be a council member you have to at least be… 800 years old…”

“My smart kitten,” He muses, rubbing our noses together before nosing along my jaw to my neck.

“This is making me sick,” The brother pretends to throw up.

Kyungsoo glares at him, “Than go. I’ll consider taking her to the pack house later this week but for now, I’m keeping her here.”

“Fine. But if Chanyeol hyung pops up and mobs the girl in excitement, I warned you.” He turns back and grips the door handle, “One last thing, they need your signature on a few things before today is over.”

Kyungsoo groans, “Why didn’t you just bring them with you?”

“I forgot.”

The next roar has the younger scrambling out the door, I chuckle as he goes. My mate groans once again, shifting himself closer to me and burying his face into my neck. My fingers tangle through his hair, “So what are these things we need to talk about?”

“How about we talk over breakfast? I can’t have you starving on my watch,” He kisses me softly before standing up, leaving the blanket with me, confident in his naked existence. I watch him disappear down a hallway and emerge a few minutes later wearing a pair of black boxers with a shirt in his hand. “Arms up,” He commands softly, even though he didn’t use his alpha voice I quickly obey and throw my hands above my head so he can slide the shirt on for me. It’s obviously his, I crawl over the back of the couch to follow him into the kitchen, noticing how the hem of the shirt reached my mid thigh. His wolf notices to and purrs in approval.

“What’s for breakfast?” I plop down in one the tall chairs at the breakfast bar.

“Nothing too fancy, eggs, toast and fruit sound okay?” He pulls out a fry pan and some eggs from the fridge.

I nod, “Better than what I usually eat. Do you need any help with anything?”

He hums eyeing up the knife block on the back counter, “How good are you with knives?”

“I have worked in a kitchen before, I know my way around them, what do you need me to cut?”

“There is a watermelon in the fridge, if you want to grab the cutting board from under the middle cabinet, I’ll grab the melon.”

I jump up from my seat and find the cutting board in seconds, taking note of all of his fancy pans and appliances. “You cook a lot don’t you?” I question once I have my station set up, a large knife in my hand. He sets the decent sized melon in front of me before quickly rushing back to the stove where the eggs are cooking.

“I find it relaxing.”

I hum as I quickly chop the melon into triangles. It doesn’t take him long to finish the eggs and grab a few slices of bread. It all feels weird, so domestic, like we’ve done this a million times before. My heart flutters in my chest, something he quickly notices, he stops and looks at me with concern in his eyes.

“Are you okay?”

I smile up at him, throwing my arms around his neck and kissing those beautiful lips softly, “I’m completely over the moon.”

He fights with himself to pull away from the kiss, “Eat first. I know were tigers are strong but you need to eat.” He pulls me back to where I was sitting before, placing a plate with two fried eggs, a slice of bread, and a couple slices of watermelon, he stares at me expectantly.

“You eat too.” It only takes him a moment to make his own plate and take the spot next to me. We eat for a few minutes in silence, just enjoying the others company when I remember, “So what are these things we need to talk about?”

“Well firstly I would like to apologize for being such an ass last night. As an older man I should have been in control of my wolf and should have stopped myself from basically kidnapping you last night.”

I shrug, “I went willingly. There is no need to apologize. No matter how old you are, you got excited when you saw me, I get it. My friend’s mate was no different when they met.”

He nods, obviously thankful for my understanding, “So I wanted to ask you a few questions that I should have asked last night. Like what is your surname?”

I chuckle realizing we really haven’t done a proper introduction, I turn to him with my hand out, “Kim, Kin Eunbi, and you are?”

“Do Kyungsoo,” He shakes my hand with a small smile.

“Well Kyungsoo, as an old man what do you do? Seems like it will be important.”

He nods, “I am the head of the Do group. CEO Do industries.”

I click my tongue, “Wow, my mate is pretty damn impressive.”

“And you are a dancer?”

“Lets not talk about me now, my life just looks sad compared to yours.”

“I have had a long time to get my life together, you are still just a little kitten. You have plenty of time to grow.”

“Thanks for inspirational words. Next question.”

“Of course, I hope you don’t mind my asking but about your ears…” He stares at them for a moment, I forgot that my wig had fallen off last night. My hands automatically go up to caress the soft fur. He watches me, his hand twitches in his lap making me chuckle.

“You can touch them,” I lean my head towards him. He is hesitant at first but once I lean closer he lets one hand graze them slightly. A purr begins to go off in my chest as his fingers gently caress one of my ears. “When I was little something happened to one of my human ears and I got scared and was only able to partially transform at the time, hence cat ears. I have tried getting them back to normal but I can’t so I just wear wigs to get people to stop staring,” I shrug.

He hums, staring at them with some kind of adoration in his eyes.

“Any other questions?”

“I was wondering about how you wanted to do things after today,” He looks down at his food, suddenly bashful.

“What do you mean?” I frown, thrown by the question. He made if very clear last night and this morning that there is no if, ands, or buts, about it, we are mates. Did he not want me as a mate? Did he want me to leave or something?

“What I said earlier, about keeping you here all week, I don’t want that-”

My heart stops. I can’t my mouth to open, I just stare at him, is he rejecting me?

He gives me a side glance when my breath hitches, “Please don’t be mad, it’s just how wolves are. We are possessive creatures when it comes to our mates. If you don’t want to move in that’s-“

“Wait a minute, move in? I thought you were going to kick me out!” I snarl, ready to murder him for giving me a heart attack.

“No, no, no, of course not!”

“Well you just said you don’t want to keep my here all week.”

“I want to keep you here forever!”

“Oh.” Now I feel like an idiot.

“I just don’t know how to say it without sounding like some crazy obsessive beast.”

“How about saying, ‘hey, we are mates, how about you move in since we are destined to be together forever anyway?’”

He pouts, “I didn’t know how well over that would go.”

“Well better than sounding like you were trying to get rid of me.”

He turns to me, “I would never try to get rid of you Kitten, understand? We are mates, you are going to be lucky to get away from me at all, okay?”

“I understand.”

“Good,” He kisses the top of my head. “So is that a yes?”

“I need to talk to my roommate first. I’m 100% sure her boyfriend would take over my half of the rent but I also want to let her know that I didn’t die.”

“We don’t have to go today,” He almost whines.

“Soo,” I warn when his hand slides up my thigh, “If we don’t her and her boyfriend are going to go to all alpha and murder someone trying to find me.”

He sighs, “Fine.”

“Now the only probably is I need some clothes since mine aren’t even whole enough to be consider clothes anymore, not that they were much before.”

“Just wear mine.”

I shrug.

He goes back into his room while I finish my breakfast, I’m not surprised that his plate is already empty, freaking wolves. He returns five minutes later in another nice suit with a pair of sweatpants in his hand.

I groan at the sight of him, “Why do you get to look so hot while I look like a bum?”

“I have to stop at my office on our way back so the suit is required. Plus I love the idea of you wearing my clothes everywhere,” He hums coming to stand in front of me. His hands rest on the breakfast bar, locking me in place, “Tells everyone who you belong to.”

I have to bite my lip to keep myself from whimpering. I push him away with all of my strength, only getting him a foot or two away, “We don’t have tome to go another round right now.”

He straightens his suit and clears his throat awkwardly, a pink hue gracing his cheeks, “You are very right. We should get going.” He hands me the pants, allowing me to pull them on myself. His eyes scan the doorway and down the hall, “Where are your shoes?”

I scoff, “I didn’t have any. I was being dragged along barefoot.”

Without a word he scoops me up bridal style and carries me out of the apartment. We take same path as last night, down the hallway, down the elevator and into the, I’m assuming, private garage. He gently places me in the passenger’s side seat before closing the door and going to his own door, grumbling something under his breath.

“What was that sir?” I raise a brow at him as he begins driving.

“I’m damning myself to the lowest part of hell for being too angry to even realize that you didn’t have shoes on last night. I pulled you across that dirty club floor and parking lot, there could have been anything on that floor! Glass, needles, vomit, anything!”

I laugh, “You worry way too much.” I place a hand on his thigh, “Kyungsoo I’m fine. I can handle walking barefoot, it’s actually what I prefer, you know basically being a cat and all. Now lets for get about it and turn here!” I frantically point to the left, realizing he has no idea where I live. I feel like we’ve known each other forever, not that we just met last night. He turns and listens quietly as I babble on, giving him directions as needed. You can tell the moment we switch to the slum of Seoul. I sense his anxiety rising, noting his hands tight grip on the wheel but choose to ignore it. I know I live in a dangerous area for a small girl but it’s all my friend and I could afford so I didn’t have much of an option. When we pull up to my building Kyungsoo is fuming.

“You live here?” His distaste and concern is written all over his face.

I sigh, “Yes, I know it’s shitty but it’s all I can afford, now do you want to stay in the car or-“

“You don’t think I’m letting you go in there alone do you?”

