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Hamilcast Shit-Chat {Part 1}

A/N: O my god it’s a series. Also,,,, @the-gay-anomaly helped me with this series A LOT.

Pairing: Hamilcast X Reader

AU: Texting series

Warnings: cussing, semi-sexual jokes

KEY (this lists the usernames of the hamilcast, including yourself)

Lin Manuel Miranda: OldManMiranda,,,, also,,, him and reader are shipped quite a lot (for reasons)

Reader (Y/N L/N): thuglife420 (don’t ask,,, Jo came up with it)

Daveed Diggs: OaklandTrash

Okieriete Onaodowan: OakSmash

Anthony Ramos: JasmineFan

Jasmine Cephas Jones: RamosOwner

Pippa Soo: PippaSoo

Renee Elise Goldsberry: ShipMaster

Jonathan Groff: GroffSauce

Chris Jackson: CJack

OldManMiranda created a chat.

thuglife420: okay so this is a thing

thuglife420: lin you know it’s like, three in the morning for most of us, right?

OldManMiranda: I mean, you’re still awake.

Oaklandtrash: yo

OakSmash: hello

GroffSauce: the hell is this.

OldManMiranda: it’s called a group chat Groff.

thuglife420: should it be old man Groff now?

thuglife420: is Lin finally “hip” now?

GroffSauce: i’m wounded

OldManMiranda: so was Hamilton, you’ll get over it.

thuglife420: savage Miranda.

thuglife420: okay, Lin, seriously I was actually about to go to bed, why did you make this chat?

OldManMiranda: I was bored and no one wanted to talk to me.

OaklandTrash: hmm I wonder why

OldManMiranda: how rude!

CJack: what are you all doing?

OldManMiranda: CHRIS, MY MAN

CJack: you all woke me up.

OakSmash: oops

CJack: might as well tell you about the dream i had

CJack: Lin was some weird unicorn centaur shit and he started pointing his horn at everyone and screaming “i will push my horn into you”

thuglife420: fucking christ, Chris

CJack: it’s Lin’s fault!

OldManMiranda: HOW

CJack: remember that one party where you were drunk as hell and started chanting “i will fuck you in the ass if you give me chicken nuggets”

CJack: it inspired me

thuglife420: holy hell, how drunk were you?

thuglife420: wait, why wasn’t i invited to this party?

CJack: Lin asked us to specifically not invite you or any of the other girls

OaklandTrash: he didn’t want you all to see him drunk as shit

thuglife420: lame

thuglife420: that is so lame

thuglife420: Lin do you not see my name? I would be drunk off my ass with you, I mean come on.

CJack: he didn’t want you to hear the things he said

OldManMiranda: we don’t speak of it

JasmineFan: You guys are all nerds that need sleep, Christ

OakSmash: we’re the nerds?

OakSmash: says the guy with his girlfriends’ name next to the word “fan” as his username

thuglife420: as interesting as this conversation is, I can no longer keep my eyes open.

thuglife420: night nerds.

OldManMiranda: Gnight. Bring the best of your humanity to others today. Be smart & safe & kind to all. When you get home, you can fart like the dickens.

CJack: Lin. This ain’t twitter, man.

thuglife420: fucking nerd.

OldManMiranda: that’s not nice.

CJack: Lin. That was the intention.

OldManMiranda: don’t question me Chris

CJack: I have more dreams Lin. Try me. 

OldManMiranda: Chris, I think it’s time you went to sleep. :)

CJack: Haha. Night Lin.

CJack: don’t hit me with a twitter speech

OldManMiranda:  I hear my son call for agua around 3am every morning. I also get agua. It’s our little 3am agua break. You drinking enough agua homey?

CJack: Lin, shut the fuck up.

I never realized how much the Twelfth Doctor's hair had changed until I watched early Series 8 episodes right after finishing Series 10.

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request: “could you possibly write a fred weasley x reader with number 4 and 68?? if you could, that’d be wonderful!!” — by anon

a/n: it’s funny to think that the numbers you requested are somehow linked with the drunken nights imagine i made for draco lol

4. “No. We did not do the frick frack last night.”
68. “Any reason why you’re half-naked in my room?”

Masterlist + Request here! 

    “Y/N, dear, thank you for bringing Fred in one piece.” Molly Weasley handed you a cup of tea. “Really. It still amazes me how he managed to find a girlfriend who’ll actually tolerate his devilish tactics.” she mostly told the last statement to herself rather than to you, moving on to the kitchen once again to now prepare for breakfast.

    You grinned. “It was no biggie, Mrs Weasley. Thank you for letting me stay for the night.” you sipped your tea silently.

    “Well, it’s the least I could do considering how my son disturbed you. Oh, I swear, as soon as he wakes up he’ll hear something from me and I’ll make sure he won’t do it again.”

    Mrs Weasley kept on speaking to herself even more after that, her tone obviously mad from the way Fred behaved that it made you chuckle as you finally finish you drink.

    Honestly, what Fred did wasn’t too grand. He just had enough drinks to actually get drunk last night, he apparated to your house and insisted to sleep there, but since you knew how strict your parents were, you just decided to bring him home at the Burrow instead. You were supposed to come back that very moment but you couldn’t bring yourself to leave him so you settled in staying with him just for night, planning on waking up tomorrow as early as possible to go home unnoticed by your mum and dad.

    It was definitely a good thing that your parents were such heavy sleepers.

    “Thanks for the tea, Mrs Weasley. I’ll just go upstairs and change my clothes then I’ll be leaving.” you stood up from your chair.

    “Okay, honey, please do make yourself feel at home.”

    You headed to the staircase and quickly made your way to Fred’s room. You were wearing a shirt of his for the meanwhile of your stay and your clothes from yesterday (which still smelled decent, thank the heavens for that) was on the edge of his bed.

    Before you could take off your shirt, you peered suspiciously at your boyfriend’s still sleeping figure. Well, it wasn’t like it would be the first time he would see you naked if he was awake, but somehow you still wanted to keep your guard up.

    When you were sure he was still unconscious, you stripped down as quietly as you can. Though just as you were buttoning your pants, your upper body completely bare except for the bra that you were wearing, you abruptly heard Fred grunt and turn behind you.

    “Any reason why you’re half-naked in my room?” his hoarse voice filled the area, a chuckle escaping his mouth afterwards.

    You turned around and raised an eyebrow. “I know what you’re thinking.” you rolled your eyes, reaching out and grabbing your shirt that was still on the foot of his bed.

    Fred took a minute before answering and sitting up, “Did we …” he slowly asked you again in grogginess, his eyes not even opened entirely as he gazes at you.

    “No. We did not do the frick frack last night.” you laughed to yourself, soon sitting down to wear your shoes.

    “Damn it.”

    “You seem disappointed.” you teased.

    “I am.”

    You furrowed your eyebrows, “Are you still drunk, love?”

    Fred chuckled again. “No. Just amazed that my girlfriend has self-control.” he had the nerve to joke.

    After you have successfully worn your shoes, you finally walked towards the bed and sat beside him. He was already looking at you though, bringing his hand to your leg and closing his eyes again.

    “Seriously, Y/N, I’m sorry for last night. I shouldn’t have bothered you.” he yawned.

