i should really stop making thomas edits but hes so cute

Taking Tom to the Spa:

- Tom giving you a spa voucher package for your birthday
- “I thought maybe you could take one of your friends darling”
-Tom’s face clearly saying ‘please take me though’
-“Tommy did you want to come with me?”
-“Oh you don’t have to do that love, take one of your friends, you don’t want your boyfriend at the spa with you.”
- “Last chance Tomm-.”
- “YES please”
- Getting ready to go and Tom not being sure what sort of thing to wear to a spa
- “Is this shirt okay? Will they give me a shirt to wear? Shall I just not wear a shirt?”
- “You can wear whatever, they’ll give you a robe when we get there”
- “Oo with my initials on it and everything?!”
- “No Tom”
- Driving there and Tom looking at his nails feeling insecure about them being a little dirty
- “I think maybe I should have cleaned my nails before we left, what do you reckon?”
- “You have acted in front of award winning celebrities Thomas why are you getting nervous about going to a spa?”
- “I’m just excited to get pampered with you.”
- Him saying PAMPERED UGH
- Getting to the spa and him asking the receptionist loads of questions
- “So apparently we get robes? Is that true?”
- “It’s my first time at a spa, is there like an initiation or something?”
- “Tom it’s not a cult.”
- “Just checking love!”
- Being sent to seperate locker rooms and Tom being really disappointed
- “I thought you might need my help changing though darling”
- “I’m sure I’ll manage on my own Thomas”
- Starting in the mud bath and Tom being confused about why mud is involved
- “Y/N? Y/N?! I thought spa’s were to get clean not dirty???”
- Taking your robe off to get into the mud bath and Tom rushing to cover you up because he’s worried the spa attendants are looking so he just pulls you into a bear hug and covers your butt with his hands
- “Oh. Ha, oops.”
- Rolling your eyes at his dumbass as you step into the bath and him just confidently stripping off and joining you
- Closing your eyes to relax and feeling him start to graze his fingers over your bare thigh
- Turning to stare at him and him just opening one eye to look at you and grinning like a CHEEKY BASTARD
- “Tom we can be naked in here but we cannot fool around in here”
- “Where there is a naked Thomas, fooling shall be had”
- “Are you kidding me?”
- Getting a couples massage together and you’re already faced down on the table and as he’s stripping to lay down he keeps getting distracted by the curve of your body, the dimples in your back and the way your hair is tied on top of your head, he’s always loved it that way
- You fall asleep and as his massage is finishing up he asks the masseuses to leave the room while he secretly takes over your massage
- Starting at your shoulders he slides his rough hands down your arms, achingly slow, reaching to the spot just above the small of your back, sliding his hands one by one back up your spine
- He kisses your shoulder, leaving a trail of kisses from one to the other
- You’re not even surprised because you’d recognise his facial hair anywhere, your skin knows it’s touch so well
- Flipping over, you reach up, holding his gaze so perfectly, pulling his chin in with your finger, kissing him hastily, with heat
- “When did you get so good with your hands Tommy?”
- “You’ve always given me plenty of chance to practice sweets.”
- Getting a pedicure while he gets a facial and he’s got he’s earphones in bopping his stupid cute little head to music while the beautician is laughing at him
- Snap chatting it and sending it to him and he looks at it and just gives you the finger
- “If you sent that to Harrison we’re breaking up!”
- “What are you even listening to?”
- “Madonna! She has some right old bops!”
- Tom feeling so pretty after his facial
- “Y/N! Feel my face it’s so smooth”
- “I’m not feeling your face Tom”
- Tom taking your hand and just plopping it on his cheek
- “Nice isn’t it?!
- “Yes Tommy.”
- Getting eyelash extensions put in and Tom just being concerned af
- “Is that safe for your eyes darling? It looks like it hurts, I didn’t pay for this for you to lose your eyesight!”
- “It’s fine Tom, the lady knows what she’s doing.”
- Tom getting his hair washed and blown out because he likes to do the moST
- Tom asking the hair dresser if she can make sure his curls look extra nice because he knows you love it when his hair is curly
- “What do you think my love?”
- “You know exactly what I think Tommy. My handsome man.”
- Him throwing the ‘oh stop it you’ hand at you.
- Putting your hand on the back of his neck and playing with the curl at the back, kissing his jaw and making him sigh
- “My little curly locks”
- Walking out and Tom checking with the receptionist, “so we definitely don’t get to keep the robes?”
- “TOM”
- “Just making SURE, they’re really sofffttt”
- Jks on him because he’s a soft bby boy
- Driving home and he has his hand in yours, drawing figure eights in your palm
- “So, did the love of my life enjoy her trip to the spa?”
- “Not as much as you did I think Tommy.” -
I just got thinking bout how I needed to get my lip waxed and how I’d fucking love to go to the spa with Tom and see him get treated the way he deserves sooooo 🤷🏻‍♀️ If y'all have any requests, hmu xx
dan and phil play yasuhati don't stop eighth note: a summary

danandphilgames sad musical notes

47 seconds in and dan is already getting his daily fix of phil staring in

seriously look at that smile

dan mate there’s a camera in front of you how about smiling at us

he’s transfixed

oh no he just acknowledged the camera for a second it’s fine

back to staring at phil

oh now phil’s staring back at him

is this softcore porn

phil is giving some serious hand porn that i know for sure

dan has no time for the slow motion ‘dan vs phil’ meme

“all i know is that’s cute” if you close your eyes it’s easy to imagine dan saying that and pointing at phil