“Of course not,” I roll my eyes, “It’s not like I haven’t been doing it for the last three years.” He climbs out faster than me and once again picks me up like a princess. He carries me up the three flights of stairs and down the dirty hall littered with trash, his nose scrunched up in disgust. It only gets worse when we reach my door and I stretch my hand out to knock only to get pulled away right away after. Kyungsoo snarls, his teeth bared, eyes fixed on the door, his arms around me tighten. “Whoa there boy what’s with the teeth?”

His eyes glow red, “There is another alpha inside. The whole place reeks of him.”

“It’s-” The door rips open revealing another snarling alpha, this one a bit more familiar. “Yongguk oppa!” The other alpha’s eyes scan the situation in front of him for a  moment before yet another alpha appears, this one smaller, “Hyorin!”

“Eunbi!” My friend yells happily, reaching for me only to be pulled away by her mate. “Ya!”

“Who the hell are you?” Yongguk snarls.

“I was about to ask you the same thing. Heel mutt,” Kyungsoo seethes back, his eyes glowing more intense. Two alphas seem to enter a trance automatically going down on one knee and tilt their heads to the side, bearing their necks.

“What in the world is going on?” I demand, slapping Kyungsoo’s chest lightly.

“It’s a trick you pick up as an older alpha, you can make younger or weaker wolves submit without fighting.”

“Well stop. This is my roommate, and best friend, Hyorin, and her mate Yongguk. They are both very nice people.”

He growls again, “His scent is all over this place.”

“Yea, it’s how we keep other alphas away, Yongguk is pretty strong, at least I thought he was, he has helped me out a lot so stop this.”

“Fine,” He grumbles, he stops growling allowing his eyes to go back to normal ad allowing my friends to snap out of their trance. Hyorin shakes herself out of it before glaring at Soo, she reaches for me but once again I’m pulled away. “No touching.”

“Soo,” I whine kicking my legs, “Let me down.”

“Bi, you going to explain who this strange wolf carrying you is?” She questions.

“Oh yea! Oppa, Hyorin, this is my mate Kyungsoo. We met last night at the club.”

Hyorin nods, “And also broke a bouncer’s hand.”

“Yea he did…”

Soo pouts, “It’s because he was going to take you away.”

“I know, don’t worry, it’ll be fine.”

“So, mate?” Yongguk eyes the older man up.

“Does this mean you are going to move out?” My friend pouts.

“Yea, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize,” Her mate smiles, “I can finally get her to move in with me and you both can get out of this dump.”

“Great, now that all of that is settled, grab your things so we can go,” Kyungsoo finally puts me down past the thresh hold.

“What’s the rush?” Hyo muses, wrapping an arm around me almost possessively. “I would like to get to know the man who swooped up my best friend. You are an old powerful alpha from what I can tell, who exactly are you?”

He doesn’t answer, just glowers at her.

“Do Kyungsoo,” I answer.

Her eyes go wide, both her and Yongguk take two large steps away from me. “Do Kyungsoo? As in the councilmen?”

“Yes?” I look at him confused, “How big of a deal is that for other wolves?”

“Bi! You aren’t speaking formally to him! What the hell?” She warns, full of panic.


“It’s a big deal to other wolves but please don’t worry about it,” He admits but shrugs it off. “Now please gather your things. Are you going to need help?”

“No, I don’t have much. You should come along anyway,” I hold my hand out to him, which he quickly takes. I lead him through the small apartment into my tiny bedroom which only has room for a twin sized bed and a dresser. I grab my only large duffle bag and begin cleaning out my drawers.

“How long have you know them?” He asks suddenly. I turn around to see him sitting on the edge of my bed, his eyes fixated on me like usual.

“Um, for about six years now. I met Hyorin in high school and she met Oppa right after we graduated.”

“You seem really close.”

I nod, “We were all we really had at the time.”

“What about your family?”

I sigh and run my fingers through my hair, “My dad, who is a were, hooked up with my mom and ran away right after she found out she was pregnant with me. My mom took care of me until the whole thing with my ears happened. She didn’t want to be know as the woman with the freak child so she gave me up when I was about 5. After that I went to a home for were children and I just kind of took care of myself after that.”

He is right behind me in a second, his arms wrapping around me tightly, pulling me into a soothing hug, “I’m so sorry Kitten.”

I shrug, “I’m over it now.”

He kisses my shoulder a few times before licking the bite mark on my neck, “You will never have to deal with things like that again.”

“I know,” I turn around in his embrace and kiss his lovely lips softly, “Thank you.”


“Wow,” I whistle at the sight of the massive building across the plaza. “That’s yours?”

He nods proudly, “My office is on the top floor. Over there,” He points to another skyscraper on the left, “Is Kim Industries. They are our partners and pack members. Than over there on the right is Wu, our Chines pack members. Behind them is Park.”

“All of them are part of your pack?”

“Yes, the Wu’s have four sons, Park two, Kim also four, and that leaves Do with two also.”

“So the twelve men in the council are you and your friends?”

“Yes, now do you want to come in with me?” He offers but looking down at my outfit I grimace and shake my head. I changed at my place but my outfit probably doesn’t fit the requirements to go inside, even with the boss on my arm.

“Next time I’ll wear something more appropriate so you can show me off without me feeling like an idiot.”

He chuckles, “You look absolutely beautiful.” His eyes scan over my pale blue jean and ratty black t-shirt down to my black heels and looks at me with so much adoration I feel like I’m wearing a ball gown with a full face a makeup.

“Thanks Soo but I’m just going to wander around the plaza for a few minutes, stretch my legs and enjoy some fresh air before we get home and lock ourselves in again,” I smirk at how his breath hitches and his eyes flash red.

“I’ll be back as fast as possible,” We both get out of the car, he walks with me to the center of the plaza but I shoo him away to do his work. He is hesitant to go but after a few kisses and a kick to the butt I get him going. The minute he is gone I feel eyes on me. I am out of place in the business centric plaza but I ignore the looks and begin to take a small stroll around the area. My eyes scan over the tall building that belongs to one of his pack members, Kim, I believe, before wandering over to Wu and even glancing back at Park. I thought they would all be the same boring inside but each has their own style, ranging from modern to classic to edgy. I feel tempted to wander inside but from the dirty looks I’m getting from the receptionists through the glass I have a feeling I’m not welcomed. Staring up at the top of Soo’s building I wonder if he’s watching me now or if he’s focused on work. I don’t feel the tingling down my back like I usually do when he stares so I go with the latter. So distracted by my thoughts I don’t notice the man on his phone walking my way until we are slamming into each other.

“Sorry,” I mumble stepping away quickly, noting it’s another wolf and don’t want his scent anywhere near me.

“Bi?” A familiar voice muses.

I look up and automatically grimace at the sight of an old customer, “Hello Jay.”

“What are you doing here?” He grins wide at me, completely ignoring my obvious distaste for him. We ended our client dancer association after I found out he was mated to a pretty little wolf, actually I ended it after she came to the club bawling. The alpha didn’t seem phased by his mate’s tears, he makes me feel disgusted with myself for not seeing his asshole ways earlier.

“I’m waiting for my mate,” I answer sharply.

He sniffs me, “Do I smell a wolf on you?”

“Yes,” I grit out between my teeth when he takes a step closer. Forcing me back a few more. “He should be back soon so get out of here. We are no longer acquaintances.”

“I would say we were more than acquaintances.”

“No. You were my customer until I banned you from the club, now we are nothing. Got it? I have a mate.”

He rolls his eyes at me, “Cats don’t have mates, you know that. It’s a wolf thing. Who is this wolf you fucking? Is he good? I thought you wouldn’t do it with a wolf? Are you expanding your clientele? Could I get a little taste?” He winks at me, making me feel sick, “How much?”

I growl at him, “No. I have never had sex for money, we both know that. Remember all the times I turned your nasty ass down? I have a mate now so I will be finding a different job so mind your own god damn business and get on with your life.”

“You can’t talk to me like that you little-” He is cut off by a horrifying snarl from over my shoulder. An arm wraps around my shoulders, it’s a tall handsome man with sharp features, his teeth bared at the man who had been yelling at me. Jay gulps but tries to put on a brave face, “Back off man I’m talking to the bitch.”

Another man appears, this one just as tall with bags under his fierce eyes, “Watch your mouth mutt,” He snarls. His hand is on the back of Jay’s neck, squeezing until Jay yelps in pain and drops to his knees. “Apologize. Now.”

“Who the hell are you guys?” Jay whimpers. I realize more attractive men in suits have surrounded us, each looking absolutely pissed, eyes glowing red, fangs peeking out from their upper lips. Even with their deadly aura I feel completely safe under this man’s arm. Not as warm and safe as I feel with Soo but it’s similar. I notice one familiar face.

“Do you really need to ask?” The man holding on to me growls.

Jay studies them for a moment, his face pales, confirming my thoughts.

“You are the council,” We both mumble together.