    You leaned down and kissed his forehead. “It’s alright. Everything for my favorite man.” you winked playfully. “Though now, I need to get going before my parents wake up. You know, you should be thankful they’re both muggles or else they’d be aware of my late night sneaking out.”

    “At least give me a proper kiss before you go.”

    You smiled, reaching down and attaching your lips to his. You felt him smile, his hand moving its way to the back of your neck to pull you closer. You almost melted into him because of how warm he was in the morning and how he was honestly such a good kisser, but as you broke free, you realized what he was trying to do.

    “Nope, not working on me, Weasley.” you pecked his lips once more before standing up and getting your wand from the table.

    Fred dramatically sighed. “I was sure it would work this time.” he grinned, his face now red.

    You chuckled. “Whatever.” you looked at his eyes again. “Make sure to apologize to your mum when you go downstairs, okay? Stop giving Molly such a headache.”

    “I will. Go home safely.”

    You nodded.

    With one final playful wink, you waved your wand and apparated back to your room, where your own bed was messy and the door was still tightly sealed with a lock.

If you really think about it belly buttons are the wildest shit ever.


Hey guys! Here’s another one. I’m kinda screeching, I’m really excited about this one. I’ve been waiting to post it and I hope you like it. Thanks to all the new followers and tag listers for reading and to all the regular readers and comment leavers. You guys are really the best! Happy Sunday!

No Warnings, just cuteness.

Today was your day off. You, Steve, and Bucky were all excused from the mission today because the three of you hadn’t had a day to relax in a couple weeks. And boy, were you excited to unwind after a month of non stop missions. 

You enjoyed your perfectly regular morning in the tower. You woke up, ate breakfast, trained with the boys, showered, and now you were sitting in your favorite spot on the couch reading a book. Bucky and Steve had done the same and were now watching a movie.

You were sure an outsider would laugh at the three of you. While you were nestled into the corner of the couch, neatly folded under a blanket, the two men took over the other side of the sofa. Steve was hugging the armrest, his head leaning on his fist with his legs attempting to touch the other side of the room, while Bucky was slouched next to you, his legs open in a deep v while he absently ran his flesh fingers over the seam of the cushion. They were peas in a pod, those two.

You felt your eyelids slipping closed while you turned the page of your book. The whole team had been up late the night before, fooling around and sharing a bottle of Tony’s high quality liquor. He insisted on opening it, who were you to refuse a good drink?

After reading the same paragraph for the third time, you gave into your heavy eyelids and weak limbs. You closed your book and placed it safely next to you on the couch. Snuggling under the blanket, you allowed slumber to overtake your busy mind.

Next to you, Bucky had heard your breathing slow and simmer. He stole a glance your way and couldn’t stop the grin that was invading his features. In the back of his mind he knew you were one of the few who wasn’t afraid of him. You trusted him enough to let your guard down around him, which gave him a sad hope that maybe others would soon see him as less of a monster.

His eyes wandered from your closed eyes, to your slightly turned up lips, to the fuzzy blanket hiding your frame, to the cover of the book you were reading. The bright orange sleeve told him it was another Harry Potter hardback. He chuckled quietly. He had seen you read this one a couple times. He guessed it was your favorite. 

He shrugged and carefully slid the book away from you. Time to see what this prisoner did, he thought. But he was surprised to see a contrasting title on the first page. 

Recovery: Managing Post Traumatic Stress

Bucky felt his heart sink. He didn’t know much about you, only that you were a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who joined the team after the agency’s untimely fall, and simple personal things that he learned through his growing friendship with you. You adored Harry Potter. You fell in love with any animal you ever saw. You were from New York. You had a brother. But that you were hiding some sort of PTSD? That one you never mentioned. 

Against his better judgement he flipped through the pages. Gravity forced the pages to fall until he reached a dogeared page, one that the deep crease in the binding suggested you had studied. His finger hovered over the first page of a chapter on nightmares. 

Bucky’s stomach flipped. He prayed to whatever was out there that you weren’t having nightmares similar to his. His eyes flew down the pages, looking at words you had scribbled in the margins.

have a routine, journal, music, chew gum after

The pencil of your neat cursive was smudging, but he could still read the faded words. He recognized the tactics to calm a victim of nightmares. 

He wondered why you were keeping this all a secret. Didn’t you know you could talk to him about this? You really felt like you had to hide a self help book behind a Harry Potter binding? 

He felt his bruised heart shatter. You poor doll. He didn’t want to bombard you with questions or betray your trust. So he told Steve to do it.

That afternoon, there was a soft knock on your door. Without ceasing your cleaning, you invited whoever it was to come in.

Steve leaned on the door frame with his bulging arms crossed over his chest, his face one of concern. 

“Oh, boy. What’s goin’ on?” You teased once you looked up and saw his nervous state. 

His expression lifted as he chuckled. His sad blue eyes fell to the floor as he shook his head. “That obvious?”

You hummed in confirmation as you tossed a shirt into the hamper against the wall. 

You knew something was coming when he let out a deep sigh. You sat on the edge of your bed and waited for him to find the right words. 

He joined you on the duvet. “(Y/N), is everything alright? With you? Are you okay here?”

Woah, three questions at once, he was really worried.

“Yeah, Steve I’m good. Why?

“Uh, um, We just-I, um…” You giggled at his struggles. He was obviously tip toeing around something big.

“Steve, spit it out.”

“Your Harry Potter book… isn’t a Harry Potter book.”

You closed your eyes and sighed. Caught red handed. You felt him stiffen next to you. You opened your eyes and gave him a reassuring smile. You weren’t angry at his snooping, honestly you should have been more careful about it. At least Bucky didn’t see it, you thought. 

“It’s not mine. I-I mean, it’s not for me.”

He cut you off. “(Y/N), you don’t have to be shy about this, we all-”

“No really, Steve, I’m good. It’s not for me, it’s for, uh, it’s for Bucky.”

Steve’s brows met and the creases in his forehead deepened, encouraging you to explain. 

“Umm, a few nights back, I heard Bucky screaming in his sleep and… I couldn’t do anything. So, I got this book about PTSD so, maybe I can help.” Your words we slow and deliberate. This was the first time you admitted to yourself why you were doing this. Most of the time you tried to stay out of Bucky’s business but seeing his nightmare tear him apart changed your mind.

Steve just nodded and stared at the floor like he didn’t know what to say. Finally, he looked up at you from his bent position and thanked you.

You understood. You knew how much Bucky meant to him. “Just don’t tell Bucky, okay? I don’t want him to take it the wrong way. I may be crossing a boundary here.”

Steve nodded and braced himself on his knees as he stood up. After sauntering to the door, he touched the top of the frame and said, “You should tell him.”

Steve left you alone in your room and you continued your cleaning. You knew you should tell Bucky. You just didn’t know how to.

Later that night, you were making yourself a cup of tea when you heard Bucky call your name. 

Your response was covered by F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s. “Miss (Y/L/N) is in the kitchen, Mr. Barnes.” You couldn’t help but laugh at the AI. You still weren’t used to having her around. 

You brought the steaming mug up to your lips and puffed on the liquid, trying to cool it down. You heard heavy footsteps coming toward the kitchen and you waited for his appearance. 

He landed in the kitchen, slightly winded from his jog through the tower. 

“Hey you,” you threw your usual greeting his way as you placed the mug on the counter before it burned your hands. 

