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Remus Lupin + “Part two.”

Two weeks later Remus showed up at your front door, bloody, breathing heavily and crying. You’d opened it thinking it was the pizza you ordered only to see your ex-boyfriend barely managing to stay on his feet.

“Rem,” You gasped as he leaned against the archway for support. “Oh Merlin,” you want to reach out for him only to pull back like you’d been burned. You didn’t want to hurt him. One eye and the other dropped down, only for the eye that’d shut first to fly back open.

“Remus, where does it hurt?”


“Remus I-” Remus feel forward and, thankfully, into your arms. You probably should have been more surprised about how easy it was to carry him from your door to your bed in the back room, but honestly, he’d been living out in the woods for months so it’s not like home cooked meals were something he’d get out there.

“Y/N,” he slurred as you took off his jacket and shirt, though there really wasn’t much left of either, “Y/NY/NY/N,” he mumbled. His eyes were still closed and the bleeding from the large wound on his chest had slowed.

“Yes Remus, I’m right here.” He smiled faintly at that as you pulled out your wand and started closing the wound on his chest.

“Y/N, ‘ve got ta tell ‘er,” he said, not fully understanding that the person talking to him was you. It was probably the bloodloss, something you didn’t have a potion for at the moment.

“Tell her, tell me what Remus?”

“At ‘m ‘rry.”

“I’m sure she already knows,” you tell him, a small smile on your face, but that didn’t stop him from repeating the mantra “‘m ‘rry” over and over until he fell asleep. After changing out of your now bloody clothes you grabbed your wallet and headed to the Apothecary in Diagon Alley for a blood replenishing potion.

It hadn’t taken you very long to get the potion, but Remus was still struggling to sit up in bed by the time you’d gotten back to your apartment.

“Remus!” The werewolf looked up at you in shock. “Y/N? Whe-is this the apartment?” He looks around at what should be a familiar bedroom, only to see a new wall color, new nicknacks and papers and pictures taking the space where they didn’t belong. The bed felt different too, as did the sheets he was on.

Everything about the room was alien and wrong.

“Course it is. Where else would we be?” Remus doesn’t answer, instead his eyes trail over the bag you have.

“Blood replenishing potion. I had to go and get some from Diagon Alley, sorry to leave you.” You approach him like the nervous, skittish look in his eyes isn’t hurting you. You hand him a round conditioner that he doesn’t hesitate to down, probably because you both know the repulsive copper taste it has. You sit down at the end of your bed by his feet.

When he sets the container aside you ask, “What happened?” Remus looks down at his hands guiltily.

“I screwed up,” he said, not angry, more disappointed than anything, “The alpha found out I was a spy-”

“So they turn you into minced meat?”

“Yeah.” The words ‘I told you’ are on the tip of your tongue but he gets out “You were right,” before you can even say them.

“I know. I usually am.” The corners of his mouth tip upwards.

He looked up at you, “I’m sorry.”

“I know that too.” He looked at you strangely.

“You seem to be very chatty when you’re on the brink of death.”  Remus nodded. He takes your hand in his and squeezes his eyes tight.

“I still love you. I just, I was so stressed and I took it out on you and I shouldn’t have,” when he opens his eyes they are glassy with tears, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Please say you forgive me.”

You nod and your own eyes start to fill with tears, “Of course I forgive you, you silly werewolf. I love you.”

You smile and scoot closer, desperate to hold the man you love because finally he’s back in arm’s reach.

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I’ll Make Your Heart Beat Faster

Summary: Based off that time Dan and Phil did the glow-in-the-dark paint challenge (on BBC radio show) which Dan described as “erotic”. They go home and try to help each other wash off the paint…but some bottled up feelings get in the way.

note if you don’t know which D vs P challenge I mean, go watch it. Now. srsly it’s the best thing ever https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13Deo85WhMU

Warnings: Like two swears I think and a sprinkle of smuttiness but nothing else really

Wordlength: about 2k (2019 to be exact)

Disclaimer: I doughnut own Dan and Phil. sorry fo da lame pun couldn’t resist

this is my very first phanfic (i’ve written other fanfictions just not about danny and philly) so don’t be too harsh on me! but also please please let me know what I can improve and whatnot. Enjoy! :)

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Heat Wave (SherlockxReader)

In the flat of 221b, a certain army doctor and consulting detective were grumbling and complaining. The weather was a quite a bit hotter than usual, and with no air conditioner the heat inside was merely growing. They were very irritated with the heat, but even more irritated with you because you were paying no attention to it.

