i should redraw this lol

I just got your messages ~


Aqours Mafia AU part 2? OwO;;
more like someone so thirsty for this old AU of mine


First drawing was done three years after the second drawing.

I just want to (I guess?) state that there is always room for improvement, and the only way to improve is to put in effort. (most) Everyone sucks at first. You practice to get better.

I look forward to the future when I look back at the work I did today, and laugh about how many mistakes I made :D


I had to.

Poor thing. Even his bones burned to ashes. With such a death it’s just—

Ahh… But.. the “Earl of Phantomhive” is still with us, after all.


Lmao Cartman literally pushes old people off the couch so he can sit next to Kyle haha

Screencap redraw because I thought it was cute and also I’m on mobile so sorry if it looks terrible