i should stick to the guitar

Harry. On stage.

There is no way Louis could have prepared himself for this.

Dressed in black, the guitar strap slung over one shoulder, Harry holds his head high. A scarf holds back his curls. Applause wells up, Louis jumps a little so he can see better, and next to him, Niall sticks two fingers in his mouth and whistles loudly.

Harry’s gaze finds them, dimples flashing. “Good evening,” he mumbles into the microphone. “So I’m Harry Styles—”

“We know,” someone yells, and for a brief moment, Louis wants to cry, because this isn’t what Harry wants, what it should be about.

Harry blinks, inhales – and smiles. “Alright, I guess you do. I hope that’s not the only reason you’re here, though.”

“Also because you’re hot,” a girl yells. Shut up, Louis thinks, shut up, shut up, shut up.

And then Harry laughs, throws his head back and laughs, and Louis looks at the line of his throat and forgets how to breathe.

Best Friend Imagine #2

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Ashton x Reader

Summary: Ashton and you have both been Best Friends since the third grade, always were there for one another, supporting one another goals in life. You finally get the chance to see him play live after all these years, little did you know that the other boys had something underneath there sleeves.

Word Count:

Warnings: None

A/N: I maybe making this a regular thing, with the Best Friend series. I just need ideas y’all

Ashton and yourself have known one another since the third grade, becoming inseparable when the both of you found out that you lived just three houses down from each other. As the years rolled on by the friendship grew stronger between the two of you; He was always supportive of your love for animals always telling you that you would be a great Veterinarian one day.  You being just as supportive of his music career, especially when he was contacted by some kid named Michael, asking him if he wanted come over to his place and play on the drums since his band was looking for a drummer. You remember telling him that he should do it, that you never know it could turn into something remotely big.

That’s what happened, the boys started making covers for songs and posting them to YouTube with Luke account. None of them seeing that in just a couple years that they would be going on tour with One Direction in America and then headlining their very own tour.  Ashton and yourself always kept in contact even if at times it was difficult since he was never really in Australia most of the time. Sure you would still go over and visit his family, just for old times sake, you did practically watch Lauren and Henry grow up before you.

Now you were sitting outside with Anne drinking a glass of water while she was telling you about the most recent things her younger kids were doing, “Henry is starting to play the guitar. I don’t know what I will do if he starts a band and then leaves me to travel around the world playing shows for hundreds or even thousands of people,” She spoke softly taking a sip of the wine that was in her glass. Nodding my head agreeing with her, she took it kind of hard when Ashton left to travel the world, but then slowly came to grasp that her oldest first born was happy making other people happy.  Bring the rim of the glass to your lips, mumbling in reply, “You can handle it I know you can,” tipping the glass back trying to think of something else other than Ashton. “Have you heard from him lately?”

With a shake of the head, “No I haven’t, but I am going to the show in San Francisco next week. I made sure to text Michael about it, even got front row seats.” She nodded her head, and then we both sat in silence listening to the noises around us. Once Lauren arrived back, I said my good-byes and left, heading home to start packing since the concert in a couple of days and my flight was in two days. The next couple of days were a blur, heading to the airport was probably one of the worst things ever, since I had never flown anywhere. Michael was the one to pick me up after the fourteen hour flight, telling me that I would be staying in the same hotel that him and the others were staying in. When we both arrived there he was the one to get out in the front, since there were some girls and paparazzi around filming and taking pictures. “I don’t want to get out right here, I’ll take the back,” I had told him, he agreed with me reaching over to grab the bag that was on the ground, “I agree, I like you but I don’t want anyone thinking we are together or anything.” A chuckle escaped past us, we both agreed fully on that one reason.

The driver drove to the back entrance, making sure that there were in fact no one around. “Here is the key, you’ll be on the fifth floor. Yes we already checked you in and everything, “ He told you handing the key over, dropping the large suitcase right in front of you. With a simple ‘Thank you’, grabbing the top of it making the long walk towards the elevator that would bring you to where you wanted to go. After situating yourself in the hotel room, it was the first on the list to take a shower, then sleep for at least two days. That’s exactly what you had done, sure Michael would try to have you come out and see the others but the jetlag was just something that was totally new and horrible to you.  Well that was till the night of the concert, when the others finally figured out that you were staying in the same hotel that they were in.

A knock was heard at the door while you were tugging on a pair of ripped jeans, biting your lip with annoyance not really knowing who was there till you heard an all too familiar voice speak up, “If you don’t let us in Y/N/N, we will break down this door!” Calum hollered in fake anger, smiling you picked up the 5SOS shirt that you had bought when they first came out with band march that had their faces on it. “I’m coming,” You shouted over the music that was playing in the background, swinging open the door you were greeted by four boys tackling you to the ground.

“You all have missed me that much? Seriously?” Laughing as they all nodded their heads in agreement, well that was till someone cleared their throat. “Come on boys and ladies, you can catch up on the way to the venue.”

“It’s good to see you again,” Ashton whispered into your ear, jumping back not realizing that he had been right behind you. “It’s lovely to see you as well ketchup,” You said using his old nickname, receiving a dirty look in reply. You all walked to the van that was waiting to take you all to the venue, the boys on the way there asking about how back home was and how their families were doing, and trying your best telling them all that you knew. Finally making it to the venue, they all were whisked away for sound check, you on the other hand arrived early. Making it the perfect time to just wander around, taking in the sights even talking to some of their fans that had also arrived. They luckily didn’t know who you were, since Ashton had agreed to never post anything of you or talk about you. You didn’t want to be in the spotlight at all, you weren’t about the fame life of always getting bombarded by fans and nasty comments on Instagram or even twitter.

Finally at around five or six, Hey Violet came on playing there music for the opening act. Though you just went and picked up some food, being almost overwhelmed with the line, deciding against it when you heard that the boys were on stage.  “Just a thing of nachos please, “ Asking nicely as the girl behind the counter took your money and in less than five minutes gave you the food. Speed walking back to your seat making sure not to spill the food that was in your hands, and then the boys finally came on stage. The lights dimmed, the crowd grew quiet, right when Michael came out waving the lights brightened just a bit, with each boy they grew brighter and brighter the crowd getting even louder if that was even possibly.

By the second song the food that was with you was gone, now you were one of the many others around you dancing to the songs and singing the lyrics the best you could. Though you got some lyrics confused, not realizing that they had changed some of the words in the songs that they had sent you in the beginning.  The seventh song you were breathing heavily, and sweating like no other, taking a long drink of the water bottle.