“You-” he stopped himself. When your eyes lifted to his you saw him shaking his head incredulously. 

It was then that you noticed his expression. His chest was still rising and falling at an unusual pace, his cheeks pink and his hair tousled. His eyes were still and wide. They held something you couldn’t quite place. 

Your eyebrows lifted, inviting him to explain himself. 

“You’re somethin’ else.”

Shit. He knew about the book. Shitshitshit. Time to come clean.

“Listen, I didn’t mean to- I’m sorry, Bucky, I just wanted to help you.”

Then he was coming after you. But, instead of yelling at you for invading his privacy and patronizing him, he wrapped his arms tight around your shoulders and landed a kiss to your temple.

“I’m not angry, sweetheart,” he sang. 

You sighed in relief and relaxed, hugging his waist.

Over Bucky’s arm, you saw Steve peeking his head around the corner to watch the two of you.

“Steven Grant Rogers.”

You unwound from Bucky’s embrace, but felt his hand remain on your hip. You tried to ignore the fire on your skin as you glared at Captain America hiding behind the door. 

“Can’t keep a secret for his life,” Bucky mumbled loud enough for Steve to hear. 

“Secrets aren’t American!” you announced with allegiance. 

“Secrets aren’t righteous or patriotic!” Bucky caught on and helped you tease Steve. 

“I’m leaving now,” Steve grumbled as he made his way down the hall to the elevator.  

You giggled and turned back toward Bucky. You tried to act nonchalant as his fingers reached to coddle your waist. “But seriously,” you started counting on your fingers, “They say writing your nightmares down helps, and you should have a routine before you go to bed that calms your mind, and I don’t know why, but having a jar of coffee beans near your bed helps, I guess they’re supposed to ground you-”

“The coffee grounds ground me?”

“No, no, coffee beans, the strong smell-” You stopped in your tracks when you realized he was teasing you. You couldn’t help but laugh along, but you slapped his chest for good measure. His smirk brought a red blush to your cheeks. 

He leaned down to you until his lips were almost touching yours. “Thank you.”

His breath fanned your face and you drowned in his arms, his scent completely intoxicating. You couldn’t even feel your feet on the floor. 

“I could use a jar of coffee beans right about now,” you whispered. 

Bucky chuckled and closed the distance between your lips. He was like candy, you couldn’t get enough. His lips were soft and warm, smooth. Your tongue reached out to taste more of him, and he gladly took you in.

You felt like you were dancing, your tongue with his, your hands grazing across his body, his strong arms supporting you and pulling you closer and closer until there was no air between your bodies. 

When both of you were panting, the only area of your bodies that parted was your lips. To make up for it, he dropped his forehead to yours. When the world stopped spinning around you, you leaned back in his arms and smoothed his hair in your fingers. 

You finally knew what his eyes had been telling you all along. He loved you.

You gazed into his baby blues and then traveled to his pink cheeks and his puffy lips. It was like you were looking at a new man. He seemed at peace. Happy.

“Hey, you,” you whispered. 

He shook his head. “You’re somethin’ else.”



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Puppy Love

A/N: I’m so dumb I forgot to put my prompt. It was “We can’t have puppies in here!” It’s in the story I just forgot to tell what it was ☺️

The little noises should have been enough to warn you something was going on. That and how the boys were trying to be so quiet, and obviously failing. Apparently nothing was obvious as your boyfriend and his friends trying to be sneaky. If the super serum hadn’t made it damn near impossible for Bucky to get drunk that’s what you’d assume was going on downstairs. But, since Thor was off world along with his Asguardian Mead you knew the only one of the trio that could be drunk was Sam.
It’s the high pitch noise that gets you out of bed. You yank a pair of shorts up your legs and trudge down the stairs. Your bare feet quiet against the carpet.
“One, two, three, four, oh shit Bucky where’d number five go?” Steve sounds panicked, it’s almost comical.
“There were five right?” Sam hisses. You pick up the straggler. While the puppy is literally the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, you’re pretty sure your landlord will have a heart attack if you get five.
“Yes there were five!” Bucky agrees quietly, you can practically see them frantically looking for number five. God, you thought these guys were trained in stealth. You clear your throat as you lean against the doorway.
“Looking for something boys?” You ask as each of them slowly turn to look at you. Puppy snuggled against your chest.
“Hey doll.” Bucky says with a sheepish grin. “What are you still doing up?”
“Still? Oh no buddy. You and the two other musketeers woke me up.” He shoots a look at his two friends getting only shrugs from both of them. “So. What’s the story here?”
“We came across them in a box on our way home. It said free on it and we couldn’t just leave them.” Bucky says giving you his very best puppy dog look. One of the puppies is pulling on Sam’s shoelace and another is sitting contently on Steve’s shoe. The one is your arms has found your hair and is chewing on a chunk of it.
“Buck.” You say softly, “We can’t have five puppies in here.”
“Can we have four?” He asks hopefully and you sigh. “Okay one?”
“We can keep one.” You agree, “But we have to do something with the rest of these guys.” An idea forms in your head and Bucky laughs when a slow smile crosses your face.
“This is going to be entertaining as hell isn’t it?”
“Real quick, Sam, Steve are you guys keeping any?” You say not answering his question. Both men nod that they’re each keeping one so that only leaves two puppies to find homes for.
“Get them in the car.” You instruct.
Bucky is much quieter when he breaks into Clint and Natasha’s house. Slowly easing the window open you expect one of the two master assassins to wake at any moment. They don’t. So, in goes a puppy with a note tied around his neck explaining that he too is an orphan is will be no trouble at all. That he’ll love them and be a good boy, for treats of course.
Tony and Pepper get the second puppy. You leave her in the elevator with a potty pad, a bowl of water, some kibble, a bed and a couple of toys. She too gets a note about what a good practice baby she’ll be for the two of them. After writing notes for Steve, Sam and you and Bucky you drop the other two men off at home.
When you get back to your place you let the puppy that was sleeping contently in your lap go potty then take her inside.
“Thank you doll.” Bucky whispers petting the sleeping puppy between you. “What should we name her?”
“Trouble?” You joke sleepily. Now that you’re snuggled up with him and the new puppy in bed sleep is beckoning.
“Hilarious.” He deadpans, “But seriously.”
“I don’t know Buck. Can we decide in the morning?” He nods then presses a kiss to your forehead.
“Love you doll.”
“Love you too Buck.” You mumble before curling around the puppy, scooting as close to Bucky as you can then falling into a deep sleep.