“don’t nose it” “i’ve nosed it”

“you’ve just got the tape on your nose, it’s going to have phil pore dust all over the tape now” “there’s no dust on my pores!” better comebacks phil better comebacks

they’ve just started the game and i already feel sorry for their neighbours

no wonder the dog wondered into their flat it probably thinks they’re in trouble all the bloody time

dan saying literally,,, it’s been a while

whispering oh is this doing anything for you asmr loving folk do you have a nice satisfying tingle

dan’s first attempt and he kills the character wow symbolic

seriously i feel really sorry for the neighbours

forget the lady that’s always having sex in the apartment below she probably thinks dnp like it rough every day holy shit

why is phil so vocal like dan’s high pitches are to be expected but,,,,,, deep voice phil please stick around

“imagine being sat next to a train and someone was just playing this next to you”

dan called him out on it

“thomat the tank engine”

suggestive thomas the tank engine edits ok i wonder who edited this vid the mind truly boggles

“i love thomat the tank engine” yes phil drag him to the pits of hell

dan can’t handle being called out can he

why are they just saying oh

“i’d like to see your failure” i love phil

“i’ve got a tickly voicebox”

see i’m glad i had time to prepare for dan’s piercing scream this time

“our neighbours are going to call the police” i think your neighbours are going to call a counsellor

watch phil as dan moves the character along he’s so invested and so animated

he wants dan to succeed you can see it in his eyes

“this is so tense” he acknowledges the camera before going back into supportive bf mode

i feel like dan should tackle opera he has the voice volume capacity

rip headphone users

phil makes sure to tell us dan has hit 100

“everything’s fine” dan says after deafening more than half of his audience

phil is still very much in supportive bf mode

“i’m the freaking best at this and i was trying to be mildly entertaining” deafening me is not entertaining dan this is why i make you the asshole in fics

“you could do this as an olympic sport” see, supportive bf phil vocalises himself

“watch out lads, watch out girls, watch out musical notes. philly’s in town and he’s got a great set of lungs”

phil’s noises are,,,,,,,, really something

those poor poor neighbours

dan’s calm voice is weird i think because it’s so unused (hint hint nudge nudge danny boy)

“don’t be so loud all the time” dan how dare u

ok phil’s noises are either sex noises or the noises of a dying corpse i’m

is dan crying

“you don’t have to scream, phil” again dan how dare u

dan stop staring

you get those noises on a regular basis let us have this

i mean what


the noises suddenly turn distinctly sexual

dan is cringing he doesn’t like to share

“the neighbours are going to think this is really weird” if they’re not already used to it i’ll eat a shoe

oh my god phil are these noises just in the back of your throat

dan stifling his laugh is adorable

up goes the hand

his other hand is suspiciously out of shot

that was a joke

“this is so much harder than yours!” who needs context

i swear if you listen to this video with your eyes closed you’ll interpret it very differently

dan’s little glances i’m

dan stop trying to sabotage him nobody wants your rendition of walking in the air

still loving this angle of phil tho ngl

dan’s face is priceless

“what the fuck is this game” honestly dan a smut writer’s wet dream is what it is

phil’s gorilla impression ok not going to question anything by this point

seriously dan stop trying to sabotage

phil didn’t react to the word vagina

“yes YES! i’ve done it! i’ve done it!”

i would pay to be a fly on the wall in their neighbours’ flat

“i wanted to win so much- oh i died”

“have you just lost your voice?” dan would know tbf

eye contact

“it’s about like…. projecting” again, dan would know

“i thought you’d have learnt this from tatinof” well, what happens on tour stays on tour lads

this game and this video are something else

“oh my god we’re going to get kicked out”

dan throws down the all or nothing gauntlet like the sore loser he is

“phil you need to see my plan” is that what the kids are calling it these days

also why has dan suddenly started enunciating more

oh my god are they actually going to sing

i’ve been praying for a sing it gaming vid for so fucking long

please don’t make it a joke i seriously need this

of course dan makes phil sing their own song


this reminds me of the speech jammer challenge

dan can’t speak for laughing this is my aesthetic

that was set up for failure i’m sorry honey

go on phil set him up to fail too

“that was the funniest thing of my entire life”

oh dan’s picking for himself i can’t help but feel this is a little biased

did he do pouty lips and wide eyes

i bet he did pouty lips and wide eyes

oh fuck he’s actually doing this isn’t he

strap yourselves in kids it’s like internet takeover never ended

dan fucked himself over oh no what a shame

the universe doesn’t like cheaters soz about it

pouty baby throws a tantrum, kills desk,,, innocent supportive bf laughs in the corner

look at those meaty arms as he raises them in victory

“well that was something, that was an experience” you’re telling me, phil, you’re telling me