“Yes. Now I’ll say it one more time before I rip your head off for attacking a council member’s mate. Apologize.”

Jay presses his forehead to the ground, crying loudly, apologizing just as loudly. I roll my eyes, what a bitch. I sigh and look up at the one hanging on me, “If I threaten him will you back me up?”

He chuckles, “Happily.”

I smirk as I crouch down closer to where Jay is bawling. Feeling brave I tap the back of his head, “Stop your bawling and look at me.” He slowly obeys, only peeking up at me, “I will forgive you on one condition.”

Jay nods eagerly.

“Stop being a piece of shit. IF I hear tat you cheated on your mate one more fucking time I will murder you. She did nothing to deserve your shit. I have known my mate for under 24 hours and it destroys me to think about doing that to him or him doing that to me. So get a fucking heart, okay?”

He nods.

“Good, now scram.”

Jay is on his feet rushing away faster than I ever thought possible, leaving me with the eleven men who came to my rescue. I bow to them deeply, “Thank you.”

The tallest chuckles, “Doesn’t really look like you needed us.”

I shrug, “It’s always good to have some muscle.”

“So you are our Kyungsoo’s mate,” Another tall one hums, this one has much softer, even child like features.

“Yes, you are his pack.”

“Yes, we are.”

“You must be head alpha,” I note, staring down the tallest.

“I’m Kris Wu,” He bows his head slightly. “How could you tell?”

“You have this thing about you, screams head alpha.”

“I take it you are a were cat,” Another speaks, this one looks young but carries himself like an older man, and by the way the others separate for him I’m going with much older.

“Tiger,” I point out, flashing my blue eyes.

“Those are interesting,” He muses coming closer to get a better look at my ears. I move them slightly making him jump back like a child. Three others come closer to stare at them as well.

“I’m Eunbi by the way,” I smile at them.


“I’m Chanyeol!”


“Jongdae,” One with a Cheshire like grin bows his head. I scan the other six who have yet to say a word.

“I already know you,” I smirk at the blond man slowly creeping up.

“There you go again,” He huffs.

“You are the only one who seems to have a problem with it.”

“What?” Baekhyun glances between us confused.

“See Baekhyun doesn’t even notice it.”

“That’s not an excuse!”

“Sehun what are you whining about now?” Kyungsoo finally appears. I beam at him and rush over into his open arms.

“Soo,” I playfully whine, casting a glare at Sehun, “Sehunnie is being mean.”

“I am not!”

“He is the youngest isn’t he?” I suddenly realize why it must be bugging him.

“How can you tell?” A pretty doe eyed man snorts.

“Is he always this childish?”

The man nods, before narrowing his eyes on me, not in a pissed way, more amused than anything, “Oh.”

“There you go,” I chuckle.

“What?” Baekhyun joins in on the whining.

“Come on Baekhyun, you can figure it out,” I stare at him for another moment before his jaw drops.


“Oh?” Sehun pouts. “She just gets an oh? No scolding or punishment? You guys would murder me if I did that!”

The others slowly catch on, Kris is chuckling at the realization, “How the hell did I not realize she was speaking informally?”

“How old are you?” Minseok questions with the same amusement.

“23,” Soo and I both respond.

“She is going to fit in well here,” Kris sighs.

“Fit in?” I look to Soo confused.

“As my mate, you are now part of our pack,” He kisses my temple.

“So that’s why all of you came rushing over, to help a pack member?”

Kris nods, “Since you are a mate the protectiveness we feel will be more intense until the rest of us find mates.”

“Wow none of you have mates? Aren’t you all really old?”

The pretty man chuckles, “You sure are something.”

Kyungsoo wraps his arms around me tight, “Yes, you sure are. You are all mine, little kitten.”

“Enough of that mushy stuff,” A tan man grimaces at us.

“Jongin is just mad he doesn’t have mate do that with,” A sweet man glares at the younger.

“You are too Yixing hyung.”

“Okay guys that’s enough,” Another calms the two, “I’m Suho, second in command, it’s nice to meet you.” The man tries to shake my hand but Soo pulling me away makes him roll his eyes. The other’s all come forward, greeting me with big smiles and attempts at hugs but stop when Kyungsoo begins kicking them away. I just chuckle as they cause a massive amount of chaos in the plaza, causing people to run away.

“As alpha of the pack,” Kris says gaining everyone’s attention, he smirks at me, “I’m happy to welcome you to the pack, Kitten,”

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Beware Hype Burnout

I just typed out a quirky post saying I didn’t mind if Jack wasn’t planning something huge with the egos. I don’t mind if it’s just for shits n giggles to make sure we keep ourselves entertained while he’s busy in LA.  Because we have.

I don’t want this to end just yet. I’m really enjoying being dicked with. I’m loving the fearful excitement, the anticipation, the new blogs and friendships that have been created in response. 

However, I think I, and a few others are beginning to succumb to hype burnout. The hype is HUGE. And rightly so. This isn’t just Anti, other egos are involved and that creates a vast sea of theories & HC possibilities, which has been amazing.  But there are SO many theories now and SO many are grasping at the tiniest of straws that I’m skipping a lot of theory posts and that’s sad. I won’t say we’re overreacting, because I love how excited everyone is. Be excited!  

I just think the vagueness is starting to take a toll. On me, at least.  I don’t want to reach a point where I stop being excited.  It’s on the horizon.

That doesn’t mean this should end. God no, please, no!  I love it too much.

I think giving us one, good, solid hint will allow us to focus our theories again. 

I don’t expect everyone to agree, maybe we just need a chance to breathe, but we’re too hyped to stop hunting for clues. I don’t want the dicketry to stop, I just need it to be more focused for a while.

Fic Recs #23

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What up, let’s read some fanfic.

Loving Together by @tsukikomew - Part 3 of the Together series. More babies. More challenges. More adorableness.

Olicity Fic Challenge 10: Nerf War by @spaztronautwriter - Felicity is left alone with William for the first time when Oliver gets called away on mayoral business. There’s only one way to deal with this: nerf war.

In the eye of the storm by @lilliclementi93 - Felicity and Oliver are on their way to Russia when the plane crashes in the wilderness. Lost and injured, they have to work together to survive.

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Mis-Adventures and Overreactions by @Dairi - Five times Felicity overreacts  with a scream, and one time it isn’t an overreaction.

Episode-Related One-Shot Related to 5x23: I find the cliffhanger uninteresting, so let’s skip right on past whatever the rescue effort is and just– by @machawicket - Post S5 finale. Skipping all that angsty cliffhanger apart-ness stuff. Let’s be real, we wanna get to the good stuff!

Pacific Crest Trials by ME - Felicity mentioned the PCT. She shared that look with Oliver, and we all know what that meant. The Summer of Resolved Sexual Tension aka the Sexing Across America tour totally featured our favorite couple hiking the trail. This was written for @thebookjumper Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon prompt “summer vacation!”

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Defy the Odds by @dreamsofolicity - Felicity and Oliver are both from Starling City, but they don’t meet until a twist of fate brings them together in the Caribbean.

Defenders of the Night by @bushlaboo - This fandom needs more fantasy AUs hardcore! I think this is based on some type of movie/book series/tv show I’ve never heard of, but I don’t care! There’s gargoyles, curses, magic, and all that fun stuff! Go forth and expand your horizons.

Bonds That Can’t Be Broken by @wherethereissmoak - Felicity Smoak - an Omega - wakes after one night of her heat with no memory of the night before, a bondmark, and her mate nowhere in sight. What happens next?

The Donor by @spaztronautwriter - Felicity wants to have a baby. The only problem? She’s not dating anyone. But why should she let that stop her? She decides to get artificially inseminated, but couldn’t have anticipated everyone at QC would think the baby was Oliver’s.

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(Untitled) Masterpiece by @overwatch-smoak - Lyrical, artistic, soulmate-y AU? I’m kinda confused, but I don’t care! This story is so beautiful and I’m so excited for more!

Zip-lines and Ladders by @herskirtsarentthatshort - Olicity honeymoon. Felicity is still afraid of heights.

Across the Room by ME! - This involves: a mayoral event, married Olicity, Cat Grant, and blistering sexual tension. Perks of being the writer of these things are many. One of them is that I can recommend my own fanfic to you guys. And hey, if I didn’t think it was pretty good, I wouldn’t! Hope you enjoy!

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Whiskey Sour Kisses by @izzyface - Felicity gets fired by Walter for continuing to look into Tempest. She meets Oliver for the second time at a bar when she’s trying to drink away her sorrows.

The Beast Within by @felicityollies - Oliver became a werewolf on the island. He comes back and can’t quite get over his curiosity about a particular blonde.

In Starling Green by @writewithurheart - The Arrow/Robin Hood AU that I can’t believe isn’t more popular in this fandom?? It practically writes itself! Either way, do yourself a favor and go read it!