Thanks for letting me participate in your challenge @bucky-plums-barnes

roommates w. ong

part 1 / 3

  • living together gets fun until one or the other starts falling for one another and that’s exactly what happened
  • ong was the first to fall and he noticed it just randomly one day where you packed him lunch with all his favorites because you had extra time on your hands
  • this boy was denying it at first but he knew that he really liked you
  • like who else knows him better than you? and he doesn’t find that much pleasure teasing anyone else but you?? other than mr. kang daniel
  • he doesn’t say anything though and his behavior hardly changed around you because things were great as they were
  • then you bring over a boy from your school to hang out and he comes home ready to drag you into another scary movie until he sees you watching a movie that you actually liked with another boy
  • obviously you noticed him coming through the door and asked him to join, but he doesn’t really want to and heads back into his room
  • you didn’t think much about it but you should’ve because it’s very unlike ong to not join in
  • after your friend left, your place was kind of quiet and… that’s odd?
  • the next few days ong leaves the apartment earlier than you and it throws you off because you usually have to wake him up
  • when he comes home one day, you catch him and ask him to talk because come on, something was wrong at this point
  • “so…. did i do something wrong?”
  • he’s just shaking his head and is just like “no…”
  • “okay then… is something wrong?” because hell yeah you’re concerned
  • ong sighs and ruffles his hair as he leans onto the kitchen counter top. “i’m just having a tough time.”
  • honestly you were disappointed that he wasn’t telling you but then you go on full out mission to make ong feel better mode. 
  • you’d suggest watching scary movies with each other and you invite daniel and jaehwan over to hang out too
  • but he kind of just rejects all of it. he was never ‘in the mood’
  • then you ask daniel if someone rejected him or something because we all know that ong seongwu is a Flirt but you’re not trying to hurt his pride by asking him yourself
  • daniel totally knew something like his eyes were wandering around while he was like “Uh No….”
  • you bothered daniel about it a lot. like a l o t. you really wanted to know who this mystery person was like ??? ong never told you he liked someone???? why were you not informed? why were you slightly sad??? 
  • “who is it”
  • “IT’S NO ONE!!!”
  • slides a five dollar bill
  • “ask him yourself!!!”
  • so you did just that !!! you decided to have a serious talk with ong because even though this guy doesn’t know how to clean after himself or cook, he’s special to you and you’re going to help a brother out
  • “alright bitch you’re going to tell me who you like and i’ll beat that person up for not having eyes.”
  • you’re so annoying. it’s you, bitch.
  • he’s like “what???” at first but then he’s laughing because you’re a cute smol that’s completely oblivious.
  • just watching you be all protective in your own special kind of way kind of just gets him to forget about how he’s jealous and petty
  • “bitch, i’m being s e r i o u s. i know. (insert your dramatic bitch-i’m-not-joking clap) daniel told me you got rejected.”
  • “he– wait what? rejected?”
  • “uh ya.”
  • now he’s just laughing even MORE because hello???
  • and you’re all freaking out like you don’t get why he’s laughing
  • “i didn’t get rejected.”
  • then you’re just standing there like crickets “what you mean boi”
  • “it’s seriously nothing. don’t worry about it. i’m feeling better now.”
  • ong then goes back to his teasing self. “so you were going to beat up someone because they don’t have eyes. wait, this is GOLD. you think i’m handsome.”
  • “ok, i’m going to bed.”

i… accidentally made this one-sided for this part….. why am i dragging this…………… maybe i’ll do another part where you start liking him…. but all i’m thinking is angst. should i bring myself down this route? ( : 

‘Ello, studyblr! Maths (or Math, whatever) can be quite / extremely / obscenely frustrating at times and very simple at others and it’s sort of hard to find a bridge between that. You can’t exactly cram for it either or study in under a week for finals so after flunking my first term epicly, I came up with a strategy of sorts and now my grade’s an A+ (yay!!). Anyway, thought I’d share ‘cause this shit could have saved me a lot of tears.

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antiloquist  asked:

God could you imagine how Iggy would feel when presented with a harem? Because now I am. I'm torn between the Iggy that would be like "hell yeah of course I'm hot shit" and the Iggy that would be all flustered but flattered as hell by all the attention.

As much as I so wanna go right along with the sex god!Ignis HC, I know good and goddamn well how Ignis would actually react to all the thirsty hoes clamoring after his dick:

(Default gif for shell-shocked Ignis btw)

Ignis: …I don’t understand why all of these people want to-


Crowd: *cheers in agreement and thirst*

Ignis: …by the Six… *fiddles with his glasses nervously, a bright blush forming on his cheeks* What… these people don’t even know me.

Me: yes, they do. They’ve watched your every move. They’ve created HCs about what they couldn’t see. They’ve drawn pictures of you in outfits you probably don’t own… well, idk, do you happen to own a set of garters and pantyhose? Asking for a friend.

Ignis: *chokes* I beg your pardon?

Me: Yeah you were begging for something else in this one fic… anyway, so, go say hi to all of your adoring fans *pushes him closer to the edge of the stage where the crowd surges forward*

Ignis: *digs in his heels* Oh no, this couldn’t possibly be- you’re presenting me to a hoarde of people who want to… they want to…

Me: …fuck you, yes. You know, Gladio took to this a lot better, and Prompto is busy taking panoramic shots with his group and helping them figure out which Snapchat filters are best

Ignis: *full sarcastic snark mode on* Oh, right, I suppose you just expect me to discuss new recipes with the masses as they unrepentantly oogle my rear end, I gather.

Me: *forcibly diverts gaze from his ass* Huh?

Ignis: *rolls his eyes* And how is Noct doing with his harem?

Me: Uhhh… he was playing a nice game of “the crowd is lava” by warping to a high point on a wall and just hanging there until his arm gets tired before switching sides, last I checked.

Ignis: … so in other words, he’s terrified. I should go to him and get us both out of such untenable circumst-


Crowd: *SCREAMS*

Ignis: … *swallows*

Me: you can’t win. Don’t even try.


“Paris is good. Nice call, Monsieur.”

“De nada, muchacha.”

Thank you for 100 follows! Needless to say, I miss these two real bad and I have for around six years. DC writers are pretty sadistic ya know that? Then again, I guess I might be too.

Because who has time or money to read almost 30 years of relationship development…

Under the cut: Look Over Your Shoulder, a monologue recap Fanfic: Fluff/Humor/Angst. DC Rebirth. Wally’s POV. Warning: Mention of the grief typically associated with Alzheimer’s. Also I cried while writing this. Story set to this song.

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Missed you.

Seth Rollins/OC- Reader took control of the situation, but lost it just as quick as she got it.

Warnings-Submissive!Seth(don’t freak out its short lived), daddy kink.

So this is my first Seth fic and yeah I don’t really know how I thought this one up but here it is. @the-geekgoddes @vebner37 @hardcorewwetrash

I had just walked into the door of my apartment when I heard a light snore. If it wasn’t as silent as it was, I would of missed it completely. I giggled and smiled as I knew that sound meant that Seth was back. I lightly jogged to my bedroom opening the door to see him laying on his back with the sheets laying low on his hips. I let out a huff at how handsome and at peace he looked while sleeping. I slowly got up on the bed, crawling to Seth and straddling him.

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Just A Little Chat

A/N- The next part of Long Lost Sister. I recommend reading the rest of the series. It’s going to kind of start to get into Season 8 in the next few parts so get ready for that. 

Series Summary- Sam and Dean meet their little sister, Adam’s twin, on a hunt and things don’t go all that smoothly.

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

Long Lost Sister Masterlist


Y/N felt like she’d seen just about every nurse and doctor that worked in the hospital at this point and she blamed Sam and Dean. They were not letting her be released till it was well signed off on. After having been stuck here for almost a week she was beyond ready to go home.

She’d been thinking a lot about what Adam and Jody had said. She wanted to just put everything in the past, forgive and forget, but it wasn’t that easy. She was afraid of getting hurt, of being betrayed. She still didn’t trust them.