“the game’s over, phil” sore loser dan doesn’t want to be here anymore

dan says hi to google overlord

they might do it again

“it’s not going to be good dan and phil singing, if that’s what you’re looking for” oh COME ON what do i have to do to get a singing game

naturally phil suggests toxic

“i’m so sorry to your ears” thanks dan but i think that would’ve been a good disclaimer to have at the beginning

danisveryLOUD (tru)

ASHOUTINGPHIL (amoaningphil more like)

New Girl // Matthew Gray Gubler x Reader

“Hey AJ, who is that?” Matthew asked as he stared at you from afar. You were bustling around dressed in a high-waisted black skirt with an old Halloween t-shirt despite the fact that it was mid July. His eyes landed on your worn out converse and he grinned at your whole ensemble. He watched as you nodded as one of the writers from the show spoke to you, quickly jotting things down on a tablet you held in your hand.

“I think her name is Y/N. She’s the newest writer’s assistant. You should ask Kirsten though, she knows,” the blonde replied as she noticed who Matthew was staring at. He nodded as he went to go find her.

“Kirsten,” he called as he found the other blonde across the room.

“Hey, what’s up?” she asked as she looked up from her script.

“AJ was telling me that we have a new assistant? Y/N?”

“Oh yeah! Y/N! She’s such a doll,” Kirsten gushed. “Really talented too. I can see why Michael hired her.”

“What’s she like?” Matthew asked as he turned to look at you again. Kirsten followed his gaze and found you seated and on your phone while you waited for the rest of the crew to set up.

“She’s quirky. She’s really funny and easy going. She actually reminds me a lot of you,” Kirsten said in realization. “You should go talk to her,” she encouraged. Matthew stared as he debated whether to approach you before the director interrupted his thought and called all the actors to the set.

Matthew spent the next few weeks keeping an eye out for you. The writers didn’t tend to spend too much time around them and that meant neither did you. He found that he enjoyed your outfits whenever he did catch sight of you. You always wore something odd- whether it was a cat necklace or a jack-o-lantern shoulder bag. It only made him think that Kirsten was right when she had said you two were alike.

Matthew was surprised to see you in the middle of the set that morning. You chewed on your pen as you looked over the newest script that had been sent out, making sure it was perfect. You had been in charge of editing and you were a perfectionist to say the least.

“Hey, uh Y/N, right?” Matthew asked as he approached you. You looked up at him with a smile as you immediately recognized him. He was your favorite actor of the bunch although your interactions had been incredibly limited.

“Yes. Hi, I know I’ve been working here for a while now but we never got to introduce ourselves,” you said as you outstretched your hand. “I’m Y/N.”

“Matthew,” he replied as he shook your hand eagerly. You smiled as he shook it for a little too long before sheepishly pulling away.

“What did you need?” You asked curiously.

“Oh. Um, right,” he mumbled as he pulled out his script. “So in this scene I’m supposed to be seated next to Thomas but I think it would make greater impact if I was standing.”

“Well, I’m sure if you ask Michael he’ll agree,” you replied as you referred to your boss.

“Right. Right. Thanks,” he said as he looked down and began to walk away. “Actually,” he started as he turned back to you, “how about you accompany me and we ask him?”

Matthew was hopeful in his request as he waited for an answer. You grinned and nodded.


You led him through the set, making small talk.

“So do you live around here?” Matthew asked as he fell into step with you.

“Yeah, about ten minutes away.”

“Do you like working here?” He asked as he attempted to take you in without you noticing his glances. You were dressed in black jeans with what appeared to be a vintage Wonder Woman t-shirt. You looked comfy but still cute, something he found you always were.

“I do. The early call times can be a bitch sometimes but a good cup of coffee always gets me through the day,” you laughed as you spotted your boss.

“I know this really great coffee shop that’s not too far. We could go sometime,” Matthew tried to sound casual as he suggested it although inside he was panicking. He didn’t want to scare you off.

“That sounds great. I’ll be sure to take you up on that,” you replied with a smile. The two of you arrived in front of Michael and stopped.

“Hey Michael. Matthew here has some suggestions,” you said as you gestured towards him.

“Let’s hear them Gube,” your boss replied as he set his own cup of coffee down.

“Oh. Well, I just think that I should be standing in scene 3, not sitting,” he replied as he looked at you nervously. Michael stayed quiet as he observed the two of you.

“Matthew, are you fucking kidding me? You know I don’t care about things like that,” he said with a small laugh. “Next time you need an excuse to talk to Y/N, try not to drag me into it.”

The man laughed as he walked away from you both- leaving Matthew red as a tomato in embarrassment and you with a red tint in your cheeks at the realization that he had looked for an excuse to talk to you.

