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RFA trying to get a hyper!MC to go to bed? Maybe she had wayyyy too much coffee or something? I really like your hcs so I wonder how you might do this one. Thank you! ^^

Aw thanks so much! It means so much to me that someone likes my writing! Sorry this took me a while… I don’t really know what it’s like to be hyper T - T


  • How could you have so much energy for 11:30 in the evening?
  • He stares at you from the couch as you time yourself for another round of 2048. Eyes glued to the screen, you play again and again, trying to beat your own five minute record.
  • Yoosung gets the uncomfortable feeling that that crazed expression on your face is similar to how he looks like when he plays LOLOL.
  • He becomes alarmed when he looks up from his notes an hour later to find you bustling about the kitchen trying to bake brownies. You were a terrible cook!
  • It was a dangerous idea to keep his eyes off of you for even a minute when you were in one of these moods.
  • You would become unpredictable and listless after a day spent lazing on the couch.
  • He supposes it makes sense for so much inactivity to make way for hyperactivity.
  • He stops working and approaches you.
  • “MC? Don’t you think it’s about time to go to bed?”
  • “No.”
  • “It’s getting late, and you didn’t really get a lot of sleep last night either…”
  • “No! I want to bake you something for breakfast. I’m not the best baker, but this time will be different. You like brownies, don’t you, Yoosung?~”
  • He scratches the back of his neck sheepishly. How was he going to get you to bed with that attitude? There would be no arguing with you now. Shouldn’t she still get some sleep, though?
  • Yoosung is too timid to protest, but he’s so worried that you’ll end up burning the flat down that he tries to stay awake to watch over you.
  • Before he knows it, his eyelids are drooping. He ends up falling asleep on the counter just before you’re about to stick the pan the in oven.
  • Luckily, you decide to stop when you see how exhausted your boyfriend is. He’s snoozing away with his head in his arms, snoring lightly with his mouth slightly open.
  • You feel guilty once you realise that you probably terrified him by trying to cook unsupervised. You poke his nose. “Yoosung?”
  • “Huh…? MC?”
  • “Let’s go to bed, okay?”
  • “That,” He says through a soft, half-lidded smile, “would be awesome.”


  • She suspects you’re tipsy, judging from the way you’ve been chattering away non-stop for the past half hour.
  • She pats herself on the back for not drinking herself. Leading you home when you were this excited was bad enough, but leading you home while both of you were intoxicated? Jaehee shivered t the thought of it.
  • She braces herself for a night of exasperation.
  • Being tipsy seemed to send you into a spontaneous burst of activity. All of a sudden her reserved girlfriend would be talking, eating, and laughing without pause.
  • Jaehee’s eyes widen in panic when you choose to sprint across the street and into the apartment building without so much as a glance at the passing traffic.
  • MC is really talented. Was she a gymnast in another life? Or perhaps a track star? If I’m not mistaken, she was wearing her six-inch stilettos just now, right?
  • She chases after you and finds you in the living room trying to draw a portrait of yourself and your darling “Baehee”.
  • Jaehee is surprised to discover that she finds this behavior endearing. Though, it’s unfortunate that you’ve nearly knocked the lamp over from laughing too hard when you forget to draw eyes on yourself.
  • “Baehee! Come look at this! Don’t I look like a mop?”
  • “MC? Isn’t it about time we get to bed?”
  • “Wait, wait, wait. Let me draw Zen in here, too.”
  • Jaehee bites her tongue to refrain from asking you to rethink your artistic interpretation of Zen. That’s a horse?! Please don’t tell me she’s saying that Zen is that horse.
  • “Look, Baehee! It’s Zen! He’s a pony because of his ponytail!”
  • Okay, now it’s definitely time for bed.
  • She’s gone crazy. The alcohol must be interfering with her memory…
  • “MC, let’s go to sleep now.”
  • “But why? Don’t you like my drawings?”
  • “Yes! But Zen would like this drawing even more! In fact, if you sleep now, maybe you can wake up early enough to catch him before his next rehearsal! In fact, I’ll join you!”
  • “Really?!”
  • “Yes! You’ve captured his likeness perfectly. He will be so glad to receive such a… lifelike portrait!”
  • You giggle before beaming back at her. “Okay! I’ll go get changed now. Don’t forget!”
  • Jaehee sighs and massages her temples.
  • I hope Zen will forgive me for this.


  • Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to let you binge on all those sweets just because “A girl has to live every once in a while, OK?” 
  • He was getting drowsy, but you definitely weren’t. 
  • It was 1:30… You would typically be asleep by 11:00. 
  • As delightful as it was to see you acting so playful, you definitely didn’t giggle this much. Ever. And that half-crazed look in your eyes wasn’t normal either. 
  • You were totally on a sugar high. 
  • When you weren’t scrolling through memes or doubling over with laughter from the most insignificant of details, you would poke his cheek or tug on his shirt, asking him to feed you another bite of chocolate cake. 
  • It’s rare for Zen to be the one nagging you to go to bed. Still, he shakes his head and puts the plates away. “No, MC. It’s time to go to sleep. Don’t you have class tomorrow?”
  • “One more bite? Please~?” 
  • It takes everything in him to resist that pleading look on your face. Why does she have to be so cute? Maybe… No. No, Zen. Don’t give in. “Sorry, babe. Bedtime.” 
  • He turns to leave, but it takes him a few moments to realise that you haven’t been following along behind him. “MC?” Fuck! He walks back to the dining room. 
  • You’ve gone into the kitchen, opened the fridge, and were about to slice yourself another piece of cake. “NO!” 
  • He runs to the kitchen just before you’re about to take a bite, sweeping you into his arms bridal-style. “No! Zen! One more bite!” You struggle against him, but Zen only sighs and lifts you away.
  • He looks at you. “Be a good girl, please?” 
  • “But you always stay up this late…”
  • “Yeah, but you don’t.” 
  • Is surprised that he’s being the “responsible” one tonight. 
  • He tries to conceal his fatigue as he carries you up the stairs. Though, you’ve already taken notice of how tired his eyes look. 
  • “I guess I shouldn’t have had all that chocolate, huh?”
  • He laughs. “Maybe not.”
  • Zen smiles when kiss him on the cheek and say you’ll “be a good girl tonight” just for him. 


  • He doesn’t understand where all your energy is coming from.
  • He himself was exhausted from the party the two of you had just attended, yet here you are - multitasking like there’s no tomorrow.
  • Jumin has to admit that it takes some skill to be able to keep Elizabeth the 3rd fully occupied while simultaneously building a tower out of a deck of cards. 
  • However, he also thinks that your constant laughter coupled with the frantic way you’re running about is rather unusual. 
  • He finds it entertaining until you’re holding Elizabeth the 3rd up in the air the way Rafiki held Simba up on Pride Rock in the Lion King - it’s giving him flashbacks of Saeyoung and he definitely isn’t having any more of that. 
  • He gets up and pries Elizabeth free from your grasp. 
  • “But, Jumin! How can I make a card palace for Elizabeth if I can’t even tell if she’s going to fit in it?
  • “MC? Don’t you think it’s time to go to bed?”
  • You frown. “No.” 
  • “No?”
  • “I don’t think I can go to bed. There’s so much to do! Tell me- have you ever built a tower from marshmallows and uncooked pasta? Oh! I should make a tower for Elizabeth! Give her here, Jumin. Elizabeth~” 
  • Oh boy. He gets the idea you’ll be up to nonsense until morning if he doesn’t get you into bed now. Besides, he doesn’t want to see anyone rough-housing with Elizabeth - the poor thing looked terrified. 
  • “Elizabeth the 3rd and I will be going to bed now.”
  • “No!” You whine. “She’s meant to be the highlight of my creation.”
  • “It’s late, MC. Let’s get to bed. Please?” He watches you contemplate his suggestion before adding, “Bed, MC. Or I’ll make you.”
  • He meant for that line to imply some innuendo, so it’s a bit of a blow to his pride when you narrow your eyes at that last remark. How infuriating. Finally, he promises that Elizabeth the 3rd can sleep next to you if you agree to go to bed now. 
  • The enthusiasm at which you accept that concession almost makes him want to pout. Elizabeth over me…?
  • He realises he’s lost when you turn to him from the top of stairs and ask. “I really am feeling restless, Jumin. Should I take a shower? Or will you make me do that, too?” 