Panthera Pardus by @alexiablackbriar13 - Oliver didn’t just become something else on Lian Yu in the figurative sense. It was in the literal sense, too. Instead of coming back a man, he comes back a 42% panther shapeshifter.

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Double Date or Couples Therapy? by @Jess_S - Part of the amazing, indomitable Felicitas series! Oliver, Felicity, Tommy and Laurel all get together to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It’s more fraught than a double date should be…

Change of Plans by @thatmasquedgirl - A flashback in the A-Team AU universe. Tragic, beautiful, and amazing. As always!

Before the End of Dreams || Kaneki x Touka

Warning:  Sexual Content / Strong Language

Words(Before NSFW Warning):  750+

Words(Total):  1400+

Cover image poorly ripped and snipped straight from Ishida Sui from Tokyo Ghoul:re 124

So I was in the middle of finishing this one piece and ch 124 goes and drops on me and ruins all motivation to finish it!  I’ll still get around to it sometime this week, but in the meantime, what better way to come back after 4+ months of no writing with something super gimmicky :D  So yeah, this particular fic was inspired by the latest chapter, and is basically my own version of an extension of it, so blame Ishida for this having to exist :<  With this, I should hopefully be back to posting stories somewhat frequently.  Also, sorry if this seems all over the place and stuff x.x

Hope you enjoy! o/

It felt like his eyes were going to pop out of his skull ー they very well should’ve with how tightly her arms wrapped around his neck. The delicate touch of her lips had blown more wind out of his sail than any attack. The warmth of her body; her legs tucked between his; her soft chest pressed against him, things had escalated much quicker than he had ever anticipated. And it all started with the mention of his ghost of a friend ー all because he thought he’d cheer her up and relieve her of the despair he’s subjected himself to so many times. Not that it mattered anymore; the plan blew up in smoke, and now he’s pinned, completely at her mercy.

“Where has this taste been?”  He thought to himself as she had her way with him.

She wastes no time making up for the years lost between them, closing the distance as seamlessly as her tongue easing itself across his lips. Her silken touch made his skin tinge, his mind shake, and his heart flitter. As her tongue squirmed and smoothed around his, it felt like warm water were running down his face. He just couldn’t keep still any longer.

His arms reach around her back, pressing her more firmly against him. It was annoying how much fabric separated them, and the thought of her earlier offer made it even harder to ignore. Even harder to maintain was the growth below his waist that slowly began to press against her pants. She pulls her lips away for a moment, smiling brightly at him, as if she’d already known his secret.

“So it wasn’t just him after all who saw me in that way.”

His eyes avoid hers as he answers, “You’ve got me compromised here.”

She pulls his arm from her back and guides his hand to her breast. He feels something firm in the center, even between the fabrics.

“Now we both are.” She says to reassure him.

“Eh? So this is the same as…”

“Kaneki…” She kisses him again. “Don’t talk so much.”

She dives back in tongue first, only this time he reciprocates in full. She gave a sudden moan when he squeezes her breast. His other hand caresses the back of her neck, and his lips reach around to her cheek. She giggles mildly to his kisses, his lips slowly traveling down to her neck. He takes his time kissing and licking against her soft skin, leaving no spot unturned. He carefully studied her face all the while, eyes wide shut, with lips mildly parted with calm, yet hazy breaths.  

She tugs his shirt, lifting it up between them, and he separates just long enough for her to take it off completely. She traces the grooves of his toned torso, eventually stealing a page from him when she begins to mimic the things he did to her own neck, only with more force ー more passion. With both hands planted firmly over his shoulders, she runs her tongue all around his neck., moving up to his cheeks, to his lips, and then to his ears, where she relentlessly nibbles and sucks on them, if nothing else than for the mere amusement of hearing Kaneki squirm and moan.

“Ngh! It…tickles…”

“Deal with it.”


He pushes her gently by the shoulders, but she wouldn’t budge. At her own whim, she indulges in her fun for a while longer, soon raising from him with battering eyes.

“Had your fun yet?”  He asks with a mildly annoyed expression.

“Maybe. Or maybe I can’t help being so in love with you.  Maybe I’ve grown tired of seeing you go all the time, not knowing if the next time would be the last. Maybe I just want to keep you close so that I don’t have to keep worrying about whether or not you’ll disappear on me.”

As if consoling her, Kaneki caresses her cheeks. “In Cochlea, that might’ve been the case. I thought that I could die without regrets if I knew that it’d be for the sake of protecting you and the others. That was when Hide stopped me, and reminded me that there are still things in this world worth living for. Like him.”

She smiles at him brightly. “I’m glad that’s the decision you came to-”

He rolls on top of her, paying her back for earlier.

“And you.”


Only the moon could bare witness to the glowing look on her eyes at his sudden confession. Foreheads meld and hearts flow in sync as the night ages, both of them content with just being in the other’s company for the rest of the night.

Thank you for reading T-T


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anonymous asked:

What would it take for you to come back and be a fan again?

I’m not sure that’s possible. I’m so apathetic right now that I can’t see myself ever being a fan again, but I’ll answer this anyway. These are the tips I have for Starz/Sam/Cait to heal the fandom and to possibly gain back the fans they’ve lost…

- No more abuse of shippers. Enough is enough. You have the power to stop it. We are not the evil bullies that we’ve been made out to be for so long. We do not deserve the constant harassment. It’s something that has an actual affect on real people. Do you want to be responsible for someone else’s pain? This game of Chinese whispers has gotten so out of hand. Any rumour that’s being spread by someone about someone else should not be believed unless it can be backed up with solid proof. 

- No more games. No more innuendo laden IG posts. If you say you want to keep your personal life private then do so. Stop letting people close to you taunt the fandom. Just be honest. Own your narrative and your partners. I promise it will be for the best and you’ll gain back that privacy you say you want so badly.

- Proper show promo. S3 may be four months away but that doesn’t mean there can’t be something posted each week to excite fans. Pictures, tweets, bts videos, unseen interviews, audition tapes, competitions etc would be perfect.

- No more over the top flirting if it’s not genuine. Seriously. I’m all for banter and cute exchanges every now and then but playing crotch hockey at T2 was a step too far if the real SO was behind the scenes watching it all go down. If you really are just friends then prove it. 

- Treat ALL fans with respect. Shippers deserve to be here just as much as any other fan. We’ve been loyal to you. We’ve supported you. That’s all we want in return.

That’s all I can think of right now. Obviously I’m not demanding any of this, just some friendly advice….

Method Actor - Anthony Ramos x Reader

Summary: On the stage of 21 Chump Street, the reader is playing Naomi Rodriguez opposite a very talented Anthony Ramos. He seems to have feelings for her, but she fears that this is only acting. 

Warnings: Two or so curse words, but nothing other than that! 

Word Count: 1,433 (I cut down! Yay!)

A/N: Two fics in two days. I feel like I should apologize for being so over-excited! This burst of inspiration, combined with an added adoration for Anthony Ramos meant I couldn’t stop myself from writing this one. I hope you enjoy it! It’s got the same slight angst feel to it but I’m a sucker for a fluffy ending. Let me just add @alexanderhamllton because the poor girl has only gone and cursed herself for asking to be tagged in my pieces! Enjoy, and send in requests and prompts! I love those. 

askbox | masterlist

The problem is, the moment you met Anthony Ramos was the day your feet slipped from right under you. So this is what it meant to be swept off your feet. You hadn’t been hoping for much when you signed up to audition for 21 Chump Street, you really hadn’t. With such a strong, talented rising star writing the piece, Lin-Manuel Miranda had been (in your mind) taking a huge chance casting some new girl as Naomi Rodriguez. And yet, here you were, two days before the premiere at rehearsals and you couldn’t take your eyes off the curly-haired boy in front of you. You had gotten close, during the process of the musical, and you were happy to know such a sweet boy, but damn it, were you whipped, and fast.

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It’s A Secret (Minho x Reader)

Character: Minho

Fandom: Maze Runner

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Title: It’s A Secret

Requested by anon:

hi I love your imagines so I was wondering if you could write one with Minho how he is usually sarcastic and such but when he is around y/n he acts all different and all the gladers tease him about it and try to set them up. thanks!!

Requested by newtmybby:

Hey I love your imagines! Could you make one minhoxreader where they really like each other and they flirt each other? And then at the bonfire Minho gets drunk and tells her how he feels?

A/N: I had an idea so changed it up a bit, hope you guys like it! ;)

I froze when I saw Minho walking my way, and I averted my gaze, mortified. It was very hard liking him and being treated like klunk in response. So I just preferred to make myself invisible and maybe then he wouldn’t pick on me.

And because I wasn’t really looking where I was going, I bumped into him. My shoulder collided with his sturdy frame, which made me sore.

“Look where you’re going, Greenie!” Minho told me off, being temperamental and sulky as usual.

Sometimes I did wonder why I liked him when he was that much of a jerk. Maybe I was wrong, maybe he wasn’t like I thought he was and I was idealizing him, thinking he was so great in his own way.