He’s A Keeper (Minho x Reader)

Character: Minho

Fandom: Maze Runner 

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Title: He’s a Keeper

Requested by anonoymous: 

Minho oneshot pease? Maybe like they flirt and are really sassy with each other and it’s a fun relationship, all the gladers see how he likes her and so on. One day he’s helping her train with combat and running and stuff in general. Maybe they have the kinda cliched fall over on top of each other or something?. And then like cuteness and maybe a glader interrupts their adorkable moment and the teasing starts worse than ever or something?


A/N: Sorry if this one’s short and it kind of sucks. I’ll hopefully edit it later to make it better. I hope you like it!

I was calmly carrying a crate of onions to the kitchen, leaning the box in my waist, when someone picked me up from behind.

It scared me, so I let out a long high-pitched scream.

“How is my favourite girl doing?” That slinthead Minho…

“Having a shuck heart attack!” I exclaimed once he put me down again and clutching my hand to my chest.

Minho smirked at me, his expression of pure pride because he managed to surprise me. It didn’t happen often.

“You dropped this” He bent down to pick up the onions and handed them to me.

“Really, Minho? I didn’t notice” I sarcastly said, quickly filling the crate again after I snatched the onions from his hands.

Minho chuckled and helped me steady the box as we both stood up.

“Minho!” Thomas called him from the Doors.

“Gotta run” Minho gave me a wink and jogged to join his fellow Runner.

I watched him until he reached Thomas. I was surprised to see him pushing Thomas in annoyance, so hard that he actuallly fell, and leaving him in the floor as he ran into the Maze by himself.

Thomas stood up and brushed himself off before he followed, and I wondered what Thomas said to madden Minho.


I helped Alby gather the last of the supplies sent by the Creators, but for some reason I was eating my head. I knew Minho could be a little hot-heated at times, but Thomas was one of his closest friends, why would he react so aggressively towards him? It didn’t seem like the usual horseplay.

“Are you listening to me, Y/N?” Alby asked me, waving his hand in front of my face to catch my attention.


Alby patiently sighed and handed me a little transparent box that contained medical supplies.

“Med-Jacks” He repeated thoroughly.

I nodded and put the box aside, separating it from the supplies from the Cooks, Builders, Track-Hoes and the rest.

“Are you training with Minho today?” He asked me of a sudden, handing me the last box.

“Oh, yeah, I forgot about that” I slightly shrugged. “I guess I am”

Minho and I trained every day. 

It was his idea, he insisted on teaching me how to run and fight. He said that not only it would keep both of us in shape –like the Keeper of the Runners needed to train to be in shape, but whatever- but I could use some extra practical knowledge on the subject.

I often told him that it was not necessary, that I could defend myself even if I needed to, that I didn’t. Nothing ever happened in the Glade, luckily.

Honestly, I thought it was a waste of his time because he could only train with me after his daily run, and he was exhausted then. But no matter how many times I told him I didn’t want to tire him even more, he was insistent.

Alby grinned a little and then nodded at me.

“Then tell Newt to help me finish, Minho should be back soon”

I stared at him, suspicious of the tone he used. Like he was so amused by our routine.


As I walked away to look for Newt, I saw that grin still plastered on Alby’s face. What the shuck was going through his head?


“Are you a Runner?” Minho giggled before he could even finish the sentence. “Because you’ve been running through my mind all day”

Lately, he had been telling me stupid pick-up lines, trying to get me to like any of them.

I would have laughed at that one if I didn’t notice how tired he was. His movements were slow and I could see he felt heavy and clusmy. He was even a bit out of breath.

I just wanted him to go the shuck to sleep, but there he was, still training with me. The slinthead.

“Get it? Because I’m literally a Runner?” He insisted, laughing at his own made up pick-up line.

“I get it, I’m not stupid” I huffed at him, leaning my fists over my waists and staring at him. “Will you focus on the training?”

“Why are you so damn grumpy, Y/N?”

“Because you’re exhausted, that’s why” He rolled his eyes at me, fed up with my constant tries to stop. But I was used to that kind of behavior from him, so I just continued speaking. “And you keep wanting to train with me”

“I just want to make sure you’re ready for whatever the shuck could happen, shuck face!”

He put a hand up in the air, his palm facing me. I knew he wanted me to throw a kick to his hand, as usual, to test me.

So I did, exerting all the strength I could in the motion.

Minho opened his eyes wide, taken aback by the way I kicked.

“Other leg” He just ordered, still with the same hand up.

I shifted the weight of my body from one foot to the other and prepared to hit him again. I looked at him for a moment, noticing he had been acting weirdly.

“If you were a Griever, I’d let you sting me” Minho snapped, he probably just thought about that one literally a second ago. He smiled at himself for that pick-up line.

I frowned at him, trying to figure out what he was thinking. Boys were so weird sometimes…

Somehow, that one phrase had surprised me. Maybe I was just too centered in my own thoughts.

“Yeah! That one shocked you!” My friend curled up the corner of his mouth and threw his fist up in celebration.

Just at that moment, I had swung my leg towards his hand, but he had moved it and I stumbled forward.

Minho’s quick reflexes saved me, though. He was fast enough to hold on to my hips to try and steady me, but my strength threw him off balance. Not to mention his reflexes weren’t at his best being so tired.