  • He doesn’t find anything unusual at first. Sure, he thought you were a bit more lively than usual - after all, trying to teach yourself how to juggle at 10:00 is a bit eccentric even for Saeyoung. 
  • But he knows something is off when you suggest doing pilates this late in the evening. He raises a brow at you. But… she hates physical activity…
  • Now you’ve stolen his glasses and are giggling at your own appearance in front of the mirror. Yeah, okay. She’s acting strange.
  • “MC? Why is the coffee pot empty?”
  • “I drank it all~” You reply, flashing him a satisfied smile. 
  • There’s no way he’s going to let you pull an all nighter. He’s experienced firsthand what you’re like when you’ve been deprived of sleep and he isn’t exactly fond of the zombie you become. 
  • Saeyoung tries to lure you to bed in a playful way. 
  • “Hey, MC! I’ve got a really good idea.”
  • You look up from the robot dog you’ve been decking out with ribbons. “What is it?”
  • “Let’s play a game.”
  • “Yes!”
  • “I’ll hide my glasses, and you’ll try to find them. The winner gets one free wish.” 
  • “You’re on!” 
  • He’s blind for the next hour and a half, but the effort wears you out. You had climbed bookshelves and crouched down to check the undersides of his sports cars - all to no avail. 
  • Saeyoung can’t believe his plan worked. He thought you would lose focus and set about doing some other silly task - like decking him out with ribbons, for example. 
  • He melts when he sees you yawning because the sight of it reminds him of a puppy. “Saeyoung? I think I lost.”
  • “Yeah?”
  • You rub your eyes. “Where are they? Your glasses? Aren’t you blind right now?”
  • “I am. But now that you’ve lost you have to grant my wish.”
  • “Hmph. Don’t say something corny like ‘be mine forever’. I’ll punch you.” 
  • Saeyoung laughs. I knew she’d say that. “No. For now Iet’s just get some rest. Okay?”
  • You nod and give him a thumbs up. “You’ve got it, Captain.” He tucks you into bed and settles in beside you, chuckling to himself as he removes his glasses from the back of your hoodie. 

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Jace Wayland/Herondale/Lightwood x Reader 

GIF not mine 

Warnings : none 

Request :  Hello! Could you do a Jace x Reader one shot where Jace is about to ask the Reader to move in with him and is really nervous about it because he thinks she’ll say no? But the Reader thinks that he is about to break up with her. Thanks x

                    Jace POV

     My heart raced in my chest so fast that I started to think that it will actually make a hole and jump out from it . I don’t even know why I’m so nervous , why do I need to act like this ? I’m not going to do something that big with my life . I just need to calm down and breathe . It will be fine . I mean what can go wrong ? (Y/N) loves me .She will never leave me or that’s what I hope .

     I never thought that I’ll be able to fall in love , at least not this hard . This little girl haves me wrapped around her little finger and I don’t even know how she did that , I just know that in the first moment when I saw her my heart went crazy and all that I wished was to hold her and never let her go .

     (Y/N) freed my mind and my heart and she just makes me feel like I’m whole , like nothing else matters besides being with her . Our relationship developed slowly and now there are some months from when we became officially a couple . I want to ask her to move in my room but I don’t know if she will accept . I think that she still thinks that we move to fast but it feels right , being with her feels right and I want to be able to hold her at the least at night since we are always hunting and training and we don’t have time for each other .

     “ Hi , Jace !” She greets and kisses my lips as she enters in the training room . I kiss back lightly before she pulls apart . She sits next to me , head leaning on my shoulder and I look at nothing . I don’t know what to say . I’m stuck and scared of what she will say if I ask her about moving into my room .

     “ What are you thinking about ?” (Y/N) asks as she pecks my cheek , her lips are soft and her touch is gentle .

     “ Nothing important .” I mumble and she frowns .

     “ Do you want to go out ? At Pandemonium ? Or maybe just go to a bar ?” she wants to spend time with me and I want too but my stupid mouth speaks without me to really want to say those words .

     “ No , I have other things to do .” (Y/N) gets up and looks at me , she’s disappointed and I can’t help but blame myself for it .

     “ Okay , I’ll come to your room before I go .” She says and I nod before she leaves .

                  Reader POV

     I don’t know what’s going on with Jace , lately he was so distant and I’m just worried . I love him , I don’t want him to leave me but I think that this is what he wants to do . 

     He never refuses when I ask him to go out with me and now he just did it even though he doesn’t haves to go on missions this night and Alec will be out with Magnus . Anyways I take a shower and then I pull on some clothes before I head out of my room , right now I don’t really care about what I do wear since I’m just going at Pandemonium .

     As I approach Jace’s room I open the door and I see him sitting in his bed with Clary curled next to him . He haves his arm around hers body and he’s whispering things in her ear . My heart feel like it’s going to break when I see my boyfriend like that . I was right when I said that I should have never trusted him .

     I still go out and even if I know I shouldn’t I drink until I can’t stand on my own feet . This helps me forget about Jace and all that’s going on with us . Since I can’t stay on my own foot the fact that Magnus and  Ales are here is the best thing that can happen to me . Alec leads me back to the Institute and into my room since he knows that I can’t arrive there on my own .

     “ Why did you drank so much ?” Alec asked as he was worried about me . I just smile and he pulls the blanket over my body .

     “ I want to forget .” You mumble and Alec shooks his head before he heads .

     In the next week you tried unnumbered times to talk to Jace but he always send you away or told you that he doesn’t haves time . You have had enough so now you decided to go into his room to talk about this .

     “ If you want to do it , do it now because I don’t want to be yours if you don’t want me anymore ! Just say those word and let me go !” You yelled and slammed the door behind you . Jace looked at you stunned and confused .

     “ What are you talking about ?” he asked and you want over to him .

     “ Do you think that I didn’t saw you with Clary ? Do you think that I’m stupid ? You avoided me all week and I saw you with Clary last weekend when I asked you to go out with me . If you want her more than you want me just break up with me already .” You said and Jace didn’t knew what to do .

     “ I don’t want Clary ! I want you , forever ! I was just scared . I wanted to ask you to move in but I was to stressed and I thought that you’ll say no so I decided not to ask you and then I was just to angry to talk to you . I’m so sorry !” He affirmed and you looked him in the eye . You pressed your lips to his softly and sighed into his string arms as they wrapped around your body .

