i should start editing more of him

  • harry: i'm bisexual
  • ron: mate i want you to know that i'll support you no matter what. if anyone gives you a hard time for this i'll fight them. fred and george will probably help.
  • hermione: OH you need to read this book i found in the library the other day about the history of lgbt+ wixen!! unfortunately there isn’t much on the topic, i'm planning to make a petition to send to the school governors to get more resources for these things in hogwarts, but this should be a good start!
  • ginny: lol same. want to help me edit my list of the hottest quidditch players?
  • luna: (hugs him for what would be an uncomfortably long time if it was anyone else)
  • neville: oh… really?? that's cool, thank you for trusting me with this… (INTERNALLY) THE CUTE BOY IS BI, THE CUTE BOY IS BI, ABORT MISSION ABORT MISSION

Theory: Fukurodani To Win Nationals

alternatively: this is a shounen sports manga so literally anyone could win for any reason whatsoever but a Fukurodani win would not be the worst possible choice and could in fact be an excellent choice

The tricky thing about theorizing who could win nationals is that none of the teams talk about winning nationals. It’s all about the act of going and what they will do there. Past winners aren’t even mentioned. But we’re 234 chapters into this. For the story, for the characters, and for myself as a fan, I want our current teams to get what they want and deserve, but I want them to aspire for more in the future. Or as Coach Nekomata says in ch.96:

[Note: I’m sorry not sorry for this monstrosity of a post. This is by no means a definitive edition. Beware that below the cut is image heavy and full of spoilers.]

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serbronzefyre  asked:

Given that Patchface drowned and was somehow resurrected in a biblical allusion, as well as the fact that he has prophetic dreams, would you say he's encountered the Drowned God? And if so, whose storyline will he affect more? The Ironborns' (whom he's had no contact with & doesn't seem to be on a collision course with any time soon) or Stannis with whom he has direct contact with? Or even Jon Snow?

Many people do think Patchface has encountered the Drowned God, and that he is the god’s true prophet (unlike Aeron, who hears only the inside of his head). I personally believe that there is no Drowned God as such, but rather a force of water magic that can sometimes be accessed via drowning, that some people have personified as the Drowned God but doesn’t truly have a personality or sentience. This water magic may be related to the water magic of the Rhoynar, with their personification being Mother Rhoyne; as well as the primitive beliefs of the First Men, personified by Elenei’s sea god father, the Lady of the Waves, etc. (FWIW, I also believe similarly about fire magic and R’hllor; and I’m fairly confident in this as GRRM has said no gods will appear and affect things in a deus ex machina.)

Nevertheless, Patchface, whose prophecies are true, has obviously tapped into something. But because I think this something, this water magic force, is not specifically related to the ironborn, his storyline doesn’t necessarily need to overlap with any ironborn. Although, tbf, Theon may enter his orbit at some point, as well as Asha, as they’re all in the North after all. It depends on what happens with them after the Battle of Winterfell and the Night’s Watch coup, but quite possibly they will intersect at the Wall or Winterfell. In which case it should be very interesting to see the broken Theon interacting with the mad fool Patchface, and what comes of it. Like, Theon’s thought patterns in his TWOW preview chapter fascinate me, and the way he makes connections to Euron, not to mention the fact that Bran (and Bloodraven?) are interested in him, tells me his plot should be much more on the magic side of things from now on, a side where Patchface is very definitely located. (edit: And Theon also had a prophetic dream about the Red Wedding, thank you for the reminder @darthgreyjoy.)

But generally I think Patchface’s storyline will mostly center around Shireen, as it has so far. Melisandre’s vision of him with bloody lips, surrounded by skulls, doesn’t bode well at all. I’ve thought that perhaps if Shireen is sacrificed, he may go mad (madder), and start tearing people apart in an attempt to save her? Other people have theorized that he may somehow be connected to the heavy foreshadowing re Shireen’s greyscale, that somehow he may set it free as a grey plague – and as greyscale and the grey plague are a form of water magic, there is a definite link to Patchface there.

And somewhere in all this may be the answer to the secret of Patchface’s true origin. I mean, he’s a classic trope: the only survivor of a shipwreck, recognizable only by his tattoos, but otherwise bearing no resemblance to the personality described before the wreck – he’s got to be somebody, right? Though I honestly couldn’t say who. (He might be a Lonmouth, whose sigil is skulls and red lips, but he can’t be Rhaegar’s former squire Richard Lonmouth as he attended the Tourney at Harrenhal, years after Patchface had drowned and washed up on shore. And there are no other Lonmouths mentioned, so it wouldn’t be a very good answer to the mystery, IMO.) We’re just going to have to see…

Love at First Video Part 19: Comfort

Misha Collins x Reader

1300 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

You knew you shouldn’t let what those two girls say bother you. Understanding that was easy, but actually doing that, not so much. Their words dug deep, making all the good memories fall to the back of your mind as they rang over and over again.

You hadn’t even thought about the fans reactions to you being in his video. After all, the two of you hadn’t even really announced your relationship yet. But you hadn’t expected that sort of reaction, the utter disdain and rudeness that had leaked off of them as they glared your way. They hadn’t even been careful in their hatred of you, they had wanted you to see it.

Clutching your pillow tightly to your chest, you let the sobs tear out of you. It was hard, when someone was rude to you like that. You always tried to be a kind, and considerate, and other people’s words always hurt your more than they should.

You were so lost in your own pain, that you didn’t hear the gentle knock on the door, or even the creak when it opened. But you did feel the gentle hand, as Misha rested it on your shoulder. “Y/N, you’re scaring me. Tell me what’s wrong.”

You felt the bed sag as he sat down next to you, and you rolled over, letting him pull you into his arms. You tucked your head into his chest, the sobs continuing as you had a hard time catching your breath. You felt Misha rubbing your back, soothing circles that helped calm you down. Minutes passed by, and slowly your crying slowed down, enough that you could breathe and relax a little.

Noticing you had calmed down, Misha tilted your face so he could see you. You wanted to duck back under, and press your face to his chest. You knew you must look a sight, with your red eyes, and mascara dripping down your face. But he kept a gentle pressure on your chin, his eyes full of worry and concern. “Care to tell me what that was about?”

“It’s stupid.” You muttered, wanting nothing more than to wallow in your own misery. You loved knowing that Misha cared about you enough to be concerned, but you didn’t want him to see you like that.

He let go of your chin then, and you sank back into the comfort of his chest, his arms once again wrapped around you, his chin resting on the top of your head. “It must be something if it got you this upset. I don’t care how stupid it is, maybe it will make you feel better to talk about it.” He prompted you.

Without his deep gaze on you, it was a little easier for the words to get out. “I just overheard a couple of girls talking today. I let it get to me a little more than I should have.” You said, trying to skirt around the issue, not wanting Misha to know the real reason.

