i should stick to making gifs


“We all wear masks. But which one is real? The one that hides your face? Or the one that is your face?”


War Council + Mitsutada’s Snacks Part 1


“When I struggled to live with all my strength, you tried to kill me. Now that I tried to die, you saved me.Is this a game?Is that thrilling and fun to you people? A sequel, you said a sequel, right?You said that sweet romance is your preference. So you want to play with me? When you are bored and free from time to time, you can come here and enjoy then go back to the real world. That’s all it is for you. Did you save me to play the romance game with me? Do I look like a toy to you?”


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Super late 2nd batch for the URL gifs! Sorry if I didn’t do your URL — until next time! (maybe this will be a once a month thing?)