     “ I want to move in with you !” you affirmed and Jace kissed you again bringing your body closer to his .

I Bet It Stung (M)

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Genre: Smut/Angst

Summary: When there’s sexual tension between you and your potential boyfriend, You come up with a reckless plan to deter an awkward hookup. Finding a fuck buddy. The thing about reckless plans though, they’re bound to backfire badly. Hopefully you can come back from this. (Mark x Reader, Bambam x Reader )

Warnings: Piercings , Boys who Dab, Underage alcohol use

Word count: 9,684

Written by: Smutty Jaefairy

A/N: Here’s some Mark and Bambam (No dabbing, sadly)  smut and drama. This was fun to write. The title is  a song from Tegan and Sara’s So Jealous album. I  listened to it on repeat while doing this, give it a try if you like breakup music. I hope you guys enjoy it :’)

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for the soulmate au #18 for maybe pbj?? :D

I need you to know that I sat here for a long-ass time trying to make this angsty just to spite you :P But alas, this prompt is too adorable and I admit defeat. 

18. The one where whenever you get a song stuck in your head, it’s because your soulmate is singing it.

I can feel your halo, halo, halo…

Jack rolls onto his stomach and shoves his face down into the pillow with a groan as the music fades away. Maybe it’s finally over and he can get some sleep.

Remember those walls I built? Well baby they’re tumbling down.

“Crisse,” Jack mutters. Blearily, he lifts his head and checks the clock. “Ridiculous.” He rolls off the bed, his feet landing with a dull thud, and trudges over to the bathroom where he can hear the shower running.

The door’s unlocked of course, and really Jack should just say something, but he’s tired and keyed up all at once and his body is sore from their last game, so he’s feeling grumpy enough to yank the shower curtain back and snap, “Kenny! Stop singing, I’m trying to sleep.”

“Jesus!” Kent jumps and smacks his elbow on the tiles. “Ow, what the fuck Zimms? I—wait, shit. I wasn’t.”

Jack lets go of the curtain and scrubs at his face. It’s too early in the morning for this. “Quit fucking around, Kenny. I’m tired.”

“Jack, I’m not,” Kent insists, clearly exasperated—and serious, because he never uses Jack’s real name unless it’s important. “I thought that was you.”

Shit. “You—you hear it too?” Jack asks, eyes going wide. The song is still buzzing faintly in the back of his brain, its insistent rhythm battering against Jack’s concentration.

“Uh, duh. Fuck. What the fuck?” Kent shuts off the shower and shakes his head like a dog, splattering water all over Jack’s face, because he’s an asshole. He’s supposed to be Jack’s asshole. So why has this stupid ‘halo, halo’ song been playing on repeat for the past half hour?

Kent steps out of the shower and snags a towel to dry off his hair better, ignoring the way he’s dripping water all over the floor that seeps into Jack’s socks. Jack sighs and peels them off, dropping them in the corner with Kent’s clothes. He closes his eyes and tries to take a deep breath to combat the anxiety flaring in the base of his gut.

“What—what’s happening?” he whispers, grabbing at Kent’s hand wildly, willing the touch to stabilize him.

“Hey, it’s okay,” Kent soothes, running his thumb over the bones of Jack’s wrist and stepping closer, tilting his face up to look Jack in the eye. He almost seems calm, but his voice is quivering just a little and Jack realizes Kent is scared too. It’s not something he thinks about often, that Kent can be afraid. “We’re—we’ll figure it out, okay? I’ve got an idea.”

Jack nods and swallows thickly.

Kent squeezes Jack’s hand and says, “Go sit in the other room okay? I wanna try something.”

“Um, okay.” Jack dutifully wanders back into the bedroom and sits down on his bed, staring at his hands and wishing they’d stop shaking. Suddenly, the halo, halo song stutters and fades to be replaced with—oh, of course.

I got my hands up, they’re playing my song—

“I hear you!” Jack shouts, scrambling off the bed and bolting into the bathroom. “I can—I still hear you.”

He’s grinning and so is Kent, once Jack skids into the room and gathers him up in a crushing hug, the momentum carrying them against the wall. Kent laughs and presses his forehead hard into Jack’s shoulder. Now that Kent’s not singing anymore, the other song fades back in as persistent as ever—though at this point it’s kind of grown on him.

“So,” Kent muffles into Jack’s shoulder, “we’re still soulmates.”

Jack drops Kent back to the ground and pulls him back in by the hips. “Yeah.”

“But—there’s some third person out there…who we can hear too?” Kent quirks his lips to the side in thought.

Jack hums and says, “Seems like it. What should we do?”

Kent shrugs, wrapping his arms around Jack’s neck and tugging him down into a quick kiss. “Dunno,” he says, “guess we just wait until we find him.”

Five years later

Jack stomps back into the Haus with a pinched expression. He had to pull his headphones out halfway through his run because his soulmate was in the mood for Beyoncé—again—and trying to listen to his own music with something else prattling in the background has always been torturous. In fact, he’s starting to feel a headache coming on just from the strain.

So it hasn’t been the best morning, but it smells like Bittle is baking in the kitchen again which is nice. Jack hadn’t gotten along with Bittle terribly well the first few months, but the frog has definitely grown on him—which might’ve had something to do with Kent telling him to ‘stop being such a fucking dick, Zimms.’ But, anyway. The point is that it’s been good, having Bittle around more.

Jack wanders into the kitchen to say hello, and finds Bittle bopping around to something on his iPod and—

Baby I can see your halo, you know you’re my saving grace.

—singing along.

Jack freezes and narrowly avoids crashing into the kitchen table, bracing his hands bodily against the edge. His heart pounds, breath hitching in sudden realization—is Bittle?—he must be—but maybe it’s just—

Jack forces himself to take a deep breath. There’s only one way to find out.

“Georgia, Georgia, the whole day through,” Jack sings softly, nearly humming the words under his breath. Bittle’s entire body jerks and then stills. “And just a sweet old song keeps Georgia on my mind.”

Bittle turns slowly, brown eyes wide and shining with disbelief, a hand up to his mouth. “Jack?” he whispers, the name rich and warm on his tongue.

Jack’s entire body shivers. Slowly, watching with a detached awe as his hands shake, he reaches for his phone and dials.

Kent answers on the second ring. “Zimms—I heard—did you—?”

Jack smiles shyly and Bittle gives a little wave. “Yeah, Kenny. I found him.”

What? Me? Never! - Barry Allen Imagine

Anonymous asked: “can you do an imagine where you’re engaged to Barry and part of team flash and you got lunch for everyone and you put viagra in Barry’s food and he starts pranking you back and it turns into a prank war.“

Author’s Note: I changed viagra to a less harmless prank.

Three and a half months until the big day. You were constantly stressed out. Barry was there to help plan, but you just had a lot to do while he was off saving the world.

The whole incident started when you came home from a meeting to the shared apartment in which Barry had set up multiple pranks. After the whole event, he told you that Cisco was supposed to be coming over and that they were meant for him.

It was time to get him back. You were not an inexperienced pranker yourself. Growing up with two older brothers, first you had to get control of what you believed you needed most, and secondly helped plan some larger pranks with them.

Thursday was the perfect day, the day that you were in charge of getting lunch, which happened to be Italian this week. One of the items was to bring back cannolis. Eight real desserts, and one shell to fill with a surprise.