“Come On Y/N, that’s not all of it.” He said, not giving in. “What did those girls say?”

You sighed. “They were fans of yours. And they recognized me from the video. I guess they don’t like me. They said I was just a fling, that you would never stay with a girl like me. And that I probably did some favors to get in your video.” You told him, the tears starting to well up again while you remembered those horrible girls. “And I know it’s stupid to get upset over words, but I couldn’t help it.”

You felt his arms tighten around you as you spoke, and you knew what those girls had said, upset him too. “That’s the worse thing about my job. I love it, and the fans so much. But they can be a little obsessive. But it’s not because they hate you. Hell, they don’t even know you yet. They are just jealous, and they should be. Because you have my heart, and they never will.” He told you, his words having the effect he wanted. They calmed you down, making you see that he was right.

“But they don’t actually know I’m with you. That we love each other.” You said.

“That’s right, you haven’t seen the video. Come on, wipe those tears, and let’s go watch it. I think that will answer a lot of your questions.” He said, pulling back from you, his callused finger surprisingly soft as he wiped away the last of your tears.

Taking a deep breath, you nodded, grabbing his hand as he pulled you up. He didn’t let go, holding onto it tight as he led you down the stairs and into his study. “Where are the kids?” You asked him, amazed at how quiet the house was.

“They’re over at the neighbors. I was so worried about you, I figured it was a good idea to get them out of the house for a little bit.” He said, squeezing your hand. He pulled out his desk chair, sitting down before pulling you down so you were sitting on his lap. His laptop was still open, and reaching around you, he had the video pulled up with a couple of clicks.

“Here, watch and see.” He said, turning the volume up. Your mood immediately brightened as you watched West attack his dad with the flour, watching as Misha turned on you. It showed all four of you covered in flour as West did most of the mixing and baking.

It wasn’t the baking that had you so enraptured with the video. It was the interaction between you and Misha that had you riveted to the screen. Little touches here and there, like Misha leaning over and tucking a stray hair behind your ear. Or a hand on your lower back. The glances between you and Misha were often, and either sweet, or steamy. It was easy to see from the video that you and Misha were more than friends, so easy that you were sure anyone who watched could figure that out.

“Wow.” You breathed, as Misha ran his hand up and down your arm, before pulling you back to lean against his chest.

“I didn’t realize we were sending googly eyes at each other until I started editing. But anyone who sees this should realize you are more than just a fling to me. That we both care deeply for each other.” He explained, and you nodded, agreeing with him.

“There will always be fans like that, won’t there?” You asked him, tilting your head back so it rested against his shoulder. The video had worked, had calmed you down, but your fears of being hated, and ridiculed were still there.

“I hate to say it, but probably. They are a passionate group, and I love them. But maybe, once they say how happy I truly am with you, they will be happy for the both of us, and welcome you into the family.” He told you.

“Are we going to do that by doing more videos?” You asked him, as he leaned down to kiss your cheek.

His mouth stayed next to your ear, nibbling on it, before he whispered into it. “No, I was thinking you should come to the convention with me, this weekend. Let them see you, and you can see them. Most of them are sweet, and smart. And they would love you.”

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College AU!Ravi

find leo (here)