“Look at her sitting there so calm and complacent, acting as if it doesn’t feel like a furnace in here,” Sherlock said to John.

“Sitting right here Sherlock, I can hear you,” you said as you kept your eyes on your phone.

“Well I’m glad you can hear me because I would like to point out that you are being ridiculous,” he responded.

“You’re the one with a bag of frozen peas on your head,” you retorted.

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New experiences

// phone sex //

I was on my laptop on social media scrolling through dumb stuff as something caught my eye. ‘Phone sex’. I got more curious about it. How do you have sex with a phone? As I typed phone sex on Google and pressed he search button I was quite amazed. You talk to your partner or anyone else you’re interested in and tell them all these dirty things.
I have been dating this girl for nearly two years now. Her name was yn. The only thing we’ve done in the past couple years was kiss. As much as I say I want to experience all these great things I always back out last second. Maybe if I do this she’ll look at me as a man.
I grabbed my phone and called her. “Hey, kookie" she cheerful said. “Yn, I want to fuck you” she seemed surprised and I heard her hold back a giggle. Why is she laughing? I looked at the computer screen and saw another example. “Jungkook what are you on about?” “I want you to suck me balls deep and gag on my huge ass dick”
This is what phone sex is? What the hell. “Baby, are you reading these off google or something?” She laughed. “While I was scrolling through things phone sex popped up. I searched it and it said if you tell your girlfriend these they’ll quote on quote be poolin. What does poolin even mean? Jesus”
“I guess you learned your lesson, huh?” She laughed again. “I just wanted to give it a try and I’m horrible at it” I laid down and shut my laptop off. “Jungkook it’s okay-” “no it isn’t yn. I wanted to do this to show you I’m a man but it didn’t work. You laughed at me and I’m embarrassed now”
“Babe you are a man in my eyes. An adorable man to be exact-” “and beautiful” “yes Jungkook even beautiful. I’m only laughing because you didn’t even know what phone sex was and you googled it” I sighed. “I just want to make you wet. But does that mean you pee yourself or what? I tried googling-” “you need to quit googling things Jungkook”
“Well how do I know what these things mean?” “Just ask me” “what does being wet mean” “well it could mean a lot of things but what they meant is when someone is turned on-” “turned on?” “When someone is very aroused Jungkook” “ahh continue” “so when someone is turned on they’ll get wet” “have you been wet?” “Uhm yeah I have” “what made you wet?” “I’d rather not say way”
“Why not? Something is making you wet. I should be the one making you wet. I read it in this post” “oh god. Fine. I was thinking of you” “you were thinking of me? Thinking of me made you wet? That’s kinda cool” “Jungkook do you want to know how to have phone sex?” “Yes I do” “alright” “what’s the first thing I do?” “Uh well there isn’t really a first thing you do. Just tell me things you want to do”
“I’m tempted to go to Starbucks. I’ve been wanting-” “no Jungkook” she started to giggle. “I mean sexual things you want to do” “oh… I want to make you wet? That’s how you use it right?” “Yes” she chuckled “yn why don’t you go first. I’m so lost” “okay Jungkook. Well what are you wearing?” I looked down. “A shirt and jeans” “hmm alright. You should take your shirt off”
“Then it would get kind of chill-” “Jungkook” “I’m taking my shirt off now” I took my shirt off. What is this girl doing? “Touch yourself Jungkook. Do it for me. I would run my hands all over your body” I did it. “Okay I am. This would be a different scenario if-” “you need to imagine Jungkook. Just imagine it’s my hands” “what else would you be doing?” “I would be kissing your lips. I’d trail kisses to your neck and find your sweet spot”
I gulped. “What else?” “I would slowly let my hands go down to your bulge. I would rub it to tease you” I looked down and did what she said she would “you would do that yn?” “Mhmm…fuck…I would do that and more” she gasped. What is she doing? “What are you doing?” “I’m touching myself Jungkook” “is it because of me?” “Yes”
“What are you imagining I’m doing to you?” I think I’m getting the hang of it. “I’m imagining your fingers are inside of my pussy and your lips are wrapped around my clit. Fuck.. I need your mouth on me so bad. I’m so wet because of you” she was moaning loudly. I bit my lip. “I could do that. Next time we see each other I can have you on my bed? Yeah you can be on my bed and I’ll have my mouth all over your clit”
“Looks like someone is getting the hang of it. Just let go Jungkook. Relax” I took my pants off and took a deep breath. “I was rubbing myself. I imagined it like you said” “why’d you stop?” “I don’t know. I was interested in what you were doing” “well you know I’m touching myself. I would pull your cock out of your boxers and slowly pump it. I would tease you for the longest time”
I pull off my boxers and looked down at my erection. I grip it and softly moan. I know if yn was here right now she would know exactly what to do. “Yn?” “Y-yeah?” “Can you tell me what to do?” “What do you mean?” “Can you tell me how to touch myself” “wrap your hand around your base and slowly move your hand up and down” it was an experience like no other. I whimpered. “There you go baby. Run your thumb over the tip and keep moving your hand”
I choked and kept moving my hand up and down. “Go faster Jungkook” I moaned and bit my lip. “W-what are you doing to yourself yn?” “I’m fingering myself. I’m imagining its your big cock deep inside of me” her breathing was heavy. “Does it feel good baby” “yeah” I moaned. I shut my eyes and made my fist tighter.
I bucked my hips. “What are you doing Jungkook” “I’m stroking my big cock. It feels so good. I wonder if your pussy will feel as great as this. I’m sure it’ll feel better. I could play with your boobs and suck your nipples. I could eat you out. I know how sensitive your little clit is" she was shouting my name. I smirked.
“Fuck Jungkook. You’re so hot baby. I’m getting close” I started to pump myself again. “Do it baby. Cum for me. Cum for me right now like you’ll cum on this dick. Imagine I’m fucking harder and deeper now. I would rub your clit so fast so I know you’d squirt. Let it go yn” I bit my lip harder as I felt myself orgasm building.
“Oh fuck Jungkook. Ooh baby yes. Oh my god yes” she shouted and I pumped myself faster. My hips bucked and moaned her name over and over as I finally reached my climax. I closed my eyes and was breathing hard. “Where did that random confidence boost come from Jungkook? I was not expecting any of that”
“I told you I was reading stuff. I kinda remembered and put it together. Plus you told me stuff you were doing to yourself so I just went from there” “well that was great. Especially for you first time” “maybe it can be the real thing soon” “we’ll discuss that when we see each other tomorrow baby” she laughed
“Alright but every night we’re having phone sex. That was great. I’ve never felt that good” “sounds good Jungkook” “I love you yn” “I love you too”