When the treat was passed out, you made sure Barry had gotten the correct one. You innocently watched from behind your three large computer screens at your desk. “Ugh!” The speedster exclaimed. “What the heck is that?” He peers around the room. “Would you like to tell me anything?”

Batting your long eyelashes, you send him a quizzical look. “Babe, you know exactly what I’m talking about.”

“Nope. Sorry Bare. Might have just been a bad one.”

Cisco grabbed the partially eaten dessert, and quickly smells it. “Umm…..no. That’s definitely toothpaste.”

“Love, you are going to pay for this.”

Four weeks later

It wasn’t as bad as you had expected. The small prank war was in effect. Cisco and HR joined in, HR one Barry’s side, Cisco on your’s.

“(Y/N), you should really give up. You have right about two months until the big day. Your focus should be on that instead.” Caitlyn tried to explain.

“Cait, don’t worry. I have it all under control. Last night, I booted Barry to the couch. He decided to silly string me after my shower. I told him he can’t join me back in our bed until he stops the pranks.” You tell her.

One week later

“Can I please come back to our bed? I miss your warm body, the way you mumble nonsense in the middle of the night, and how you cuddle up against me during those cold nights.” Barry pleaded.

“You know the condition, give up the prank war.”


“Tell me you will.”

“I promise that I will stop all the pranks and won’t start another prank war.”

You pull him close, and kiss him. “Now you can come back to our room. Don’t do this again. Otherwise next time, I’m getting my brothers involved in it. You know how bad their pranks can be.”

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Can my sinful mind request 2D having a shower and his s/o strips in front of him and joins him in the shower? How would he react etc? Thank you hunni. Love your blog so much!❤

(Oh dear, thank you! I’m glad you enjoy my writing!)



~ 2D was taking a shower but you were getting bored and impatient. You were really unusually clingy today. You were sitting at the edge of the bed, staring at the bathroom door. You sighed and rested your hands in your lap. He had been in there for almost half an hour. How long does it take to shower? You looked over at the clock and sneered. “He should be out already.” You huffed. You started to tap your foot to occupy yourself but it didn’t do much. “Ugh, whatever. I’m going in there.” You walked up to the bathroom door and opened it.

~ “2D! I’m coming in to change!” You smiled. He stuck his head out of the shower. “Um… Alright?” But you were already taking your clothes off. You watched him in the mirror as you teasingly flung your shirt into a corner. “See something you like?” You blew him a kiss and he got that goofy smile on his face. You laughed and continued to strip. You pulled down your pants slowly and bent over to pull them off your ankles, swaying your hips. You watched as his eyes were glued to your body. You had him in the palm of your hand. “2D, you’re wasting water.” You unclipped your bra. He looked at you in the mirror and grinned, “Why don’ ya join me then so we can sa’e some wa’er?” He opened the curtain and you giggled as you slip your panties down. “If it’s for the environment.” You smirked and jumped in.

This is probably my most playful smut yet, and I was giggling the entire time I wrote it. I hope you guys love it.

Jin’s breath became heavier as he began to fall asleep. You were playing little spoon, he had one arm under your head, and the other wrapped firmly around your waist. His breath on your neck was driving chills down your body, making it impossible to think of anything besides the growing wetness between your thighs. Shuffling sounds in the bed next to Jin’s snapped you back to reality, and you remembered Suga was sleeping just feet away.

Jin let out a small sigh, and shifted slightly, bringing his hand to rest on your hip. You smirked, intertwined your fingers on top of his, and used both of your hands to push your butt into him in a slow and hard motion. You imagined his eyes shooting open when he gripped your hip harshly. “Y/N” he whispered “Stop!”

You pressed your face into your pillow to muffle a sheepish giggle. “Oppa… You’ve been breathing down my neck for the last half hour..” you slowly guided his hand into your pajama pants, “Im so wet..” Jin let out a half sigh, half choke, and swiftly pulled his hand out your pants. “You’re not wearing underwear!” he was trying to whisper, but shock got the best of him. You closed your mouth tight to try to stop from giggling again, and let out a breathy “shhhh,” before slowly rolling over. “Suga is sleeping!” you whispered, before kissing Jin, gently nipping his bottom lip as you pulled away.

“Jagi-yah. Let’s go shower?“  Jin kissed you again, needy and full of lust, but you shook your head. “This is more fun,” you put your leg over him, and rolled your hips into him. You could feel how hard he was through his boxers. He grabbed your hip roughly once again to stop your tormenting behavior. “Babe! We can’t…” His tone was serious, but you couldn’t help but smirk at how adorable he was when he was trying to be stern, and quiet.

“Oppa,” you leaned up right next to his ear “we can just pull our pants down a tiny bit, I know you want to feel how wet I am when you’re inside me.” You bit his earlobe before placing a gentle kiss on his neck, and rolling your hips against his once more, this time at an antagonizing slow pace. “Shit, Y/N,” was all he could mutter before you slid your hand in his boxers and pulled his dick out of the top of them. You gave his member a firm squeeze, and his fingers dug into you momentarily, before he pulled your pants down just enough to reveal your throbbing heat.

“We’re really doing this..?” he whispered as he grabbed your ass, and sighed. You guided his cock to your heat, and rubbed it slowly against your wet entrance, before stopping. “No Oppa, its okay.. We don’t have to..” He grabbed your wrist as your let go of his shaft, and you let out another small giggle. Jin grunted softly before kissing you, “you’ll be the death of me baby, I swear.” He kissed you again, and pushed his hips towards yours, slowly slipping inside of you. You let out a partial moan that was muffled by Jin’s hand quickly covering your mouth. “Shhhh!”

Jin was in total control now with his hand over your mouth, and his dick pulsing inside of you as he slowly thrust into you, each time going deeper. Your leg wrapped tightly around him, and your toes curled in ungodly ways. He quickened his pace, and as he was about to let out a moan, he grabbed ahold of your hair and pulled you in hard for a kiss.

You both tangled your hands in each others hair, trying with every fiber of your being to be quiet, and as your stomach began knotting, and fluttering you bit Jin’s lip, and barely gasped his name. Before you could utter another word you were cumming around him. Your nails dug into his shoulders as you let out a short but very high pitched squeak. You threw your face into his chest to muffle your heavy breathing, and you both froze, almost sure the sound must’ve woken Suga.

After no noise or sudden movements from his side of the room you whispered to Jin “Oppa… Are you close?” He simply nodded and began kissing your jaw down to your neck. His thrusts became harder, and you bit your lip to keep yourself quiet. Jin bit your neck so hard you gasped, and you felt his release inside of you. You both laid there silently, wrapped up in each other letting your breathing calm.

Your stomach sunk as you heard a tired and raspy voice, “are you two fucking?” Your eyes grew wide, and you clutched on to Jin, unsure if you should answer, especially since he was still inside of you. Suddenly Jin spoke out “N-No. She had a nightmare! Sorry if we woke you. She was really scared..” You almost started giggling but instead gave a dramatic sniff, as if you were crying. “Sorry Suga.. I’m shook. I think I should go shower to calm down..” Your voice was anything, but convincing.