  • major: marketing 
  • minor: music 
  • sports: part of the soccer team (mostly because leo signed up when they were freshman’s) 
  • clubs: one of the student organizer of the on campus concerts, also secretly part of ballroom dancing club
  • although he’s not interested heavily in the mathematics of running a business, he really likes thinking up creative designs for advertisment and keeps up with trending brands and things like that so in the end he decided that a job in a field where he could combine his knowledge of art and good products would be really fun!!
  • except he sorta regrets it and wishes he could have majored in music, especially lyrical writing, but for now it’s just his minor
  • he even has a part-time job as a DJ at a club in the college town and he’s always there on friday nights and everyone praises his original mashups and remixes and it makes him feel happy but then he’s like f rick i have a midterm in consumer finance on monday i should start on that
  • and ravi isn’t the best at keeping up with all his schoolwork because marketing is way more overwhelming than he expected and he’d rather spend hours hunched over his laptop editing songs but he knows that the reality is: getting a job in marketing is easier than getting a job in music
  • and also he needs to maintain a gpa of at least 3.0 to stay on the soccer team and he’s scared that if he gets anything lower leo will literally like eat him
  • but anyway he tries to study he really does but he can get kinda off track really easily which is why you are very very surprised when he comes to you very nervous
  • this six foot tall handsome soft nervous boy 
  • and he’s like “h h hi!!! im ravi!!! we have global marketing together and please help me i dont know what im doing for the presentation!!!!!!” 
  • and you’re kind of shocked but also wary because you know ravi’s a nice boy like he doesn’t talk much in class but when he does he jumbles easily over his words but like you notice that his entire notebook is scribbled with notes and he is trying but you’re still like,,,,,should i help him???
  • and ravi is standing there, probably looking way more stylish than any other college student in a five mile radius but that isn’t the point, and he’s like,,,, “sorry- i-just- you’re smart!!!! really smart in class you talk!!!! and you’re smart,,,,when you talk i mean so i thought??? you could help, but,,,,”
  • and he’s again stumbling over his words and you’re kinda like ok maybe he really just is this way naturally and really does need some help so you’re like “…..i can try,,,do you have any ideas of what you’re interested in?” 
  • and ravi kind of hesitates and like pulls the chair out next to you but then gets shy and moves so he’s sitting like one chair away and you’re like,,,,he reminds me of a puppy so cautious but you keep that to yourself and ravi’s like
  • well??? i wanna do something on the music industry and you’re like really?? that’s cool do you like music??
  • and ravi gets bright all of a sudden and is like i do!!! i put out some of my own stuff recently and i dj so!!! i know a bit about it !! and you’re impressed because wow that’s awesome!! and then ravi turns back into a little red ball of embarrassment from your praise and ok it’s cute you admit it ok ok
  • and so you and ravi get to brainstorming on what he could possibly do for his presentation and like at first he kind of seems so unsure of himself
  • but slowly as you get him to talk about what he’s really interested in you see him come to life and all his ideas are so creative
  • and basically at the end of your little session you’ve helped him map out some ideas and ravi is just like ,,,, wow i feel so much better and you’re like im glad!!! and for a second you swear you catch him like staring at you for a moment longer than usual but you push the feeling away
  • and ravi is like if it’s ok,,, can i talk to you more about it again?? and you’re like sure!! ill try to help and he just bows in appreciation and is like i gtg to ballroom dancing club wait no i didn’t say that
  • and you’re like ok by- ballroom dancing club??? and ravi is like lONg sTOry ByE
  • and so you see him in class and the teachers talking presentations and you notice for the first time how ravi starts nervously tapping his foot and he looks so scared and so you catch him outside of the room and you’re like hey,,,hows the presentation?? and he’s like its uh you know uhhh and you’re like dont be scared to ask for help. i want to help you
  • and you’re like good going genius why did u say that outloud he probably thinks ur weird but nope ravi starts glowing again and breathes a sigh of relief and he’s like thANK you i was worried about asking for more help,,,, 
  • and so these brainstorming sessions last for a couple of weeks until you can see ravi is super confident with where he’s going with his presentation and you’re just so happy to see him doing well and then ravi’s like you know??? i need to thank you somehow for your help
  • and you’re like oH no no it’s fine but he’s like here!!! this is a ticket for this concert im gonna be djing at on campus - you should um,,, come,,,,
  • and you want to kinda be like parties aren’t my scene but you’re also curious to see ravi in that kind of environment so you’re like ok-ok ill come!! and ravi leans in to hug you
  • and ok side note you’re like why is he so?? muscular he doesn’t look like the type??? and he’s like well i gtg to soccer see you there
  • and you’re like soccer??? ballroom dancing??? what is he
  • and so the night of the party you find something suitable to wear (more like you borrow it from  a friend because you were gonna go in just some jeans and she was like tHIS is a COLLEGE paRTY please put something …….hotter….on)
  • and so when you get to the place you can already hear really loud EDM and you’re like holy shit when you see how packed it is inside and when you finally manage to get inside you’re surprised to see ravi up on stage, jumping up and down and just looking so much more,,,,,,happy than usual
  • and he’s like got this cut up tank top on and he’s wearing like expensive jewelry and brands and you’re like is this the same clumsy flustered kid i know??
  • and you don’t know how but ravi spots you in the crowd and comes over with a huge smile on his face, sweat coming down his neck and he’s like you made it! he like lifts his shirt to wipe his face and you’re like dont look dont look fuck it im looking ok he’s got abs bye
  • and he’s like you should dance!! have fun!! drink!! and you’re like haha ahh im not really- and ravi like nudges you like come on!! one night wont kill you and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,well you’re like im already here so
  • and before he goes back up stage he’s like “you look really amazing by the way, sorry for staring” and you blush like what no i didnt notice you were and he smiles and your heartbeat gets quicker and you’re like oh no
  • and so you decide to order a drink and then everyone’s suddenly dancing around you so you’re like whatever ill do it too 
  • and before you know it a good two hours has passed when someones hand goes around your waist and you turn about to sock the person in the face but it’s ravi and he gives you a smile, this time a little more dorky and the one you’re use to, and he’s like wanna dance with me??
  • so you and ravi, instead of talking about global marketing, start straight up grinding on each other because it’s college it’s what happens
  • and from that point on it’s all very blurry but ravi is holding you close and you’re both like heY i kinda Wanna kiss you right now so you both just do it 
  • and things happen and when you wake up you are not in your dorm room nope and when you sit up in bed you are not in your bed nope and ravi is next to you sleeping (probably snoring a little) with nothing on and you’re like
  • oh
  • you find his shirt put it on and like try to find the bathroom but instead you find this tall, intimidating boy and a slightly taller, less intimidating boy 
  • and the less intimidating tallest one chuckles and is like “had a fun night with my hyung~~~~ look leo they’re blushing!!!” and the more intimidating one just eats his cereal and nods and you’re like uM … where is the bathroom….
  • and they point it out to you and once you’re in there you’re like ok what happened and you look in the mirror and you’ve got some teeth marks in places and perhaps other imprints on other parts of your body but you’re getting the picture yeah
  • and your hairs a mess but like you’re not freaking out, you’re actually smiling to yourself because its coming back what happened and you put your head in your hands like oh god,,,
  • and once you get back ravi’s awake by some miracle and he’s just got this panicked look on his face and your heart drops because oh no is he going to say he regrets it-
  • but no instead ravi just gets on his knees??? in front of you and is like “im sorry!!! im sorry!!! if you want to forget hooking up with me- if you want i will never bother you again!! you’ve just done so much for me and im in love i mean i like you alot ,,,, like a lot so-”
  • and you’re like rAVi what no i like you too also get up you’re naked please put something on 
  • and ravi gets up a little wobbly but he’s just all smiles and he reaches out to pull you into his arms but you’re like hey hey pants get your pants on
  • and from that night you and ravi are an official thing which is just wild to you for a couple of days but your so happy
  • because now you two sit next to each other in class and ravi holds your hand when he can and always has the dorky big smile when he looks at you (which he does a lot and you’re like ravi - pay attention in class and he’s like but you’re sooo much more interesting)
  • and when it’s his day to do his presentation and everything goes well you two start jumping up and down outside of the classroom when it’s over and ravi is like i dont care that there’s people in the hallway lets makeout
  • and you do except you both get shy like kids when you pull away
  • the tall not intimidating roommate of ravis, hyuk, teases the living shit out of you two 
  • leo just accepts it but he’s also secretly like “ravi, you’ve actually grown up wow” and ravi gets defensive like heY im ,,,,, an adult shuttup leo,,,,,,your face is dumb
  • and ravi insists that he should help you pick out clothes when you shop together because he knows all the good brands and you’re like ravi im ok with this ten dollar sweatshirt but he’s like no no you’re not we are getting you something from stussy righT noW
  • and you cheer him on during soccer which is funny because he kept waving and winking at you from the field so ken had to throw a ball at his head to get his attention 
  • ravi giving you shout outs when he’s djing and the whole crowd going ooooohhhhh~~~ and looking at you and youre like ravi pls 
  • you study a lot and really hard and ravi is so proud of you but he’s also the one to be like heY hey no it’s been three days of hitting the books we are going to the amusement park and you are having some fun and then we are going to my dorm to well you know “relieve stress” 
  • ravi walking around shirtless and you hide your face and he’s like ok but you’ve seen me naked 
  • perhaps if you ever want a tattoo ravi goes with you to get one??? f you dont you sit next to him when he’s getting another one and he’s like “thank god i live on campus or else my mom would murder me’”
  • ravi carrying you to and from places cuz he’s tall and muscles
  • ravi also falling asleep on your lap all the god damn time 
  • also you finally ask what the hell ballroom club is about and turns out ravi is in this program that goes around teaching the elderly how to ballroom it’s like a volunteer thing he does and you’re like holy shit ravi you’re the CUTEST PERson ALIVE
  • and he’s like no no im not i have a mixtape im tough
  • then you cover his face in kisses and he’s like ok fine i agree with you im cute and you’re cute too that’s why we are perfect 

  ‘cause i ain’t sticking around long:  a  f a n m i x  f o r  n i c k

  “Name’s Nick,

  but don’t bother learning it.”


