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Below are some tips that i wish can help some students going to college/university after summer. I would also recommend you to read some books regarding college success to have a better idea of college or university.

Goal setting

  • Make sure you know what your goals are - that’s going to make a great difference + keep you so much more motivated. 
  • Set your long-term (the job you want to pursue), middle-term (a degree of further education), short-term goals (a gpa you want to obtain)
  • If you don’t know what you exactly want to do in the future, you can either speak to other professionals/career advisers, look it up on google, or set a goal that is not as long-term
  • Having a clear goal is going to be a major motivation in your university life.


  • The myth that college is all about fun and that you don’t have to study at all is definitely false. Actually, you have to be even more self-disciplined and work even harder during college.
  • And the most important thing you have to learn is to always stay organised
    • that includes your class schedule, your professors availability, your study routine, your assignments deadlines and test/exams dates + syllabus, your handouts and study materials and your textbooks (and whether or not you should but them)
  • And you should also set a certain amount of time to study each day/week, and try your best to meet the target. College and living in dorm means there will be a lot of entertainment and distractions, and so you have to be very disciplined.
  • Being disciplined means going to lectures and clases + do your readings. Nobody is going to tell you to do it all the time, and your friends may even discourage you from doing it. but they do contribute so much to your grades.

Social Life

  • As an uni student, there are so many opportunities and priviledges available. Yet nobody would tell you about these except you search for them
  • So the number one rule is do your own research, and join/participate in things and activities that you like
  • And don’t be afraid to do that! You never know what you are going to gain after joining the activities!
  • If you are afraid that social activities may impede your studies, you can try to join activities that are related to your area of studies and career path, so that you can meet people with similar goals + can motivate each other and share resources and such
  • You actually should actively make friends (esp people from your major). They can share their experiences with studying that major, or finding internships or can even provide you with some past notes/textbooks (which may help you a lot!) 

Career opportunities + networking

  • If you want something, ask for it by yourself. They are not going to come to you automatically. If you want to join some research programme, send an email for it. It’s all about you and what opportunities you want to take. When you are too afraid to take them, they are going to pass away without you noticing.
  • So don’t be afraid to email your professor. One thing you should really do during freshman year is to network with perhaps 3-5 professors
  • Always have your résumé/CV prepared and keep it updated - this is going to help you a lot. You are going to need it whenever you apply for either competitions, or research programs, or summer/internship programs. 

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Another random undertalian upload here .o. Seriously I’m way more active on DA  

But yeah I’ve had this sitting on my folders for quite a while but I was a bit nervous about posting it :< This is for @neskybo’s interesting AU Flowertale. I’ve been wanting to draw this Sans ever since I saw him, I really like flower language so seeing how it was applied to the monsters is really interesting. Besides, Neskybo’s art is really good!

New Years

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of 2015. The world has gone through a lot these past few months but hopefully we will come out stronger because of it. Thanks to everyone who made this year special for me. From the sweet messages to just actually being willing to follow, I thank all 1k+ of you and I wish you the best as we charge into 2016. I was too lazy to do another full length fanfiction recommendation so I’m attempting to do a follow forever. Happy New Year!

You’re in My Womance (courtesy of @e-wills)

@the-httyd-lover// I can’t even begin to explain how great of a friend you are Helen. When we met a couple months ago, I was so happy to find a person who truly understood me and wanted to listen to what I had to say. It’s hard to find people like that now a days. You’re so sweet and I love talking with you just about whatever is going on in our lives. I’m always going to remember that one Skype conversation we had where we literally couldn’t talk to each other because we both knew we already had talked about everything on Tumblr. We’ve been through each other’s ups and downs and been a rock in those times. Thanks for being an awesome friend!

@sasstrid-and-dorkcup// I love love love talking to you Cara and every conversation I’ve had with you makes me just want to get to know you more. You got me obsessing over Starco and I don’t think I’ll ever forgive you for that (haha jk). You share my obsessive love for everything HTTYD which simultaneously scares me and relieves me because I know that you’re not judging me and my craziness. See you next year!

@apolloluna-255// You’re so kind and sweet and you’re pretty much the best human being ever. I haven’t talked with you in forever but you understand me and you’re always there for me if I need to vent out my frustrations. I don’t feel like I need to be someone else when I talk to you which is a super nice feeling to have. I miss you so much and I hope we can talk more in 2016!

You’re Honestly a Cinammon Roll and I Need to Hug You Forever

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I have a very wise friend, the kind of woman who makes everyone around her want to be better, and though she’s constantly trying to see the best in everyone and everything, one thing she hates is the idea of talent.  I know, to some of you that sounds like a weirdly petty thing to hate, but I bet some of the artists already know where this is going.  And I bet in your head it sounds something like, “Gosh I wish I was talented like you.”

Specifically and most intensely, she hates the idea of talent as it’s sold in children’s shows.  Find that one thing you’re great at, the thing you love and shine at, and you’ll be set for life, right? ‘Find your passion’, not ‘carefully cultivate the things you care about’.  ‘We all have something that makes us special.’ ‘Everyone’s good at something.’ 

No, we don’t, and we’re not, and ‘talent’ is an incredibly thin branch to build on.  It will never be enough without work.  But if you think that ‘talent’ is the be all-end all, then you risk the trap that a lot of people fall into–either you obviously don’t have it, in which case why try, or you clearly do have it, in which case–why try?

As a person with a lot of ‘talent’, that is, innate ability in certain areas, I think I have a slightly different viewpoint than my friend (I think she, absurdly, sees herself as one of those with no innate talents), but ultimately I end up in the same place.  I am good with words.  I always have been.  That makes me a natural at writing.  But I will never be the writer I truly want to be without work, and lots of it.  And the constantly hovering idea that I’m just naturally good at things, beaten in by a lifetime of children’s shows and public school self-esteem initiatives and loving family members, is a massive barrier to that.