We wobbled a litle, trying not to fall, but it was useless. The both of us landed on the floor, me on top of him.

“That was one hell of a kick” He laughed, putting my hair away from his face.

“What the shuck is the matter with you?” I snapped at him, hitting my palms against his shoulders.


I knew that he would have scolded me for losing concentration and for putting too much energy into one simple movement. He always did that, why not now too?

“You’re acting differently to me” I sternly stared into his dark eyes to pressure him into telling me.

“Nothing!” The Runner quickly mumbled, shaking his head.

With a sigh, I rolled my eyes and supported myself with my hands on the ground at either sides of Minho’s head to stand up.

“Do you really want to know?” His hands tightened around the small of my back, preventing me from standing up.

His voice finally sounded serious.

“Yes” I comfortably leaned on his broad chest since I felt his hands firmly holding me down.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes!” I exclaimed, attempting to express through my glare how sure I was.

I squealed when his hands squeezed my hips whilst his lips attacked mine in a passionate kiss.

“You’re too dumb to realize how much I like you, shuck face” Minho finally said once he was satisfied with the length of the kiss.

“I’m… I’m not dumb…” I managed to babble despite the surprise. “In any case, you’re the dumb one!”

Minho smiled at how flustered I was and brought one of his hands up to keep my hair off his face. He leaned in again and I noticed this time, so I did too.

Our lips were brushing each other, and we smiled in anticipation. But something stopped us.

“I knew you liked each other, but you’re literally all over Minho, Y/N” Thomas towered over us, admiring the scene with a delighted smile.

“I thought I told you to watch it, you shank” Minho only told him.

Then I realized why Minho had pushed his friend like that. 

If the reason why Minho behaved differently towards me was because he liked me, the reason why he pushed Thomas could be the same. Thomas must have been teasing him about liking me, it all made sense now.

I jumped to my feet so Minho could push himself up too. I stared at Thomas, knowing he was going to get it if he didn’t stop it.

“I’m not afraid of you, slinthead” Thomas mockingly told his friend. “And you seemed too busy with Y/N there to bother-“

He shut up when Minho threw him that mean glare he usually reserved for Gally. And Thomas started running fast, honoring his Runner title.

“I’ll be back in a while and we’ll carry on with that” Minho calmly held on to the straps of his usual running attire.

“With the training or the kissing?” I laughed, absently watching Thomas far ahead already.

“The kissing, obviously” And then, he went after Thomas.

Of course, he caught up with him in no time.


‘You may not be Alby, but you sure are the leader of my heart’ I laughed out loud at the cheesy note Minho left for me.

We had been going out for around a week now, and he used to leave me notes before he went into the Maze. Minho knew it upset me to wake up without him there with me, so he’d just scribble a quick note to remind me that he actually lied next to me even if I was too slept to notice.

And since he left when the Doors opened, which was really soon, it reassured me to see a note first thing when I woke up.

I saved that note with the rest and, like always, smiled when I saw the one from the day before. ‘Minho was here ;)’

Most of the times, he’d leave me a sappy pick-up line ironically. Sometimes, I knew he enjoyed the sappiness of a few of them even if he wouldn’t admit it.

“Which bloody corny one was it this time?” Newt was at the door, waiting for me to get out.

“This one was actually really cute” I passed him the piece of paper with Minho’s rushed handwriting and he snorted through his nose in laughter.

“He’s a Keeper after all” Newt assured with a loop-sided grin, giving me back the note.

“Did you just…?” I began, but he smirked and I knew that pun was intended. Damn Newt.

I started laughing out loud along with him.

“Yes he is” I agreed as I followed him into the Glade.

The New Kid - Thomas Sangster Imagine

REQUEST: Do I have a Wattpad account? And if u don’t I highly suggest you get one! Your a very good writer! I love you account! I also have a request! Can you make one where Thomas Sangster is new to you school and you two like admire each other from across the room and just mushy gushy stuff like that!? I love fanfics like that they make me so happy!

Authors Note: I’m so sorry that it took so long for me to post this! I’ve been unwell for the past week, but things should go back to normal soon!

It was another regular day in school. Class had only begun around five minutes ago, and already, you felt yourself beginning to doze off as the teacher rambled on about God knows what.

You rested your cheek against the palm of your hand, doodling little creations on the side of your paper, but chose to look up when the teacher suddenly stopped talking.

“Ah, Thomas, right? Good to see you, take a seat anywhere you like,” the teacher instructed.
“Thomas is new here, he just recently moved from England, and I expect you all to be on your best behaviour.. as usual,” the teacher sarcastically muttered.

Thomas took a seat two places away from you. You couldn’t help but feel slightly sorry for Thomas, you knew what it was like to be the new kid, and how uncomfortable and unsettling everything felt.

As the teacher continued to lecture the class, you felt yourself begin to grow bored yet again, so you subconsciously allowed your eyes to roam the room. Oddly enough, you found yourself looking at the new kid, Thomas. You took a moment to study his features; finding him quite eye-catching.

He had dirty blonde hair, adorned by soft facial features that almost made him look quite innocent and cute.