You moved upward to kiss Jin, in a stealthy manner pulled your pants back up as you were climbing out of bed, and headed for the shower. As soon as you closed the door you let out a subtle sigh, and tried not to giggle as you heard Suga say, “you guys we’re totally fucking!” Jin erupted with laughter, and quickly met you outside the door. He kissed you hard as he led you to the shower, “You’re in so much trouble Y/N.”

anonymous asked:

Do u know Rome/Christian yu?? Sex with him??

that boy is so fine it hurts


  • dom af
  • he’s going to top you every. single. time.
  • he likes to be in control during sex and he’ll probably give lots of orders on how you should move
  • sex against walls or in the shower because he loves being able to hold you up and he loves when you grab onto his shoulder
  • diRTY TALK
  • “how good do I make you feel baby?” “God you’re so wet… am I really that good?”
  • him smirking at you a lot
  • bondage kink
  • he loves having you tied to the bed and at his mercy
  • foreplay is huge with Christian
  • he’s going to use his tongue and his fingers as much as he can to have you begging for him to please fuck you already
  • not big on hickeys, giving or receiving
  • but he’s going to love if you bite him during sex
  • he may have a slight pain kink
  • Christian would love taking you from behind and pulling your hair
  • he’d smack your ass a lot and probably leave handprints
  • car sex
  • public teasing is big for him, but only if it comes from him
  • you two could be having dinner at a fairly nice restaurant with a couple of friends and suddenly Christian would be leaning over and whispering “make sure you stay quiet baby” and you’d feel his hand inside of your underwear
  • you’ll probably never get soft and fluffy sex unless you practically beg him for it
  • but he’ll be shy during soft sex and he’ll be very gentle with you
  • that’s literally the only time he’ll be even remotely shy around you…
  • sexting is probably pretty big with him as well
  • Christian is rough and dominant but he makes sure you consent to everything he does and he makes sure you’re comfortable during sex because he respects you and wants you to be satisfied  
The way my thought process works and why I never get anything done

Me: I should clean my room
Me: why am I cleaning when I really should be looking for jobs? That’s so much more important!
Me: first let me make myself some breakfast. It’s 2 in the afternoon but I still haven’t eaten!
Me: before I make food though let me get these important emails done that I’ve been putting off the whole week. Food can be my reward!
Me: oh my god there’s so much to do. I have to clean my room and look for jobs and go to the bank and email all these people and shower and make food and…
Me: *lies in bed in my disaster zone of a room, panicking and doing nothing*

Prisoner - J-Hope Smut

Originally posted by hoseoh

Hobi x You

Smut based off the song Prisoner by The Weeknd.

His hand lingered on mine for a while as he stared deep into my eyes. Pupils relaxed, hands soft, and lips parted. He was staring deep into my soul and tearing out everything I ever was. I could have died in that moment and I would have been happy. His beautiful expression and the burning passion in his eyes forever sketched in memory. I grasped at my heart nearly ripping my cotton shirt as I thought about him while lying in my bed. Jung Hoseok was becoming a problem, meeting up every now and then for casual sex started to feel not so casual. Selfish we were, eating each other up in lust for our own benefits. But there was something more for me. I hated to admit it and there was no way I could tell him because he probably does not feel the same after all.

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Depression is sort of different for everyone (at least I think so), but it's generally universal to just cry, drink water, eat fruits and veggies. Go outside, if to just sit out in the sun (if there's hardly any sun, eat some dairy products or meat.) You should also shower regularly, do something nice for yourself, and although it's okay to stay in bed somedays, people really need to do some things on other days (It's depression, it requires a lot of strength and time!) I hope y'all okay! ♡

My Best Friend’s Wedding Part Three

PART TWO: http://imaginingbucky.tumblr.com/post/154122692134/my-best-friends-wedding-part-two 


“Boyfriend?” Steve repeated. 

He looked back at you and you could see the surprise on his face. You and Steve had always told each other everything and now it seemed like there were more secrets between the two of you. 

You wanted to punch Bucky right in his perfect teeth for that lie. 

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Same Room (Sehun x Reader Fluff/Slight Angst)

Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Epilogue

Summary: A shitty day had just turned shittier when you had to share a room with your really unpleasant boss, Oh Sehun.

(Note: This scenario wasn’t supposed to happen, but I’m working on other requests and Enemies rn so here’s this or now ^^ hehe)

“Same room?!”

You stared at the hotel staff with wide eyes, furrowed brows, and jaw hanging wide open. No, no, no, no. That can’t be. “Are you sure? Can you please check that again?” You stammered, tucking your messy hair behind your ear and giving the staff a hopeful look. But to your disappoint, he, once again, shook his head and spoke,  “I’m sorry ma’am but we really only have one room left.”

You groaned and buried your face into your palms. Oh, no. Fuck this shit. 

“That’s… Two beds… Right?” The familiar voice beside you sounded as if to remind how horrible the situation you were currently in was. Mr. Oh Sehun, your boss, stated with a stern voice as he looked at the staff with equally stern eyes and disheveled hair and loose tie hanging from his neck. 

“Sir, I’m sorry to inform you … But there’s only… One. One bed.”

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Unexpected- Part Four

Plot: Josh Dun gets you pregnant and you both freak out.

Imagine: Josh Dun x Female Reader

Requested: No

Triggers: None that I can think of

Enjoy the final installment of Unexpected!

Y/N’s POV-

“Y/N…wake uuupp.” You heard a familiar voice sing out your name and you groaned.

“Jenna, it’s the middle of the night, what are you doing here?” You croak out, rolling over to face the tall blonde-haired woman you had come to know through Josh. Because the boys often left the both of you at home while they were on tour, you two had grown extremely close, telling each other everything. Although you always loved to see her, you didn’t understand why she felt the need to break into your home while you were sleeping.

“Um, Y/N you do know it’s only nine o’clock right? I figured you might want to go out with me tonight because we haven’t seen each other in a couple weeks. Apparently you’re now an eighty-year old woman though who falls asleep at eight-thirty, so I don’t know if that’s very likely.”

At the thought of actually leaving your apartment and getting your mind off of things you quickly sat up in bed and threw the covers off, exposing your bare legs. “Nope, nope that sounds amazing. I could really use a break.” Jenna smiled and turned, walking towards your closet and shuffling through your dresses.

“Now, what should you wear? I think we should go somewhere fancy so this might be a nice choice,” She said, pulling a sparkly black dress from your closet.

Pushing yourself up off the bed, you walk over and took the dress from her hands. “Yeah this is fine. I’ll change right now.”

“Woah, don’t you think you should shower first? I mean no offense but you don’t look that great. Also you kinda smell like throw-up, are you doing okay?” Jenna softly questioned.

You sighed and ran your hand subconsciously over your bump, causing Jenna to stare at you and tilt her head. “Come to think of it Y/N, you’re looking a little bigger than usual, whats that abou-“ Finally realizing as you sheepishly locked eyes with her, Jenna’s bright blue eyes opened wide and she slapped a hand over her gaping mouth. “You’re pregnant aren’t you! Oh my gosh Y/N, you’re pregnant, this all makes sense!”

“Okay, okay you figured it out,” you shyly said, your cheeks turning a shade of bright red. “I kinda told Josh today and he, well, h-he left.” Tears started to form in your eyes. You couldn’t believe that someone else knew your secret. Now Jenna knows how pathetic you are, she’ll tell Tyler, and he’ll tell the whole crew and then all the fans will know that you are a knocked-up loser who’s undeserving of love.