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Reaction - Gruvia Oneshot

AN: Hi, this is my first attempt at writing in English, sooo I’m sorry if it sucks!




 Gray was acting weird lately. Not around his friends, of course. He still had those long e happy conversations with Lucy; played comfortably with Wendy; shared a few drinks with Cana and - obviously - his fights with Natsu never appeared to end (and for that, Erza would aways reprehend them). Everything looked exactly the same, except for his relationship with a certain water mage.

It started when Juvia showep up at the guild in a regular morning. She quickly went to compliment her beloved, whom was already with his group of friends at one of the tables, and then went to seat with Gajeel, Levy and Lily. So far so good. But a few minutes later, Gray walked until them and seated next to the bluennette… a little too close. There was a lot of space, but he seemed comfortable with his shoulders and knees touching hers, and that didn’t pass unnoticed by Levy and the black exceed. But after some pondering about how their proximity was completely normal - and even predictable - after almost a year living together, they decided to let it go.


The following morning, Gray and Juvia were side by side in front of the quest board. Both seemed very focused reading the descriptions of each mision. When Juvia accidentaly dropped one of the pamphlets and lowered herself to pick it, some strands of hair covered her face. The ice mage promptly put it behind her ear, almost causing the bluennet to faint - wich could happen anytime from the look of her very red face and the steam coming out of her head -, and then turned his attention back to the board as if nothing happened.

Cana, who watched the whole scene, was open-mouthed and nearly dropped her beloved barrel on the floor.

- I have to stop drinking so early.. - She said in desbelief and seriously doubting her discerniment capacity in a drunkenness state.


The day Team Natsu decided to watch something in Lucy’s new movie lacrima, Juvia just arrived from a mission with Gajeel.

- Can we go already? - Natsu snorted impatient. - Me and Happy want to sleep in Lucy’s bed.

- Aye!

- Who said anything about sleeping in my bed?! - The blonde said exasperated.

- I’ll be right back. - Gray went after Wendy and Juvia. They were headed to the infirmary, where the young dragon slayer was fast using her magic in the water mage’s most serious injuries.

- Juvia is fine, Wendy. You don’t have to bend over backwards because of this. - The bluennet smiled kindly to the child. - Juvia will be brand new in no time, thanks to you.

- No need to be grateful for it, Juvia-san. I’m glad I could help you. - Wendy blushed a little and soon realized they weren’t alone. Gray was in the room, and he seemed really worried. - I’m gonna dispose of this bandages and be right back. If you feel anything, please let me know.

- Tough job? - The dark haired boy asked once they were alone and approached the bed Juvia was seated.

- Oh, not really! Juvia thinks Wendy overdid it a little.. Ouch! - Juvia moaned with pain after trying to get up, and soon she was seated again pressing her hands firmly against her ribs.

- Be careful. - He warned, standing right in front of her with a serious look in his face, and searched for more wounds on her body with his eyes. - Where else does it hurt?

- Nowhere, Dr. Gray-sama. - She smiled playfully, hoping that would tranquilize him. - You will not get rid of Juvia so easily.

- That’s the last thing I want. - Gray showed his most flatterer smile to her and put his hands kindly on her pale face. Juvia felt like her heart was going to scape through her mouth.

- G-Gray-sama… What are you doing?

Before they could do anything, Natsu slammed the door open.

- GRAY, WE NEED TO GO! NOW! - The dragon slayer yelled.

- Natsu! Stop being so annoying and slow! They’re talking! - Lucy came inside the infirmary as well and started pulling the pink haired boy out.  - I’m sorry about this, guys!

Alone, again, the brunet snorted with anger.

- That moron! - He whispered to himself.

- Gray-sama is going out on a mission? - The bluenette asked with curiosity.

- I wish. We’re going to watch a movie, or something like that, in Lucy’s place. - Gray rolled his eyes. - Wanna come?

- Juvia would love to! - Juvia said excited, but the twinge in her ribs turned the enthusiasm into disappointment. - Perhaps Juvia should wait until she’s completely recovered.

- Yeah. - The ice mage sighed. - I have to go now.. Sorry. I’ll come back later to see how you’re doing.

- Thanks for coming and checking up on Juvia. - She offered him a big, brilliant and beautiful smile. Gray felt his cheeks becoming warm. 

- Juvia’s really happy.

- I-It was nothing.

- Would Gray-sama like to go on a mission with Juvia, when she’s feeling better? - Juvia asked bashfully; the nervousness evident in her voice.

The crooked smile that only made him look more handsome was back in his face, then.

- Sure.


When Gray left the infirmary, Lucy looked at him with a very malicious smile.

- What?

- I heard you two. - She said, causing him to blush violently. - We can wait until Juvia is feeling better. She could come with us and you guys could be toget-

- S-Shut up! - He said with a scowl.


Walkind down the bustling streets of Magnolia, Erza suddenly stopped walking when she saw, through the big window of a café, two familiar figures. Juvia was trying very hard to eat a dessert - but without much success, ‘cause her face was getting all sugary in the process - while Gray laughed affectionately, having fun with the bluenette’s lack of skill. That scene made a sweet smile appear almost automatically in Erza’s features, especially when the brunet pretended to stretch his arms just to put one of them around Juvia’s shoulders. He was finally being “a little more resolute”.

Since the end of the Alvarez Empire’s war, the ice mage seemed to be genuinely happy. A kind of happiness that he never allowed himself to feel before. And of course - the re-equip mage knew for sure - Juvia was behind this. 


When they stopped if front of the Fairy Hills’ entrance, the water mage embraced her beloved in a tight hug.

- Juvia knows it wasn’t a real date, but this was the best night of her life. Thank you, Gray-sama!

- But it was a real-

- Gray-sama is acting.. Hm.. Different with Juvia. She doesn’t know what’s going on, but-

- Juvia. - Gray called her with amusement. He couldn’t believe his ears…

- Yes? - She looked at him with expectation.

- I promised an answer, right?

- Gray-sama doesn’t have to worry about-

- This is what’s going on.

At first she looked honestly confused but, a few long seconds later, the bluenette finally seemed to understand what Gray was talking about.

- O-Oh… - Juvia said, looking at her own feet. Each second that passed, her face becoming even more red. - Oh! So… Gray-sama… Juvia…?

Before she could say some nonsense or do anything, Gray grabbed her by the waist and touched her lips gently with his. He almost smiled when she stopped breathing in the beginning of the kiss. Then, not much seconds later, they pulled apart - just a few centimeters.

- Did you get it now, right?

- Gray-sama… Are you sure? - She whispered, with her eyes still closed, and Gray kissed her again. This time, really slow and a little deeper, but as tender as the first one. - But Juvia is- One more kiss.

- I’ll keep kissing you until I get a normal Juvia reaction. - He said just about to capture her lips again, but stopped after realizing that her eyes were watery. - J-Juvia! Did I do something wrong?! - The brunet was exasperated.

- Can Juvia hug you… Anytime and anywhere she wants?

- Er.. Yeah. You already do this, actually. - The ice mage was confused.

- And.. Can Juvia kiss you? - The bluenette bit her bottom lip. - Even if she really enjoys doing it? She might get addicted..

That made him laugh loudly.

- I am honestly hoping for that to happen. - And that’s when the “normal Juvia reaction” happened. She jumped euphoric in his arms and kissed her Gray-sama passionately.