“How are you all doing tonight?!” Michael practically screamed into the mic, the crowd screaming a mixture of ‘Goods,’ and ‘Fuck me,’ which was just straight up strange.  

“That’s good to hear. Now there is someone in the crowd that we know right now, and no it isn’t anybody in the way back. This person would be in the front row, between the two girls with a dark red shirt and a light blue shirt,” Luke spoke into the mic, pointing a finger at the girls on the left and right of you.

Oh dear god no

Was all that you were thinking, “Her name is Y/N, she has known myself since third or fourth grade. We lived just three houses down from each other, she was the one that pushed me into going to Michael house for the band rehearsal-” Michael spoke into the mic, cutting off Ashton, “Didn’t have him change out of that awful-” “ It wasn’t an awful purple shirt! Anyways without her, I probably wouldn’t be in this band. Tonight I was wondering if she would come up on stage and play the drums with me. Or at least take out for me, while we sing a special song for you all.” The security guards were in front of you in a flash helping you out of the seats, with shaking legs and butterflies in the stomach. You were then on the stage, walking towards Ashton without looking at the crowd that was screaming in front of you, “Do you remember how to play English Love Affair?”

A evil smirk came across your face, “Of course I do. I helped write that song, along with showing you what you should do.”

Rolling his eyes before moving out of the seat, handing you the sticks to start hitting on the drums. “Okay everyone let’s see if you all know this song,” Calum spoke up watching Ashton grab the guitar from one of the crew members. That’s when you all started to slowly play the song, Michael leaning in singing, “ Woohoo.”  

“It started in a weekend in May, “ And with those simple words the crowd got even crazier, along with yourself while watching Ashton and the boys play and jump around through the whole song. Along with the other three songs that you helped out with.  That was when you realized why the boys loved this so much, the adrenaline was everything and watching others singing to your lyrics that you wrote was everything. And you couldn’t be more happy and proud along with kind of envious of your best friend.

Narnian Voldemort

Writing HP fanfiction overwhelms me on so many levels it simply destroys me emotionally. It makes me want the world where Voldemort just makes a wrong turn in his dresser and is teleported to bloody Narnia. James and Lily live. They get to raise Harry and give him siblings and be the embarrassing, loving parents we all know he deserves. They get to worry over trivial things like “is this dress appropriate for dinner with your parents” and “am I going to abstain from punching Vernon this time?”. They get to argue about mismatched socks and missing cookies and who should they leave Harry with this time. James gets to count Lily’s grey hairs as they appear. Lily gets to tease James about getting pudgy. They get to have lives and be content with them.

And Sirius. Sirius gets to stick it in his mother’s face, how he wastes his pure ancestry by mingling with filth. He gets to learn to play guitar and try to do art and fail and just go into transfiguration research and be brilliant. Because Sirius Black is brilliant once he applies himself to something. He gets to not spend his life in Azkaban for something he’s not guilty of. He gets to move in with Remus and they get to be disgustingly cute in their flat full of books and records and knitted sweaters and leather jackets. Remus is not robbed of the comfort of love and friendship he so needs in his life. He comes to accept the wolf as part of him, not all of him. He’s still hard-working and selfless and with an acutely ingrained, almost scary sense of justice. With the support of the Potters and Sirius, who is still a Black, he manages to help other werewolves in need, even if he can’t totally change the society’s perspective. He gets to eat all the chocolate he wants and drink tea to his heart content and he has Sirius to snuggle with at night and life is good. He doesn’t die at not even forty in the middle of a battle.

Peter was the wild card. Always a little insecure, always prone to hero worshipping. So Peter gets to grow up. To be comfortable in his own skin. Maybe he is still pudgy. Still eats one too many cookies. Still doesn’t think he is as good as Sirius and James and Remus at magic. But he is fine with it, finally. It suddenly dawns on him that he is a Marauder too, in the true sense of the word. He’s not there to fill the empty space. He’s not there because they took pity on him. He had been there for their pranks. He had been there for their detentions. And there had been many of both, mind you. He created the map with them. He wasn’t there to bring snacks or to offer comic relief though he did those often. No, behind the ratty face of Peter Pettigrew, lies an unexpected flair for cartography and an understanding of geometry that would surprise most. Maybe Peter doesn’t become an Auror or a Curse Breaker or an activist like his friends. Maybe he goes and becomes a shrink since he knows how it is to feel little and hurt and unimportant. Maybe he becomes a kinder garden teacher. Maybe he just gets a job at The Magical Menagerie because Peter loves animals. He doesn’t betray his friends. With no evil wizard to promise him glory and power and to empower him, Peter learns to feel important in his own time. He gets to evolve, not to betray. He gets to be a person with a backbone and a story. He gets not to spend twelve years as a rat, cowering in fear. 

It’s not even all about them, at the end of the day. It’s about Regulus Black, who misses his brother and watches his parents closely and one day, he ups and leaves as well. And finds himself at Sirius’ front door. It’s about Alice and Frank who get to keep their sanity. It’s about Neville who will not be bullied for seven years. Who will not grow in the shadow of his parents deeds, constantly confronting what he could have had. Who will not be ridiculed and thrown out of windows for the magic to erupt out of him. It’s about Vernon and Petunia and Dudley, who are still horrible, but human, and now they get to be normal in peace. It’s about Bellatrix who will just get to harmlessly spew puristic ideologies at parties, not go insane at the feet of a sociopath. It’s about Narcissa, who’ll never have to make some choices, but would still walk in hell for her child. Andromeda, whose daughter and husband would not be taken away by a war fought with people she called family. Dumbledore, who’d have to find other puppets whose strings he could pull. It’s about Cedric Diggory and Collin Creevey and Lavender Brown and even about Severus Snape. Cho Chang and Luna Lovegood and Hannah Abbot and Ginny Weasley. Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy, the Weasley twins and Bill and Charlie and Ron. It’s about Percy. In some measure, even about Gellert Grindelwald. It’s about Tom Riddle Sr. and Merope Gaunt and the kids taken to a cave near some beach. Horcruxes and crimes and Deathly Hallows. Pansy Parkinson and her forgiveness for being weak and childish and frightened. For repeating the things the adults said around her. 

I want this story. The story where there’s no Voldemort. It might be boring. But I want it so much, my heart hurts when I think about it. 

Winchester Sister- Heavy Metal

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Request: Hey can you do an imagine that Dean surprised the reader with tickets to go see Metallica (her fav band) and in the morning Sam is trying to talk to them but they both lost their voices? That would be like the best night of my life: Metallica plus big brother Dean!

