i should really work on being more patient

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When are you gonna continue arranged??? I really want to know what happened

I’ve written half of part 9, I promise I have, and I promise I’m working on it! I’ve been having a little trouble with how to actually write it/what should happen but I’ve settled for fluff fluff and more fluff (or that’s the intention anyways) so I’m hoping it’ll be up soon. Thank you so so much for being so patient, I know I’ve been taking ages with the new update and I apologise beyond anything ❤️❤️x


First time I’ve drawn these guys in a while! (First time I’ve drawn anything in a while, actually!)

So I’ve been at work all summer. On a boat. Working 12 hours a day, all day every day, living on a boat. I had 14 days off since June. It really, really sucked. Absolute misery, and I’m very tired.

I’m not officially back yet, I still might be called out to another shift, but I’m here now and I’m going to start updating this blog again.

THE GOOD NEWS is that I made enough to make a cartoon. Work on that has already started, we’ve got voices and music rolling and storyboards are right around the corner. Stay tuned because in the months to come there should be some exciting updates.

Thanks for being patient. I’ll try to update at least twice a week, with more solid and interesting stuff than this. Stay tuned!!!!!!!!