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Can we take a minute to look at Digger’s reaction to Harley saying Diablo killed his kids? Deadshot actually has a daughter and he didn’t seem as upset about hearing that. Even Harley who wants kids didn’t seem fazed. Digger also lost his temper when Harley started going on about how Diablo should “own” it. They built him up to be a ruthless scumbag bad guy but look at that emotion. I also noticed that when he says “and the kids?” He hesitates at the start, and you can hear the worry in his voice. At first I thought that he just really liked kids, but part of me wonders if maybe he has Owen? What do you all think?

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EXO reaction to GF seductively sucking on one of their fingers

I’m honestly not into this at all and I don’t know how this works much so I’m going to try my best here!!! ~ 사랑해요 Chas

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*You started sucking on his finger after he got some sauce on it while cooking*

Yeol: “You should not be doing that while wearing…well…” *Looks down and blushes a little as he watched you* “Can cooking wait?”


*Just out of the blue you started sucking on his finger*

Fan: “Babe, I know you’ve been wanting to do it for awhile but you’re pregnant and I just find it kind of weird to do it with a child in your stomach.”

You: “Fine. Jeez.”

Fan: “Just wait until after labor okay? Then you can have all the fun you want.”



*Having an intimate moment*

You: “Can I try something?”

Hun: “Anything for my baby.”

You: *Grabs his finger and starts sucking on it seductively*

Hun: “This is weird but I’m turned on by this.”


*You took his finger and started to suck the butter off from the popcorn.*

Tao: “Okay…But what are you trying to do? We have napkins.”

You: “You are dense.”


*You started to suck the chocolate icing off of his finger while you two were baking*

Nini: “If you wanted to do food play, you could have just asked.”

(Might I say, That I’m NOT into food play. BUT if it’s Jongin….)


Minnie: “Why are you sucking on my finger like that?”

You: “Does this not turn you on?”

Minnie: *Looks down and back to your mouth wrapping around his finger and has an approving look on his face* “It does.”


*Starts sucking on his finger*

Baek: “Well, you’re rarely in the mood and you rarely initiate things. What’s gotten into you?”

You: “I’m helping you relieve some stress. So, let me do all the work.”

Baek: “I’m okay with that!” 


*You start licking the whipped cream from his finger that he accidentally got on when you both were making a Sundae*

Han: “Are you sure you want to start this?”

You: *Nods your head a yes.*


Dae: “Didn’t this morning you said you wanted to try something?”

You: “Oh yeah!” *You grab his hands and started sucking on one of his fingers.”

Dae: “You could have waited until we got to that time because I am not in the mood right now. At least now I know what you are going to try to do tonight.”


*Starts sucking on his finger randomly while watching a movie*

Soo: “You do know I have a schedule tomorrow right?”

You: “Of course. You need to relax before leaving tomorrow early in the morning right? You’ll be with THEM all day long.”

Soo: “Keep going and don’t stop.”


*While watching a movie together all cuddled up you decided to start up a little something by sucking on one of his fingers*

Xing: “I know that you’re in the mood and all but I’m pretty tired.”

You: “That’s okay. I understand.”


*Grabs his hand and starts to suck on one of his fingers and get in his lap*

Myeon: “I did not know this was Netflix and Chill. Why didn’t you say so?”

You: “It wasn’t supposed to be but you look good right now.”

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Block B Reaction To Their Girlfriend Having A Wet Dream About Them
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“What is she doing… Noo…”


*Stares at you awkwardly, listening to you moan out his name.*


*You wake up and start questioning your life*
“What were you doing? Sounds like you were having fun”


“No way… What were you dreaming about…”


“You had a dirty dream about me, and here I thought you’re all innocent~”


“I’m fully awake now because of you, you should take responibility for that”


*When you wake up he just exaggerates how dirty it felt*


Dating Sehun Would Include

“Could you please do D.O and sehun or chanyeol 

Once again, I am sorry if this wasn’t up to top notch standard but I am literally researching EXO’s personality wtaf <3 I have a feeling this one will be popular aha bc he’s such a fiend MY my.