Not a second later, his eyes instantly fell on yours, obviously already aware of your presence. He shifted his gaze in the next few seconds, and you found yourself not able to look away when you saw him smile to himself, along with his cheeks flushing a faint pink.

You couldn’t help but smile too, at his cute, small action. He looked up to you again, this time, without looking away. The two of you continued to smile at each other, almost as though you were having a staring contest. Thomas broke your smile into a small giggle when he pulled a cross-eyed face, earning a strange look from the teacher.

You looked back at him to see that he was already still looking at you, you did the same as he did, pulling a cross-eyed face before you both started laughing at each other.

The teacher cleared his throat, catching your attention as your smile dropped.

“Y/N,” he sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose with his fingers, “What’s so hilarious that makes you feel as though you can interrupt the class?”

“Nothing, Sir,” But you still were unable to wipe the smile off your face.

You breathed a sigh of relief as he resumed his work instructing the class.

Finally, class had finished, and you were beyond elated.

You needed to make a few book returns to the school library, so you made your way over there.

Stepping in, you were instantly greeted with the scent of old books and pages, a smell that you had grown accustom to, considering you loved to read.

As you returned your books, you decided to browse through one of the shelves for another book to read. But you were instantly distracted when you saw Thomas, sat on one of the tables alone, looking so intently at his book.

You thought it would be nice to actually talk to him this time, so you made your way over. You decided to introduce yourself in the most casual way possible, as nothing’s worse than a boring, awkward conversation.

“Shakespeare?” You questioned, surprising Thomas a little by your sudden appearance.

“I’ve gotta admit,” He smiled as you sat down directly across from him, “It’s one of my guilty pleasures.”

“I second that,” You smiled, taking a book out of your bag that was also a William Shakespeare classic.

“No way, looks and good taste, you’re the full package,” You both laughed at his comment, before you briefly realised that the two of you hadn’t actually properly met yet.

“Y/N,” You smiled, introducing yourself.

“Thomas,” He replied, returning a smile.

“I like you, Thomas. It feels like I’ve known you for longer than I really have,” You honestly admitted, already feeling very close to this boy.

“I like you too, Y/N. You’re.. different,” He smiled.

Damn, that adorable smile.

You couldn’t help but giggle at how innocent and cute he looked.

“What?” He asked, chuckling.

“Your smile, It’s so cute,” You giggled, watching his cheeks turn rosy pink.

“I think you and I are going to get along just fine.” Thomas smiled, pulling another cross-eyed face before the two of you erupted in laughter.

How Wonderful Life Is (Now That You're In the World)

So, after a little fangirl sesh with everylastline about all the Stephen/Emily/Willa pics from SDCC and coming across this picture on my dash: 

I had some pretty intense Queen Family Feels. This is the result.

Pairing(s): Oliver/Felicity, mentioned Thea/Roy

Rating: T

Word Count: 1664

The sound of a thud outside the mansion door followed by tinkling laughter and low chuckling pulls Thea’s attention from the trashy HBO movie that has occupied her attention for the last hour. Roy offered to come and keep her company tonight but the city still needed a hero, even if the Arrow was taking a night off. Speaking of, she can currently hear the low timbre of the aforementioned man in green as he speaks with his partner just outside the locked door. It’s followed by a higher pitched, melodious response and then there’s silence.

Oh God, not again.

Thea has been around her brother and Felicity long enough to have a pretty good idea of just what unsavory actions are occurring on the opposite side of the large wooden doors. Seriously, it’s been seven years and they still act like teenagers sometimes. Scratch that, they’re worse because Thea’s pretty sure that she and Roy were never this bad even when they first got together.

Reaching for the remote and shutting off the TV, Thea moves from her place on the couch wrapped in a large blanket towards the front door. Too many times has she walked in on the couple in various states of undress to be embarrassed or shy about breaking up their current little love session on the front porch.

“Oliver – ah! Stop you know how sensitive I am there! – Oliver, your sister is on the other side of this door.”

“So? She’s your sister, too.”

Thea snorts a little at her brother’s reply. At least Felicity has the decency to try to be courteous about their activities.

“Sister in law, Oliver. That won’t make it any less embarrassing when she finds us with your mouth glued to my neck and your hand up my skirt!”

By now Thea’s reached the main foyer, right in front of the double doors. She’s debating returning to her spot on the couch or opening the doors when her brother lets out an exasperated but good-natured huff of air.

“Fine. But I’m not finished with you. I believed I promised you at least four by the end of the night and right now we’re only at one.”

Oh, gross. Really, Oliver?

Thea is about to open the door and let the pair come tumbling in when it’s gently pushed open, a blonde head poking inside to presumably make sure there are no teeny tiny ones eagerly waiting by the door. When Felicity’s gaze instead finds Thea’s unimpressed look, a sheepish smile makes its way across her face before she opens the door the rest of the way to let herself and Oliver in.

“So I assume the date went well.”

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Chapter 38: Jealous?


“Bria!” I shouted walking into the house. “Bria!”

I heard a high pitched scream.

