i should start drawing now

Stucky Sleeping Positions - 3. The “I’ve-got-your-back-position” (aka post mission cuddles)

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Some sketches


( ̄▽+ ̄*) stress relief scribbles lmao

Late Kyouken birthday and the tiniest bit of BandAU! 
I actually have quite a bunch planned out and I’m excited for the break to get a bit of time to work on it! ^__^v 

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“Laura Hollis is the most complex math equation you have ever encountered in your life.
You’ve known for a while that something’s off with her, that something’s not right. Something has seriously fucked that girl up. But you have never previously observed her from as close as you have been able to recently, with all the running in the mornings and the going to her games with Kirsch. There’s just something about her that doesn’t make sense and your brain - despite all the trauma it’s gone through or maybe because of it - can’t shake the curiosity.” 

White Blank Page by zbrockman (tumblr: sedinbrothers) and antisocialgod (tumblr: hedalexsa)

Summary: Laura’s mother leaves and Laura has to deal with the fact that she’s unwanted.

Pairing: Hollstein

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this story and if you’re not reading it you’re seriously missing out on some amazing writing. 

Find it here: (AO3)

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okay, but in regards to the reverse kouhai wars, tbh i think the datekou guys would win that one hands down. when will the third years Give Them Peace

why are they here again 


I decided to draw my 12-foot-tall hellhound form since I haven’t in a long time

hey heres a question for you, my followers:

i have two big projects right now that are intertwined with each other but the more i stay thinking about them, the more i realize how huge the work ahead is gonna be and im getting discouraged. do you think i should shrug it off and start drawing now or plan things ahead at the risk of putting too much pressure on myself and drawing later?

“I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory
Is this where it gets me, on my feet, sev’ral feet ahead of me?
I see it coming, do I run or fire my gun or let it be? 

Burr, my first friend, my enemy 

Maybe the last face I ever see

If I throw away my shot, is this how you’ll remember me?
What if this bullet is my legacy?”


A lighting exercise I had a lot of fun doing.

Fireplace story time at its finest.

“Unlike the hallways, the lunchroom was suspiciously silent. There was a tension that filled the space, immediately setting Alex on edge. Navigating through the crowd, he managed to slip to the front with ease. In any other case, his small stature would be a brittle thorn in his side, but on the occasion it had its advantages. The scene that laid before him was one that would not soon be forgotten. Lafayette was towering on top of a table, shouting in a mixture of French and English at another boy who was standing on the ground looking up smugly at the enraged teenager. There was a small circle of students blocking entrance to the faceoff, keeping any administration interference at bay. Teenagers are like sharks, Alex thought, a fight is like a drop of blood.”

Aaaaaand here is yet another drawing from @damn-man-ham-fam‘s brilliant fic. I can’t seem to stop drawing Hamilton how did this happen


A desperate soul

“Can you imagine me with those powers, Bae? I could get to redeem myself. I could turn it towards good.”


The second picture is a cropped version of my original fanart I did months ago. I thought it was a good contrast with the new one. You can check my other Rumple fanarts here and here.

The beautiful Charley Shepard for @commander-shakarian for winning my giveaway. ♥ I had a lot of fun drawing her! (can you tell I like purple?)