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How about if the Dr2 Characters have a suicidal S/O committed suicide when they where gone in school or something like that? (I dunno if you're comfortable with this ;w;)

Of course anon. I’ve put this under the cut for trigger warnings.

And please guys, if any of you are feeling this way know there are people out there who care, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Both admins are here for you guys if you need us, even if the ask box is closed we reply to all fanmail and can try our best to help. We value all of you

Trigger warnings: Suicide

SDR2 cast & the suicide of their S/O

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Can I ask you a question? Why do you side ship sasusaku even though he sometimes verbally abuses her? I shipped them when I first started to read Naruto but he was really mean to her. Being the sad, lonely villain isn't an excuse. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that you can't ship them and that he's a bad character(he's actually one of my favorites), I just really want to know why. You probably get this question a lot but it'd be pretty cool if you answer. Have a pleasant day!

I ship sasusaku because Sakura was strong enough to accept and forgive all Sasuke’s flaws and mistakes. No matter how bad he got she still loved and cared for him, she wanted and still wants to save him, give him all the love that he lost — all the love he is afraid to accept. This pairing is realistic, there are so many people out there who are in love with people who take the wrong turns, makes mistakes and gives up on love. It’s so painfully beautiful to have someone who doesn’t give up on making you feel love. Apart from all this i think Sasuke can’t always hold his mask around Sakura. We have seen that in the pit of his heart he has a soft spot for her. She triggers feelings in him that he is terrified of, he responds with anger and hate, he treats her the way he does because of fear, anger and loss. Yet this girl still goes on giving and giving and giving…and i just can’t help but root for her, i cant help but want Sasuke to accept love and Sakura to save him. They’re drained, tired and  worn out, but they don’t give in, neither one of them. It’s hard to love a guy like Sasuke..it’s hard to accept a girl like Sakura when you are Sasuke. There are never excuses for anyone to abuse and hurt someone else, but there doesn’t need to be any excuses or reasons to love someone either. Sasuke and Sakura are one of the most realistic ships, and me being a person who really really loose interest in fairytale love stories tend to ship these kind of relationships. Mostly because i can learn so much from things i can relate to in real life, but in fairytale kind of relationships i know that there is never a good and a bad side, it’s not real, it’s nothing i will ever experience or learn from. I just think people should just sit for a moment and study this pairing, try to understand it, look underneath their actions, words and desires. 

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request!!! :) bbrae. it's a team camp-out thingy and beastboy and raven are flirting all night long then in the morning when they wake up everyone is staring at them because they fell asleep cuddling :)

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Beast Boy’s stare followed the line of her arm up to her finger, watching as it traced the invisible outline of the stars. He cocked his head to the side and hummed under his breath, as if he didn’t quite believe her. He pulled a bit toward her warmth, the fire burning down to nothing more than dull, red embers at their backs. He shivered a bit, and Raven pushed against him, offering a fraction more warmth. 

That thin, wispy chill of late summer was starting to settle over the night, leaving them inching closer to each other to keep away the cold. At this distance, Beast Boy could smell the scent of fire still clinging to her skin, and the fresh jasmine of her perfume. He licked his lips and glanced at her from the corner of his vision, taking in her relaxed expression and lingering on her lips for before following the line of her arm back up to the sky again.

“How can you tell? It’s just a bunch of white dots in the sky?” He waved his hand a little towards the stars. “I mean, not that it’s not pretty or anything, but it doesn’t really have any kind of order.”

“We make order where there is none, that’s how the human mind works. We see patterns and beauty in chaos and nothing, and we create stories to remind us of all the things that are important.”

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Дома сидеть скучно.
It’s boring to stay at home.

Где я должен сидеть?                                                                                       Where should I sit?