EXO reaction to finding their girlfriend’s tattoo.

Anonymous said: EXO reaction to finding their girlfriend’s tattoo?


You and Baekhyun have just recently started dating, and he’s invited you to hang out with him and the other members at the beach. You sit on the deckchair next to his and take your sundress off, and he watches, quickly spotting your tattoo on your hipbone. “You never told me you had a tattoo.”

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More Sera & Iron Bull Camaraderie

Sera: “Bull, you like overthinking, right? I’ve got an idea.”
Iron Bull: “All right. Hit me.”
Sera: “You’re not throwing piss, but I could ride on your shoulders? You run and hit, I shoot.”
Iron Bull: “Hmm. You standing or sitting?”
Sera: “Sit on your own horns. I stand.”
Iron Bull: “Right, sorry. So we’d be like a mobile siege platform. (grunts) Yeah… this could work.”
Sera: “Or! Wait! No! Better idea! Ice cream in beer!”
Iron Bull: “Uh, sure. That’s… not at all the same thing, but all right.”
Sera: “It’s probably shit. It’ll be great!”

Sera: “Seems like that business at Adamant really worked you up, huh?”
Iron Bull: “And Halamshiral pissed you off something fierce.”
Sera: “We’re like a guild. The ‘hate this rubbish’ guild.”
Iron Bull: “We should get shirts. Probably need different sizes.”

Iron Bull: “Hey, was that you back at Skyhold, with the custard?”
Sera: “Did you see it, all down the stairs?”
Iron Bull: “It was beautiful.”