Lazy Day wtht Joe

imagine for @not-a-creativewriter

“Joe!! You said we could go on a date today!” I whine.

“I’m sorry I’m just super jet lagged today can we just stay in?” He asks.

“Yeah I guess, but you owe me a date!” I laugh jumping on the bed.

“Do you want to make a video with me today? And maybe just lay around and watch some films?” He suggests.

‘’Yeah sounds like fun! I’ll go make some breakfast.” I smile.

I walk downstairs and start up the stove to make some eggs. I poor some orange juice in some glasses and make some toast with peanut butter. I put it all on a tray and bring it upstairs to a shirtless Joe setting up is camera.

“Now thats something I could get used to.” I smile setting down the tray giving him a hug.

“I think I could get used to you staying with me every night.” He smirks giving me a kiss. “Do you want to make a video?”

“You and your videos.” I chuckle.

We sit down and put on a tv show while we eat. He tells me about his trip to Croatia he just came back from. It’s been two weeks since we’ve seen each other and we hardly talked while he was away because of the time difference. I’m so glad we get to spend the day together even if it’s just chilling around the house. 

“So would you like to do the innuendo bingo challenge or the boyfriend does my makeup?” Joe asks.

“Um why don’t you let the fans choose?” I say.

Joe agrees and makes a poll. In the time he’s waiting I shower and put on some sweats and a hoodie.

“Looks like they want me to do your makeup!” He cheers.

“Oh my lord.” I laugh.

I gather all my makeup and we head to the kitchen and set everything up in there. I lay out all my makeup and organize things by what they are. 

“Hello everyone! Today I’m here with my beautiful girlfriend (Y/N)!” Joe smiles.

“Hello!” I say. “So what are we doing today?”

“Well it seems to me that I’m doing your makeup.” He responds.

“Ow Joe! Thats my eye!” I yell.

“OhI’m sorry!” He laughs. “What even is this??” 

“Its glitter adhesive, so if you want to put glitter on your eye it will stick!” I laugh.

“Oooh lets add some glitter!” He mocks all girly.

He puts on the glitter adhesive and chooses a bright blue glitter.

“I can’t even open this!” He yells. 

He then accidentally breaks the lid open and glitter goes everywhere.

“Joe!” I laugh.

“What in the bloody hell. I hate glitter.” He moans. 

The whole time we’re laughing and even though sometimes I would get stabbed in the eye , I was still loving this time we were spending together.

I love being so close with him. He’s so wonderful at what he does. 

After we were done, we put on a film and layed around and cuddled and ordered some pizza for lunch. We then moved to some videos for a while but after I started winning he wanted to go back to watching movies. Joe fell asleep on me about half way through the second Iron Man. I played with his hair and continued watching myself. He woke up about an hour later and wanted to start editing.

“Joe you used eye liner in my eyebrows I didn’t even notice!” I laughed as we were editing.

The whole time we were editing I noticed all the wrong things he did and used and I cringed every time but it was so fun. Watching him do what he loves warms my heart.

We moved the laptop from his desk to the bed because it was more comfy.

“Should I go get started on dinner?” I ask.

“Can we have mac and cheese please??” He asks.

“Joe thats hardly a dinner. But sure why not.” I laugh.

I come back upstairs form making mac and cheese with some hot dogs and beer to a Joe passed out on the bed. I quietly put the food down and take a picture.

“I guess doing my makeup today wore him out! So glad my sleepy boy is back home. @ Joesugg “


I hope you all like this! it’s been forever since I’ve written an imagine! 

Ethan Dolan - So-called feud


“Hey guys, so as I promised, I’m here today to answer your questions in an amazing Q&A video, because it’s been a while since I did something like that, so let’s get started!” I smiled into the camera that was recording. I grabbed my phone from the table and opened the questions I chose for the video and started to answer them.

Most of them were in connection with my older videos, about the last VidCon I attended and how it felt meeting some amazing people, and then there were this one:

“How do you feel about Ethan Dolan?” I read the question and then put down my phone to think about my answer. “Well, first of all, I don’t know him, I, like, once saw him at an event from the other side of the room, but never talked to him. Second of all, I have no opinion on him or whatsoever, I don’t really follow what he and his brother do, so I don’t feel anything about him, sorry.”

I thought this was a pretty diplomatic answer, I didn’t know what else should have I said of a guy I knew absolutely nothing about.
I answered some more questions and then turned the camera off. After done editing it I uploaded it and I went to bed. I liked to wait for the reactions and then read them at once, but I wasn’t expecting what really happened. As I woke up and started to read the comments and tweets on my phone my eyes went wide. Ethan Dolan was tagged in almost every each of them saying like “lol Ethan is so sassy, I can’t wait for her reaction” or like “Ethan don’t listen to her, you rule!”. I immediately opened Ethan’s profile and started to look for anything he wrote about me.

@Y/T/N So I don’t even exist in your world. Good to know.

“What the fuck?” I hissed looking at the tweet not even understanding why he would write something like this. What I said in the video was nothing near what he tweeted and I didn’t like being in the middle of a drama that was nonsense. So I quickly sent him a DM.

“Hey Ethan, I really don’t understand your latest tweet. I didn’t mean to hurt you with anything I said in my video.”

I nervously kept reading the comments and tweets about our non-existing feud while waiting for him to answer which by the way happened quite quickly.

“Good morning Y/N. I’m willing to talk to you and make a deal, add me on Skype.”

Then he sent me his Skype name and I immediately added him. Five minutes later I was waiting for him to answer the call and when I saw him half naked on my screen I just felt even more nervous. I had never liked drama and never wanted to cause it, so I just wanted to end it right there.

“Hey!” he waved at me with a wide smile.

“Hi. Thanks for answering, I just wanted to make sure that there is no real feud between us, because I don’t want to end up being the drama queen,” I said running my fingers through my hair. He lightly chuckled confusing me even more.

“Okay, I’ll be honest with you,” he said. I heard some muttering from around him, I guess he wasn’t alone, then he even picked up something from besides him and then gave it to someone who was behind the camera and then he turned back to me. “You didn’t say anything provocative, I just wanted to get your attention.”

At first I thought I heard him wrong. Then I furrowed my eyebrows trying to find the right words. Was this a joke? Did he really cause drama just to get my attention? I couldn’t decide if it was the sweetest or stupidest thing I had ever heard.

“Look, I’m really sorry, I admit it wasn’t the best idea, but I have been following you since forever but you seem to ignore my existence and I just wanted to have a chance to talk to you.”

“I’m ignoring you?” I asked in confusion.

“Well, yes. My biggest achievement that you are following me on Twitter, but no matter what I do you never react to anything I do or say, like you just don’t give a shit about me.”