Prison Break (Spencer x Hotch x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! Thank you so so so much for 300 followers. I haven’t had my blog for that long and I’m really grateful you people are enjoying my writing and I love writing your requests! I have a few more and then the will be open again!
Warnings: none
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Aaron Hotchner (being protective) x Reader
Prompt: the reader is apart of the BAU Team and her and Hotch goes in to a jail to talk to a prisoner and the prison gets locked down. Spencer and the reader are married and are going to have a baby and when Spencer finds out about the prison he starts freaking out and has to tell the team that you are pregnant… And Hotch protects you from the inmate when he tries to hurt you and u tell Hotch about being prego but everything is good in the end
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: waking Spencer up in the middle of the night because…
You sat in the passenger seat of the SUV while the unit chief Hotch sat next to you.
You and Hotch were always close, friendship wise.
He wasn’t so harsh with you and if you were luck there were a few smiles you earned from him.
“Are you sure your okay with this task? You look worried.” He asked soothingly.
“Yeah I’m sure. It’s just… I have some news but I don’t know when to tell everyone.” You admitted.
“What news is it? Is it good?” He asked as you pulled up to the prison where you and Hotch were assigned to question a prisoner.
“Yeah it’s good. It’s really good. Well uh chat about it later.” You said, finishing your sentence quicker than you wanted due to the approaching officer.
“Are you SSA Aaron Hotchner and Y/N L/N?” The dark man asked.
You both nodded and you followed him through a couple of doors and into a small room where Ramon Riverez sat, handcuffed to the table.
“Hello Mr. Riverez. Do you mind if we ask you a few questions?” You asked politely as you sat down in front of him.
“It’s not like I really have a choice.” He said holding up his cuffed wrists.
You looked up at Hotch and he started the questions.
Once you got the valuable information you needed, you and Hotch were escorted out of the room and you both started walking down the long hallway.
“So that news I was talking about earlier..” you trailed off.
“Yes? I’m excited to hear it.” He said with a tiny smile appear on his lips.
“I'm…I’m pregnant.” You stuttered.
Hotch stopped in his tracks. “You’re pregnant? Y/N congratulations.” He said with a full smile stretched across his face.
“Thank you! I wasn’t sure when I should tell the rest of the team.” You said rubbing your arm.
“Anytime works. I couldn’t think of the need being inconvenient at any time. This is great news.” He said as you approached the lobby.
As you were about to turn the corner, a loud siren sounded.
You heard several doors being raised, causing your heart rate to go up.
The prison is under lockdown.
The man at the lobby desk stood up take us into the back room but was shot by a prisoner.
I could tell the gun was illegal, most likely another cop’s gun.
“Y/N stay behind me.” Hotch said putting an arm behind him as you hid from the prisoner with the gun.
“Come with me now!” He commanded.
You looked at Hotch’s empty holster and whimpered quietly.
The cops demanded you leave all weapons behind for safety reasons.
You followed quietly but then you felt two large hands wrap around your shoulders pulling you back.
You let out a scream, making Hotch turn around sharply.
“No!” He yelled as the man behind you pulled you farther away from protection.
“We’re gonna have fun with you.” He said into your ear.
You harshly threw your head back, colliding the back with his nose with a crunch.
You turned around to a gun pointed at your torso.
“Follow now!” The prisoner yelled again.
All you could do now is just obey and hope no one gets hurt.
Spencer paced back and forth, cursing under his breathe.
“No no no why? Why now? Why her? Can… is there any way we can-can contact them? Convince them to let Y/N and Hotch go?” He frantically said to Garcia who typed away at her keyboard.
“We could try calling but I highly doubt they will cooperate.” She said.
Once Spencer saw the number pop up on the screen he pulled out his phone and dialed the number, hitting dial immediately after.
He traced his tongue over his bottom lip as the phone rang.
He ran his fingers through his hair and huffed as no one answered.
His reaction was to try again, so he did.
“Kid… I don’t think…”
“What?” Spencer heard on the other line.
“My name is Dr. Spencer Reid with the FBI. I am willing to negotiate if you let the woman and man go. The y/h/c woman and black haired man, they arrived not that long ago.” He rushed into the phone.
“What’s in it for me? For us?” He asked smirking through the phone.
“I am willing to negotiate a deal if you just let them go.” Spencer said more calm this time.
There was a long pause.
“I don’t think so.” He said.
“Are you seriously going to hold a pregnant woman hostage? Let her go damn it!” Spencer yelled, not even realizing the first sentence that came out of his mouth.
“Woah there. You must be boyfriend.” The prisoner said, ticking Spencer off even more.
“Husband. Now let her go.”
“Reid… we need to save as many lives as we can.” Rossi said.
“Right now my priority is Y/N, Rossi.” Spencer snapped.
“Hello? Hello?”
The prisoner hung up, resulting in Spencer hurling his small cell phone at the ground.
He ran his fingers through his hair, calming down.
“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. It’s just…”
“Spence you never told us Y/N was pregnant.” JJ said with a small smile.
“We-we were going to announce it sometime soon but I-we need her out now before something goes wrong.” He said to the team.
“Let’s go.” Rossi said standing up and heading towards the door.
You sat in a cell across from Hotch, hearing the pleads of officers before being silenced with gunshots.
“These men show no mercy.” You said leaning back against the wall.
“These men are psychopaths and we need to get out of here or contact the team somehow.” Hotch said across from you.
Then you heard footsteps coming your way.
It was the same prisoner that lead you over earlier.
“So I just got off the phone with husband. He’s pretty pissed and said you were pregnant huh?” He said with a sick smile.
You stayed quiet, glaring at him as he stared at you.
“They are going to come find us and take you down I hope you know that. It’s how this crap ends every time.” You said bitterly.
“Not this time sweetheart.” He said grabbing the bars to your cell.
He laughed wickedly and turned his back to leave.
You threw your head back against the wall in frustration.
“I hope they get here soon.” You whispered out loud.
“They will.” Hotch replied.
Spencer was the first to get in the SUV, sitting in the front seat.
Once everyone else loaded up, they followed the SWAT cars to the prison.
When they arrived, just like when they loaded up, Spencer was the first to leave.
Without waiting for the rest of the team, he followed some SWAT members into the building.
Instantly they’re were shots fired, but luckily no one was hit.
Everyone took cover and shot rounds after rounds, some prisoners getting blasted, some not.
Spencer wasn’t eager to kill anyone.
In fact he never is, but his main goal right now is to find you and get you back safe.
He quickly crossed out into open fire, making a few members yell his name in fear of his courageous action.
He ran down the halls, yelling your name, until you heard it and you responded by yelling his back.
He picked up his pace, practically sprinting down the hallways.
You saw him fly past your cell, so you yelled his name with a smile.
He could be so oblivious sometimes.
Once he saw you, he kneeled down and laced your fingers with his through the bars.
“Are you okay? Are you hurt?” He said kissing the top of your hand, observing your body.
“I’m okay. They didn’t do anything.” You said with a smile.
Spencer turned around the looked at Hotch, who nodded, answering the same question Spencer asked you.
“I’m going to get you guys out of here.” He said standing up.
Then, you heard a gunshot and Spencer hit the bars of your cell.
“Spencer!” You yell holding his face in your hands as his eyes were wide open.
He turned around and pulled out his gun, firing a few shots and then using the cell diagonal of yours for cover.
Eventually, the prisoner that was shooting at him dropped to the floor, and Spencer ran back over to you.
“Darling, are okay?” You asked looking for any sign of pain in his face.
“Yeah. I think it just grazed my vest.” He said, visible sweat beads built on his forehead trickling down his face.
He ran over to the body and searched it for keys, but you realized he was out of luck when you heard him murmur under his his breathe.
“I’ll be right back I promise.” He said running down the hall again.
You slumped back down, eager to leave and be in Spencer’s arms again.
After awhile, the gunshots have died down but Spencer hasn’t came back, which made you worried.
“Hotch do…”
“He’s okay. I know it.” Hotch said, already knowing the answer to your question.
You tapped your foot nervously and then you heard lunging footsteps.
You stood up and looked down the hallway to see Spencer jogging with a pair of keys.
“Thank god.” You mumbled under your breathe as he frantically unlocked the cell.
Once the door slid open you jumped into his arms.
He embraced you tightly and nuzzled his nose into your hair.
“It wasn’t even that long but I missed you.” He said into your hair.
You laughed and you heard Hotch clear his throat.
“Oh yeah.” Spencer said unlocking the cell.
After the long day, everyone met up at the bullpen to say your goodbyes, which you found this time as the perfect opportunity to officially announce the pregnancy.
“So I take it you all already know but I’ll say it anyways. If you haven’t heard, Spencer and I are pregnant.” You said as Spencer snaked an arm around your waist.
Everyone clapped and cheered, bringing smiles to your and Spencer’s faces.
Once everyone was done congratulating you and Spencer, everyone decided to go home, including you and Spencer.
Once you got home, you and Spencer immediately collapsed into bed, exhausted from the intense day at work.
“I’m so glad you are both okay.” Spencer said rubbing your stomach.
“I am too, Spence.” You said placing your hand on top of his.
“I am too.” You repeated dozing off into a deep sleep, not even bothering to take off your clothes.

Originally posted by sherrykinss

The Date

Hello! I hope that this was what you had in mind! Also, I apologize for taking so long, I had a lot of school work on my plate. And I’m sorry if this is crappy. I kinda suck at writing.


WARNINGS: Swearing, maybe a bit OOC Levi?

It was supposed to be perfect. Levi finally worked up the courage to ask you out on a date and they just had to ruin it. Hange and Erwin. Levi had asked them for help planning out the date since he had no experience with relationships at all. What a mistake that was, he should’ve just done it himself. However, the fear of you hating the date, hating him, was too much to bare, and he had asked for help. 

At first, everything was going just as planned. He took you out to the shops, then you went out to dinner together. Both of you hadn’t realized that Hange and Erwin followed you guys out here to “supervise.” They had followed you around the shops, and were now two tables behind you, looking at you from the top of their menus. “Are you sure this is a good idea?” murmured Erwin to Hange as he put the menu down. “I feel like we’re violating their privacy. It is Levi’s date and it did seem very important to him. Maybe we should leave before we mess anything up.”

“Stop worrying! It is my duty, as Levi’s best friend, to make sure this date goes absolutely perfect. And we won’t mess anything up! We are just simply observing them. Plus, we’ll be extra careful, so Levi won’t even know we were here!“ Hange exclaimed. “I don’t think Levi-” Hange cut Erwin off, “Shhh! They’re talking!” Hange let out a small squeal of excitement before quickly being shushed by Erwin.

