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Atonic Impact (Chris x MC)

[A little note: Instead of sleeping and being productive I’ve finished another Chris x MC fanfic. This ones comes from a kissing request from this prompt list. Thanks so much for requesting this one anon! It’s a little sneak peek into their waay into the future. As a heads up - there’s suggestive dialogue in here. I always feel like fluffy fics are a hit or miss for me but hopefully you’ll enjoy this!]

[Summary: After more than a decade of being together, MC (Micah) and Chris have finally reached a slight dilemma. Waking up day in and after day out, with two kids and constant schedule changes - even super parents need a break]. 

[Word Count: 2314]

10. Quick, Goodbye Kiss - It’s the almost late for work kisses when their lips just peck yours, like an unfinished goodbye. 

Micah’s going to be late for work again. 

Somehow during her nearly sleepy stupor, she’s switched the snooze button far too many times for her to keep count, and can no longer consider it reasonable to stay in bed.

She yawns and stretches before she glances at her phone. She does a double-take once she realizes the time. 

Shoot, it was way worse than she thought. She definitely needed to be up more than two hours ago. 

Sighing, she swings her willowy legs over to her side of the bed. It slightly creaks under the sudden shift of weight as she gets on her feet. She pads across the bedroom, armed with only intent to finding her robe and waking the rest of the house as her motivations to prevent herself from falling back asleep. 

Rubbing one eye, she strides towards the adjoining bathroom. Before she’s able to push the door open, she pauses in her step as her ears catches the sound of his voice. Barely higher than whisper, she hears his low timbre coming just across the other side of their door. As she strains to listen, she recognizes stray lyrics from the Disney movie they’ve watched with the kids last night.

Grinning to herself, she enters quickly and her stomach dips in delight when she catches sight of him. The steam and droplets from their shower-head affixed close-by their tub does little to hide his powerful body. Once her eyes travel across the smooth planes of his back and lower - she’s more than tempted to strip off her underwear and join him.

She scowls at herself; she’s supposed to have more willpower than this. Focus girl focus. But it never gets old, she’s never tired of Chris. It’s never been that way for them.  Sometimes, she can barely believe it’s been a little over a decade since the first time they bumped into each other during their freshman year at Hartfeld. 

It feels like a lifetime ago. For another her. And another him.

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Happy 15th birthday to Fullmetal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa (7/12/16) 
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Because making these is so fun, have some more.
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His Voice ( Zig x MC )

[A little note: Take Me Somewhere Nice by Mogwai is one my all-time favourite songs. You should give it a listen if you’ve got the time, it’s beautiful and hauntingly perfect. In any case this is really short and sort of a sequel to Her Voice]

[Summary: Winter brings unwanted memories for MC, Zig’s presence is the only thing that reminds her not every bad memory has to always remain one.]

X (Take Me Somewhere Nice)

“Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters.”

Winter was difficult in a way that had nothing to do with the weather. Not the stinging cold, the frustrating end of quarter exams or even the quiet snowflakes that fell across Hartfeld’s campus when it was too frigid. 

It was the exchanges of warm hugs and long-drawn out farewells to those final moments of being together only to awaken to an empty bed, an empty house the next day. Winter meant the year was coming to a close and she was running out of time.

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Thoughts on using Japanese honorifics and titles in fic?

I mean, if the setting is Japan and/or the characters are Japanese, does using them work, or is it just annoying and “cringy”?

I’ve long held the belief that English dubs of Japanese media should never, ever use Japanese honorifics or titles no matter what because they just plain don’t work in spoken English (and in the same way, I imagine that a Japanese dub of an American work saying things like “Princess Such-and-Such” rather than “Such-and-Such-hime would be awkward and jarring), but written prose is an entirely different medium with entirely different rules. Does not translating or localizing the honorifics and titles work here?

For most of my own fic writing, I’ve kinda thought no. I personally decided to refrain from using the -chans and -kuns and obasans. Nee-san would be “Sis” and -sama would be “Lady” or “Lord” or other similar English titles. Just like with English dubs, I felt, for the most part, that honorifics and titles should be translated or localized.

But lately, I’ve been thinking a lot more about including honorifics as they are. For the fic I worked on last month (a Japanese-styled fairytale AU), I looked at a good number of (English-translated) Japanese fairytales and folktales to get a feel for the style and tone I was going for. And I found a real sort of charm to some of the translation choices.

For instance, I love how in Folktales of Japan, which was edited by Keigo Seki and translated by Robert J. Adams, the Japanese onomatopoeia is kept, but an English translation is provided right afterwards: “janka, gonka, jingle, jangle.” This creates such a nice rhythm, maintains the spirit of the original Japanese text, and English readers aren’t left confused or with a footnote explaining what “janka, gonka” means. The translation fits right into the story.

(What’s maybe not so nice is the decision to leave the “Haido, haido shishi” and “haai, hai, shan shan” with translations in brackets. It feels a bit like the classic, “Just according to keikaku.”)

Folktales of Japan also kept honorific suffixes such as -dono, but it opted out of using familial honorifics such as ojiisan or kaasan, translating these instead.

So, do untranslated honorific suffixes work well enough in prose, but titles not so much? Or, does it work all right to write the honorific out, translate it right after (a la the “janka, gonka, jingle, jangle”), and then just use the honorific from that point on, as it’s been defined and there would be no confusion from the reader about what it means? Or, conversely, would it be better to just use the translation from that point on, since the reader will know what honorific/title that the writer means to convey with the translation? Or should no translation be provided at all in text because that’s clunky? Or should all honorifics just be translated from the get-go? Or not translated because readers can look these things up if they’re really curious, and honorifics are one of those things that can’t really be translated accurately, anyway?

I know everyone’s gonna have a different opinion about translating and localizing, but after writing a draft with way more honorifics than I’ve ever used, I guess I’m just curious: How do people feel about using Japanese honorifics in fic? Is it a turn-off or something welcome?

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tvN Cheese in the Trap Episode 7