Once her brothers were finally satisfied that she’d healed enough, Y/N was released. Since they were still up north, the next step was the trek back to the Bunker. The ride, like the last week was a little awkward. The siblings still needed to have the obvious conversation, but Sam and Dean were putting it off, more worried about Y/N making a full recovery first.

The drive back to the Bunker was slow and painfully, Dean droved at half the speed and stopped double the normal amount of times, causing the trip to take three extra days.

They’d been back at the Bunker for a few days and Y/N was healing nicely. Her stomach still hurt a lot, but the Winchesters were doing a pretty good job at playing nurse. Y/N slowly made her way into the library searching for her brothers, she figured it was time they had their little chat.

Dean was the first to notice her entering the room and he immediately jumped up from his seat, cursing under his breath.

“What are you doing,” he demanded as he helped her into the nearest seat. “You should be resting.”

“I am, I’m resting in the library now,” Dean rolled his eyes, clearly not amused. “You should have texted me, I would have come help you.”

“I’m fine Dean. Don’t worry, okay?”

“Do you need anything?” Sam looked up from his computer, sending her a quick worried look.

“Seriously guys, I’m doing better, still a little painful, but definitely better than before,” once the boys seemed reassured she continued. “So, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking while you’ve had me on bed rest. If this whole family thing is going to work I can’t keep ignoring you guys.”

The boys looked up excitedly, “Really?”

“Yeah, I mean, everything’s not perfect. I haven’t forgotten everything that’s happened and I don’t fully trust you guys, but I want to try this all again. Give it another shot. Some people opened my eyes, I haven’t really given you a fair shot and you’re about the only family I have left. I’ve got to let up my guard at some point, right?”

“You’re not going to regret it,” Sam smiled at her.

“Yeah,” Dean agreed. “Definitely not! We’re going to be the best brothers from now on. I know we’ve done a lot to make you not trust us, but we’re going to be a lot better about it from now on.”

Y/N smiled back, “I look forward to it.”

tags: @27bmm @winchesters-favorite-girl @exploratiionist @iamflanneltrash @fabulouslycassie @evyiione @vvinch3st3r @notmoose45 @mrsdixongrimes @alicat-life @mouselovesmusic @nicoledulzura @sassy-specter @simsguruforever2580 @isakslilsmile @jesstherebel @percussiongirl2017 @mogaruke @captainemwinchester @rosie-winchester @generalgoldfishldrm @sassyspn67 @aiaranradnay @spn67-sister

BEWILDER - Poly!JiHope

Word count: 12.1k
Summery: The sudden losing of your apartment - right before exam season no less - led you to move in with your boyfriend and his best friend. Movie nights, some drinks and the absent of said boyfriend from the apartment for a while can lead to more good then you could ever hope for.
Genre:  Dancing students!JiHope.
Warnings: No actual smut, but there’s boner talk.

You groaned and angrily exited the texting app on your phone. Your boyfriend’s smiling face replaced it and you could feel yourself relaxing slightly, even if all you saw was a picture of him. The owner of your apartment announced the return of her son to Seoul, and the need for your immediate departure when your contract ends. This left you with two weeks to find another apartment, a race against time that you can’t win against even if you deluded yourself out of your mind.

You had no place to go.

You looked at your boyfriend’s face again. You could always ask Jimin to temporarily move in with him until you find another apartment. It’ll be a weird request, mainly because you’ve been together for long enough to actually move in with each other. You haven’t even talked about taking that step in your relationship, and having no apartment of your own was nerve-wracking enough without the addition of such a conversation with all of its consequences.

As if on cue, Jimin’s picture switched to one of the two of you together as the caller id took over your screen. His voice filled the space of your living room with a cover he made for you on your two year anniversary. You didn’t even know he could sing before he surprised you with that recording, but apparently there’s nothing your dancer boyfriend can’t do with absolute perfection.

You cut his singing voice short with a quick slide of your thumb on your screen, “Hey, babe.”

“My baby!” Jimin exclaimed from the other end. You could spot the usual sounds of video games from the background, and a groaning voice that didn’t belong to Jimin.

That voice belonged to his roommate and classmate, Hoseok, would also be affected by it. You’ll most likely be more of a burden on him then on your own boyfriend. He was also the second reason why you and Jimin haven’t moved in together yet. Jimin and Hoseok have been living together since high school, since Jimin’s home was on the other side of the country, a distance he can’t possibly cover every day. The board of the school spoke to Hoseok’s parents who agreed to take the teenager in with absolute joy, and the rest was history. They must be used to having their space, to being around each other in the comfort of their home and the boundaries they set. All of these things didn’t matter when you slept over their place once in a while, but if it’ll be an everyday thing for god knows how long, it could be a problem.

“You stopped replying,” Jimin said, the last word of his sentence sounding tight as he probably came through a tough part of the game.

“Yeah, my landlord messaged me so I’m staying away from the app until I’ll know what to answer.”

“Did something bad happen?”

“Sort of.”

The second you formed those words you heard Jimin’s voice – more muffled then before – as he asked Hoseok to pause the game for a second. You couldn’t help but smile at how fast Jimin reacted when he thought you needed his full concentration, even though playing those games can suck him in pretty bad.

“I’m all yours,” Jimin’s voice became clear again. “What did she tell you?”

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[PD101 S2] Reaction to things to do with ‘Rain’ (1/?)

PARK WOOJIN: The loud echoes of water droplets sounded clearly against your ears as you grew conscious on a lazy sunday morning. You stretched your arms out as much as you can, almost hitting the figure the next to you before rolling over to grab a sip of water and maybe go through your phone to see what happened while you were asleep.

You giggled a little while seeing snapchats of your drunk friends playing around at a party.

“…morning” Woojin murmurs with his eyes still closed and arm sneaking around your waist.

“Sorry, did I wake you up?” You whispered back, stroking his hair gently.

“Hmm” he shook his head while trying to open one eye.

“You should really get some more sleep… you came home really late last night Woojin” you sighed, worried about his health.

“No, no… I’m….” Woojin tried to refute as he drifted back off into an unconscious state.

Smiling at his adorable demeanor, you placed your phone back and tried to lift his arm off you to prepare some breakfast for the two of you. 

“Hm, I’m awake I’m awake” Woojin mumbles as opened his eyes and held onto your waist tighter. 

“You baby” you laughed lightly. “I need to make some pancakes”


“What do you want on yours?” You inquired gently, swiping his bangs off his eyes (which are now closed again).


Taking silence as him being asleep, you tried to pry his hands away from you once again when he spoke up.


“No Woojin, I’m not going to cook myself for you” you laughed at his sudden and cheesy reply.

“Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean it that way” he says while sitting up slowly.

“Seriously Woojin… you should sleep some more” you repeated while trying to style his messy bed hair.

“I mean, you should stay and we’ll cook breakfast later on”

“You mean we’ll make brunch?” you laughed.

“Hmm or a late breakfast” he start. “It’s nice to sleep in when it’s raining outside” he snuggled against you.

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BAE JINYOUNG: “Did you… bring an umbrella?” Jinyoung starts as the two of you sat behind the wide glass windows of your neighborhood convenience store.

“Nope” you retorted, while slurping on your instant noodle.

“Do you have more money?” He looked over at you.

“Hey” you whipped your head towards him. “Do you think I’m rich?”

Ignoring your reply, his gaze sticks closely to your current meal. “Can I have some?”