“And then Mikasa just punched Jean in the face!” You exclaimed, talking animatedly with your date. You looked up at Levi and he had that blank look on his face that he always had, but you could see in his eyes that he was truly paying close attention to you and that he was very happy to be with you. You had always had the biggest crush on your captain, but you never mentioned it in fear of him not liking you back. So it had been a relief when he asked you out. You were brought out of your thoughts when Levi did his famous tsk. “Am I so boring that you blank out every five seconds?” 

“Uh, sorry Heichou.” 

“How many times have I told you to call me Levi?” 

“Um…” You started counting on your fingers, putting a finger up for every time he had told you to call him by his first name. “Exactly three and a half, Hei- Levi.”

“A half?”

“Well, there was that one time where I called you Heichou and you started to tell me to call you Levi but then cut yourself off because you were so exasperated..”

“I expect you to obey my orders the first time, since I am your Heichou and all~” Levi smirked. Your immediately start blushing,”I can’t he-” You were cut off as somebody bumped into your table, spilling your tea all over the floor, causing poor Levi, who was drinking his tea, to spill it all over himself. It also caused for your slice of cake to fall off the table and into your lap. Both you and Levi stood up, him looking down in disgust because he got his shirt dirty, and you looked down in sadness, you had just washed these pants. Levi looked up, to see if you were okay, and saw your pants stained with the frosting of the cake you were eating, as well as a few crumbs sticking to your pants. He immediately turned to the person who had bumped into your table, only to see Hange and Erwin, who both looked extremely guilty. “Oh Levi, I am so so sorry!” Hange and Erwin apologized profusely to both of you, but it was obvious that the date was over, mainly because you both needed to change. You think that was bad? Oh, it got worse, some innocent bystander walked by and slipped on the tea, causing his slice of cake to fly up and land in your hair. You stood there in shock, before running out of the restaurant in embarrassment. Levi watched you leave, before turning around to yell at Hange and Erwin. He then decided that he would deal with them later, grabbed their hands, and dragged them to the Survey Corps HQ, where he then put them both into his office. “Stay,” Levi growled, before walking out to get a change of clothes and take a shower.

Levi walked back to his office, where he found Hange and Erwin, right where he told them to stay. “I am so so so so sorry, Levi! I didn’t mean to bump into your table and cause all of that!” Hange was near tears now,”Please forgive me! I didn’t mean to! All I wanted was to make sure that you guys had a wonderful date and I ruined all of it!” Erwin walked over to Levi,”I am very sorry, Levi. For ruining your date, for violating your privacy, and for everything else. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive us.” Hange was sobbing by now, pleading for forgiveness. “It won’t ever happen again!” And that was when Levi snapped. “You’re damn right it won’t happen again,” said Levi, eerily calm. Nobody noticed (Y/N) slowly walk up and lean against the doorway. “Because (Y/N) will never want to see me again after what happened.”

“Levi, I’m so sor-” Hange started. “I DON’T WANT YOUR DAMN APOLOGY! DID YOU SEE (HER/HIS) FACE?!” Levi took a deep breath before calming down. “All I wanted was for this date to go well!” Levi quickly became angry again. “THAT’S IT! AND YOU HAD TO GO AND RUIN IT! WHY CAN’T YOU JUST LET ME BE HAPPY! WHY CAN’T ANYBODY LET ME BE HAPPY!” 


“Who said you didn’t have another chance with (Y/N)?” You say as you stood up from your position and walked over to them. “Because I think, you still have a very good chance with (her/him).”

“(Y/N)?” Levi asked. “I am so so sorry about what happened.”

“It’s all good,” you say,”No harm done.”

“But (Y/N)! I RUINED YOUR DATE! I AM SO SO SO SO SORRY! I DIDN’T MEAN TO!” Hange sobbed, holding onto you. “I also apologize for my actions today,” Erwin said, placing a hand on your shoulder.

“Yeah, well, this has all been great but, can all of you leave my office? Except for you (Y/N),” Levi said. After both Erwin and Hange left, Levi walked up to you. “Are you okay?” He asked. You ran a hand through your slightly damp hair,”Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Would you consider going out with me again?”

“Oh, I don’t know, will somebody spill cake over my head next time?” You say, as Levi wraps his arms around you.

“No promises.”

Was that good? I feel like it sucked.

Bts reaction to you being cute and lovable

“Hey! I love your blog and I recently just came upon it. I was wondering if I could request for a BTS reaction to their s/o being cute and loveable. Thank you so much and I wish you a wonderful day- Anonymous”

Hello lovely Anon! Thank you so much for liking the blog! Thank you for requesting a reaction! This is my first, so I will try my best :D I hope its not too disappointing. Here goes nothing:


He would not know what to do with you being so cute. He would always be clueless as to what to say to you and how to get you to stop. Every time you did aegyo, it just made you a million times more cuter and he would not be able to take it. “ I dont know what to do with you. You stump me, with all this mushy cuteness. Its kind of gross” That would be his way of saying he lowkey really loved it. He would try to hide his smile but he never could with you around.

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He would have a very hard time, with you being cute all the time without even trying. He would constantly tell you to stop being cute because it took away all the attention from his beautiful self. “Jagiya, please stop. You make it hard for me to live by being so cute ALL THE TIME” he would tell you. He would totally baby you. He would never let you out of his sight because he wouldn’t want you to get hurt. “Jagi you are so smol and adorable, we don’t want you getting hurt now do we?” Constant  signature flying kisses.

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Namjoon would try to keep his cool. He would love that you were so lovable. He would break out into giggles when you were being cute. “Jagiya I love how cute you are. It kills me, but its hard on me when you do this” Being the leader, around the boys he would always be calm and collected but internally he would be dying and screaming for you to stop torturing him. 

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Torture. It would be an absolute torture on him. He would get hyper and excited and he would want to kiss you and pull your cheeks. “Ahh everyone, my jagi is so adorable isnt she?”he would ask the boys. You being that lovable will leave him speechless because never thought anyone could as cute as you were. “Taehyung has some serious competition in you” he would praise you. Finger hearts, all day every day. 

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He is another guy that would feel tormented. “Jagiya, why? Why do you do this to me? Its mean. You should stop, if not I will be sad” he would pout. He would constantly be in aegyo mode around you, which would absolutely annoy the rest of the boys. He will act like a kid around you, because your cuteness brought that out in him. 

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He would always smile when you were around. He found you way too cute to describe in words so his special eye smile will always be on his face. “Aigo, my jagi is so adorable”he would pinch your cheeks. He would ask you to do aegyo for him, but when you did it was game over. “Aish, why did I ask??” he would yell at himself. He would regret asking you,because he couldn’t handle the cuteness. He wouldn’t make the same mistake again, for his own sake. 

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He would be shook, at how cute you could be. Like Suga he would not know what to do. He would love it, but he just wouldn’t know how to properly express it. “Teach me how to be as cute as you jagi” he would request of you. He would become a mess of shyness around you. He would kiss on your cheeks, and tell you how adorable he thought you were, but it wouldn’t come out exactly as he wanted it to. 

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There you go love! I hope its good and that you like it :) 




REQUEST: hey is there any way you could write a katherine x reader? there are absolutely zero imagines for kath and I’m so gay for her it hurts

SUMMARY: Katherine ends up getting very lucky when she’s seated with a stranger while at an amusement park.

A/N: this took way too long considering how excited i was to write a gay kath fic. it’s okay, i guess. the initial idea was cute but i’m not entirely satisfied with how i wrote it. hope you like it, though !!


Katherine was slightly bitter about how they’d been divided in pairs. She should’ve realized when she’d been invited to go to an amusement park with the boys that there was an odd number of them, and that meant on rollercoasters that sat two in a row she was going to be the odd one out, but she hadn’t thought about it at the time. Now, she was stuck sitting by herself, possibly with a stranger, while all her friends waited excitedly in their respective groups of two. Jack and Davey were joking, Race and Spot were arguing, Crutchie and Les were laughing, and Katherine was pouting on her own.

She sighed as she heard someone walking up behind her, meaning that if it was a single person she’d most likely be sitting with them. Glancing behind her she saw a girl practically biting her nails, looking over to her left. She followed her eyes to find a boy and girl giving her thumbs up and encouraging smiles. Suddenly, the girl behind her starting breathing heavily. Katherine looked at her worriedly, somewhat concerned she was going to vomit.

“Are you okay?” She asked cautiously, immediately grabbing the girl’s attention. The girl looked embarrassed to have her anxious movements noticed and attempted to quickly compose herself.

“Me? Pft, yeah, I’m fine.” She tried to play it off, but she was desperately failing. Katherine fought to hold back a laugh. “I’m…. totally fine?” Katherine raised an eyebrow in disbelief and the girl smiled sheepishly.