Title: Heavy Metal

Parings: Dean x reader!sister, Sam x reader!sister

Words: 1099

Summary: Dean takes sister!reader to a Metallica concert

(A/N: this one was fun to write lol I haven’t listened to Metallica in forever)


“(Y/N)!” You hear your brother, Dean, yell as soon as he closes the door to the bunker. “(Y/N)!”

He runs down the stairs and you stand up from where you are sitting and look at him worried as he runs over to you with a smile on his face. “You will never guess what I just got!”

“What, Dean? You’re kinda scaring me.” You say and take a step back from your overexcited brother.

He reaches into his back pocket and pulls out two small pieces of paper and hands them to you. You look at them for a second before screaming and jumping up and down from excitement. “OH MY GOD DEAN! YOU GOT US METALLICA TICKETS?!”

Yeah!” He says with a huge smile and laughs at your reaction. “They’re playing tonight a few towns over.”

“How the hell did you manage getting tickets? They’ve been sold out for months!” You ask after giving Dean a tight hug.

“It’s a funny story actually…” Dean starts, scratching the back of his neck. “I met this woman at a bar a couple nights ago and she was apparently a groupie or something for the band.  We started talking about the band and she told me that she might have something for me but it would cost me. I was drunk, so of course I went with it and I woke up the next morning in a motel room with two other women-“

“I didn’t need to hear that,” You whisper, cringing at his last statement.

He laughs and continues, “Anyways, so after a couple more rounds while I was sober, they told me to come back tomorrow and they would have the tickets. So I went this morning, and after a very fun breakfast with two lovely ladies, I got them!”

“Ew, you mean that’s your sex hair?” You look at his messy hair in disgust.

“Hey, if you don’t want these tickets I can always take Sammy.” Dean teases, snatching the tickets out of your hand.

“NO!” Your eyes widen and you wrap your arms around his neck as you kiss his cheek repeatedly, “I am so happy you had sex to get these tickets! I hope those were the best threesomes in your life!”

“That’s what I thought. Now go get ready; we need to leave in an hour or so.” Dean says as he removes your arms from his neck and pushes you in the direction of your room.

You knock on Dean’s door after you get ready and close the door behind you after Dean tells you to come in. “You excited?” Dean asks as he puts on a shirt; you look at the scratch marks on his back from the Metallica groupies.

“Hell yeah I am! This is going to be the best night of my life.” You say and fall next to him on the bed where he is putting on his shoes.

“Good, Sammy said that he’s going to keep an eye on the place for the night.” Dean stands up and motions his head to the door and you two file out and walk to the library where Sam sits, scrolling on his laptop.

“Alright Sam, we’re heading out.” Dean says and Sam nods, “Call us if you need us.”

You and Dean walk up the stairs and out the door when you hear Sam shout, “Have fun.”

You and Dean listen to Metallica while driving to the concert. He turns the volume all the way up with the windows down and you beat along using the dashboard as drums. You reach the arena and find your seats in the front row. “Oh my god, Dean. James is going to be right in front of us!”

Soon the concert starts and all you can hear is the sound of heavy drums and loud guitar riffs. Dean chugs his third beer and the two of you shout the lyrics to the song playing. You throw your hands in the air and scream to the top of your lungs for James, your favorite, after a song finishes. To your surprise James looks at you and smiles. You scream again and he throws his guitar pick at you. Dean catches it for you and you look at him with a wide smile.

“Come on Kansas! Let me hear you!” James shouts into the microphone and the crowd erupts with cheers. They start to play Lords of Summer and you and Dean scream the lyrics again. By the encore, you and Dean both have lost your voices. “Thank you, Goodnight!”

They come to center stage and take a final bow before throwing all their guitar picks and drum sticks into the crowd. Kirk and Lars come into the pit and start slapping people hands in the crowd. Lars makes his way towards you and Dean and Dean shakes his hand. “Thanks for coming, man.”

“No problem.” Dean shouts and looks to you, dumbfounded.  “Did I just talk to Lars Ulrich?!”

You two make it back to the impala, you in the driver’s seat and a drunken Dean sitting shotgun. It is one in the morning and the both of you are exhausted. “Tonight has been so fun Dean. We should make this a regular thing.”

“I don’t think I’m going to be having sex with any more groupies anytime soon.” Dean says, closing his eyes and propping his head against the window.

“That’s okay; I can probably sleep around and get some tickets.” You say, looking at him with the corner of your eye.

“Ha-ha, very funny.” He says sarcastically, peeking his eyes open to give you a look.

You make it home safely and you and Dean go straight to your beds and pass out from exhaustion. In the morning you wake up with a killer headache: your ears ring and your throat is sore. You make your way to the kitchen and already see Sam and Dean eating breakfast. Sam sets down his paper and looks at you, “So how was the concert last night?”

You open your mouth to reply but only a faint squeak comes out. Sam laughs, “Ah, I see you’ve lost your voice too?”

You look at Dean and he weakly smiles while rubbing his temple. “I’ll get some medicine for you.” Sam says and stands up, ruffling your hair and leaving the kitchen.

“Hope you had a good time last night,” Dean whispers hoarsely.

“The best.” You voice cracks and you sit down next to him, taking a drink of his water and resting your head on his shoulder.

anonymous asked:

may I ask you something because you've previously mentioned him before... can you tell anon who exactally paul pretner was? Bc I heard alot about him but dont really know and I heard he did something bad to/with freddie and anon is very concerned

Ok here goes. This is going to be a bit long. I have this to say first.

Now all my info comes from books, documentaries, newspaper interviews. I’ve previously been told I can’t use these as evidence because I don’t know it’s true. And yes, that could be the case, but in this situation, we Queen fans have to go on these things, because otherwise there wouldn’t be anything to talk about, apart from the music. We have to read things about Freddie and interpret them, otherwise what is the point of a fandom?

Ok Paul Prenter was, to the best of my knowledge an assistant for the whole band, and in time became one of Freddie’s assistants. They were sort of partners in crime, because Paul knew where to find the best gay bars and the best drugs. But I think he was a bad influence on Freddie. Freddie obviously had a wild, impulsive side and a proclivity to get himself into dangerous spots – he liked the dirtiest bars. Then I believe, as his behaviour spiralled out of control, Paul Prenter was encouraging it.