“Maybe because we don’t know each other and I’m not a big fan of faking a friendship just for the entertainment,” I replied raising my eyebrows at the picture of him.

“Who was talking about friendship here?” he asked lightly chuckling and I was a bit taken aback. “I’m trying to get your attention so I can ask you out for a date.”

I heard some quiet whistling from the background, I guess his brother or his friends were amused by the boldness of how he smoothly asked me out.

I let out a bit awkward laugh not really knowing how to deal with the sudden situation. Ethan was a very good-looking guy and I appreciated the efforts he did just to get to me.

“Well, it would be a bit confusing to the people if we suddenly were seen on a date after our so-called feud,” I answered trying to hide my smile.

“I can help with that. Let me take a screenshot quickly.”

I didn’t understand why he needed a screenshot, but I tried to look decent, and then watched as he started to type something. When he was done he told me to check my Twitter. I saw that he just tweeted a photo, the screenshot of us talking on Skype with the following caption:

“Guys, I was just messing with you. I’m having the best conversation on Skype with her right now.”

I laughed seeing how confused the fans were about the sudden change of mind Ethan just showed.

“Nice move,” I said smiling at him at the camera.

“So are you free tonight?” he asked wiggling his eyebrows at me.

“Let me check my schedule,” I sighed pretending to do it, but in the meanwhile I typed in my reply to his tweet.

@Ethan Dolan
I love seeing my awful morning look on the internet. See you later, in person.

I heard his phone vibrate and he immediately checked it and reading my tweet he grinned up at me before speaking up.

“I’ll pick you up at six. Send me your address in DM,” he said and then ended the call.

“If I were a woman I would do so, Mary. That [Forgiveness] is a woman’s virtue. But a man should not and cannot forgive and forget.”

Just when I already hate Andrei (I never really liked him from the start. He left his pregnant wife to be at the war, let her die (I’m still disturbed by how Tolstoy described her eyes when she died), he didn’t take care of his son but instead ran away to the country, then he left Natasha for more than a fucking year after he proposed. Really, he’s such a dick), he managed to be a woman-hater misogynist pig with this. Good job, Tolstoy.

EDIT: Someone pointed out that my original statement below made fun of fans of the musical for being “too lazy to do simple research” and it’s really rude to them, because I am also a Great Comet fan myself. I’m sorry about it, I was carried away by my emotions. I already changed it (again lol). Thanks @carolinebowman!

For the Great Comet fans out there who didn’t read the book or watched the BBC mini series (I highly recommend it! It’s really good), the quote above is directed towards Anatole for trying to elope with Natasha and Natasha for breaking faith with him.

More So - Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Originally posted by dailymarvelstories

Words: 1443
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Featuring: Sam Wilson, Bruce Banner, Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers
Warnings: swearing, fighting, drinking, mentions of smut
Requested by anon
can you do a pietro imagine where they kinda hate eachother but then they have a one night stand and after everything, she starts to realize that she cared about him more than she should? and he does too???
Author’s Note: I AM SO SORRY IT IS UP SO LATE. I was busy, yet again today, and when I finally had the chance to write, it started to storm. So then I decided to make it the best I could and actually attempt to edit a bit. But again, I apologize. I also kinda did some things that weren’t exactly from the request but it still follows! :)


“Watch where you’re going, shitface.” You glared as the streak of blue and white ran past you, and managed to hit your side- almost knocking you down.

“Be quicker than that, ass!” He stopped running for a second to tell you that, but took off again.

You crossed your arms as you continued your way to find Sam. Your sarcastic, sassy buddy.

But before you had the chance to find Sam, Sam found you. “What’s up, little buddy?” He smiled, and ruffled your hair.

You frowned. “Don’t do that.” You moved his hand away. “I don’t like that.”

“Oh, come on, you know you love me.” He smirked, you just shrugged. “Alright, what is up with you?”

“Pietro has been non-stop pissing me off today.” You groaned, arms crossed.

Sam laughed. “I thought he pissed you off everyday.”

“He does! But today, he’s being extra annoying and rude!” You told Sam- he didn’t really care for the Maximoff boy, but he always found your bickering hilarious. He’d eat popcorn and watch if he could.

“He at least keeps the place entertained by making you mad all the time.” Sam smirked, and you furrowed your eyebrowsin frustration. “What? You’re kind of funny when you get angry.”

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Jim/Bones AU for harvydnt

Leonard McCoy is a bounty hunter hired to hunt down James Tiberius Kirk, son of decease national hero George Kirk, who is wanted for crimes against the state. Once he catches up to Kirk, rather than bring him in to be charged, he’s told to wait. To keep tabs on him until he’s given further orders. Instead of watching him from afar to make sure he doesn’t take off, as Leonard intends, Kirk approaches him on the street with a flirty smile and introduces himself. He says he figures if he’s gong to be riding his ass he might as well introduce himself.
Kirk - or Jim as he insists Leonard call him - seems content to hang around Leonard, despite being well aware of what he knows Leonard has been hired to do. Jim also suggests they share a hotel room to make it easier for Leonard to keep track of him and Leonard, reluctantly, agrees.
Leonard is hesitant to go to sleep the next few nights, despite the fact that he has Jim securely handcuffed to a radiator. But Jim is there every time he wakes up. (Suspiciously free of the cuffs after the first morning.) Eventually he asks Jim why he doesn’t run, or at least try, and Jim simply shrugs it off, says he enjoys Leonard’s company.
They get to know each other a little as the days go by. Leonard knows better than to get attached to his mark, but he can’t seem to help himself in this case. Something about Jim’s wide blue eyes and dazzling smile has Leonard trusting him more than he probably should. As Jim tells him more and more about himself, he starts to wonder if the crime he’s supposed to bring Jim in for is really as bad as the people who hired him are making it out to be.

anonymous asked:

That personality post was superb! I've made note of it, but how do you go about developing those different aspects of your character's personality naturally? Without writing the book itself or relying on a list? (That doesn't seem to help me get them in my head)

Thank you!! Okay, so I’m going to explain what I do personally. I also make a lot of jerks, so their positive/negative traits won’t be very balanced. You can always go back and edit them. The first draft does not have to be the final draft. And the character post I made, it does not need to be used as a skeleton, but these are details you should know. It’s more like a guide.

As you start filling out one part, it’s very likely that you will think of a characteristic for another. When you fill out one part, consider how it will affect the others.

When I start making a character, I usually pick one thing to go off of and then work my way around it. You don’t have to start with their traits, you can start wherever you want. So, for you personally, I do not recommend starting with their traits. I suggest starting with their values or beliefs, etc., and work your way around from there.

