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The main three (and Minami maybe, but not necessary) taking a shower and their crush walking into the bathroom? By the way I love you <3 Keep up the great job!

((I will always do anything for the precious chicken nugget (even if I am sick and should be sleeping right now (oh well))))



-How interesting

-Doesn’t feel any embarrassment

-Asks them to join him

-Zero shame in general


-Poor guy doesn’t notice anything until crush makes some noise like screaming

-And then comes the infamous B L U S H I N G

-Starts stuttering

-Makes the situation 100 times worse


-It’s not crush who starts screaming

-It’s him

-Straight out yells at crush to get out

-But feels absolutely horrible afterwards and seeks them out to apologise


-Crush was probably attracted to his singing voice, so they came to check what was going on (because he sings in the shower)

-Doesn’t even notice what’s wrong with the situation

-Casually asks crush why they’re so red

-But once he realises what’s going on, he goes even more red than crush

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A-Age: 16
B-Birthplace: Miami, Fl
C-Current Time: 13:27
D-Drink You Last Had: Sparkling water
E-Easiest Person To Talk To: Myself
F-Favorite Song: Don’t have one, I love music in general
G-Grossest Memory: By little brother shitting in the shower
H-Horror Yes or No Horror: YES
I-In love? : Fuck no
J-Jealous of People: Depends
K-Killed Someone ?: I’m pretty sure I have killed someone by Now
L-Love At First Sight Or Should I Walk By Again: uhm
M-Middle Name: Sanaa
N-Number of Siblings: 4
O-One Wish: To be with someone faithful
P-Person You Called Last: my brother
Q-Question You Are Always Asked: How tall are you? Answer: 6'0
R-Reason to Smile: Marijuana
S-Song You Sang Last: Cinderella Man - Eminem
T-Time You Wake Up: 6-7
U-Underwear Color: Pink and nude
V-Vacation Destination: Anywhere except Florida
W-Worst Habit: picking at my finger and forgetting stuff
X-Xrays: Too many
Y-Your favorite food: Anything from taco bell
z-Zodiac Sign: Cancer!! ♋♋♋

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