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More So - Pietro Maximoff x Reader

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Words: 1443
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Featuring: Sam Wilson, Bruce Banner, Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers
Warnings: swearing, fighting, drinking, mentions of smut
Requested by anon
can you do a pietro imagine where they kinda hate eachother but then they have a one night stand and after everything, she starts to realize that she cared about him more than she should? and he does too???
Author’s Note: I AM SO SORRY IT IS UP SO LATE. I was busy, yet again today, and when I finally had the chance to write, it started to storm. So then I decided to make it the best I could and actually attempt to edit a bit. But again, I apologize. I also kinda did some things that weren’t exactly from the request but it still follows! :)


“Watch where you’re going, shitface.” You glared as the streak of blue and white ran past you, and managed to hit your side- almost knocking you down.

“Be quicker than that, ass!” He stopped running for a second to tell you that, but took off again.

You crossed your arms as you continued your way to find Sam. Your sarcastic, sassy buddy.

But before you had the chance to find Sam, Sam found you. “What’s up, little buddy?” He smiled, and ruffled your hair.

You frowned. “Don’t do that.” You moved his hand away. “I don’t like that.”

“Oh, come on, you know you love me.” He smirked, you just shrugged. “Alright, what is up with you?”

“Pietro has been non-stop pissing me off today.” You groaned, arms crossed.

Sam laughed. “I thought he pissed you off everyday.”

“He does! But today, he’s being extra annoying and rude!” You told Sam- he didn’t really care for the Maximoff boy, but he always found your bickering hilarious. He’d eat popcorn and watch if he could.

“He at least keeps the place entertained by making you mad all the time.” Sam smirked, and you furrowed your eyebrowsin frustration. “What? You’re kind of funny when you get angry.”

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Shuuen no Shiori Novel 3: Shuumatsu -Re:write- Ch 1 + 2

hellooo!! I translated a bit of the third novel just to join in on all the shuuen hype aha I really have no idea if I’ll do the rest at all
(looks at kagerou daze v…looks away…..)

but yeah enjoy!! I did most of this at like 3 in the morning so if something doesn’t make sense I’m really sorry ww

author – suzumu
cover – saine
illust – komine
main ‘offender’ – 150p

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Exo reaction to their gf wanting to wrestle

Do: Ohh really? Are you ready because squishy me will take you down my one sec.

Sehun: you had been waiting for a long time to do such challenge with me right?  I understand but, do you want to go get some bubble tea instead.. (tries to change the topic because he is afraid to lose)

Luhan: OMG, yes (starts laughing). Through this i’l prove to you how manly i actually am.

Baekhyun:  (Gets a little nervous) let’s not do that… oh what should i do..

Lay: ummm… what?Wrestle?   (thinks to himself) what is that… is the editable?

Kris: As i said before my hands are important to because i like to play basketball and i use them to make you happy. so go ahead lets do it.

Xiumin: (coolly aspects the request)

Chanyeol: i know you just didn’t say wrestling after losing to me for like the 100th time..

 Chen: (starts doing aegyo) please be gentle…

Tao: (gives you a wink) kungfu panda needs to see what his gf got… give it you best shot.

Kai: omo you’re so cute!!! of course i’ll wrestle with you… but, after we get fired chicken .

Suho: As your boyfriend  and exo mama i’ll be more than happy to take your challenge… (gets shy) 

alright, so as usual during my long, long morning at work, I spent about seven hours thinking about Carmilla

Specifically, I was thinking about the idea that Laura edits her videos, and maybe there are things we haven’t been made privy to.

(Now, before I actually let you go on into my mind, I want to point out that I tend to go on WILD speculative tangents. Most of the time with my speculation I’m not even thinking it could really happen, I just think it’s a really interesting idea where the show could be taken, not where I necessarily think it will be taken. This is very important difference.)

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Ask Me Anything: The Submission Process

Recently I got a question on tumblr about submissions and what the process is like. It’s a rather lengthy answer so I figured I’d talk about it here. 

Once a writer signs with an agent–and after they go through any revisions, be it a polish or a more lengthy edit–the next step is going on submission.

In short, this means their agent will submit the manuscript (fiction) or proposal (non-fiction) to editors. 

What this means…

I can only speak for myself, but the process actually starts when I first sign a new client. During my first read, before I’ve even decided whether I should represent a project, I’ll be thinking about submission. Obviously, if I’m thinking ahead, I’m thinking how much I love the story, but I'm also thinking about which editors will love the manuscript as well. 

After I sign an author, I make up a spreadsheet with the Publisher, Imprint, and Editor.

(This sheet is blank because it’s fake, and I’m using these editors because I work with them on recently released books–Nightingale’s Nest by Nikki Loftin, A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd, and A Death-Struck Year by Makiia Lucier). 

I think about what imprints are the right fit for the book and what editors at those imprints would fall in love the manuscript like I have. (One of the things I have to keep in mind is the different rules of submitting to each house–like you can’t submit to two editors at the same imprint and some house you can submit to multiple imprints and some you can’t.)

Then when the manuscript is all ready and polished, I pitch the manuscript to each of the editors on the list. Pitching could mean calling or talking to them in person if we have drinks or lunch or if I know them really well and we’ve worked together before, I might send an email.

After I pitch the project, ideally an editor will be as excited as I am and ask to see it. In that case I’d send them the manuscript with a written pitch (sort of like a query). If the editor isn’t interested (maybe they just signed something similar), I would call and pitch to someone else instead. 

Once the manuscript is with everyone on my list, it’s officially on submission

But that isn’t the end of the process. 