Friends feel that when they arrived at a Freddie party, Paul would be in control, that the party was very much his. (I got this info from a book called Is This The Real Life by Mark Blake, and the people being interviewed were an old friend of Freddie and also his roadie Peter Hince). According to them, Paul would be in control of the drugs and was a very confident guy, the life and soul if you will, and Freddie would kind of be on the sidelines. His roadie kind of feels that while Freddie was strong in his working life, that he wasn’t in control of his personal life. There is actually video evidence of this control – in the film of Freddie’s 39th birthday party, as Freddie blows out the candles on his cake, Paul Prenter’s hand comes across to pull him away. From his own cake. There is also a scene where Freddie is dancing with his boyfriend Jim and Paul is there with a sour face, whispering in his ear, and just generally getting in the way. Perhaps he didn’t want to see Freddie happy? Perhaps he was worried the boyfriend would steal some of his influence away?

Freddie’s roadie also witnessed Paul spend about a million (in Italian Lira) on a huge lump of cocaine from the Mafia of all things, and this was with Freddie’s money. Then he proceeded to chip away at it in a rage and snort all the tiny crumbs he’d dropped by mistake…so yeah whilst Freddie himself abused drugs, I feel he was kind of in the clutches of a domineering drug addict.

Mack, Queen’s producer noticed that Freddie was distracted in the recording studio and that Paul would be pacing the floor outside, checking his watch, because he was desperate to get Freddie out and into the gay bars of Munich. Mack feels he was a terrible influence, and as someone who Freddie confided in and allowed to stay with his family, I trust his opinion. This was all said on the Queen documentary from 2011 (the Days of Our Lives one).

The band also disliked him and feel he was an awful influence on Freddie. If a person sticks up for Paul Prenter, then to me, they are throwing away the concerns of Brian and Roger…and are not proper fans. Just my opinion!
According to the aforementioned documentary, Paul was telling Freddie to ditch Brian May because guitars were old fashioned, and was suggesting he didn’t need the band and should make gay club-style disco music instead. He even wanted full control over his creative ventures, or so it seems. Roger Taylor has discussed this in the documentary.

Here’s something that’s never been in documentaries, and again people will say they can’t be reliable because the info was gleaned by a journalist via a rentboy…but I have also read allusions to this in a (admittedly bitter sounding) book by David Minns, Freddie’s ex. The story goes that in Argentina 1981, Paul Prenter picked out some guys for Freddie, supplied them with cocaine and allowed them, one by one to perform sexual acts on Freddie before paying them, like he was Freddie’s pimp, and with Freddie being the prize for these prostitutes, who he also paid to do this. According to one of the men, Freddie looked like he was just ‘going through the motions’, and not enjoying it. Seeing as Freddie was under the influence of drugs, this to me, does not sound like consent. Disturbingly, Paul Prenter was watching the sexual acts, fully clothed, like some creepy voyeur. I believe it to be true to be honest. In David Minns’ book, he said he heard the disturbing story from Queen’s manager Jim Beach, and David feels what he got up to was so depraved that surely Freddie must have despised himself for allowing it. But I don’t think he had any control of himself at that point.

Queen, well Roger and Brian blame Paul Prenter for alienating the band from the USA. Or at least contributing to 1/3 of the problem. Here is a quote from Brian:

“We had this guy who looked after Freddie, who was called Paul Prenter, and he got a little too big for his boots I think. The reflected glory of Freddie gave him a lot of power and we’d worked very hard over the years to have a very good relationship with all of the media in the States, and Roger and I worked our asses over every time we played, we would go and do every radio station in town because we cared and we wanted to make that contact with the people. This guy in the course of one tour told every radio station to fuck off, but not just fuck off, but ‘Freddie says fuck off, Freddie says he doesn’t care about you’ and so we sort of lost our relationship with the media at a stroke.”

They didn’t even know this stuff had happened until much later, presumably Freddie apologised to them when he’d got rid of this dude?

So back to my thoughts. I guess when you’re a drug abuser and out of control, the only person who can really change the situation is oneself…so when Freddie appeared to get things under control, after he turned 39, he ditched Paul Prenter. But being a fundamentally decent guy, Freddie allowed him to stay in his flat rent free with money for the Christmas period. I guess he felt bad for sacking him? This information comes from Peter Hince, the roadie again. Anyway Paul trashed the flat. Freddie got rid of him for good eventually, and Paul Prenter screwed him over to the press, revealing his boyfriends and drug fueled escapades, his fears about AIDS and HIV tests he’d undergone. This has also been covered in that documentary, and the book written by his boyfriend Jim, and I think Phoebe Freestone’s book. Obviously Freddie never spoke to him again and didn’t trust anyone after that.

If anyone comes to me and says I shouldn’t speak ill of Prenter because I don’t know his side of the story, well I won’t have it, I don’t want to. He’s a talentless nobody, hell-bent on destroying a genius. I’ve heard more than enough. I support what the band say, and the general consensus is that he was a nasty piece of work, and Freddie shouldn’t have got involved with him, but obviously had impaired judgement.

Sorry that was so long, I have wanted to post something like this for a while.

You're The Songs I Wrote: Luke Hemmings Smut

Hey peeps!

Here’s a Luke smut for your reading pleasure. I hope you enjoy it! Oh and please let me know what you think! 

Love you all!



WARNING: Do not read if you don’t like smut. That would be a silly thing to do. 


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Little Drummer Boy

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Kurt Wagner x Reader

Little Drummer Boy

Author: Morgan

Prompt: Hi I adore your blog! Could I request an x-men imagine where the reader is a mutant and she plays the drums really well, and Kurt is interested in the way she plays? And she shows him some simple tunes and its rly fluffy?

Note: Aaawwwwwwww

Warnings: None?

You jammed on the drums, the last one left in the garage from your band practice. You were waiting for your friend (and crush, let’s be real) Kurt to get there. He had promised to pick you up when you were done.

You played along with the radio. The cymbals crashed, the bass drum boomed, you flipped your sticks, pulling out all the stops and not caring to stop when he showed up.


Kurt watched in awe, his eyes fixed on you as you played, going all out. He was speechless, but curious. He appeared closer.


“How do you do zhat?” he asked, his tail swaying behind him. You stopped, standing up from your stool.

“Want me to teach you?” you offered, brushing hair out of your face. He nodded eagerly. You took a long drink from your water bottle and wiped off your forehead. “Take a seat, Blue.”

“All right, now vhat?” he asked.

“That pedal plays the bass drum.” You told him, handing him your drum sticks. “You, my blue friend, have a distinct advantage.”