Seeing that you were starting to break down, Jenna rushed over to your side and gave you a huge hug. “Y/N, this is still great news. You are pregnant with Josh’s baby! I’m sure he’ll come to his senses and do the right thing. He loves you more than anything in this world, everybody can see how madly in love the two of you are.” Jenna grabbed your shoulders and looked into your eyes with a big smile. “In the meantime though, you should take a shower and get dressed. There’s no point in moping around here.”

Feeling much better you gave Jenna a half-smile. “You know what? You’re right. There’s no point in me sulking at home. I should at least sulk at a nice restaurant.” Catching the stern look Jenna was giving you, you quickly said “I’m joking, I’m joking, geez,” as you turned and headed into the bathroom.

Not even thirty seconds after you stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around your body, Jenna barged into the bathroom and began to do your makeup. “Sit,” she ordered, motioning to the toilet as she skillfully swiped a variety of products across your face. Once she was satisfied with the results, she grabbed your hand and pulled you out. “I took the liberty of setting out your underwear, dress, shoes, and jewelry.” Jenna said matter-of-factly, as she led you down the hall towards your bedroom.

You instantly felt your face flame up, knowing that she had to go through all of your lingerie to get to your regular underwear, but brushed off the feeling remembering that Jenna’s a married woman. “Oh, um thank you for doing that,” you kindly replied, stepping into the chill of your bedroom.

“I’ll step out here and wait for you to get dressed,” Jenna said with a smile, bouncing out into the hallway and shutting your bedroom door behind her. You let your towel drop before you pulled on your bra and underwear, followed by your dress and nude heels. “You can come back in now!” You called to Jenna. She strode back into your room, her rose-gold phone in hand.

“Who are you texting?” You asked her curiously, turning around and motioning for her to clasp your delicate necklace.

She cleared her throat and mumbled, “Oh, just Tyler. You know him, he had to check in and see how I’m doing.” You smiled at the thought of Tyler sitting at home alone, thinking about Jenna all night.

“Alright, it’s time to do your hair!” Jenna sung, already brushing out your Y/H/C hair and shoving pins in. You loudly groaned, “Jenna, why are you doing all of this? We are literally just going out, we’re never this fancy!”

“Oh please,” Jenna sighed, trying and succeeding at making a gorgeous wavy up-do with a few wispy hairs framing your face. “You should not be complaining! I’m just trying to make you feel and look good for a night out after you’ve had a rough day!” She took a firm grip on your shoulders and spun you around to look in your floor-length mirror. You gasped as you caught a glimpse of all of Jenna’s hard work. Bringing a hand to you hair you softly spoke, “Wow Jenna, you did a great job. I look… I look hot!”
She giggled and brought a hand to cover her perfectly straight teeth. “See, I knew it was worth it. It feels so great to dress u-“ but she was interrupted by a buzz on her phone. She instantly grew visibly excited and made her way into the living room without an explanation. Shrugging, you put it off as Tyler texting Jenna yet again, and you continued to admire your reflection in the mirror.

“Y/N!” Jenna chirped, strutting back into your room, “No offense, but don’t you think you should brush your teeth before we go?”

“I guess,” You said, turning towards the bathroom and shooting her a weird look. You were starting to feel suspicious about this whole situation, but you brushed off the feeling and did what Jenna said, just because it was easier than putting up a fight.

The next thing you knew, there was a heavy knock on the door. You immediately turned towards it, but Jenna darted out to stop you as your hand brushed the doorknob. “Just know we did this because it’s the best thing for you,” She said, your hand still in her grasp. Pulling your hand back you felt a wave of suspicion hit you as Jenna’s smile grew.

“Jenna, what are you talking about?!” Your voice was thick with confusion as Jenna swung the door open and revealed a nervous-looking Josh standing in the door frame. She slipped out into the hallway, flashing a mischievous grin as she pushed Josh fully into your apartment and closed the door. “You’re welcome!”

Immediately you felt a burst of anger swell through your body at the sight of someone who had up and left when you needed their support. But at the same time, you felt a small pang of joy when you saw the pink-haired goof you loved so much standing in front of you.

Because you housed the special ability to read Josh like an open book, you could tell that he was extremely nervous, and every inch of your body ached at the sight. You felt a huge need to comfort him and pull his trembling body into your arms, even though you knew that he didn’t deserve your comfort. “What are you doing here Joshua?” You said softly, folding your arms across your chest.

“We really need to talk. I made a huge mistake leaving you here today and I want, no, I need to make it up to you. Please let me do that Y/N.” You could hear the sincerity in his voice as Josh cautiously started to close the gap between you. You allowed him to unfold one of your arms from your chest and he tangled his rough, calloused fingers between your soft and slender ones.

Although his touch sent tingles throughout your hand, and you wanted to feel those tingles everywhere, you knew that it wouldn’t be wise to let Josh get away with such a simple apology. “I just don’t know Josh. You really hurt me today when you left without an explanation. I had to open myself up and tell you something that was hard for me and I felt like it was all for nothing. I love you so much but I can’t be in a relationship with someone who won’t love our baby.” Hot tears started to spill from your eyes as you turned and broke free from Josh’s touch. You tried to walk towards the couch but Josh swiftly wiggled his way in front of you and grabbed both of your hands, pulling you down onto the fluffy couch.

“Y/N, you need to hear me out. I felt like such a jerk as soon as I left. I know that I made a mistake but there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to show you that I will love that baby just as much as I love you, if it’s even possible to love another human being that much.” Josh was grasping at your hands like they were a lifeline, looking deep into your eyes with his watery brown ones as he pleaded with you. “You need to know that the reason I left is NOT because I don’t want to you to be pregnant. It’s because…b-because I’m absolutely terrified that I’ll be terrible dad.”

You gasped at his words. “Josh! Why-“ He cut you off with a shake of his head. “No, Y/N you need to hear this. Almost as soon as I met you, I knew that I wanted to marry you. But I’ve always felt like I’d somehow let you down by doing everything wrong, or that if you got pregnant, our kid would hate me.”

Tears were already on their way down your face, but as Josh got deeper into his speech, they were spilling down onto your dress, your makeup smudging everywhere. Everything in you wanted to interrupt him and make him see that he was wrong, but you knew that he was unloading a lot of his anxiety, and it was important that you listened to him before anything else.

“When you told me you were pregnant, I was instantly excited to hear that the woman I loved was carrying our baby. But I started to feel like I was suffocating, panicking, drowning even, once I realized that I’d have to step up and be a good dad, and I just felt like I wasn’t ready for that. I know that a sorry doesn’t even cut it, but you need to know that I’m ready and we can do this together, you don’t need to do this alone. I want to do this and I’m so so sorry for leaving you here along tonight.” Josh softly finished, testing the waters with a half-smile. Using the mutual grip on your hands, you pulled Josh towards you, smashing your lips on his in a loving kiss. He wrapped his long arms around your whole body, engulfing you in a huge hug, not detaching from your lips the whole time. Folding your legs around his torso, you finally broke the kiss, moving back with a huge smile on your face. “I forgive you Josh. I’m a little sad that you never told me this before, but I know we can do this together. I think you will be the best dad ever, and I’m not exaggerating. In fact, I think that you proved that point but coming here and doing all this. You knew you made a mistake and you fixed it, and I’m so proud of you for it. You’re gonna be an amazing father Joshua.” Josh rested his forehead on yours and sighed out in contentment. He tilted his head down and ran a hand over the small bump that was pushing through your dress. “I can’t believe we made this. We actually are going to have a baby Y/N!” He let out a girlish giggle and you looked at him with admiration in your eyes.

