i should stop 😂😂😂

“Hello, ‘baseball and cats’! I hope this gift finds you in good health, and that you enjoy it’s contents! And also that the colors are appealing; my Jyushimatsu said they were fine, but Choromatsu seemed to think otherwise ;w;” -ask-the-eyeless-musician


Ichimatsu: all this, for us? th-thank you…! don’t worry, the colors are fine.


Ichimatsu: seriously, do we really deserve this?

Jyushimatsu: SURE WE DO!

Ichimatsu: ah… i’m so happy…

buttcopjake  asked:

hey michelle. fmk: rosa gina amy. u Have To Choose. good luck.

marry gina, because she makes amazing rye bread and re-invented sourdough and seems like she could toss things together at random in the kitchen and everything would come out delicious. we spend hours in there, fooling around, making each other laugh, teasing each other, cooking and baking for hours because it comes to us so easily and we’re both just so effortlessly good at it it’s crazy. she roasts me with words while i roast up some honey barbecue ribs and when we’re done making our mess, we clean it up together, or we both agree to be lazy and procrastinate doing the dishes like champs. we bring out the chaotic sides in each other, i enable her kleptomaniac tendencies, she enables my breaking and entering tendencies, because she likes taking things on a whim and i like being in places that i’m not supposed to be. the more time we spend together, the more i find myself slipping the occasional dessert fork from the rich person’s house, and the less i feel bad about it because they have so many they won’t notice, plus i got away with it and when i tell gina we end up rolling around in the sheets and she whispers in my ear about how much she’s rubbing off on me lately, and i can’t bring myself to make out so much as a word when she touches me but i agree without a shadow of doubt in my mind that she is the love of my life 

fuck amy, because just seeing her brings out this raw passion from within, one wink, one smile, be it devious or innocent like the printed flowers on her blouses could draw me in. she is hot, beautiful, gorgeous, and unapologetically attractive, in a way that seems secret, but an open secret that everyone is in on. she has curves that spin me dizzy, hair that leaves me wild, she can say two words or three and i would be spellbound. i would tell her the dirtiest things into the dead of the night and she would hit me back with something twice as nasty, leaving me breathless, panting, wanting more. begging. i want her to pin me to the bed just as much as i want to hold her against the wall. we compromise by doing some combination of the two. i want her with her body bare, i want her more when she teases and hides. every kiss and touch has me wanting something deeper, something more vulnerable, something that has us sharing a bed but not in the way we intended to. and as she passes out hours after we are both done and spent, i lean over sleepily and slide against her body, my words falling from my lips in delirious whispers, all of them begging her not to leave the next morning 

kill rosa, because getting to take down this sheer force and arsenal of various weapons would be the achievement of a lifetime that i would brag about for years to come. because seeing the way her eyes twitch and her fingers curl into fists as i tell her i am going to kill you would set off something incomparable inside me. we would fight to the death, with rosa cursing and swearing as she gives me all that she has, this gun-toting, sword-wielding, ninja star-throwing, woman with an axe and nerves of steel to boot. and also boots, which she could use to kill me too. we fight for ages, in very well-choreographed fight scenes, exchanging scathing insults and harsh words that only spur the both of us on. and then she almost critically injures me, an attack i only manage to avoid at the last second, chuckling lowly as i do so, sneaking in some dig at her, about how cute or hot she is when she’s trying to stab me. at some point she throws down her weapons in anger and attacks me with her lips, and when she pulls away i see the look of disbelief and confusion on her face, because why and how she did that is beyond her, but i love it, despite how i find myself short of reasons why a creature of such mystical beauty, dark and bright energies woven together into one hell of a woman, could find it in herself to want me in any way that isn’t dead, all because i tried to kill her first. things move along fast as things often do and i find her on top of me, engaging in what i have to offer between my legs and under my shirt. she seems almost unguarded until she reaches beside herself, attempting to shoot me this time, and suddenly we’re back to where we started, and i find myself loving each moment more and more 

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Just want to drop in and say that I am t h r i v i n g every time the official tour account or the cast etc uses #TTYCT, especially after your fantastic post about it 😘

Oh, it gives me life

Keep using the hashtag you picked bbs!!! It doesn’t matter!!

Also, I consider myself to be a super chill person most of the time, but if you want to get me screaming, send me tweets like this:

Obviously superior

lol i found my essay from criminal law II 2 years ago where i had to write about how despite the fact that 16 & 17 year olds in most places can legally ‘consent’ to sexual relations, should legislation be introduced in Hong Kong (similar to those in the UK, Australia, Scotland, Canada etc) in force to protect them against grooming situations 

and this is part of my conclusion LOL i cant believe i really submitted this… savage

oh honey she went oFF 

scored A- in this course 

anyway fuck drake 

When a picture you barely spent like an hour on gets like 100 notes while another picture you spent literal days on have  a hard time reaching 30 and you just sit there like


drarry social media au (that no one asked for) part 12/ next

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theyre rivals


the real reason he couldn’t concentrate


  • Style Queen: I demand Gabriel Agreste kneel before me!
  • Adrien: My father isn't here.
  • Style Queen: Well then, if fashion disaster daddy isn't here, I'll just have to settle for Agreste junior!
  • Hawkmoth:
  • Hawkmoth: "Fashion distaster daddy"!? The audacity. I've built a fashion empire from the ground up and am one of the most revered designers in all o--