i should really watch this show huh

  • noctis: wow, camping. it really feels like old times again, huh?
  • ravus: if you really want it to feel like old times, i could uh... chase you around a while and try to capture you

bestshipcaptainswan  asked:

Thanks to you I started watching Time after time and I'm hooked. What did you do? I already don't have time to catch up with all my shows exept for Ouat and Timeless (which is really great show btw you should check it out). But anyway thanks :)

Haha YAYYY!! That makes me happy lol It’s seriously good huh? A lot of people have told me to check out Timeless and I swear I am gonna when I have a moment to binge it lol But hey! You’re so welcome! Welcome to the brand new Time After Time fandom! *hugs*