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Uh hi there I saw you on the johnlock tag and thought I should ask instead of making someone else do it. Did you wanna either stop shitting on johnlock or start tagging things differently? If you tag something johnlock it will appear in the johnlock tag, meaning the tjlc community members will see it. This could all just be you trying to get a reaction though but it'd be great if you'd stop? Cause there are people that want and need that type of representation that johnlock gives

“there are people that want and need that type of representation that johnlock gives"

Really? I don’t know anyone who need this kind of representation, no matter if you are hetero, bi or gay.

( @ thermometerblouse )

About the tag, I thought about not doing it but if I start to think a little more, at no time I insult anyone or invent things or say something that was not true. Everything I said in my posts are real and are shown on the serie, it’s not something I got from a vague interpretation. So if I didn´t do any of that why someone should bother. If I put it in the  johnlock tag is because I’m talking about johnlock, I speak of sherlock, also John and Irene, then why I would not put their tags. I would have put anti-johnlock if I would said “johnlock is overrated” “I don´t like johnlock is horrible” “I hate sherlock and john” etc. but I didn’t.

Exo Reactions To You Annoying Them While They’re Busy

Should I just put a disclaimer on all my reactions that says “this might be shit because I’m tired, sorry”? Because I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot. But I am sorry if this is shit, I’m tired & I was rushing. -___- xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *does his best to ignore you while he’s on the phone & pushes you away when you start poking him but he can’t help smiling & laughing a little like a giant child*

Chanyeol: *keeps talking but starts messing with you back, smiling wide, without interrupting whoever he’s talking to or stopping the conversation at all* 

Chen: *puts his hand in your face & pushes you away so he can do whatever he was doing in the first place, not taking any of your weirdness because he’s too busy*

D.O.: *tries really hard to ignore you & not acknowledge your games but he’s getting irritated & doesn’t want to get mad so he stays quiet & lets you continue while he talks*

Kai: *lasts a whole five seconds when he tries to pretend you’re not there but then he just starts giggling & has to stop whatever he’s doing to compose himself*

Kris: *acts like he’s going to just laugh it off & then gets pissy, hissing at you to stop & then waving you off with a stern look on his face that makes you feel accomplished*

Lay: *does his best not to be rude to whoever he’s talking to but you’re making it hard & he tries to ignore you but he feels bad so he tries to pay attention to you both*

Luhan: *gives you a bemused look before returning to what he was doing & warning you with his eyes not to do it again, even though you do & he ends up smirking at you*

Sehun: *whines that you poked him too hard & demands you stop so he can have a moment to recover, you roll your eyes, leaving him to finish whatever he was doing*

Suho: *can’t help but smile at you even though he’s trying really hard to focus & he’s also getting a bit irritated but he finds you cute so he has a hard time getting mad*

Tao: *rolls his eyes, whining at you to stop & leave him alone, calling you immature as he returns to watching his cartoons & cuddling his bear plushie*

Xiumin: *successfully ignores you long enough to have his conversation & then starts attacking you with pokes & kisses to get revenge which leads to other things*

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Playing chubby bunny with their girlfriend

Jin: *after spitting all the stuff out* Jagi, you *laughs* have something there. *leans in and licks it off, what ends in a sweet kiss*

Rap Monster: *manages to put 50 marshmallows in his mouth at one try* I’MF ONNA FWIN!! 

Suga: *is in deep thoughts* ‘ why the fuck I am doing this? I should just go to sleep’

J-Hope: HooWWw tHE hell– *starts to have his own perverted thoughts about you and your mouth because *cough* well*

Jimin: One more for my sweet bunny~ *feeds only you first* Now another one~ *acts super cute as he’s feeding a baby*

Taehyung: YOU - SHAALL- NOT– PAAASSSS *passionate about putting the whole bag into his mouth just to make you smile*

Jungkook: You can’t do it anymore? Awwwwwww then I won right? *devil awakens inside of him*

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I just hope that all this bullshit going on around Pearl doesn’t affect her. I bet it’s horrible to stand being constantly read for no apparent reason when you are trying your best at what you do. All I care about is how Matt is taking all these reactions from other queens and I hope he remembers that fans love him and admire his art.

I’m starting to think all this cheap critiques from other queens come from a place of jealousy. He’s being really succesful in everything he’s been doing lately, and he’s been doing drag for such a little time. I find it so stupid to throw shade at someone without knowing the facts just to harm them. Queens should be supporting eachother instead of spreading hate…