“Bria!” I ran around. Damn I got a big house.

“Where are you!” I questioned looking around.

“In Angel’s room!” She replied.

My eyes widened as I ran towards Angie’s room. What if she feel out of her crib? What’s wrong? I opened the door to see Bria holding her, err, breast and Angie standing in her crib smiling.

“What happened?” I picked Angie up and turned to Bria.

“She threw a block at my boob!” She screamed rubbing it.

I looked at Angie who was making bubbles in her mouth and smiling. It was hard to scold her because it was kinda funny and she’s being cute, giggling and shit. She looks just like Kae right now. That reminds me. I got an oovoo date with Kae.

“Let’s go, baby. Mommy’s waiting for us.” I carried her to my room and laid her on my bed. I pulled out my laptop and opened it to Kae calling.

“Hey!” Kae sang.

“Hey what’s up?” I asked.

“Nothing. Just on set wearing these 90’s clothes. You?”

“I’m here with your daughter.” I replied and looked up. “Angie! Stay here.”

She crawled over to my pillows and started hitting her blocks on it. I sighed shaking my head.

“Aww what happened to Bria?” Kae asked sarcastically.

I side eyed her grabbing Angie. “Your sarcasm is not needed.”

“But it’s necessary.” Kae responded and then cheesed seeing Angie.

“Hey baby! Hey lovebug!”

Angie attempted to touch Kae through the screen kicking repeatedly.

“Mama misses you!”

I put her down and she crawled back over to the pillows.

“Yeah she threw a block at Bria.” I stated.

Kae let a loud laugh and I looked at her. She cleared her throat.

“That’s not funny.”

“That’s your daughter.”

“Uh, I was not by myself during her conception.” Kae indicated.

I smirked at the mental image of Kae being “by herself” and damn, that’s a sexy sight.

“You’re digusting.” Kae scrunched up her nose but shook her head. “But anyway, guess what?”

“What?” I began to pull Angie to prevent her from falling off the bed.

“I have a sex scene in the movie!”

Once she said that, I almost dropped Angie. Oh shit! She started to cry and I bounced her.

“Shh! Its ok!” I put the pacifier in her mouth and continued bouncing her and patting her back.

“Is she ok?” Kae questioned.

“Yeah but don’t worry about that. Who the fuck you got this sex scene with?” I asked.

She sighed. “My on-screen boyfriend. Chris, don’t make a big deal out of this.”

“The fuck you mean? Someone else is getting my goodies, Kae!” I argued.

“1. No one’s getting your "goodies” and 2. You’re the last person to be making a big deal about this when you got some sexual ass videos!“ Kae shot back.

"Name 2.” I crossed my arms.

“No Bullshit and Sweet Love.” She crossed her arms too.

I sucked my teeth. “Ok I’ll give that to you but that’s just acting.”

“Exactly. I’m just acting. You know I’m yours.” Kae smiled showing the ring.

I let out an airy laugh. “Yeah you are.”

“I gotta go. Bye baby! Bye angel!”


Kae disappeared from my screen and I sighed. I shouldn’t be jealous. Right?


I walked out Angel’s room still holding my breast and went into my room. For someone named Angel, she acts like a fucking demon. Well, just with me. When she’s with Chris, she’s sweet but when she’s with me, blocks, shoes, etc. Gets thrown. This baby is helping my plan yet hurting it at the same time.

I took off my shirt leaving my bra. My phone rang and I looked at the caller ID. Big Daddy. Shit, why can’t he leave me alone?

“Hey Big Daddy.” I picked up.

“Gold?” He inquired in a irritated voice.

“Yes Big Daddy?” I replied equally irritated.

“What the fuck is taking so long? Why isn’t Chris Brown dead yet?”

I rolled my eyes. “Well I can’t kill him like that.”

“Why not?”

I remained silent.

“Gold, why not?” Big Daddy asked again, but more sternly.

“He has a daughter.” I came with an excuse.

He snorted. “So? That never stopped you before.”

“Why do you want to kill him?”

“Why don’t you?”

After a brief moment of silence, I replied.

“Because he’s a father and famous.”

He snorted once again. “He’s also Rue’s fiancé and I’m determined to get her back.”

“Why do you want her back? You already have me!” I snapped.

“Who the fuck are you snapping at?”

I sighed. “I’m sorry. I’m just-“


I furrowed my eyebrows. “What?”

“You’re jealous but nobody has time for that. Kill Brown.” He hung up and I threw my phone on my bed.

Me? Jealous? Of Baby Rue? This nigga’s a fucking comedian if he thinks I’m jealous of that bitch. All she got is the man I want and big daddy on her. She ain’t shit and never been shit.

“Bria, I’m going-” Chris opened my door and his eyes widened when he saw me. He shield his eyes.

“Oh shit! I’m sorry!”

I smiled grabbing my shirt and putting it back on.

“Its cool. What’s up?”

“I gotta go so Angie is on your watch.”


Chris left and I chilled in front of the TV. The doorbell rang and I went up and answered. I smirked seeing his face and his eyes widened.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t T-Drop.”


