i should really work on being more patient

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Is it "problematic" if I don't want to date a lesbian and just someone else who is bi? I've never dated anyone before and I've just heard so many stories about biphobia that I just don't want to deal with it. I also don't want to be a jerk but at the end of the day I should feel comfortable in the relationship.

Nope, not problematic. It’s perfectly normal to want to date someone who shares your orientation and who you could trust to understand that part of you. That being said, my experience has been that there are way more biphobic lesbians on tumblr than in real life, and the best way to sift through people is to be really upfront about your orientation. Before dating my current boyfriend, while I was still questioning, I went on some dates with a gorgeous and kind lesbian. Although things didn’t end up working out between us she was actually really patient and helpful in my questioning process and wasn’t biphobic at all. Historically, the bi community has been intimately intertwined with the gay and lesbian community. There are definite problems within the community today, but we also have a lot in common, and my experience is that for the most part we are in it together.

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What did/do you like about haylor?..

Thanks for being patient with my answer anon, I’ve been sick and busy… My favorite thing about haylor is the heartbreaking timeleness of it all.

Haylor is, at least right now, a story of a love that could have been but couldn’t have been. It’s the story where they should work. I think Taylor said something in 1989 promo about how they fit on paper… I think she was talking about Style? And she said something about how it’s the story of two people who fit on paper really well, but in actuality it’s a lot more messy than that. 

I want to route for that paper thing. They should fit! They compliment each other so well. In humor, in style, in interests and fun… Name another celebrity whose fandom jokes about them and scrabble as much as the two of them. It can’t be done. They’re so classic… the tall dark and handsome man women swoon for and the tall blonde next door people can’t stop talking about. 

And yet… something wasn’t quite right. Something didn’t quite fit. Taylor said it best with “crooked love.” They just didn’t line up. “Timing is a funny thing” is right… and “maybe if [Harry] got [his] timing right [he] wouldn’t end up alone.” And that too is classic. The love that doesn’t line up. The love that should be but can’t be. 

I want to hope that eventually it will be. I think all of us who love haylor do. I stopped caring about what way we get that love and even started preferring friendship because I think it’s less messy and has a stronger foundation than romantic love… 

But yeah… That heartbreaking timelessness of a love that should but isn’t. That’s what I love about haylor.

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Hey yall! So lately I’ve been working a lot and it’s really taken a toll on my health. I don’t eat, I don’t sleep, and I can’t train like I should. When you’re working long hours at the hospital for days on end, it gets really taxing on your body. People think nursing is just like being a waitress, but it’s far from that. We save lives. We are constantly assessing and making sure our patients dont code on us. It’s much more complex than you think. We didn’t go to school just to give people graham crackers and jello. This is why I may be rethinking doing my next competition. As much as I’d like to do it, my health is more important. It’s not about how badass you can be or how much you want it. You have to think about yourself.
Tried to get some training in and it was a decent shoulder and back workout. Making the most of my gym

membership at Lifetime before I fully transition back to golds. Will miss you bb 😘 lol

Not a fuck customers story, but maybe a lesson for myself in being more patient.

I work in a paint department in an orange hardware store in the US, which means that I help people find the right paint, do color consultations, etc. 

The other day, I had an older customer come up to the desk while I was paying attention to something else and stand there quietly without trying to get my attention. Normally, this is something that really ticks me off about customers because they should let me know they’re there if they need my help while I’m cleaning stuff.

When I started to help her, I noticed that she had a very thick Spanish accent. This meant that it was often hard to understand what she was saying at times. I was eventually able to help her find the color and type of paint she wanted. 

There’s always some down time while the paint is being mixed, so I usually try to converse with the customer. She joked about how it’s hard for her to pronounce some of the paint terms (like eggshell) and mentioned that it’s not always very easy getting around in the US. I have the privilege of English being my first language living in a predominantly English speaking environment, so doing basic tasks like shopping for home goods isn’t a challenge for me,

I’d like to think that I do my best to help all of the customers that I work with, even with language differences. However, after my interaction with this customer, I’m reminded of the need for me to understand that people have different experiences from my own, that those differences require me to be more patient, and to step out of my Robot Work Mode so that I can properly help the people who come to me for help.


First time I’ve drawn these guys in a while! (First time I’ve drawn anything in a while, actually!)

So I’ve been at work all summer. On a boat. Working 12 hours a day, all day every day, living on a boat. I had 14 days off since June. It really, really sucked. Absolute misery, and I’m very tired.

I’m not officially back yet, I still might be called out to another shift, but I’m here now and I’m going to start updating this blog again.

THE GOOD NEWS is that I made enough to make a cartoon. Work on that has already started, we’ve got voices and music rolling and storyboards are right around the corner. Stay tuned because in the months to come there should be some exciting updates.

Thanks for being patient. I’ll try to update at least twice a week, with more solid and interesting stuff than this. Stay tuned!!!!!!!!