i should really stop editing


Because making these is so fun, have some more.
Gangsta. icons made using Kohske’s twitter art
Credits to me aren’t necessary!


tvN Cheese in the Trap Episode 7

The Struggle
  • ME: *thinking about the Darkling* Damn.
  • ME: *trying NOT to think about the Darkling* Shit.
  • ME: *trying really hard not to ship Alina with the megalomaniacal, dark, painfully attractive Darkling* Fuck. Me. Come on now, this *reads fanfic* is really really unhealthy *reblogs a thousand edits* and I should stop.
  • THE DARKLING: *touches Alina*
  • Me: Fuck. Me. Come on now --

Muke + 1989 [part 2/?]