Furrowing your eyebrows, you put down your cup of noodles. “Boi, you just had TWO cup of noodles. This is my first one. Do you know what feeling full is? Is your stomach a blackhole? I swear Bae Jinyoung… you should be fat by now but you’re not” you whined, remembering all his snacks and large servings of food with no evident weight gain.

“I mean, I’m growing taller you know… so that’s where all those food go” Jinyoung tried to argue.

“Yeah well…” you trailed off, watching as Jinyoung pleadingly rubbed his hands together in an attempt to sabotage your chances of feeling full during lunch. His eyes grew more doe-like and his bottom lip were drawn out into an adorable pout. “Well…”

“I’ll take you to the movies next week and see that cringy romantic thing you wanted to watch” Jinyoung batted his long eyelashes.

“Are you… asking me out to a date?” You blinked at him.

“…Are you questioning your own boyfriend if he’s asking you to a date?” 

“Uh hm” you hummed and played around with your chopsticks which is currently dipped into your meal.

“Well you know.. I’ve been busy with stuff and I think we should catch up more often…” Jinyoung starts.

“So you’re using my lunch as an excuse to ask me out on a date?” You wiggled your brows.

“Well, not really” Jinyoung smiled. “I’m just actually hungry… but it led to a good ending” 

You smirked slightly, “well not if I turned you down right?”

“wHat? Are you gonna leave me date-less? On a rainy day like this?” He shrieked. 

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Saving It All

Pairing: Jealous!Dean x Virgin!Reader, Sam x friend!reader
Word count: 3,505

Part 1 of Don’t Touch Her

The one thing you didn’t exactly tell people when you met was that you were a virgin. When people found out, they looked at you differently, judged you. So, you kept it to yourself. No one made you feel the urge to tell them.

Until now.

You were sitting on your bed in the bunker with Dean. His lips moved perfectly with yours. His hand moved into your hair, holding the back of your head. The two of you moved until he was half laying over you. His thigh was between yours, and you rolled your hips against him.

Feeling his hand move down to your hip,  his thumb brushing under your shirt, you gripped his wrist. He pulled back, his jewel-like green eyes looking into yours, an unspoken question. Licking your lips, you took a deep breath. It wouldn’t be fair to not tell him. “Dean, I need to tell you something.” You said quietly. “I-I’m a virgin.” You were shaking slightly. “Dean?” You breathed, hoping that he would say something.

His jaw clenched and he moved off of you. You moved to rest on your elbows and watched him walk out the door, slamming it behind him. Falling back, you covered your face with your hands. Your body shook with silent sobs. Of all the reactions he could have had, that wasn’t the one you expected.

Sam was in the kitchen when Dean came in, grabbing a beer. “I thought you were going to talk to her?” He asked, raising an eyebrow at his older brother.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” He ground out, popping the tab on his beer. The last thing he wanted was being that memory. That was a special gift that should be given to someone worthy. Not someone broken, someone who destroyed everything he touched. He couldn’t do that to you, you deserved the sun, the moon, everything. And now, he probably cost them their friendship.

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Damon Salvatore Imagine

Imagine you and Damon were lovers after he became a vampire and have been since 1901. But now that Elena is in the picture, you have been feeling a little bit self-conscious. 

Gif not mine, credit to owner.

Words: 907

Warnings: Self doubt? Major Fluff and a few swear words. Mentions of sex.

AN: Well I’m out of ideas so if any of you have some, please feel free to send them in! Thanks and enjoy! -Karen

song: jealous by Labrinth


You and the scooby doo gang sat in the living room of the boarding house as Damon and Stefan went over a plan to save Elena from Klaus. You twirled your hair around your finger not really caring about what happens to the doppelganger. Damon took a seat by you and wrapped his arms around your form.

“Alright how about this, we give her someones blood so if it doesn’t work, she’ll still be alive?” Damon suggested with a growl since Stefan has said no to every other idea. Stefan groaned, pulling at his hair as Elena put her arm on his.

“That’s a great plan Damon, Stefan I don’t see what the problem is.” The brunette questioned her boyfriend but made eye contact with yours. You rolled your eyes even though deep down it hurt you. It hurt you that for the past week, him and Stefan stayed up late to find out a way for her to live. It hurt you that she always popped up in the conversation, he’d been going over to her house lately also. Sometimes alone.

She’s human, human and young. She’s gorgeous and kind. She’s the girl everyone loves.

Whereas you’re a vampire. Old, pretty and not that kind. Shaking your head, you shook those nasty thoughts out.

But you knew and trusted him, after so many years you knew if he was lying. Some self doubt washed away.Checking the time on the clock, you saw it was eleven so you told them your good nights and headed up to your guys’s shared room. As you changed into your pajamas you laid on the bed watching the rain slide down the window.

You felt drops fall down your cheeks but didn’t make a move to wipe them off. Turning off the light you watched the clocks numbers change until it was around two and that’s when you heard the door open and clothes falling off.

Not long after, you felt strong arms wrap around you as he snuggled closer. “I love you (Y/N), so much that it scares me,” he paused or a few seconds before continuing. “I wish you could feel my heart and how fast it pounds when you’re next to me each night. Or how happy I get when I just see you smile.”

All the self doubt you were feeling earlier had gone away and was now replaced with love. You turned around slowly to face the love of your life. Your hand caressed his face while he sighed in content.

“Damon, I love you so much and I wish that you could feel my heart beat whenever you walk into the room. Or how angry I get when you always bring Elena up in the conversation.” You stopped to see his face turn from content to confused real quick.

So you continued, “When you started courting me, we promised to tell each other everything. Even if it hurt us. I’m telling you I know about your little meet ups with the doppel bitch, without Stefan.” He shot up and looked at you with wide eyes. Shutting your eyes tightly you thought that the look was one of admittance. A look that he was with her and not for friendly reasons.

You watched the rain fall down again as tears burned your vision. Damon’s heart broke when he saw you crying so he decided to do it now and say fuck it to when he was supposed to do it.

Grabbing your shoulder, he made you face him as you both studied each others face’s.

“(Y/N), i’ts not what you think. Seriously, I would never hurt you like that. There’s a reason behind everything and I suppose I should tell you right now.” The vampire grabbed your hand and placed it over his heart.

“(Y/N) I love you to the moon and back, the reason I’ve been going to Elena’s at night without Stefan is because.. Is because I had to ask her about the preparations.” he trailed off looking down. You placed a finger under his chin to have him keep taking.

“What preparations?” He pushed the covers off and gestured you over to the edge of the bed where he knelt on the wood floors. Your eyes widened as your hands went to your mouth.

“When we first met I thought you were the most gorgeous woman I’ve seen in my life. I may have been just a boy but I knew you were meant to be my woman one day. You’re perfect in every way, I fell in love and accepted all of your flaws as you did mine. I love the way your nose crinkles when you read a sex scene in a book, the way you cook pancakes and dance to aerosmith in my shirt, the way your eyes twinkle when you see puppies or sunshine. Everything you do makes me love you even more.”

By now, you’re in full tear mode as he grabbed a blue box out from under the bed. “(Y/N) (L/N), will you do the honors of making me the happiest man on earth?” You jumped into his arms saying yes over and over again.

Kissing him all over his face he laughed in joy and set you down on the bed. Sliding the ring on your finger you leaned against him.