“Vas ist das?” he asked. You pulled a third drum stick out of your bucket of drum sticks and wrapped the end of his tail around it. He gripped it, his eyes widening as he realized what you were suggesting.

“Three sticks are better than two,” you smiled. “Take a crack at it.”

Kurt nodded. You turned the radio on, finding a rock station. Kurt played along, but was nowhere near as good as you were. You stood behind him, leaning on his shoulders.

“Here. Hit that one twice. And then the bass. Yep. And use your tail stick to hit the cymbals. Yep. Little quicker. Hit the two on the top. Perfect. Keep going. You’ve got it.” you instructed. He kept playing as you picked up the electric guitar sitting in the corner.

You played the riffs carefully, just a few simple ones. You weren’t very good at it, yet, but you had been learning.

You weren’t sure how long you and Kurt played, but after a while he stopped, looking at his watch.

“Ve better get back to zhe academy before zhe professor sends a search party,” he laughed, handing you your sticks back.

“Yeah,” you smiled, sticking them in your drum stick bucket. “You should come jam with me more often, Kurt. You’re actually pretty good.”

“I am?”

“You really are.” You nodded, standing in front of him. You took his hands in yours.

“I…I bet no one vould come to your concerts if your drummer vas a big blue freak,” he said, offering a sad smile. You looked up at him with sympathy.

“Kurt, you’re not a freak.” you stated, cupping his cheeks in your hands. “Being different doesn’t make you a freak.”

“But I’m-”

“Blue, I know. And you have cute little elf ears. I don’t care. You’re not a freak. Not to me.”

“You…you zhink so?”

“Of course I do.” You looked up at him, thumbs gently tracing the scars on his cheeks. “Kurt, you shouldn’t worry so much about looking normal. I like the way you look. A lot.”

“Y-you do?” he asked, his cheeks now a deep shade of purple. A shy smile tugged at his lips.

“I do.” you nodded. His thick blue fingers brushed against your cheeks.

“Vhat I can’t figure out is vhy someone as beautiful as you vould ever care about me.” Kurt said sadly.

“Because you’re amazing and talented and sweet. You’ve been through so much, people calling you names, looking at you like you’re a monster, but you’re still so kind, so curious, so happy.” You rested your hands on his chest. “You deserve to be happy.”

“Vell…You make me happy.” he smiled, brushing some of your hairs behind your ears. “Very, very happy.” He paused, tongue flicking across his lips quickly. “Vould…vould you mind if I kissed y-”

You cut him off with your lips. You ran your fingers through his thick black hair, and you felt his tail coil around your waist.

“We really better get back,” you laughed, resting your forehead against his. “Professor Xavier’s gonna kill us for being out after curfew.”

“Just one more kiss?” he asked with earnest amber eyes. You sighed happily.

“Why not?”



  • Could I possibly request like a kinda fluffy Pencey prep Frank imagine? :) Like at an early Pencey Prep gig or something? Thanks!
  • a Pencey Prep Frank imagine where like you’re (reader) hanging out in a little bar club place and Franks band (Pencey prep) is playing and after, you approach him and talk and stuff and it’s kind of fluffy and you can kind of decide haha. Whichever one you want to do. Sorry if that didn’t make enough sense haha

I took another sip from my drink, debating on whether or not to just leave. Getting stood up never felt great, but I surprisingly didn’t mind. My co worker has been harassing me to go out with him for months, and of course the one time I agree he doesn’t show up. I probably would have let by now if it wasn’t for the band playing.

They were a typical underground rock band like the usual ones that performed at these bars, their songs filled with heavy guitar riffs and the occasional screaming. Their sound was good, a little reckless and inexperienced. But you could tell they had potential and they would be experts within a year.

The music wasn’t keeping me here though, it was the lead singer. He had a good voice, strong and bold that came out in screams when he got too excited. It was his guitar playing that had me transfixed. You could see him put all of his energy into laying, jumping up and down and dropping to his knees during guitar solos.

They played a lot of covers, the usual requirement in these bars. The crowd in the bar applauded them when they finished their last song, the singer giving everyone a small wave as they walked off the stage. The whole band headed straight to the bar, right next to me. The leader singer took a seat to my right, wiping the sweat off his forehead.

“Just a Bud Light please,” he panted out to the bartender, taking a long swig from the cold beer. He glanced over at me, immediately putting his beer down and swiveling his bar stool to face me. “Hi, i’m Frank,” he said politely, offering his hand.

Mystery man now had a name, Frank. The name also didn’t seem to fit him. He looked more like a guy to have a crazy name that was surely fake to bump his career, like Jax or Jett. 

“Hey, i’m Y/N,” I smiled back, shaking his hand.

“So, what’s a pretty girl like you doing alone in a bar like this?”

“Well, I was suppose to meet someone here but it looks like their not showing up,” I sighed, a little embarrassed to admit I got stood up, but the alcohol coursing through me didn’t mind opening up to a stranger. 

“Really? Were they friends or something?”

“No, a date.”

“Are you kidding me? A guy just stood you up like that? What a dick head,” Frank scoffed, taking another drink of the yellow liquid.

“What can you do,” I shrugged. “I didn’t like him that much anyway.”

“Well that’s good because he doesn’t deserve you. Can I buy you a drink?”

“Sure, not trying to take advantage of the lonely girl at the bar now are you?” I teased, nudging his side with my elbow as he ordered another round of beers.

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” he chuckled. “I’m sure the band doesn’t make me look too classy, but i’ll let you know i’m quite a gentlemen,” he said proudly, sliding the freshly opened can over to me.

“I’m sure you are.”

“Really, I am. For example, if I was this guy asshole guy who should have been here by now, I wouldn’t take you to some dingy bar like this,” he said, making sure to add the last part in quietly.

“Oh really? Where would you take me?”

“Fancy restaurant. Order some steaks, drink fancy champagne, eat countless rounds of bread sticks, and bail before the bill comes back,” he laughed, running his hand through his short hair and making it stand straight up.

“Oh so romantic,” I said in amusement. “Where has a gentlemen like you been all my life?”

“Playing guitar in my garage,” he retorted. This time he ordered a round of shots, handing one to me. He hooked our arms, staring straight into my eyes with a playful smirk. “To new friends.”

“To new friends,” I repeated, slamming the shot back at the same time as him.

A few hours later and I was hammered, mindlessly taking every shot Frank ordered. Frank however, barely seemed fazed. He still talked normally, a little more giddy than before, but was still very coherent. “I think it’s time to go,” Frank said when I spilled another shot all over me.