External image

I tapped my foot impatiently. What the fuck is taking her so long? If I was still the same person I was a few years ago, I would’ve beat her ass and fucked her.

But I changed. Grace helped me change. I fell for her and I wasn’t even planning on that shit.

The door to the restaurant opened and she stepped in, looking very different from the last time I saw her. She made her way to my table and sat down.

“Well, Long time, no see, Honey.”

She glared at me. “Don’t fucking call me. That was the past and I refuse to continued to be call that shit. Its Erin. My name is Erin.”

I held up my hands in defense.

“Now what do you want?” Erin spat.

“Our boss, well ex-boss, is back and he’s out to get us. I have a feeling there’s someone else too.” I explained.

“Why should I believe you?”

“Fine. Don’t. But don’t be surprised if someone you love is killed soon.” I warned. “I gotta warn Rue too.”

“Why are you warning us?” Erin questioned with one eyebrow raised. “We all hate each other.”

“I don’t know. As much I hate you, I don’t want your ass to get killed.” I answered getting up and leaving.

I hopped in my car hoping Rue’s boyfriend wasn’t home. I rang the doorbell and someone else answered. Realizing who she is, I froze. Gold. One of the sexiest girls I worked with. She still looked fine as fuck.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t T-Drop.”

I got out my trance. “What are you doing here? And where’s Rue?”

She held up her fingers. “1. I work here and 2. She’s in Georgia. Why do you need her?”

“The fuck you mean you work here?”

“What? You, Rue, and Honey can go on and make new lives for yourself and I can’t?” She feigned hurt.

“What are you doing working for Rue? She hated you.”

“None of your damn buisness. Why are you looking for her?”

“None of your damn buisness.” I mocked her.

She rolled her eyes. “Look, my fine ass boss is coming-”

“Really? You’re lusting after Rue’s boyfriend?”

“Its not the first time I did.” Gold bit her lip winking at me.

I scoffed. “We fucked once.”

“I don’t see why everyone is after her.” Gold spat with venom in her words

I crossed my arms amused but not surprised. She’s always been jealous of Rue and it was obvious.

“What?” She snapped.

I raised an eyebrow. “Jealous?”


“5, 6, 7, 8!”

The beat for Loyal went on and the female dancers started to dance. We’re reheasing for the music video for Loyal. I’m so ready to film it, edit it, and release it for my fans. All that was on my mind was Kae doing a sex scene with some nigga.

Tina walked through the door and went over to me.

“The director says he’s on his way.”

“Cool.” I nodded.

“So how’s Bria?”

“She’s cool. I don’t think Angel likes her though. I might have to fire her.”

“What do you mean she doesn’t like her?” Tina questioned standing in front of me.

“She throws blocks at Bria.” I answered. “Hell, she stay throwing shit at Bria.”

“So what? She’s a baby. She’s not used to new people so she’s gonna act up.”

“Maybe you’re right.” I told her.

“Of course I’m right. Have I ever steered you wrong?”

I side eyed her and she groaned.

“Let. The. Halloween. Thing. Go.”

I rolled my eyes and hopped off my chair.


I walked in the house and looked at my phone. 9:36. Shit, I’m hungry as fuck. I miss Kae’s cooking but I’m gonna spend a long time with that. I walked into the kitchen to see Bria in booty shorts and sports bra. I groaned loudly. Come on.

“Oh I wasn’t expecting you home so early.” Bria smiled taking her glass of juice.

“Its 9 o’ clock at night.” I raised one eyebrow.

“Well you’re a star so I expect later. So good night.” She left the kitchen.

I shook my head and clicked on the oovoo app calling Kae. She answered with a tired and annoyed look on her face.

“Hey baby.” I said.

“Chris, what the hell are you doing calling me this late?!” She snapped yawning.

“Were you sleeping?”

“No. I was having a tea party!” Kae spat sarcastically.

“Ok that’s cool but we need to talk about this sex scene thing.”

“At fucking midnight, nigga?”

“Well it’s 9 over here. So what’s this nigga’s name? Is he cute or nah?” I asked.

She sighed. “Chris-“

“Answer my questions.”

“Christopher Maurice Brown, are you jealous?” Kae questioned in amusement.

I snorted. “What? No.”

“You are! Chris, baby, I love you and trust you. Which is why I didn’t make a big deal about Bria.”

I squinted at her. “You didn’t talk to me for 3 days.”

“That’s not the point. I didn’t tell you to fire her or stayed mad at you because I trust you and I know you won’t hurt me. Do the same for me.”

“I do trust you. I just don’t trust that nigga that’s gonna be touching you.”

“Damn it, Chris! I’m yours! I’m all yours!” She yelled.

I smiled. “Say it again.”

“I’m all yours.” Kae smiled and then yawned.

“Good. Now take your gorgeous ass to bed.”

“Thank you. Good night.”

“Wait.” I told her.

“What?” Kae asked.

“So How about we have some oovoo sex?” I bit my bottom lip.

Kae kept laughing until she ended the call. I smirked. Alright. I got you.