“I love you Josh, so much.”

“I love you too Y/N.”

You leaned back in for another kiss and were not disappointed in Josh’s response. He stood up with you still straddled around him and locked his lips on yours. You were expecting him to take you into the bedroom, and butterflies started to make their way around your stomach, filling you up with a feeling of absolute joy. However, Josh surprised you by setting you back down on the couch. “Josh what are doing?” You said with a hint of disappointment.

“Right, there’s something else I need to talk to you about.” You noticed that his knee started to repeatedly lock and unlock, a nervous habit that he usually reserved for the minutes before an important concert.

“Okaayyy?” You said a little suspiciously, leaning back against the comfortable couch, tucking your hands under your exposed thighs.

“So I started to think a lot about us while I was on tour. I had a lot of extra time on the bus where all I wanted was to be with you and I began to realize that being without you for so long was something that I hated. Of course, I could always just invite you to come on tour with me, but I knew that with your work that wasn’t good enough. I realized that I wanted to be with you wherever I was in the world, and I wanted to ensure that we had each other all to ourselves. Being with you these past three years have been so amazing, and I started to think that I want to be with you forever, because you are without a doubt, the love of my life. Y/N, you are the most beautiful, funny, selfless, smart, sexy human being that I have ever had the privilege of knowing. I need you Y/N, for the rest of my life. I want to have this baby with you, I want to go on tour with you, I want to live with you, I want to grow old with you, and most of all, I want to come home to you everyday for the rest of our lives.”

Your heart had started pounding towards the middle of Josh’s speech, as you finally started to put everything together. For what felt like the billionth time, tears started to fall down your face and your nose started to run at the sight of the love of your life getting down onto one knee.

He pulled out a gorgeous diamond ring from the back pocket of his skinny jeans.

“Y/N, will you marry me?” Josh said with a nervous smile.

Jumping down onto your knees to meet him you practically screamed out your answer as you threw your arms around his neck. “YES! Of course Josh!” You could see that he instantly became a lot less tense as he tackled you with a deep kiss, not even asking permission to swipe his tongue across yours. He became so involved in the passionate kiss that you had to push him off of you, flushed, because you wanted to take a closer look at the ring.

“Josh calm down, we have our whole lives to continue what we just started,” You said with a giggle. “Besides, I want to make it official, you need to actually give me the ring Joshua!”

“Fine, fine, you’re right.” Josh pulled the ring from it’s box and delicately slipped it on your slender ring finger. The sight of the amazing ring on your finger was almost enough for you to burst into yet another round of happy tears.

“Do you like it?” Josh questioned you nervously.

“Joshua, it’s the most gorgeous ring I’ve ever seen! It’s amazing and so are you.”

He sighed in relief and you couldn’t help but laugh at his reaction. “Josh, you’re so tense! You need to relax hun.”

“I’m sorry!” He said sheepishly, “That was the most nerve-wracking thing I ever had to do so excuse me for wanting to make sure everything is perfect.” He pulled you into his arms as he stood up. “C’mon lets go to bed.” He started to lead you into your bedroom but you wriggled from his grasp.

“I’ve got to go to the bathroom okay? I’ll meet you in there.” You said, swiping your phone from it’s spot in the kitchen and walking away from your fiancee. Just thinking the word made your stomach do somersaults. You couldn’t even imagine how it would feel to say the word.

“Don’t take too long please!” Josh called after you as he headed into the bedroom.

“I won’t!” You sung, smiling at the prospect of Josh anticipating your arrival in bed. You flicked on the lights in the bathroom and turned to face yourself in the mirror, a smile fixated on your face. Sighing with happiness, you admired the sparkly diamond that you knew would not get old or less fun to look at. You began to undo your hair and wash the makeup off of your face, grinning when the cold ring rubbed against your nose. Finally you brushed your teeth and sent a quick text to Jenna.

‘I figured out why you were so enthusiastically getting me ready to “go out.” Thanks for all your help girl. You and Tyler are amazing people. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I SAID YES!’

You sent a picture of your ring to Jenna, making a point to capture some of the bathroom’s light in the diamond. You powered your phone off and sat down on the toilet, fully-clothed, just so you could take a little breather. Propping your head up on your hands, you wanted nothing more than to pinch yourself to make sure you weren’t in a cruel dream. You turned over the days events in your mind, remembering how the day had started off in a terrible shock-filled state as you learned that you were pregnant, then turned into a vacuum-like black hole of sadness and hopelessness at Josh panicking and leaving. In the end, you got to see one of your dreams come to reality as the love of your life proposed to you. It felt as though you were being pushed blindly into a swirling tsunami, completely terrified and helpless, but once you opened your eyes you were met with everything you had ever wanted. It was so unbelievably beautiful and scary at the same time, having a fiancee and a baby on the way, and even though it was unexpected, you couldn’t imagine a better way to start the next chapter of your life.

Bad Day - Jason DiLaurentis One Shot

Requested by anonymous 

You walked into your apartment and flopped down on the couch with a groan. 

“Hey, you’re home,” Jason said happily as he came out of the bedroom, running a towel through his wet hair. You groaned again in response. “I’m guessing you had a good day,” Jason said sarcastically. You looked up and pushed your hair out of your face. You smiled as wide as you could mockingly. Jason chuckled.

“No, today was not the best,” you said before flopping your head back onto the couch. Jason walked around and sat down next to you.

“Do you wanna talk about it?” he asked, running a hand through your sprawled hair. You only mumble something incoherent in return. “I’ll take that as a no.” You sat up and positioned yourself so your head was in Jason’s lap. He looked down at you and kissed your head.

“I hate my boss,” you finally said after a while. Jason nodded, having had this conversation with you before.

“What did he do this time?”

“He basically said all I would be good for is to be someones wife and even he wouldn’t want to be that guy. What the fuck does that even mean? That I’m useless? If that’s the case, then fire me, don’t just mock me and make me feel like shit,” you spat. Jason rubbed circles on your hand lovingly, but the look in his eyes was anything but. 

“He said that to you?” he asked disbelievingly. 


“Asshole,” Jason said as he stood up, causing your head to hit the couch hard. 

“Ow,” you said as you held your head. 

“Sorry,” he mumbled. “That is so terrible. You should quit.”

“I wish I could, but I need the money,” you said as you rubbed your face. 

“But he had no right-”

“Babe, I really don’t wanna talk about it anymore. It’s over. I’m gonna go shower,” you said as you sat up and walked to the bathroom. You turned on the shower and let the water relax all of the muscles in your body. You spent an extra long time in the shower, not wanting to continue the conversation with Jason. When you got out you put on some pajamas and brushed your hair. 

“Hey, Jase, I’m gonna go to bed,” you called from your bedroom. 

“Wait, Y/N, come out here really quick,” he called back. 

“Jason, I really don’t wanna talk about this anymore,” you whined. 

“Y/N, please.” You walked out and saw your kitchen table covered with small candles, and the lights off in the rest off the house. A sweet pumpkin smell was coming from the candles, your favorite scent. You walked forward and saw that Jason had laid out pizza and cookies. 

“I know it’s not very fancy but-”

“No, I love it,” you said as you squeezed his hand. He smiled and pulled out your chair. He sat across from you and smiled at you.

 “You look beautiful,” he said. You laughed.

