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When Anne met Gilbert Blythe on the first day of school, he had an instant impact on her. He teasingly called her “Carrots”, an act which set in motion a long-time feud, the results of which touched both Anne’s and Gilbert’s lives far into the future.

One of my favorite moments in ST:B is when Bones says “you don’t have to say it” to Spock because it’s so sweet? He knows Spock, and he knows how much it would mean for Spock to say anything so outwardly emotional and he is pretty sure they’re going to die but he wants Spock to die with his Vulcan dignity??? That is??? SO BONES??? I want to play that moment on repeat for anyone who says that Bones is speceist/racist.


“The summer adventure of these eight children has drawn to an end. But… This does not mean that the Gate will stay closed forever. That’s because this is neither the beginning nor the end of the Chosen Children’s adventures. The Gate to the Digimon World will surely open once again… As long as we keep the memory of the Digimon alive within us.”

Happy Odaiba Day


The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003) | Mina Harker

Is the vampiric sucking of people’s blood radical behavior?

THE BATB AU ISNT DEAD  here you have Cogsworth!Twilight and Lumiere!Pinkie. I’m taking wayy too many time with these omg but I cant help it, these weeks are being buusyy and exhausting.

Anyway, Twi was super fun to design and I’m pretty satisfied with how she came out, Pinkie on the other hand… was a pain. So I just went with a lazy design because good heavens nothing was looking good and I didnt want to make something over complicated.

About the scene, it’s not supposed to be an actual scene, just someone (AJ or Granny Smith I guess) grabbing Pinkie to light up their way around the castle, completely unaware they are holding a living object. Twilight is worried they may discover them

A whole new world.


So yes, this is a Yousana fic based on the Disney movie Aladdin. This fic was asked by @mrspaaadfoots whose gifsets comparing Yousana with Jasmine and Aladdin are the best thing ever!!

This fic is entirely based on the movie so there are some things that I wanted to tell you about it.

-There are lots of references to the movie, scenes and quotes taken right from the movie (like “do you trust me?” “ain’t never had a friend like me” “….sounds strange don’t you think?” and basically the whole last scene) If you don’t understand something, like for example the first parragraph, maybe you should rewatch/watch the movie, believe me, I didn’t remember half of the things hahah

-The fic is based on the movie so some characters may seem a little bit out of character, especially Sana’s father. I know that he would never act like he does in the beginning but in the movie, Jasmine’s father pressures her to marry a prince and only a prince. So the closest thing I could find for this fic was Sana’s father wanting her to be with a muslim guy. I really hope that no one feels annoyed or upset about this, again, I’m just following the movie.

-I’m sorry if the ending is rushed up and messy, but honestly, the ending of the movie is kind of like that.

-I’ve erased Jafar’s character from the fic because I didn’t want to make the fic too long and I didn’t think he was necessary. Also just in case it isn’t clear, Elias is the Genie hahah

Well I think that’s it, again I really hope no one gets upset by this, I’m just following the movie. I’ve rewatched it and taken notes to be as fair to the movie as possible. 

ALSO I put a “keep reading” since the fic is so long. I hope it works, especially on phones, in case it doesn’t you can also find it here

I really hope you like it!!


Welcome to Oslo, a city in the south of Norway. It’s actually its main city. Here a lot of families leave and … wait wait wait, don’t go, I have interesting stories to tell. Like that one about that cute blonde girl that met a cute blond boy and…okay, fine, that’s not the story you want to hear right? You’re here for the good stuff. Fine, I’ll give it to you. This story begins with a family, the Bakkoush family, or more specifically, with a girl…Sana.

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Stardust by Neil Gaiman

Finished 31/01/2017

I went into Stardust with a vague recollection of enjoying the film when I’d seen it almost 10 years ago, and I think I’ve fallen in love.

Set in Victorian England, the young Tristran Thorn pledges to retrieve a fallen star as a declaration of his love for the most beautiful girl in town. To find the star however, he must cross the wall separating our world from the realm of magic that lies beyond. Mix in a star that’s not quite what he was expecting, evil witches on the hunt for eternal youth, and a rather bloody succession to the throne and Stardust envelopes you in a world that’s equal parts enchanting and morbid.

Since finishing the book I’ve been back and rewatched the movie and feel I should alert you to some key differences. Don’t consider this one as a bed time story; as family friendly as the film is, the book is considerably less so. For the most part it’s fine but the sexual themes and occasional language mean it’s definitely for the over 12s. Also be aware that many characters are less developed in the book. It’s only 200 pages long so, whilst easy to read, some characters are more developed in the film adaptation. Finally the ending. I loved the ending of the book, it was bittersweet and heartwarming and by comparison the film felt so manufactured, so I’d recommend giving this a quick read if only to experience a darker side of a familiar story.

Magic, romance, and murder create an entirely enrapturing setting for Stardust and I’d recommend this book to anyone with even a mild interest in fantasy. 

  • me: *watched ninjago when there were only two seasons and hasn't since*
  • movie: *comes out*
  • me: maybe I should rewatch it! *does so*
  • me, having rewatched the first five episodes: I wonder if anyone on Tumblr has drawn more realistic interpretations of the characters *goes into the tag*
  • tag: *characters I dont recognize* *weird ship names* *spoilers I dont understand* *references I dont get*
  • me: what the fuck

tbh it’s always a really big decision for me determining whether or not i should rewatch a ghibli movie bc like watching is one thing but dealing with the emotional aftermath is another

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Making sure she’s still close by camp, Rin has made her way to a nearby lake to catch some fish to eat. She has always took her time to catch as many as she can, to at least make sure she and friends has plenty to eat for tonight. Hearing a few noises, she paused and looked around.

❝ Hello? ❞


I’m going to try to describe what this moment was like for me when I saw it on Wednesday. It’s difficult to put into words. It was like someone had suddenly wrapped me in a blanket of dread. That music kicked in, and the barbed bracelet circles started flying, and I HAD A REACTION. I had an actual physical reaction to it. I took a sharp breath and it felt like my heart seized up. But it was completely without context. I’m reacting to this and I have no idea why.

Memory is such a strange thing. I remembered so few details about Stars. (I didn’t even know I remembered THIS until there it was.) Yet suddenly there are all these EMOTIONS and you can’t be sure where they’re coming from or going to.

I know me. I would’ve watched this over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, I am wailing in agony and my tears are real and everything I am going to be writing about HURTS ME DEEPLY. But they’re all (well, mostly) The Good Hurts, the kind that remind you how much you love these characters, and how much they love each other, and how very very important all that is.



So that music, the sudden chord erupting from the silence and tension of the moment, would have been the signifier that all that pain, that delicious delicious pain, was coming.

Then fast-forward decades later, and the details are gone. The whys and hows have left me. There’s only THIS. This flash of intense emotions that I feel, that are mine, but also NOT mine because I don’t understand them.

I wouldn’t have needed help to feel the things that I did, but it added an interesting dimension to it all, made it a bit more REAL, almost. It was overshadowed so quickly by what happened, but it was such an intense moment for me, I wanted to try to capture it.

It’s amazing, the power that stories have.