Compare my beadmaking to my writing:  with beadmaking, it’s all new territory.  I have no expectations of myself.  I readily grasp that to get better, I must make near-daily effort, concentrate fiercely, research, and keep. fucking. trying.  But I write a thing, find that it’s not amazing, and then sulk for three days, because after all, I’m talented.  If I don’t automatically excel, I’ve failed.

Yes, of course, some people are physically and mentally well-suited to certain skill-sets.  Some people receive early learning that helps enormously later on, and others don’t.  Not everyone is capable of being equally good at a given activity given the same amount of effort.  People are not the same, and that’s fine.  But no one becomes a master on talent.

The idea of talent is not, I think, useless.  Parents, for example, should certainly watch for and support the things that their children excel at.  But the idea is so tangled up in this bullshit culture of ‘some people are just good at some things and some are not’ that really–fuck talent.  If you want something, work.

Ask: Help with Demons

(Paraphrased: How do I communicate with Baal, Samigina, Azazel, and Gaap, and how do I deal with them in my life?)

Okay, first let’s give a little rundown of who these spirits are. However, let me point out here that while some of these names have applied (and in some cases, still do apply) to numerous entities, I will be answering this question from my own perspective as a follower of the God of Abraham and a practitioner of Solomonic Magick.

Baal/Bael - This is the first of the 72 demons listed in the Ars Goetia of the Lemegeton. When he appears in either a physical form or as a vision, he can take the form a cat, or a toad, or a man, and sometimes as all three at once. He rules the East and commands 66 legions. He can teach you about invisibility.

Samigina - This name comes from the Crowley/Mathers edition of the Lemegeton. In other translations, he is called Gamigin. When he appears, he takes the form of a small horse or donkey. He will remain in this form unless you specifically request he takes human form, which he will. I’m not sure, but I think Godwin’s Encyclopedia suggests he might be associated with the North. He commands 30 legions and can teach Liberal Sciences and bring you news on those who died in sin.

Azazel - This spirit is not one of the 72 demons from the Ars Goetia of the Lemegeton. However, in 3 Enoch, Azazel is described as falling from heaven because he lusted after mortal women. He tutored mortals in the ways of magick, and revealed to them eternal secrets. His punishment for all this was to be bound by angels and imprisoned in Dudael in the desert. There he remains, until Judgment Day.

Gaap - This spirit is associated with the South, and rules over 66 legions. When he appears, he takes the form of a human with large bat wings. He is always attended by four of his demon kings. He can teach Liberal Sciences and Philosophy, and can answer questions regarding the past, present, and future. However, he also excites strongly polarized emotions of either love or hatred. He also has the interesting ability to sever the magickal bonds between a magician and their familiar.

So, what we seem to have here are three very high ranking demons and one fallen-from-grace angel, who is supposed to be imprisoned until the final judgment. Based on this, my knee-jerk reaction to this is that you are either the victim of impersonators messing around with you, or these are similarly named spirits but from a different framework that I’m not familiar with.

As far as contacting them, I would suggest an initial contact using some form of divination. This can help you get a better feel for exactly what you’re dealing with. I use a combination of tarot cards and coins for this (the explanation of which should really be its own post entirely :P heh). @tarotsorceror has talked about this very thing before, so I suggest popping over and reading [this post here].

After you’ve done that, if you want to move into a more direct form of communication by evoking the spirits, I can only advise you in the techniques and methods of the Solomonic Tradition, and even here there would be limitations as Azazel shouldn’t be able to be contacted in the first place (within this framework, at least). There are alternative methods, however: @da-at-ass and @merkavahpartyvan talk about using non-solomonic methods of working with spirits of the Lemegeton. If you’re interested in investigating this, I suggest you start with [this post] over on @merkavahpartyvan .

I hope this helps you, anon. Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

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thank you all sooo much for following me and dealing with all my awful paissa posts! ive had a lot of fun with this blog and have met some really fun and friendly people on here and in game!! i figured i should actually do a small giveaway for this one, now that i have the time for these kinds of things hehe.

here’s what you can win!

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this giveaway starts today, Wednesday March 30th @ 12:30 am cst and ends Wednesday April 13th @ 11:59pm cst ! (i think thats enough time?? im not sure how long people make giveaways last!! @__@)

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yehes-deactivated20160709  asked:

Hi! I saw you made that post about the user 921006 being fake, she apparently is continuing her "work" under her new url and is again spreading that Jongin is violent, is there something else we can do to take her down? I believe it's not irrelevant to report her now... I'm just really bothered by her and any ideas of what should we do are highly appreciated thanks!

YES apparently this fake Da-Eun is now using the url facefxck and continues to pretend she’s the real thing. I’m sorry I really have to tag her now so I can have a say. First of all,

Excuse me facefxck STOP SAYING THAT JONGIN IS A VIOLENT PERSON. You’re spreading lies, and no, you’re not from Seoul. I saw your old Twitter and you speak the same language as me. You’re not Korean and you CANNOT speak Korean, moreover do you know these idols personally. So stop pretending, okay? GET A LIFE.

And yehes, I’m sorry :( we cannot report her since she deleted her claim that she’s Daeun despite still using her pictures. Plus she also deleted her previous asks. And also the only one who can report her is Daeun herself, it’s the Tumblr policy. So all that what we can do now is to spread this, and tell everyone that this account is fake and spreading shitty rumors. Spread this until her followers can see it.

Also look at my previous post to see what else she had said (before she deleted those) and how I proved that she isn’t the real Daeun.