“Aw, we were having so much fun,” I whined and as he led me out into the cool night.

“Here, i’ll call you a cab,” he offered, pulling his phone out.

“Orrr,” I slurred, lunging forward into his chest. “You can take me back to your place.”

“You want to go home with me?”

“Mhm, you’re so hot,” I giggled, sloppily kissing his neck. My head only focused on one thing and that was him and the growing bulge I felt straining against his jeans.

“No, no no we can’t,” he said suddenly, pushing me off of him.

“Why not?”

“Because you’re wasted, you’re not thinking clearly.”

“Yes I am!”

“No, you’re not. You’ll thank me tomorrow trust me.”

I groaned in frustration and flopped down onto the side walk, my legs finally giving out. I tried a few more times to persuade Frank into taking me home, but every time he simply sat me back onto the ground, waiting for the cab to show up.

Finally, the yellow cab pulled up and Frank sighed in relief. He helped me up to my feet, letting me lean on him for support while he led me to the car. I told the driver my address, disappointed that I got turned down twice tonight.

“Here,” Frank spoke up, handing me the folded up receipt. “I would love to see you again. Goodnight.”

I mumbled back a incoherent goodnight back to him, unfolding the paper as he walked away. On the back of the paper, there was a phone number and some messy handwriting.

Call me tomorrow when you sober up and i’ll take you out on that dinner. xo Frank

dating michael would include

-sleeping in WAY too late

-thigh touches

-him always making fun of you when you get angry at dumb things

-”shut up i’m mad”

-”oh are you, im sorry i forgot to put the seat down my dear queen”

-asking him to make dinner and coming home to pizza

-”thank god you ordered pizza”

-sticking you tongue out at him and he kisses it

-”babe look at this sick meme”

-tweeting about you

-cute selfies like damn those would be flaming

-”sorry your album leaked”

-”lol i did it”

-playing guitar hero because you can’t play a real one

-complimenting your boobs

-”calum doesn’t believe that you give good blow jobs, I think im starting to believe him, maybe you should prove me wrong”


-switching his coffee to decaf after one cup

-piggyback rides from him

-piggyback rides from you

-wii sports

-”I will kick your ass in tennis, clifford”

-sitting on the couch while playing

-hiding your clothes and towel while you’re in the shower

-bringing home a kitten

-”babe they were FREE”

-cuddly!Michael fuck

-kissing him while he sleeps 

-him whispering in your ear thinking you’re asleep already “I really fucking love you, please don’t leave me”

-”wouldn’t dream of it”


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REVIEW: “Love Me’ -The 1975

As a lover of all things ironic, 80s, and music I was an immediate fan of The 1975’s new song “Love Me”, then the music video came out.
There are people who will watch the video and tap their feet as they take screenshots of Matty Healy shirtless and those people are missing the whole point. While it is without a doubt a pop song, “Love Me” has everything but a pop message.

“You’ve got a beautiful face but got nothing to say” sings Matty surrounded by cutouts of ‘famous’ people. This seems to express society’s emphasis on beauty over personality. There are many people who have a large social following but do nothing to try to change the world even on a small scale. Even if a ‘famous’ person makes a point to contribute to the world or emphasize some sort of cause, fans may only follow this person for their looks or some other appeal that has nothing to do with their art. How many artists or local bands never got anywhere because they weren’t ‘attractive’?

“You look famous, let’s be friends and portray we possess something important” is a stand out line. Whether you have seen it firsthand or not, there are people out there who attempt to get close to someone just for their ‘fame’ or following. Are ‘famous’ people really any different than you and me? No, sorry to break it to you but they aren’t. They don’t have the cure to cancer or a different type of blood running through their veins or superpowers. Society tends to idolize people who have no business being idolized. If someone gets famous for their art or talent, then of course they deserve it but that still doesn’t make them some sort of god.

"We’ve just come to represent a decline in the standards of what we accept”; as consumers of music we have some power in what does and doesn’t get attention. If an artist writes a song that you hate or sends a negative message: TELL THEM, TALK ABOUT IT. Remember when “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke got extreme backlash for being sexist, because it was? I wish there was more of that. Don’t just accept everything the way it is. If something is racist or sexist or homophobic etc. then speak up, even if that something is said / done by someone you look up to. There should be standards we hold people of influence to.

The music video is simple but brilliant. Two women dressed in tight pink leotards, tutus, and heels dance proactively on and around blow up numbers saying ‘1975’ and a guitar. I took this as symbolism for girls or boys who through themselves, sometimes literally, at anyone with a voice or an instrument. Of course, you can be attracted to a musician and also love their music and personality but there is no denying some people simply are only attracted to their fame. At some point drummer George Daniel pulls out a selfie stick; no comment.

I think the beauty of it all is that The 1975 knows they are calling out some of their fans with the overall message portrayed by “Love Me”. They don’t just accept their fan base without question, they challenge it. If you only like The 1975 because you saw Harry Styles does or because you think the members are ‘attractive’ then I believe the band would appreciate it if you revaluated. Longtime fans of The 1975 might not like the sound at all because it is so different. Firstly, singles don’t always reflect an entire album’s overall sound. Secondly, it is possible the song was made to be pop on purpose to further the irony. Thirdly, if a band decides they want to change their sound they can and you don’t have to like it. “Love Me” or hate me, the whole thing is phenomenal.

-Hannah hannah70x7


Michael, as insane as it seems (since I have never met you and most likely never will) you are such a bright spot in my life. Ever since I found 5SOS, there hasn’t been a day that has gone by that I haven’t listened to one of your songs and felt a little bit happier because of it. I was at the Auburn Hills ROWYSO concert when you told us about your bout of therapy and I was so impressed with your courage to tell the world about your struggles. I have had a really hard year and at times felt like hope was lost. SGFG could not have come out at a better time, with all of it’s inspirational messages and uplifting lyrics. I am so thankful for you and everything you’ve done for us fans. Since you’re always helping me (even if you didn’t know it) here are some things I love (and you should love too!) about you:

  • Your enthusiasm for all that you do.
  • Your pure heart.
  • Your ridiculous sense of humor.
  • Your beautiful eyes. Seriously. They’re insanely pretty.
  • Your insane guitar skills. Listening to you say that you wanted to quit immediately after first picking up the guitar really inspired me to keep going myself. I’m having a hell of a time learning but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do so I’m going to stick with it!
  • Your beautiful and versatile voice. The way in which you’re able to do the more intense, raspier bits of a song, then turn around and sing beautiful melodies is so impressive. Your voice is so unique and earnest and powerful and emotional. And completely Michael.
  • Your voice and stage presence resonates with so much passion and love for what you do. 
  • Your ability to rock any hair color that you want and look like it was made for you. 
  • Your love and appreciation towards us fans.
  • Your beautiful smile.
  • The fact that you give 110% of yourself while performing. My ROWYSO concert was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. I can’t wait to see you again for SLFL!
  • You’re an incredible lyricist and somehow capture the emotions that I’m (and I’m sure the rest of the fans are) feeling into beautiful and poetic songs. 
  • The passion and intelligence you emote when you talk about your music is so attractive. I could listen to you talk about music all day.
  • Your unique and completely Michael tattoos.
  • Your infectious laugh.
  • Your optimistic outlook on life.
  • The fact that you care and speak out about social issues.
  • You’re an extremely hard worker.
  • Your loyalty to your band.
  • The fact that you’re sunshine personified. 
  • The fact that you are so unapologetically yourself.

You’re such a beautiful person, Michael, inside and out. You and the boys always go on about how much you appreciate us and our support but honestly I appreciate you guys so much. Your existence alone makes my world a little brighter and I’m so thankful for that. Keep your head up, you know it’s gonna get better =)

Request: I could you do a Ben Bruce imagine in his POV. One were (y/n) and ben are in high school and ben is the popular kid and (y/n) is the rejected one and ben fall for her and some fluffy ending please

Part One

Part Two

Part Three
As I walked away from her I dared not look back. She wasn’t getting out of this at all. Suddenly I spotted Adam.

“Adam!” I yelled in his direction. The poor kid flinched and waved slightly. I kept walking towards him. “Hey Adam cool sculpture.” I said as I was confronted with a lime green toilet which seemed to be the setting for some sort of war by the looks of all the miniature soldiers hanging off and around it.

“Thanks.” He beamed.

“Hey,” I whispered. “Is Y/N single?”

“Um I don’t, uh, don’t kn-know. Why?” He spluttered.

“Well I need to know if there is a big scary boyfriend before-”

“Man we are getting the fuck out of here.” Interrupted Danny with his arm around me. “C’mon. Finish up your date and we’ll go.” He snickered looking Adam up and down.

“Um no. I’m going to stay. I’ve got to do something.” I told him, removing his arm from my shoulders.

He gave me a quizzical look. “Whatever. I’ll see you tomorrow or something.” And he just walked away.

I glanced at my phone for the time.

“I’ve got to go. I’ll catch you later Adam.” I said running off.

The walk to the roof at night was unsettling. Walk through the crowded gym avoiding getting distracted or noticed by class mates. Sneak out quietly and walk the deserted dark hall towards maths. Past the empty office and straight to the stairs, climbing all the way up and propping the roof door open with a brick.

I walked over to the edge of the roof and shoved my hands in my pockets. It was a bit chilly up here. I don’t even know what I’m doing here. What am I meant to say or do or whatever? Shit. I should have thought this through.

Before I could think anymore the door to the roof creaked. Its ok Ben, just relax. Breath in through the nose and out the mouth. That’s it, good work.

I felt her stand next to me but I didn’t say anything. I just stood there, her arm pressed against mine, in silence. I looked out on our town at all the lights.

“The lights are really beautiful.” I said calmly. “They’re all blurry and twinkle out of sync but somehow still beautiful.” I paused. “Kind of like you.” I blurted out.

She turned to me and raised an eyebrow.

“What I meant is I’ve not really spent time with you or been able to get to know you or even memorise your ‘features’,” I said referring back to that first day we met. “And we come from, well not to be cliché but, two different worlds. You don’t care what other people think or say or do and you don’t give in to social conventions. You’re a passing moment in this world for me and it’s something I just want to be a part of, however brief.” I sighed. “And that’s why you’re beautiful.”

Well I was saving that sort of a speech for later in the conversation but now is good too.

I looked at her. She was staring up at the stars. Her eyes had started to water and I grabbed her hand. I slipped my fingers between hers and as she closed her eyes she squeezed my hand. Her skin was even softer than I imagined. And warm too. Indescribable. Her nails painted so darkly they disappeared into the night. With my other hand I reached back for the elastic in her hair and slid it out softly. I un-weaved her hair and let the chocolate strands fall perfectly against her back. She didn’t flinch once.

Looking at her, closed eyes and pink cheeks from the cold, I didn’t know what to do next. I didn’t know what I wanted next. I said what I had to say and that’s all I’ve got. And now this silence wasn’t feeling so comfortable. There was electricity in the air. This overwhelming want and give but she was just standing there, like a broken toy.

I went to let go of her hand, to walk away but I was met with lips. Her lips on mine. I buried my hand in her hair and stroked her cheek as we became this tangled ball of mess and desire and I’m sure there was some hate in there. She bit my lip and she held onto my hair, her cold fingers against my skin sending Goosebumps all over my body.

Then she pushed me away. Actually she threw mw away.

“What the fuck was that for?” I asked her trying to obtain my balance.

“Are you going to hurt me.” She said


“Are you going to fucking hurt me?” She yelled.


“How can I believe you?” She cried.

I walked over to her wiping her face with the sleeve of my shirt.

“Why are you up here with me?” I asked her staring into her precious golden eyes. “Why did you paint me? Why did you kiss me?” I waited for an answer.

“I don’t know.” She said after some time. “I just..You..I’m.” She couldn’t think straight.

She took a deep breath and pulled out her packet of smokes and offered me one. I shook my head. As she took a drag she started to pace. Thinking. The cigarette was getting smaller and smaller and I was just standing here waiting. Waiting to be told to fuck off or that she was in love with me or she was just a part of my imagination and that I really should get some mental help. Just waiting.

“You’re like an addiction.” She said dropping the butt to the ground and standing on it. “You get inside people’s heads. There is more to you than that guy who plays a guitar and sticks his cock in anything that moves. Whether you want to admit it or not. And I’m not necessarily saying that I’m in love with you or any of that la-de-da bull shit but I am saying that you’ve been in my head for so long that unfortunately I’m hooked and there is no turning back for me. So you can take from that whatever you want. ” she stopped and folded her arms in front of her.

“I want you.” I whispered and her eyes lit up brighter than any of the street lights behind her.