He pulled back to rest his forehead against yours as he mumbled a sentence that made your smile grow.

“Not even death can do us part.”

hypnotised (3)

How to say that the tips of my bones

crack into a thousand pieces,

that all the plans in my life have crashed

now that everything was perfect.

 pt 1, pt 2, pt 3

pairing: reader x baekhyun
genre: angst

The half emptied glass of wine was cold when you silently sipped from it. In front of you sat Junmyeon with his worried but also tired expression. His dark clothes and dark circles under his eyes looked so familiar yet so different. Coughing you reminded silent because in fact you didn’t have an answer to his plea. There was a visible shock on his perfect face when you told him about the separation; he for all was the one responsible for the introduction between you and Baekhyun. You could feel the unpleasant stillness surrounding both of you and mechanically you reached out for another bottle of alcohol. It only made him arch his trimmed brow.

“I need it today,” explaining you poured red liquid with dizzy mind. “So please don’t look at me like that, Junmyeon” he averted his eyeballs and stared at his hands. You could sense bitter taste of alcohol almost burning the tip of your tongue.

“I’m sorry, you look really tired” he tried to sound neutral but from all you could hear it was crystal clear pity in his voice. “But I’m completely clueless,” he nervously patted his knee and locked his eyes with yours. The stinging sensation in your chest anew its torture.  You felt as if you were drowning and all you could do was to let it happen. Thousands thoughts ran through your mind but somehow you reminded breathless. How all of this happened?

“You want me to throw away my job, my career, the only thing that is mine and go to Europe with you?” maybe it was wine that has spoken for you but between your raw accusation there were bits of your broken heart. “Because Baekhyun told you that he isn’t going,” your lips formed thin line and before you could stop yourself, you started to laugh. He looked at you with a frown and your façade crumbled. How was it possible to hurt one so much? Strange feeling in your throat made you tremble. Gripping the edge of the table you closed your eyes with overwhelming hopelessness. The scent of Baekhyun’s cologne invaded your nostrils and that’s when you gave in and animal like shriek came from your lips. The past few days turned you into mess, either you couldn’t function without him or you were afraid of loneliness.

Hey, hey. Easy, it’s okay. It’s fine,” Junmyeon’s hands soothed your arched back with careful motions. “I think it will be better for both of you if you went with us. You need to breathe some fresh air, right? It’s selfish but I need him on this tour but you can spend time together and heal” his fingers played with your strands when you cried your eyes out.  "Because you need it and I can see the pain you are in"

“I can’t. He’s deceiving himself Junmyeon. I see how he struggles to deceive himself that he is still in love with me. I need to let him go, I can’t make him miserable” his sad face hovered above you when you slipped out from the chair. “We were too used to each other. He is afraid of not having me around him and that’s all” coming towards another bottle you were stopped by his slender body. “Let me go, that’s the only option” he wriggled your wrist and made you face him.

“No, he is in love with you. He’s always been. You are his happiness and now he’s left without it. I know he loves you, I can spread his love on the walls to show you how much he cares for you. You know his personality. You are his only one, believe me” his forehead wrinkled and he sat you down and sighed. “Both of you should talk this out. You are made for each other. Seriously, go to the Europe, hm?” your head spanned and you nodded at his sweet words. “Come, I will walk you to the bed”

Before he leaves you remembers how it was to sleep with Baekhyun for the very first time. Ironically, it was all Junmyeon’s fault that both of you had to squeeze on his small bed. You had cold feet and Baekhyun joked about you being Olaf and then he kissed you under few pairs of blankets with your limbs tangled with each other. Sleeping in an empty room without any of that loveliness you drifted between sleep and crying.


You had red eyes and pillow marks when you saw yourself in the mirror after throwing up. You’ve never been heavy drinker because of your stomach. That’s why now you were regretting your sad drunken night. When you could stand on your own you poured water in a glass to clean the unpleasant after taste. Showering didn’t help so you jumped into comfortable yoga pants and powder pink blouse with cartoon’s character. Having slept almost fourteen hours you were met with the realization that in fact you only had few hours till another evening. Staring at lifeless living room you roamed around it with no purpose. You could feel the pain in your bones and in your heart but you still tried to withstand it. Maybe that’s how broken pieces in your chest mend. Throwing yourself on the bed you stared at the ceiling with resignation. The offer of Junmyeon seemed silly at first but on the other hand you’ve wanted to run away from Seoul for a long time. Maybe that trip could repair broken bond between you and Baekhyun? Trying not to get over excited you unlocked your mobile phone, scrolling past some dates and taping at the one of boys departure. Placing phone to your lips you searched deep in yourself. Was it okay to fly with them? Would it be beneficial to your relationship?

Rolling around you reached out for blank paper and pencil. If you decided to go you needed to be prepared, right? Writing down every essential you’ve thought of, you slowly became relaxed. Almost as if the last night episode didn’t happen. Even your strained muscles didn’t ache so much when you changed into another position. Sighing you were met with full list of things to buy and with another swing you walked towards the closet.

If you decided to go, you would do it perfectly.


You cursed under your breath while trying to close your trunk. Buying mid sized suitcase and putting it at the back of your small vehicle was going to cost your nerves. Irritated you slammed the doors and to your own shock it clicked. Letting yourself smile you quickly jumped in and started the engine. You’ve never liked shopping but today when all of the things you’ve bought made you smile, you decided that you should do it more often. Before pulling off you switched to the speaker mode and tried to call Junmyeon to let him know about your decision. He didn’t answer so you left him a message with the information and apology for the last night. Before you could stop yourself you picked Baekhyun’s number and dialling it you bit your lips nervously.


“Um, hi. Am I interrupting your schedule?” gripping steering wheel your hands became almost ghostly pale.

“No, I’m actually at home. You know, dorm. Is something wrong?” his voice vibrated through your whole body but still you could hear notes of sadness there.

“I was wondering if I could pay you a visit? Short one, of course. There is something I’ve wanted to tell you,” catching yourself in the mirror you winced and closed your eyes. There was nerve-wracking silence for at least forty seconds before he answered.

“Yeah, sure. I’ll be waiting”

Something seemed different in his halo but you repressed that thought and without losing time you drove towards him.


He looked like shit.

You’ve never seen him in this state. His hair was ruffled and you could swear that it was greasy. The oversized flannel tracksuit made him look so small and young that your instinct kicked in with double force. Your hand carrying his favourite cupcakes trembled and you put them on the commode. His glossy and bloodshot eyes stared at you with strange look. You felt as you’ve done something terrible. Gulping you stood in front of him, placing some of his tresses behind his ear.

“What’s happened?” your soft voice made his lips flutter. “Are you sick?” he inwardly took step back from you and you stopped moving. “I know about your refusal. But I’ve talked with Junmyeon,” trying to smile at him you failed when he didn’t even look at you. “He suggested that I came with you, I thought about us and I decided to go,” you reached for him and before he could run from you, you hugged his back as hard as you could. “We will go together, okay? We are going to have time for ourselves, we could sightsee and talk about everything. Just as in the past, do you agree?” you knew that you sounded pitiful when your high pitched voice turned into whisper that hit his shoulder blades. “I’ve bought everything today and I’m ready,” clenching your fists on his clothes you prayed for his response. In your mind all you did was to beg.