“I’m Katherine,” she introduced herself, hoping to break the ice. “What’s your name?”

“Y/N,” the girl answered, looking slightly more calm now that she was distracted. “Look’s like we’ll be riding together,” she laughed a little. She glanced over at the boy and girl she came with, grimacing when she saw them kissing intensely.

“Wow, you have no idea how happy I am that my friends aren’t doing that,” Katherine teased. She glanced glanced over at Jack and Davey smiling at each other fondly and then Race and Spot getting closer and closer as their argument continued. “Though I wouldn’t put it past them,” she mumbled under her breath.

“Yeah, that’s just George and Camille, I guess,” Y/N, looking somewhat troubled. “Ever since they became a couple they do everything together, and I’m always the third wheel,” she grumbled. Her eyes widened quickly as she turned back to Katherine. “None of which I expect you to care about, because you’re a total stranger and you definitely didn’t need or want to hear that, so it was kind of stupid of me to say it. It just kind of slipped out, sorry. I didn’t mean to, like, annoy you or anything - ”

“Wow, you can talk fast,” Katherine cut off her rambling, smiling softly. “But it’s okay, I don’t mind.” Y/N looked at her like she was a miracle given to her by Jesus Christ himself, but then she smiled gently. Much to her own surprise, Katherine started to notice that Y/N’s hair was a little frizzy and there were freckles splattered across her face. Her eyes were breathtaking and her smile was nice, really nice. She was admiring her features when suddenly the color drained from her face and her whole body tensed. Worry overcame her face as the carts pulled up in front of them. Katherine instinctively grabbed for her hand, giving it a small squeeze and making Y/N’s face go red. They walked to their seats with their hands still grasping each other, only letting go to get situated.

The rollercoasters went upside down so the bar came down from over their heads and their feet dangled above the ground. Katherine could tell that Y/N was doing her absolute best to stay calm, but she was breathing a bit quickly and she kept squeezing her eyes shut, muttering words under her breath that Katherine couldn’t hear. Luckily, the way they were situated still allowed Katherine to reach out and her grab her hand. The minute their fingers were intertwined Y/N’s grip tightened, but she opened her eyes and her breathing started to slow.

When they started to move forward, her hold tightened even more. But as the ride ensued, she eventually loosened her grip until they weren’t holding hands at all. Instead, they both had their hands in the air, screaming loudly in excitement together. Katherine relished in the sound of Y/N laughing loudly from beside her, happy that the girl was no longer scared. When the ride came to an end they laughed together as they hopped out of their seats. Katherine smiled brightly at the sight of Y/N’s windswept hair and flushed cheeks.

“That was awesome!” Y/N cried out, giggling. “I was terrified, but that was great.” She noticed Katherine staring at her and looked at her feet bash fully. “I liked having you next to me,” she breathed. Katherine beamed at her words, grabbing her hand and pulling them down the ramp and away from the ride. Neither girl could care less where their friends were, both positive that they wouldn’t be missed if they ran off for a little while. They ended up in line for the closest rollercoaster, which was surprisingly short. They made it to the front quickly, and this time Y/N was buzzing with excitement rather than shaking with fear. When they sat down in the cart, Katherine realized with a jolt that they hadn’t let go of each other’s hands yet. She grinned over at Y/N, finding herself wondering whether Y/N liked girls that way.

She shook off the thought, not wanting to get her hopes up. The ride took off and they laughed and screamed together the whole time. Their arms went up again, but this time their hands stayed gently clasped together. When they got off the ride they began to walk aimlessly, neither having a map of the park. Katherine did her best to ignore the fact that Y/N had yet to let go of her hand, but it the fact that the girl kept swinging their arms comically made it considerably harder. She learned very quickly as she told stories of Jack and Davey that Y/N’s laugh was one of her new favorite sounds. The fact that Y/N showed no sign of a negative reaction to Katherine’s tales of her very obviously gay friends was slightly encouraging. Eventually, they reached a food court and bought themselves some dinner. Katherine grabbed them a table since she got her food first, pulling out her phone as she waited for Y/N.

She almost laughed as she went through her notifications. It seemed that her friends were very confused about where she had gone and were slightly concerned that she’d been kidnapped. She had gotten more texts from Crutchie than anyone else, begging her to come back because he and Les were dying being surrounded by the couples.

“Your friends looking for you?” Katherine looked up to find Y/N sitting down across from her with a slice of pizza on her plate.

“Yeah,” she laughed slightly. “I don’t think they’re missing me too much, though.” She watched as Y/N pulled out her phone and sighed.

“Better than my friends, they only sent me two texts asking where I went and then telling me to have fun.” She rolled her eyes as she put her phone down on the table. Katherine immediately felt bad for her. From what she could tell, the girl’s companions weren’t very good friends. She found herself somewhat angry at these people she had never spoken to before for being such lousy friends when it so obviously bothered Y/N.

“You should probably get back to your friends though, huh?”

“No!” Katherine bit her tongue at her immediate answer. She didn’t want to stop spending time with Y/N, and if she brought her with her to see her friends they’d immediately make it obvious that Kath had a quickly growing crush on Y/N. “Actually, I was thinking you and I could do the haunted house together,” she suggested. Y/N’s eyes widened in what looked like a mixture of fear and excitement.

“As long as you’re okay with me cowering behind you and most likely breaking your hand, I’m down with that,” she laughed. When they were finished with their food they headed over toward the haunted house ride. They were running and laughing whole way there, hand in hand. When they reached the ride Y/N’s cheeks were tinted pink. Katherine assumed it was from the heat and exercise, but she somewhat hoped it was from the fact that Kath had called her pretty while they had run over.

The ride was a cycle of two person carts that moved slowly through the ‘haunted house.’ As soon as they sat down Y/N closed the distance between them, sitting as close to Katherine as possible. With a slight smile, Katherine wrapped an arm around her. Y/N rested her head on Kath’s shoulder, making her grin grow. Y/N was doing pretty well until a giant fake spider fell from the ceiling beside her. From the moment on her head was tucked into Katherine’s neck, avoiding having to see anymore spiders, apparently. Toward the end of the ride she started to giggled slightly and the vibrations set chills down Katherine’s spine, causing her to shudder involuntarily.

“Sorry,” Y/N smiled, “your hair was tickling me.” When the ride ended they began to just walk around the park again with no destination. The sun was setting by the time they made it to grassy area in front of a stage where a man playing the piano and singing was performing. They stopped to watch for a little bit, standing in the back of the destignated viewing area. Katherine took a cautious step toward Y/N, wrapping her arms around the girl’s torso from behind. Y/N’s hands came to rest on Kath’s arms and for a second she thought she was going to be rejected, but Y/N leaned into her touch, smiling. Katherine giggled slightly, resting her chin on Y/N’s shoulder.

“I’m really glad we sat together on that first ride,” she whispered into Y/N’s ear.

“Me too,” Y/N beamed. After watching and listening to the music for a while, they walked away to find the ferris wheel. Y/N was very adamant about riding it while it was dark and all the nighttime lights in the park were on. When they got seated Y/N moved excitedly to the edge to look out at the park. It stopped when they were at the top so that people could get on at the bottom. Katherine watched Y/N looking in awe at all the lights, admiring the way they lit up her face, until she heard her name called unexpectedly.

“Katherine! Kath!” She turned around to find Davey and Jack sitting in the cart behind her. They grinned and waved at her as she raised an eyebrow.

“You been walkin 'round the park by yourself?” Jack asked jokingly. Katherine grinned sheepishly.

“Well…” She was cut off by Y/N grabbing her arm excitedly.

“Kath, look! They just turned on the lights for the rollercoasters!” She smiled brightly and Katherine instantly grinned in return. She turned back to face Davey and Jack only to find them smirking at her.

“Guess we’ll leave you to it,” Davey laughed. Jack winked at her and she turned back around quickly. They started moving and she was distracted by the fact that Y/N had grabbed her hand again and was swinging their arms. When they reached the bottom Katherine dragged Y/N away quickly, wanting to put some distance between them and her friends. However, she was stopped in her tracks all too quickly. She stared in amazement at Y/N surrounded by the lights of the ferris wheel and surrounding stands. There was golden and pink lights reflected in her eyes and was she was smiling brightly at Katherine.

“You okay, Kath?” She asked, furrowing her eyebrows slightly. Before she could think twice about it Katherine had launched herself forward and wrapped her arms around Y/N. Their lips met gently, but the kiss was immediately intensified by Y/N returning the effort and pulling Katherine closer to her. When they finally pulled away they were panting slightly. Katherine took in Y/N’s slightly smudged lipstick and her wide eyes before letting a smile spread across her face.

“Wow,” Y/N whispered, grinning as well. “That was better than a roller coaster,” she laughed breathlessly. Needless to say, Katherine left the park with a new contact in her phone, a date on Saturday, and endless teasing and questions coming from her friends.