A character I’ve recently made, I thought of one event I wanted to include in his background. He made a decision, knowing full well what the consequences would be, which got his friend killed. Now, I kind of have a feel for him.

So, going off that one event, I can pick out some traits that might fit his character. I know you mentioned that you don’t want to pick from a list, but try to feel what traits might fit your character. For me, I feel that pathetic, desperate, and decisive will fit him. I also feel that assertive, lonely, and quiet suit him. I’m still working on him, but I’m considering these traits; defensive, argumentative, petty, reserved. I feel that I’m missing a trait that I want for him, but I’ll probably discover it as I develop him more.

I just decided that he has a dog because he’s lonely.

Alright, so there’s still values, beliefs, wants, recurring feelings, self-image, behaviors, and the majority of his background. I’m only doing the essential aspects, not his quirks or likes/dislikes, etc.

Going off that one event, I can easily say that he values himself; selfish. A new trait, but not the one I think I’m missing. I want to think of another value, because it’s best when there’s two. Love, health, friendship, power, stability, unity, adventure, wisdom, justice, recognition, attention… I know you said you don’t want to pick from a list, but I’m feeling that recognition might fit with his character. I always try to feel if something will work. I don’t usually just pick at random.

Now, once I have a few details down, I can start to ask myself, why does he value these things? What happened in his history to lead him to make that awful decision? If he’s so lonely, why did he purposely let his friend die? Why is he quiet, assertive, and defensive, etc.? You want to ask yourself these questions constantly. This is generally where I start thinking about the character’s background more.

When I picked recognition, a few things popped into my head; maybe he did something really awesome once when he was younger and his family didn’t care, just brushed it off. Though, this probably happened on more than one occasion if he values it so greatly. Another possibility is that he’s living off old glories; he did really great things as a child and was recognized for them, but as he grew into an adult and stopped doing anything worthwhile, he still expected people to praise him. Maybe he’s defensive because his family started mentioning how he used to be such a go-getter, and now he’s not. Perhaps he’s lonely because of his other traits; what person wants to hang around with someone who is argumentative, selfish, and petty? A recurring feeling just came to mind; angry. He’s angry a lot because he feels like he isn’t appreciated or recognized for his achievements. Another possible recurring feeling is resentment.

Right now, I’m sliding into his head a little bit. I’m starting to see things how he views them. Now, onto his wants, which I already discovered; he wants to be appreciated. Now, there’s already some contradictions in his personality. He wants to be appreciated, but he values himself, and he’s selfish, petty, and pretty heartless when he feels he isn’t being recognized for whatever great favor he’s done. How can you appreciate someone like that?

That one trait I couldn’t think of before, I’m pretty sure it’s entitled.

Now, beliefs. What does he think about other people? What does he think about the world? What he thinks about himself may or may not be the same as his self-image. Hm, I’m not entirely sure what his beliefs are, so I’m going to pick a random one and see if it’ll fit. “People are selfish.” This is funny because that’s how he is! Contradictions. I’ll leave him with that one belief for now.

Okay, so self-image, behaviors and the majority of his background still. I can go either way with his self-image, but because he’s such a jerk, I think I’m going to let him suffer from a poor one. He doesn’t think he’s very good at anything, but he still wants to be appreciated because it makes him feel nice about himself for once.

Behaviors take me a while, so I’m just gonna stick one here. Sorry! One of his behaviors is that if he helps someone, he’s not doing it to be nice: he’s doing it because he wants to feel good. Backgrounds sometimes take me a while, so I’m not going to do it here, but one key thing has already been established; his parents never praised him and were not supportive of any skills or hobbies he liked. Or alternatively, depending on what way I want to develop him, he was praised but grew up to be an entitled jerk. I’ll probably go with the latter.

Demeanor is easy, it’s already been established in his traits. He’s quiet and defensive.

As for that dog, I mentioned that he got one because he was lonely, but now I can connect it to the rest of his personality more. A dog is always going to appreciate him because he is the sole caretaker. A dog is always going to love him. A dog isn’t going to care if he’s defensive, quiet, angry or resentful. A dog is never going to criticize him and make him feel bad.

I’m going to skip posture, likes/dislikes, quirks, hobbies, and his speech pattern in this answer because those aren’t nearly as important as the other aspects.

So, as you can see, I started off with his background and naturally worked my way around.

This is still a rough draft of this character, but I have the basics of his personality and how I generally want him to be. Some characteristics may or may not change or be edited as I think about him more. I feel one or two details might not suit him as well as I want them to. He doesn’t feel completely developed yet, and that’s because I haven’t thought of solid reasons for connecting his personality together, they’re a bit loose at the moment.

When you start building a character off one event, there is more than one way it could go. Instead of him being selfish, he could just have been careless, or maybe he was depressed, or he didn’t entirely realize what he was doing. I still haven’t thought of if he feels guilty about it, but I’m pretty sure that he feels resentful towards his friend for leaving him with that one choice. (That’s not actually what happened, that’s the character coming out and telling it from his view as I’m writing. There is always a choice!)

And remember, you can always go back and edit them!! The first draft does not have to be the final draft. And the character post I made, it does not need to be used as a skeleton, but these are details you should know. It’s more like a guide. As you start filling out one part, it’s very likely that you will think of a characteristic for another. When you fill out one part, consider how it will affect the others.

Sorry if it’s messy, it’s just my thinking process and it is a first draft…

I’m going to leave this here and hopefully I answered your question!! If not, please send another! I’d hate to leave you hanging with a disappointing answer!

anonymous asked:

so, i follow your blog for quite a time, and i like to read your posts with reviews about the seventeen members, like when you talked about the hip hop unit being like a family and all. after meeting them in person, the way you saw them changed?

Hello! Thank you a lot. ^_^

Meeting them in person was definitely a big experience, and I did come to realize a few things that maybe I didn’t know before about the members. For one, it’s a bit hard to think of them in any solid ways now, like for instance their height. They all seemed to be different heights in comparison to mine than I expected, so now I can’t trust their heights whenever I see them in photos to be what I think they are. xD As for personality, though, I’ll break it down individually.

S. Coups -

My interaction with S. Coups was very short, so personally it didn’t really change much, but what I did notice was when I was watching all of the other people go up and talk to him. Each time, he kept his eyes directly on them and listened to everything and smiled at them and even reached his hands out for theirs before they did. When I went up, I said something to him and he leaned in to listen even though he probably knew I would say it in English and he wouldn’t understand it. It doesn’t so much change my opinion of him as it does confirm it, that he’s a genuinely nice, caring person who loves each of the fans.