“You want to go to Europe with me?” his husky sigh sounded relived but strained. Still not facing you his person seemed to contract. “Are you serious?” another question was sputtered from his mouth and he spun around holding your shoulders and digging his long fingers in your skin without pain. “Tell me if you are seriously giving me another chance,” his wide brown eyes searched for something on your face and you slowly nodded.

“I’m here because I love you and I know that both of us are hurt. Both of us needs to sort their feelings out,” his breath ghosted on your cheeks and you thought that he is going to kiss you when his tongue licked his brim. Closing your eyelids your neck strained in his direction.

Only to be met with nothingness.

Your head jerked when you heard muffled crying next to you. He was leaning over the wall and sobbing. Repressing your shock you tried to hold him but he refused giving you his teary gaze.

“Baekhyun, are you alright?” you could feel your knees growing weaker and weaker when his cry ended and he only stared at you with pain all over his perfect features.

“If we are going to give each other another chance I need to be honest with you, just as you were when you’ve told me all of the things when we broke up,” his lower lip wobbled and few tears ran down his skin. “But, remember. I love you,” he dropped his gaze and you were met with silence for a few minutes. Each one hammering into you as a wave. “I’ve cheated on you,” his broken whisper was like a sharp, cold water entering your lungs before you could swam towards the surface.

And then there was only whiteness.    

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Fam you got me crazy for them hcs. Paladins reactions to finding out their s/o is pregnant? Who wants it and who doesn't?

Ah, prego S/Os, my muse~ babies are just so cute!

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  • When you tell shiro your have a bun in your internal oven, he’ll drop whatever he had in his hands
  • Laughs nervously, you’re joking right? Ahaha..haha.. ha
  • No? Ok.
  • A minute of shock followed by PURE TERROR
  • It’s not like he does NOT want it but the timing is shitty
  • Really starts to spend most of his time thinking ‘what the hell am I going to do’
  • Will ask allura if there is anyway he can send you back to earth so you can be safe and have the prenatal care you need!
  • If he can’t send you back, you’re getting weekly health scans by Coran
  • It doesn’t sink in that there is going to be a child that resembles both you and him crawling around soon until your stomach is inflated
  • Shiro is anxious and it takes a nightmare that somehow turned into a good dream when a happy dimple-smile baby takes over
  • He wakes up crying. Like this could be a really GOOD thing. Sure nothing is ideal but it’s a child made from the love you have for each other
  • After that Space dad will baby proofs EVERYTHING and is now really worried if he can even hold the baby with his arm…
  • You have to console him when he starts to feel like this
  • When the baby is born, he won’t hold the tiny thing until you make him
  • Then you can’t seem to get your baby back because Shiro is coddling them too much and showing it off to EVERYONE
  • REALLY wants to name it Hiro if it’s a boy or Akane if it’s a girl


  • He is pacing back and talking to himself about everything that could go wrong
  • He is now your personal errand boy because he doesn’t want you doing anything while your pregnant
  • Is already trying to think of baby names
  • Now that the shock and terror wore off, he’s REALLY excited
  • Hates going on missions and leaving you now. He doesn’t want to miss anything
  • Talks to his lion all the time about his future offspring
  • Seriously, he won’t shut up now
  • Already thinking of how many more kids you should have after this one. STRONGLY wants at least 3 or 2 with a giant dog
  • Traces circle on your stomach when you’re trying to go to bed
  • I headcanon this man can sew and diy like nobody’s business so expect homemade baby clothes and toys
  • Jokes often ‘so how’s lance’s jr today?’ Or at least you hope he’s joking
  • Really wishes he could call his parents about their future grand kid and offer him advice about parenthood
  • Already has nightmares about your kid’s teenage years
  • Wants to get a pet (like a puppy) for the baby now so they’ll have someone grow up with.
  • Since there is no puppies in space, expect lance to come home with strange creatures that aliens refer as pets
  • If it’s a boy, Raimundo. If it’s a girl, Yulisa


  • “You mean… like a baby?”
  • He actually takes it well at first he’s like 'cool what now?’
  • NOW he starts to have some worries like can he actually be a father?
  • Doubts he can give the baby everything he longed for as a kid BUT HE WILL SURE AS HELL TRY
  • never wants this baby to feel unloved so he’ll pretty much spoil them until you stop him
  • Goes to space dad for advice regularly
  • He lets you train until you almost fall that one time, now he won’t let you near the training room.
  • Is constantly asking if you’re feeling ok
  • Instantly realizes that ALOT can go wrong
  • Is a worried mess til delivery
  • Holds your hand the whole time and tries not to freak out when STUFF IS COMING OUT OF YOUR LADY PARTS
  • Is silently crying in relief when everything goes ok. You’re ok and this new flesh being is ok
  • Doesn’t really know what to say he’s just really genuinely happy right now
  • Doesn’t care for the name so you have free range
  • Enjoys it when lance screams 'MINI KEITH IS LOOSE AGAIN!!’ as the baby grows up


  • make sure he’s sitting down before you tell him
  • Is so shock he doesn’t speak for a good minute
  • Admits that since he’s been on dangerous missions he’s kinda worried he’ll never get to do the things he wants to do in the future like become the world’s best mechanic, buy a house for his parents and grandparents, win the Nobel peace prize, start a family…
  • The situation may not be ideal but asks you if you would bear his kid and be his wife and family
  • Feels like the kid will have a great childhood at the castle (as long as it doesn’t get attacked again)
  • Is even more motivated to stop zarkon
  • basically over protective papa bear
  • Likes to think about what kind of kids you’ll have. Like a sweet mellow kid or hyperactive munchkin
  • Likes late night conversations between all three of you when it’s still in your stomach
  • Sets up the crib in your guys room
  • Is actively helping with the birth THERE IS NO TIME TO SQUEAMISH
  • too late, he passed out when he saw the other gunk that comes out of there during childbirth
  • You guys are both in the medical care room on two different beds with a tiny baby incubator between you two
  • wants to name it after something special like if allura help in delivery he’ll want to name her after the altean princess. If it’s a boy he’ll want to think to name him something awesome as long as it has a meaning to it
  • “SUPPORT THE HEAD” is his new catch phrase

you know what? I’ll add pidge too since this isnt a sin post


  • When you explain that your species is self-pregnating race that sometimes take genetic material from partners through hand holding (or French kissing) she’s doesn’t know how to feel other than confused
  • Calls gloves hand condoms now
  • Doesn’t want to parent a kid, she loves you but she’s still a kid herself
  • Doesn’t really talk about the pregnancy unless you force her to
  • Doesnt really know how to feel I mean it could be hers too (genetically) or maybe just another copy of you
  • Kinda avoids you for a while but she feels guilty for doing so
  • Then she starts to help you out with the things get harder to do since you’re pregnant
  • In the end, she really does love you and stays by your side for the rest of the pregnancy
  • Waits outside during delivery. Your screams are NOT comforting
  • pidge is looking at everyone like LOOK SHE HAS MY NOSE
  • Still doesn’t know much about being a parent so you have to do the heavy lifting until pidge is at least 18 but dont worry she is in love with the tiny thing and would often put the baby in her lap when working (AS LONG AS ITS ASLEEP SO IT DOESNT TOUCH ANYTHING)
  • Doesn’t name it at birth but but does nickname it pidge 2.0