You Look So Perfect ~Phan~

Oneshot. Dan is directionless, tired of waking up in the bedrooms of men he met the night before, lost. That is, until he meets Phil, who’s philosophy might just give him a new lust for life. Angsty fluff.

Rating: T for strong language and sexual themes (no smut). Also contains a /very/ brief mention of suicide and drug abuse.

So I just wrote this and this is crazy, but I have an askbox so review maybe?

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[SHINee - SEEK Vol. 4] Onew's 50-Question Interview

1. What kind of book are you currently interested in?
A: A book on world cultures. I have a deep understanding of our country as compared to what I know of the world. So I thought that I should learn about the different ways of thinking of the rest of the world that I don’t know. That’s why I read it. 

2. What kind of movies do you like?
A: I love horror films!

3.When you were in school, what is the subject you’re weak at?
A: Math…

4. When you were in school, what is the subject you’re best at?
A: Science! 

5. If your girlfriend cooks for you, what dish would you like her to cook?
A: Dakdolitang! (spicy simmered chicken and vegetables)

6. What is your ideal type in a girl?
A: A girl with a cute aura.

7. Which hairstyle do you prefer in a girl? Short, bob, semilong, or long?
A: Short hair.

8. What is your favorite number?
A: 2. I feel like it has a sense of stability.

9. If a girl could give you a message, what words would make you happy?
A: I would be happy if I were told, “Your voice is really beautiful." 

10. What Korean dish would you recommend to your Japanese fans?
A: Samgyetang. (Chicken ginseng soup)

11. Please wink for us.
A: (photo)

12. What SHINee song would you recommend to lift someone’s spirit when they’re feeling down?
A: 321

13. What if you invited a girl you like to a date, how will you approach her?
A: I think that instead of asking her out boldly, I will do it secretly and in private (LOL).

14. Recently, is there anything that made you feel happy or energetic?
A: I took a walk after a long time! The trees were so green, and when I saw them I can feel the nature. The wind also felt really nice.

15. What is your treasure?
A: My family, myself, my fans. And the people around me who support me. 

16. What is your favorite (Japanese) word?
A: Smile. Because a smiling face is the best. 

17. What is your recent favorite fashion item?
A: Fedora hats. 

18. What is a food you dislike?
A: Cucumbers.

19. Please hold out your hand.
A: (photo)

20. What is your favorite smell?
A: The smell of trees. They have a calming feeling.

21. What is your ideal age to get married?
A: I wonder how old would be good…about 35 years old? (LOL)

22. What is your latest hobby/game that interests you?
A: Bowling! I even bought My Ball! I’m thinking of seriously doing it (LOL).

23. What is your special skill?
A: Hmm..ttakbam (LOL)

24. What is your favorite food?
A: Chicken! I love chicken! I like any dish with chicken! 

25. Please give us a flying kiss!
A: (photo)

26. Please make a crying face.
A: (photo)

27. What is a book you like?
A: Poetry. It is an accumulation of unsaid feelings and is easy to read.

28. How do you relieve stress?
A: I guess this is also by walking. Like, taking a walk through a place I’ve never ventured before. Since it’s a place I’m unfamiliar with, I become observant of the things around me and it’s exciting, discovering a lot of new things. With that, my mood becomes better. I recommend it to everyone! 

29. What is your charm point?
A: My voice!

30. What is the most interesting dream you had?
A: Hmm..I forgot. LOL. I may have had dreams but I don’t really remember them?

31. What did you eat last night?
A: Ramen! 

32. If you’re taking a walk with your girlfriend, what is better? holding hands or linking arms?
A: Holding hands would be better, I think~ 

33. What present would you give your girlfriend if you’re celebrating your first anniversary?
A: Hmm…what would be nice? …Will you give me suggestions? (LOL)

34. What is your weak point?
A: I get easily influenced by other people’s opinions. 

35. What is something you want to do before you die?
A: Something that seems to feel really good–Skydiving! 

36. What do you wear when you sleep?
A: T-shirt and shorts.

37. What is your dream when you were young?
A: To be a scientist or architect

38. When you go out, what item should definitely be in your bag? 
A: My phone, wallet, and room keys.

39. What is the first thing you do upon waking up?
A: Check the time.

40. What is something that you are secretly proud of?
A: No matter what I’m going to start doing or no matter where I am going, I always prepare for it. 