Jeonghan -

Another one who didn’t really change in my eyes, but more grew a little. I think I underestimated just how 3D Jeonghan is in his mind. Like, you could tell, whenever he wasn’t being directly engaged by a fan he was looking through the crowd, puffing out his cheeks, fiddling in place as if he was occupied thinking about things. I think I have to do a lot of thinking about Jeonghan because it’s hard for me to view him as a living, breathing person since I don’t think of him as an individual outside of a group that often. I’m friends with too many Jeonghan stans to spend long hours thinking about him. (However, typing this out made me realize he was thinking in an entirely different language which tripped me out and now I’m trying to imagine thinking in Korean.)

Joshua -

I think since Adore U era ended, Joshua has grown past the quiet gentleman in the minds of fans into someone who enjoys playing around and making people laugh and I think seeing him in person really made my brain make that adjustment fully for the first time. He’s still a sweetheart and a flower and a gentleman, but it really struck me that he seemed a lot more comfortable when the mood was good and people came up to him and joked and laughed instead of serious and quieter? He also seemed to want to make the people smile too, which was adorable.

Jun -

I really didn’t know Jun would be so pretty. It was the first thing I noticed when they stepped out of their waiting area to go onstage was that Jun is justgorgeous. It was hard to look away before I got used to it, and it’s not even just that I thought he wasn’t pretty before. I think he’s one of the prettiest, but now even more so. His height was a bit more comprehensible than I expected. Also, I really appreciate him paying attention to me. As I was walking offstage I forgot to say something to him so I turned my head to say it and he actually looked at me as I did, as if he hadn’t just viewed me as another person passing by for the .3 seconds I was there, and remembered that I was still kind of there. It was nice.

Hoshi -

I think now my resolve putting Hoshi as one of my role models has strengthened, because now I see him as being a lot more in control of his energetic side as well as his creative side. Not only because of seeing him in person but also from the My Little Television episode where he went off by himself while the rest of the group was throwing around choreo ideas so that he could focus and think up something really good even though it was just for a short bit that might not even be shown, he showed a lot of focus and ability to control himself. I saw a lot of that in person too, where he treated the calm, quiet ones with gentle softness and then the happy ones with a bright grin and energetic friendliness. I really aspire to be more like Hoshi one day in a lot of ways, and definitely in that.

Wonwoo -

I didn’t get to meet him, but I did get to see that the group really does need him in the long run, and that the fans really love and care about him. Get better soon, Wonwoo!

Woozi -

I’m a firm supporter of the “treat woozi like an adult and a serious artist” club and I think seeing him in person solidified my opinion on that because he treated each of the fans very seriously and respectfully. I think it’s a bit hard to really form any new opinions on Woozi based on that interaction, because I don’t feel like it was a place of comfort as much for Woozi like just being alone with his members or even just by himself producing would come closer to being. However, I can firmly say that the longer blonde hair needs to make a comeback for Woozi.

DK -

I’m not sure if this counts so much as my view of him changing, but I want to see DK again. I’d like to go to another fanmeet and be near him again and I want to hear him talk. I think out of all the members, DK feels the most… real.Like someone I could run into at the store or pass by on the street and spend the next few days thinking about. I spent a lot of time watching DK interact with the fans, and he was the first on the line, so when there was one long bit of emptiness while the guards held the next wave of people, I watched DK watch the people coming up and greeting them and smiling before they even got on stage. I’d really like to see DK more and know more about him.

Mingyu -

I’m not sure anything changed in my mind about Mingyu either… I’m a bit ashamed of it but I didn’t spend too much time focusing specifically on Mingyu, because there’s so many of them and I was a bit overwhelmed, but my observation is he has a really nice laugh and really nice voice.

The8 -

When I first read the ask, The8 was the first member I thought of, and here’s what changed in my mind about him: The8 works a lot harder than I thought. Not just in Korean but also just being an idol. He hardly smiled at all, which made me a bit sad until I realized that maybe that’s a bit more who he is, that he has to work at constantly being surrounded by people who view him as cute and adorable and adore him. I think he must work really hard to be an idol for us and I think that’s really sweet.

Seungkwan -

My view of him changed because I used to think we were similar and now I know it xD (I just used xD in a serious post. why). I think he has a lot of energy and a lot of passion but what I really saw in America is that he works really hard too, and he’s genuinely wanting to communicate with the American fans. Seungkwan was one of the few who, when I said something, talked back more than “Thank you”. Which, admittedly, there was little time for, but he seemed to enjoy each and every second he got to be with the fans.

Dino -


Vernon -

I wanted to save Vernon for the end because Vernon was one of the few (along with Seungkwan, but I CAN’T FLIPPING REMEMBER WHAT CONVERSATION WAS EXCHANGED) who I had prolonged conversation with and the one who I think changed the most in my mind. Vernon’s never been terribly high on my non-existent bias list. At first, he was overrated and everyone seemed to be his fan. Then he just had the kind of personality to me that I don’t really hang out with. I don’t even remember looking at him that much in person at first. The meet order was by unit, and so Vernon was standing next to S. Coups. Well, I had a little something to say to a lot of the members including S. Coups, but of course I couldn’t manage any Korean so I had to try English. So I got to S. Coups and I said “thank you for taking care of them”. The girl in front of me moved ahead pretty quickly, so Vernon overheard and leaned over as I moved in front of him and said “no, no, no. You don’t have to thank him. We should thank you.” I’m pretty sure there was a “for supporting us” or “for being our fan” and then something after that which I can remember was super sweet and a direct compliment to me, like he said he liked my backpack or my hair or something. I don’t remember that much because I was in so much shock that Vernon even said anything to me at all, much less initiated a conversation with me, mixed with the fact that even though S. Coups didn’t necessarily understand, someone did. I think now when I look at Vernon I see him a bit more in the light of him starting the conversation and him being humble and grateful. I think he has a lot more to show and give than we realize as fans and that I should definitely appreciate him more.


“I hit my stride later than most folks. A couple years ago, it really was a big old hip-hip-hooray and let’s get somethin’ shakin’ here. Then pfffffff — it reorganized at this higher level, and now there’s more to manage, and more opportunity.” (Esquire - 2009)

[ Dat moment where you search over the Farlan tag on tumblr to reblog some pics of your husbando but only find very very few of him alone ]


(made by howsweettobeacloud on Tumblr!)Phil is really tired, but Dan doesn’t want to go to bed so he ends up falling asleep on the sofa next to Dan.
And then Dan decides to go to bed and he has to wake Phil up so they can sleep in bed.

“Daan, can we already get to bed? I want to sleep!”
“I’m editing babe!”
Phil comes into the lounge and sits next to me, resting his head on my shoulder. The tv was on, playing classic music.Phil had his totoro plush with him and he had it wrapped on his arm.