I’d love to say that I always hear back within a few weeks but that isn’t true. Just like writers wait for agents to respond at the querying stage, we agents have to wait for editors to read and respond. Sometimes it happens quickly (there are times when I’ve gotten responses in a week or less!) but other times it takes weeks even months. 

This is where following up comes in. 

I follow up with editors (how soon after submission is based on the project or if there’s any news and also based on what’s happening in life or in publishing). This reminds them how much I love the project and makes sure the ms doesn’t slip through the cracks.

When responses come in, I usually ask the author how they want me to handle it. Do they want to see the responses or do they want me to just tell them about it or do they only want to hear from me when I have good news, etc.

Once the book is on submission, there are a variety of different possible outcomes:

An Auction: This is where multiple editors are making offers. 

(It’s not like an auction at an auction house or anything. It’s largely done over email). I’ll set a date and a time, and ask every editors to get me their first bid–or offer–by then. Once all the bids are in, I’ll go back to all the under bidders and ask for more and that will keep going until we have the best bid from each house. I’ve had auctions with two houses that last one round and I had an auction once that was seven houses and a different auction that lasted a week long. 

Auctions can be stressful for everyone involved, but they also leave room for a lot of choice on the author’s part. It’s about more than just advance. Royalties, pub schedule, rights granted, the editor’s vision for the book, etc–all of these are factors that I’ll discuss with an author before the author makes his/her decision about what offer to accept. (I’ll give my opinion/advise, but it’s always the author’s decision).

A Pre-Empt: This is where an editor makes a “offer you can’t refuse." 

Sometimes the editor might be the only editor to see the project. Other times they’re just so excited about it that they come in with an offer before anyone else. Pre-empt offers are often higher or better than a first bid for an auction, but that doesn’t mean that all pre-empts are huge. A quiet literary middle grade for instance isn’t going to get the same advance as a huge commercial YA novel. But the reasons to accept a pre-empt are usually that it’s the best offer including advance and terms and the editor’s and publisher’s enthusiasm.

An Offer

This is the most common positive outcome–it only takes one!

In all three of these cases, as an agent, I’m doing a lot of negotiation. And again, the advance is one of those negotiating points but royalties, publication schedule, subrights splits, rights granted, etc are things that I’m asking about. Sometimes I’m even asking for specific language to be in the contract a later date.

No Offer

Hopefully this isn’t the outcome, but it does happen–more than you’d think. We all announce the manuscripts that do sell, but we don’t announce the ones that don’t. If there isn’t an offer, I usually work with the author to revise and do another round of submission or I work with the author on their next project. 

anonymous asked:

CAN YOU STOP REBLOGGING YOUR FUCKING EDIT A HUNDRED TIMES IN A ROW????? Do you know how annoying you are -.-''' I can't with you thirsty ass blogs

i will tell you honestly that NO I CAN’T!!!!!!!!!! and i scheduled that one edit 4 times with one hour gap between each so don’t exaggerate it like that! and by the way it’s not a “FUCKING” edit okay? do you know how rude you sound? if you can’t deal with us then just:  

and another thing … notes and compliments are the only thing that motivates us editors to keep editing, keep contributing to this site/fandom … if you call us “thirsty ass” and we’d actually take that personally and leave … will you be satisfied with an empty dash? no? then i suggest you to never send this message to any other editor again bec your words hurt and we’re not here to receive such messages when we’re trying hard to contribute sth. everyday for you to enjoy for free (when nothing much is going on) 

but read until the end bec i’ve got some damn good reasons that you should remember for the future and when ppl do things that annoy you … at least try to think from their perspective!

  • have you ever made stuff for tumblr that you spent hours on and noone cared about? i guess you probably haven’t? and if you have then:
  • have you ever thought about giving up on making stuff for tumblr or actually gave up bec it got like 3 notes? well i don’t know if you have but i have … like a thousand of times and it’s not that easy to overcome this feeling and keep contributing… props to all who contribute to their fandoms out there!
  • have you realised how dead your dash is these days bec ppl are barely online as exo is having a break atm/preparing their comeback? you probably have!
  • have you realised that everyone is in different time zones? you probably have as well! 

i could go on like this … but it’s getting boring, i’m getting bored myself writing all these things down … what i’m trying to say is self-reblogging/scheduling self-reblogs helps me/us to deal with all these problems/issues

i want you to know that i haven’t started scheduling my edits bec i’ve become thirstier for notes it’s more like the opposite … bec if i don’t schedule them most of my followers won’t even see them bec they probably don’t stay online/on their dash for long bec nothing is going on these days … i know myself that self-reblogging ur own posts a few times in a row is annoying and it makes your blog look ugly as well … so the first thing i do when i wake up in the morning is deleting all the self reblogged posts in a hurry bec i know that it’s annoying to scroll past that! but the best reason i have for scheduling is to prevent myself from quitting to edit exo/suho bec the amount of notes i get without self-reblogging makes me realise that this fandom is almost dead and i start to think things like “noone is here… i should leave as well!” or  “maybe ppl don’t like what i do anymore? i should just quit” … but after scheduling my edits i realised that there are actually ppl who are still active here and who appreciate my contributions so even though scheduling my edits is annoying (for myself as well) it is the only method to motivate me to keep contributing, keep waiting until the day i don’t have to self-reblog much when this fandom is active again like it used to be. so if you have a problem with that then just unfollow me, you probably don’t like me/my stuff+blog that much too judging from the way you’re talking to me … i have nothing more to say so - bye!