41. Which do you prefer, roller coaster or haunted house?
A: If I can choose, then roller coaster.

42. Please make a gesture showing, "keep it a secret”!
A: (photo)

43. What is your favorite sport?
A: Favorite sport, I don’t have one (LOL).

44. What do you buy in a convenience store? 
A: I often buy sweets or drinks.

45. Are you the type of person who eats his favorite food first or last?
A: Either. It depends on what I feel during that time. 

46. How do you spend time in your room?
A: If there is time, I sleep a lot.

47. What is your favorite animal?
A: Giraffe

48. What is your favorite color?
A: Blue!

49. What is your favorite season? 
A: Although they pass by easily, spring and autumn.

50. (Q from SWJ): Onew-san always has a smiling face, but if a problem comes up, what do you do to calm yourself down?
A: First, I sleep (LOL). But I don’t sleep to forget about it. I sleep mainly to “reset” and regain my presence of mind. Then I think it over again, what I lacked/missed and what I need to do.

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I really want to be a fly on the wall when David Duchovny is packing for a con weekend: “Uh, my jeans are dirty. Well, I do have these white pants that I haven’t worn since 1986 but it’s not Labour Day yet, so they should be fine. And white matches everthing = versatility. Hmm, it usually gets a little chilly in convention centres - I should bring a jacket. This one is white! Perfect. Now I’ll just grab a couple of ratty t-shirts and I’m good to go. Oh, and some runners - I need comfortable shoes and no one notices my feet anyway. Shaving kit? Nah….”

  • *Molly's flat*
  • Sherlock: *knocks*
  • ...
  • Sherlock: *frowns; listens at her door*
  • *sounds of male and female laughter inside*
  • Sherlock: *knocks harder*
  • Molly: *opens her door, wearing shorts and a tank top; hastily* What?
  • Sherlock: Case.
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes* Busy *attempts to close her door*
  • Sherlock: *shoves his foot in the door; annoyed* You have a guest?
  • Molly: *sighs* If you must know, he's fixing my air con. In case you haven't noticed, it's boiling in here.
  • Sherlock: *through gritted teeth* I could have done that for you.
  • Molly: *laughs* Yeah, okay.
  • Sherlock: Get rid of him.
  • Molly: *annoyed* No. If you don't like it, I suggest you-
  • Sherlock: *kisses her*
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: Hmm, *clears her throat* now that I think about it, maybe he has outstayed his welcome.
  • Sherlock: *smug*

Ten kilometres is a long way to run. Even with good music playing, it’s a really long time to be stuck inside your head. Even as someone who bounces back and forth between being an introvert and extrovert every time she takes a Myers-Briggs test, it’s a loooong time to be stuck thinking about stuff.

Here are some things I thought about on my run today:

  1. Your lungs will tank before your legs. So stop thinking about your legs you, moron
  2. But holy shit my hammies hurt
  3. Wow, this hill is painful on the bum
  4. Oh my god, stop thinking about things that are hurting, we haven’t even run half a kilometre yet.
  5. Ha! Now that we’re up the hill, life is improving. Except you have to do that exact same hill 6 more times. Should we use that hill as the walking break? I wonder how long it would take to walk up it. Probably more than a minute. It shouldn’t be the walking break. But it’s a hill and it hurts my bum so maybe it should be.
  6. Why does this hurt?
  7. Ha! I sound like Darth Vader the way I’m breathing. (I can’t breath in through my nose when I am running. It probably has to do with my deviated septum)
  8. Man, this is going to be boring by lap seven.
  9. Your lungs will tank before your legs.
  10. Why the fuck do my hammies hurt so much? And right in the knee pit, what the fuck?
  11. We should watch the last Harry Potter today after this
  12. Maybe I’d rather soak in an epsom salt bath
  13. I wish we had a hot tub
  14. Ah! Lap two! 5 more to go!
  15. What kind of idiot are you, Jo? This lap, PLUS another five.
  16. No, trick your brain into thinking this lap is already finished! FIVE MORE LAPS!
  17. Your brain isn’t the idiot that chose to take up running. It is going to know that there is really 5.8 laps left.
  18. Why the fuck is this hill so horrible? I know it’s very vertical but seriously?
  20. What the hell are these dudes doing? Why are they looking at me?
  21. When the fuck did my t-shirt ride up to show my pale fish belly? Gross! (tug)
  22. I should learn more math
  23. You’re an idiot. First running, now math?
  24. But if I knew math, I could calculate how many sweet sweet calories I could eat the instant I get in the door because of this run
  25. Or you could have a deficit for the day and maybe lose some more weight, dumbass.
  26. I love this downhilly part! HAHAHAHA! FLYING! Not really, but SHUFFLING MARGINALLY FASTER!
  27. Hello house! Ah! The Girlchild did put my water bottle out, excellent. But I’m not drinking until the end of lap 4. That’s in 2 more laps. Maybe we’ll only do 5km. 
  28. Well, one more because I’m not counting the lap I’m running. But by then that’ll be more than 5km, and I can’t stand and uneven number.
  29. I really need that ‘Run like you’re training to be an Avenger’ shirt
  30. Except it should say ‘Run like you’re trying to keep up with the Avengers’
  31. Ha. You know, I bet Clint is the kind of dude who would run at turtle pace just to make me not feel like shit. He wouldn’t say anything about me being slow as fuck, but would just quietly run beside me.
  32. I doubt Tony would even run. Maybe if he was fighting with Steve, just to prove to Steve he was capable.
  33. Steve wouldn’t slow down for me, but every time he lapped me, he’d slap my bum and say good job instead of ‘on your left’. Then he’d apologize later because he’d be worried that I thought he was sexually harassing me.
  34. Natasha would get bored and run ahead with Steve for a while, then slow down a little and wait for me and Clint to catch up. Then she’d get bored of being slow and egg me to go faster, and then tell me to keep going and she’d be back, and she’d take off with Steve for a bit after he lapped me but eventually would come back and start again with the encouragement and stuff.
  35. And the whole time I’m not enhanced, so I’m all excited that I could use my training to get a sweet Captain America medal at Disneyland, and Steve immediately wants to do the run with me, but recognizes that would be unfair because he’s enhanced and can probably run a half marathon in an hour and a 10k in 30 minutes.
  36. Man, I really need that t-shirt now. And maybe I should write a fanfic about this. 
  37. I wonder if Peter Quill would run? Hmm. I wonder what I should do for the next Peter Quill fanfic (plot plot plot)
  38. How can this only be the beginning of lap four?
  39. Wow my legs hurt. 
  40. Hey! I think I increased my speed running up this hill! Thanks Natasha!
  41. Ugh. Maybe I’ll only do 5 laps. I gotta say though, the hammies don’t hurt anymore. God, I wish those guys would stop whatever they’re doing and go out already instead of standing around in their driveway chatting. Wait, did one of them just cheer at me? He might be the sexiest man alive right now.
  42. Five laps. Five laps. Five Laps. That’s 8km. No one would think I suck if I don’t do all 10km. Most race training thingers say to not do the full race distance until race day. Sure, they’re talking half or full marathons, but that same could be said for a 10k, right?
  43. Man, Daniel Radcliffe has an asston of belly hair for a teen boy.
  44. Eww. Don’t think like that. He’s a baby and he’s short.
  45. But Harry Potter is only six years younger than you. Watch out Ginny!
  46. Five laps, five laps, five laps. 
  47. Huh. That wasn’t horrible. You sped up on the uphill again. You really ought to aim for six laps. Those dudes are still chatting. Who chats for an hour and a half while standing in the driveway? Weirdos. Cheering me on dude is no longer sexy. Now he’s a driveway weirdo.
  48. Six laps, six laps. six laps. Oh fuck. Stop and walk for a minute. What’s the worst that could happen? Your pace might be slower. Better than a torn meniscus.
  49. Oh my god, I can’t think of anything worse than a torn meniscus. Fuck. Stop running right now before you tear your meniscus. Just roll the rest of the way home on your side. Why are you still running? Six laps, six laps. Six la– shit, did you just run by the house?
  50. Seven laps. Seven laps. Seven laps. YOU MOTHER FUCKING DID IT! Oh, hey! Water bottle! I forgot all about you. Now to find a banana

No one told me what a mental game running is. Particularly any distance greater than about 3km. I drop into my head and every time something pinches or hurts, I think worst case scenario and start to think I’ll need to quit. I’m glad I pushed through.