“Why do you have classic music on the tv?” Phil asked
“Because it calms me down if I get mad while editing sweetie,”

There was a silence for 5 minutes, until Phil talked.
“Can we go to bed already?”Phil asked while rubbing his eyes
“I am not done yet Phil”I answered
“Daaan, pleeaaase?”-Phil whined
“Do you want some anime?”I smiled at his tiredness. He always is so needy when he’s tired.
“Yeah”He yawned
“Just don’t fall asleep on me or I will have to carry you or wake you up”
“I will try not to” Said Phil before I gave him a kiss on the forehead.

I sighed and continued to cut scenes of me and Phil giggling and kissing and cuddling. We should probably stop doing that in the middle of filming, being a lovey and cute, it really added to the stress of editing if you had to edit out a kiss every minute but no. I also watched Phil laugh at some parts of the anime. Then, I started to listen more yawns than laughs.
“Are you still tired, baby?” I asked as I continue to edit.
“Yeah. I’m exhausted!” He mumbled
“I am finishing in a few minutes, just don’t fall asleep on me.”
“Okay” he smiled as he got his head on my chest.

Phil slowed his breath, but not enough for me to know he was asleep.

I finished editing and I thought of watching tumblr so we stood there for a while.

“Phil, is it alright if I check Tumblr for a bit?It´ll be quick okay?"I asked. Phil just nodded, so I opened a browser screen and got in the website, while brushing Phil´s hair slowly.

At 3 am, I started to feel pretty tired so I decided to tell Phil to get ready to go to bed. I turned off the TV and talked to Phil

“Hey Phil? I’ve finished with everything and…. “Oh!” I exclaimed in room to see one of the cutest sights I could possibly see in my life. Phil was lying, fast asleep, on my chest. He was hugging Totoro, it was being held between his chest and his knees.

Phil’s eyes were fluttering as he breathed, his breath tickling the back of the Totoro plush.

“Phil? Babe? ” I whispered into his ear.

“Wake up, babe.” I smiled.
Phil sighed and rolled away from me. Then,I shook him carefully.

“What is it?” Phil asked, as he sat up and rubbed his eyes.
“I’m done editing.”
“Why did you have to wake me to tell me that?” Phil grumbled.

“Because you wanted to go to bed and you fell asleep here,”
“So are we going to bed now?”
“Yeah. Lets go“
“But I don’t want to wallk!”Phil conplained tiredly
“Fine, I will carry you”
I took Phil and he got himself comfortable on my chest while I carried him.

When we were about to get into my bedroom, Phil mumbled
“Yes baby?”
“Totoro…”-Phil yawned

I walked with Phil on my arms upstairs to get Totoro.
We got in the room and picked up the plush.
“Phil? Here it is”
Phil was fast asleep, snoring a little while cuddled to my chest.
“Aww” I smiled

I got Phil into the bed and covered him with the duvet, even if he was asleep, he moved and mumbled a little.
“Mmmm…love you Dan,” Phil yawned
“Love you too Phil” I smiled before kissing him in the forehead

Read on ao3
Part 1 of the Fluff marathon
My most popular fic

Brain freeze challenge

“You’re correct Y/n! 1996 is the right answer!” Caspar yelled as you were finally allowed to get out of the bath full of ice cubes and cold water, after having been in it for the purpose of the brain freeze challenge for about 5 minutes. You stood up, feeling your teeth chattering and your whole body weak and numb.

Caspar was cheering and making funny comments as Oli was filming the scene.

Joe, who was looking at you with a painful expression from the second you stepped in the tub – maybe because he knew the feeling, having done the challenge a few month ago – rushed over you to roll you up in tin foil. He hadn’t said a world during the whole thing, not wanting you to do it in the first place and refusing to appear in the footage. Caspar had agreed on it so Joe had sat down in a corner of the bathroom and kept it quiet.

The cold was extremely painful and you felt like your skin was burning everywhere it had been in contact with the water. You stopped Joe from wrapping you by taking his hands in yours ‘”Joe I don’t feel right” you said feeling your head spinning. Caspar stopped laughing and they both held you and made you lay on the bed, covered in your tin foil suit.

You saw Joe pace out with Caspar, glancing at you then bend towards his ear and whisper “I think there’s something wrong. Her lips are literally purple and her skin is blue. You turned my girlfriend into a freackin Teletubbie!” Caspar giggled “Mate, everyone is like that after they get out of it. You just hadn’t realized that with anybody else because you’re emotionally involved with this one” he said indicating you with his chin. “You’re probably right” you heard Joe mumble sceptically.

“I made Y/n a cup of hot tea” you saw Oli step in the bedroom with a smile on his face – a smile that faded the second he laid eyes on you “Oh gosh look at her guys I don’t think this is normal” he warned getting closer to you. You didn’t move as you felt too weak to do anything and your body was uncontrollably shivering every five seconds.

You watched Oli unwrap some of the tin foil and turn around to face Caspar and Joe, standing right behind him “You idiots! Nobody thought of making her take her soaking wet tee shirt off before wrapping her? What’s wrong with you morons? How is she supposed to warm up?” You didn’t even thought about that but now it made sense that you were still freezing. Oli tugged at your teeshirt but you swapped his hand, glancing around until yours met Joe’s gaze. He got it straight away “here, lemme” he said to Oli, nudging him to take his place, kneeling on the bed. “Oh, sure, I didn’t mean to…” he trailed off, “Thank you Oli” you said, grateful.

You knew he genuinely wanted to be kind and helpful. Besides, he was the only one in this room to have a few first aid training skills. “Drink your tea, Y/n” he said, and then spoke to Joe “but in the mean time, the best thing you can do for her is take off your clothes and cuddle up, body heat is transferred between people”. “Really? Isn’t that a myth?” Joe asked but you could tell he was kind of happy with the news. “Alright let’s try that, you people leave the room I’ll take it from here” he said, enjoying being in charge. Caspar and Oli were smiling evilly as they left you and Joe alone, waving goodbye and wiggling their eyebrows, closing the door behind them.

Joe sat you up and helped you out of your shirt, leaving you in your bathing suit. You quickly dived (dove?) under the shits and snuggled in them. “Should I keep my boxers on?” Joe asked and you realized he was already shirtless and getting off his trousers. You rolled your eyes and felt the bed shifted as Joe came close to you, letting you in so you could nuzzle against his bare skin. He wrapped one arm around your waist and the second around your head, allowing him to brush your hair. He kissed your forehead and whispered, his lips against your skin “Are you feeling better?” “I am now” you answered “we should do this more often” he joked and continued playing with your hair.

15 minutes later, Caspar and Oli, who had started editing upstairs but were worried about not hearing you two talk, knocked softly on the door and peeked their heads (and a vlogging camera) through the crack of the door: they awed in unison at the sight of you and Joe all cuddled up and peacefully asleep.