“I’m wearing sweatpants and one of your shirts,” you joked. 

“You always look beautiful,” he said as you smiled.

“Keep it up. You might get lucky tonight,” you joked. 

“That was the plan all along,” he said with a grin. You laughed and pushed his arm. “I’m really sorry about today, though,” he said sincerely. 

“Thanks, Jase.”

“You should quit,” he tried again.

“Jason,” you said, putting your head in your hands. “I need the money, I can’t quit.”

“No you don’t, I can support the both of us. My family has enough money.”

“No, I’ve told you, I’m not gonna accept money from your family. I can work for myself.”

“I know, but I hate to see you upset,” he said with a sigh. 

“It’s okay because I have you,” you said as you reached across the table and grabbed his hand. “I can go through all of this bullshit because I know you’re here for me.”

“I love you,” Jason said. 

“Really?! OMG!” you said jokingly. Jason chuckled. 

“I’m serious.”

“I know. I love you, too,” you said. “Now, I’m gonna eat all of this pizza,” you joked. 

“Not if I eat it first,” he said as he grabbed a piece. You weren’t even sure how it happened, but somewhere between your second and third piece, a food fight had broken out and now there was pepperoni all over your floor. You laid on the floor panting and laughing, trying to catch your breath. 

“Let’s never do that again,” you said through laughs. 

“Agreed,” Jason said, a few feet away from you. 

“We should probably clean this up,” you said as you looked around. Jason groaned but sat up. You regretted the fight even more when you saw all of the pepperoni that was in your small apartment. You spent a good thirty minutes cleaning it up. When you finished you trudged to your room and flopped down on your bed. 

“Thank you,” you said. 

“For what?” Jason asked as he changed into sweats. 

“Taking my mind off of things, for the dinner, and for being amazing,” you said, closing your eyes. You felt heat around your face and before you could open your eyes, Jason was kissing you. 

“You don’t need to thank me. I’m happy to do it,” he said sweetly. You crawled towards the base of your bed and got under the covers. Jason joined you and you rested your head on his bare chest. 

“I love you,” you said once again.

“Omg really?!” Jason said softly, falling asleep fast. You laughed and kissed his temple. 

“Really,” you said as you fell asleep, too. 

  • Me: I'm not really depressed. I still have the motivation to get up every day, and I make sure to feed myself. I just have some moments of mental weakness, just like everything else.
  • Also me: casually says i hate myself several times a day, constantly degrades my appearance and personality, is insecure about the people who love me, thinks im annoying and worthless and pathetic, relates to anything about depression
  • Me: Anyway, I'm not really depressed.
S is for Stress (19/26)

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS)
Prompt: Fic 19 of 26 in the CMO’s Log – A to Z series.  Click here for a listing of all the fics in this series!  S is for Stress.  Academy era AU.
Word Count: 2263
Rating: All ages.
Author’s Note: This one goes out to all those out there who are going through some kind of stress or other right now.  I know I could have used someone like Leonard while I was preparing for my last round of exams.  

S is for Stress

You throw your stylus down in frustration as you finish writing out the last of the study notes you’re making for your third year Advanced Robotics class.  You’ve been studying for your upcoming final exams for weeks and tomorrow morning is your first – and most dreaded – one.  Sighing, you run a hand over your tired eyes and scroll back to the beginning to read your notes again.

A quarter of the way through your material, a knock on your door sounds and you instruct the computer to unlock it. Without hesitation, the door slides open and you can tell just by the footfalls behind you that it’s Leonard who has entered your quarters.

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Brooklyn Beckham Imagine


It was the last few seconds of the championship game, the teams were tied. My heart was pounding, if Brooklyn made this goal they would win. It seemed like he was too far to make it. Everything seemed to slow down as he ran down the filled. As  he pulled his leg back to kick it seemed like a play by pal from his foot to the ball landing in the net.

I jumped up from my seat along with the rest of the Beckham family. Brookylns whole team had surrounded him in cheers, the other walked off in defeat. When there was a break from the team I ran up to him and gave him a big hug and kiss.

“Good job babe!” I yelled at him.

He hugged me back and swayed a bit, “Thanks! I couldnt have done it without my good luck charm!” He said with a wink, “I’m so gross right now, how are you hugging me?”

“too, proud of you to care.” I giggled. “Hey, why don’t you come home with me…and we can celebrate together.”

“Hm, sounds like a plan to me.” He said with a smirk, “Let me go talk to my parents first!”

He walked up to talk to them and everyone congratulated him again. This happened none stop until the field was practically empty. We finally made our way back to my house, which was empty at this point.

“I should really shower… I must stink.” Brooklyn said.

“No, you’re fine… You look hot..” I said lying back on the bed.

“if you say so..” He climbed up next to me and slowly started to kiss me. I kissed him back without having to think about it. Slowly the kisses started to get lower on my neck and chest.

Things continued to speed up further than they ever had before. After we finished a while later we laid there cuddling together.

Brooklyn randomly looked at me and chuckled a bit. 

“What?” I said blushing afraid i did something wrong.

“Looks like a scored in more ways than one today.” he said starting to laugh harder.

“Oh my gosh, really Brooklyn? After that! That’s what you have to say?” I couldnt help but laugh too..

He shrugged and gave me a kiss. “Sorry, babe, it was great.”

“ya, thats more like it.” I said while laying my head on his chest.

Stay with me Part 14

Jimin x reader

Genre: Angst, romance, school au, new girl, bad boy, school gang activity.

Warnings: gang like activity, partying, strong language, mentions of drugs and alcohol, smut,

Word count: 2710

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With every beginning there is an end.

With every push, there’s a pull.

My pull towards you is strong.

But where is my push?

Is it caught in a catastrophe of words and phrases?

Is it at the bottom of this colored glass?

Or has our beginning not even begun?

With every beginning there is an end…

I’ve begun something.

I want my push that will lead me to your pull…

With every push there is a pull…

And with every dream…

There’s an awakening.


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When you’re trying to get ready in the morning but he can’t keep his hands off of you~ pt.3/5

the ringa linga edition


*you wake up and turn over… Youngbae is still fast asleep… you watch him sleep for a little while*

*Youngbae suddenly stirs from sleep*

[Y/N] oh, good morning handsome *cute*

[YB] *sleepy mumbles*

*You spend some time cuddling and chatting*

[Y/N] uh… I need to go get ready 

*You start to pull yourself away*

[YB] not yet… *nuzzling you*

[Y/N] stop being cute! and go have a shower…

[YB] …want to join me? 

[Y/N] as wonderful as that sounds… *you drag him out of bed and push him in the direction of the shower* …I don’t have time.

*You continue to get ready whilst Youngbae showers… you enjoy listening to his shower rendition of eyes, nose, lips*

*A few minutes later he emerges from the shower…*

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*you pause what you’re doing and appreciate your wet, naked boyfriend*

*you watch him get dressed and ready… how is he so beautiful?*

*You check your watch*

[Y/N] I should get going Jagi…

[YB] *he turns around* …already?

[Y/N] yeah… I promised to meet my friend soon

[YB] …can’t you stay a little longer?

[Y/N] not really… I’ll see you late- 

*Youngbae cuts you off with a kiss*

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*he walks backwards dragging you towards the bed*

[Y/N] …youngbae *you gasp*

*but it’s too late… you completely forget about meeting your friend*

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