I finally got back to school so I got my rig put together. The Fireball is really solid. I think it takes pedals a little better than I remember my old Powerball handling them.
The gain knob with the ultra gain engaged is pretty much fullbore which is lame. But I’ve been making it work.
I’m fine with a shared EQ but honestly, there should be two gain controls.
We’ll see how long it sticks around.

Vik Guitars

Two years ago I placed an order with Vik Kuletski of Vik Guitars. Today that order has been cancelled. I cannot in good conscience actively promote or support him or his company with his outspoken and unwavering views against LGBT and their rights. The guitar in question had been arranged at a discounted price in exchange for promotion on my end, but after his comments I refuse to promote or be associated with his brand. I felt the only recourse was to ask for my money back. He assures me it will be back in my Paypal in full this Friday. I can only hope he sticks to his word.

To elaborate:
I had known about his issues with delivering guitars in a timely fashion to customers, and his apparent lack of skill at customer service in general. I have also experienced this myself over the last two years. I had been happy to wait at the time because I knew the guitar would be of good quality and had been making an effort to resolve his issues. I had hoped to be able to promote a new and improved Vik Guitars.

I paid for the balance of the guitar in full in January with the promise that the guitar would be ready by NAMM. It wasn’t. When I asked for an update as to when my guitar would be sent out earlier today, Vik made it clear that he would not send me the guitar if I did not agree with and support his viewpoints. I told him that my morals and ethics are worth more than a guitar.

I believe in freedom of ideas and freedom of speech, but I also believe that you are free to face the consequences of what you choose to say. As a business owner, he was representing more than just himself, and I was not okay with his bigoted views extending to me. I have to say that it is refreshing to see that the grand majority of my peers feel the same way about this matter in general. I don’t believe anyone should be discriminated against for their sexual orientations as consenting adults.

Luckily for us, there are lots of great luthiers and guitar companies that not only build great instruments, deliver them on time, and stick to their word, but also don’t feel that bigotry should be part of their mission statement. I recommend you support those companies moving forward. I also hope that you support your brothers and sisters in the LGBT community who need your help to be treated as the equals they deserve to be.

Utapri 5th Live Twitter Round Up

Yeah, sorry guys, I wasn’t specific about where I got all this info last time, but this is all from twitter and I had so much to read, I don’t think I got everything but this is what I got.

Yesterday’s Post

I didn’t get all of the performance info but there’s a lot of talk info so enjoy laughing your ass off!

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Read this, please.

When I look at everything what’s going on with Tokio Hotel lately, I feel like writing this down. It’s going to be mostly about Kaulitz twins but you’ll later get why.

They got famous when they were like 15, right? Yeah. And until they were 20 they were still on the public eye. Between the age 15-20 you need to do so many different things. You grow up, you learn new thing, you go to the parties, go out with your friends, with your dogs, you go and get drunk, you get so many experiences and you make yourselves.

Now,  imagine how hard they had it. Throught this 5 years they were constantly under the public eye. They were followed by paparrazzi, by their own fans.

Some of you may say: „Oh yeah, but they got experiences by travelling. Yeah, sure. They could have travelled but what did they do? Concerts, interviews, meet and greets and then go to sleep because they needed to be ready for the following day’s show in another city or country. And it’s been over and over again. They could get drunk in the hotel room but it surely felt like they were in prison.

They couldn’go for a walk with their dogs, they couldn’t go out with their friends, they couldn’t get girlfriends because we’d lost our freakind minds. (And yeah, I am saying ‚we‘ because I am one of you, guys.)
They wanted to have a normal life but they could not. And it was mostly because of us.

So, one day they decided to move to LA. I still remember how upset I was, how angry I was because I was like: „Oh yeah, sure. So you’d rather move to the fucking USA than stay in your country, in Germany. Yes, becuase the USA made you this famous, right? You got selfish. And blah blah.“ I really did not think about the different reason. I was so blind.

And then it hit me. They knew nobody knew them in LA. They could do anything that wanted to do there and yes. The twins said that in the new interview. They could go to the clubs, get tottaly wasted, actually get drunk as fuck, they could find anyone here, go out with friend, go for a walk with dogs, meet new people, go shopping, ride a bike, they could do everything they wanted and NO ONE WOULD GIVE A CRAP ABOUT IT. And that, my dearest Aliens, is how you get experiences.

You all know how important is to be kind to yourselves, to be true to who you really are and the most important things – to find yourselves.

And that’s exactly what our boys did. They found themselves and realized that you really can’t take life too seriously or it will freaking haunt you down.

Don’t judge them for it.

You might not like the new video, (GGAG) and I totally respect that because you know what? I don’t like it either. But it doesn’t change the fact I love the song.

Bill’s „new“ self. I’ve read so many comments about how disappointed in Bill you are and so on. Why? He’s still our angel, he’s still the person who saved us from everything bad. He is still the person who believes in a true love and is waiting for it. But this does NOT mean he can’t enjoy his life as much as possible. Yes, he’s more opened about the sex but there’s nothing wrong with loving sex. He talks about it more but it does not mean he got worse..

We all know Bill’s always been so extravagant and loved to show himself. Why do you judge him now?

 Tokio Hotel are back and we all should stick together.

I am not saying you have to like everything they do. No. You don’t like the GGAT video. That’s fine. You don’t like Run, Run, Run? That’s fine. You like Zimmer 483 better than Kings of Suburbia. THAT’S FINE but don’t give up on them just because they do something different now.

Remember all these day you lied in your beds so desperate, ruined and you didn’t want to do absolutely nothing. You were crying and suddenly you heard his voice, Tom’s guitar, Georg’s bass, Gustav’s  drums. They were here. They were here for you when you needed it the most. When noone else was here for you. Try to be here for them, too.

Let’s imagine they are our friends, okay? You don’t have to like everything they do, they say, but you can’t start bitching about it and say how disappointed you are. (Oh actually you can, but that’s not what friends do. And it’s rude.)

Golden rule – „Do not do unto others what you would not have them do unto you”.  Make sure you don’t do this to others.  It might sound silly but you wouldn’t like if they went to you and said. „Well, it’s been five years, you’ve changed so much. I don’t like you anymore.“

You see, what I am  trying to say here?

Tokio Hotel are not just a band. They’re our heroes, lifesavers. People who were there when we all needed them. Remember how many amazing people you’ve known just because of them. Remember all the beautiful things we’ve all shared together.

You know, Tokio Hotel fandom, the perfect Aliens, are the most dedicated fandom I know, so we really should stick together and support our boys.

I love you guys so much. You and Tokio Hotel. We are one big and so beautiful family so please, don’t ruin it.