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How do I write?: Dialog

For writers, speaking scenes are either the bane of your existence, or the highlight of your day. On one hand, when characters are talking, it can really help further a scene and help with character development….but on the other hand…writing dialog is such a chore….blugh. So here’s some ways to write better dialog in your stories!

Give Your Characters Voices

Is your character southern? Do they have a lisp? Are they shy? Outspoken? Do they use a lot of big words, or are they an easy talker? Are they more likely to lie with confidence, or do they need to pause a lot to collect their thoughts? These are all factors that help build up a character’s profile, and to add realism to your dialog. Make sure to keep each character consistent – example: if Character A is an angry and resolute character, they wouldn’t stammer or blush when they’re caught off guard – so that your characters keep their individuality.

Embrace the Power of Verbs

Obviously, there’s a huge difference between ‘said’ and ‘yelled’ and ‘screamed’, but there are so many fics where ‘mumbled’ is an overused verb. Unless your character is incredibly shy – or loves to whisper insults under their breath – nobody mumbles every other sentence. ‘Quipped’, ‘snarked,’ ‘said indignantly’, ‘joked’, and ‘laughed’ are some of my favorite verbs.

Moving the Scene Through Dialog 

If you’re ever terrified of having a scene turn into a monotonous he said/she said conversation, then break it up with actions! Have Character A yell at Character B as they angrily slam the car door, or Character C say “huh?” as they try to clear water out of their ears. Here’s a few examples.

  • “You look like crap!” Madison tried to touch the side of her face, but Liz jerked her head back. “Are you like, sick? Your eyes are all red and puffy.”
  • “Yeah, just a second.” Jade watched as the bright orange petals swirled down the drain.
  • Scout visibly recoiled from him. “Uh, no. I’ll pass.”

Talk to Yourself

This is the best trick; it’s what I do when I’m writing dialog. I’ll put on different voices and talk aloud to myself in order to feel what sounds natural and what sounds plastic-y. You may feel ridiculous when you’re up at 2am and repeating the same lines over and over again to yourself, but believe me, it will show in the final drafts when your characters are interacting.

Finally, Have Fun

It’s such a cliche tip that it makes me want to cry from boredom, but having fun with your dialog makes it infinitely easier to write. If your inspiration is just bone dry, have your characters get silly with their dialog – “Sir, that really hella dangerous experiment is going critical” “oh dang, lmao, we should probably leave?” “yes most definitely” – because even then, you’re getting your ideas out and you can come back later. Also, it’s hilarious. In the end, writing is supposed to be a fun hobby, so find what works for you and keep on doing it!

random-b-l-o-g  asked:

Hi! First off, I want to say that I like your take on the situations and your writing. Could I perhaps request something? It has to do with the end of Jumin's 10th day. When V comes and picks us up he says that we'll be safe at the apartment. Could you perhaps write how the RFA + V would feel if MC was kidnapped by Unknown after she got to the apartment? It's very angsty, but oh well. If you can't write it then that's fine. Thanks!

This is an interesting request! I don’t think I’ve really written much angst since I got to this blog… (well. Granted, it’s only been 2 weeks.) I’d like to write more angst—send in asks, guys, haha! Let me practise and get better for you all <3

By the way, I love how you refer to MC as “us”!! Anyway, I hope this meets your expectations ^~^”


Click Here for: [Part 2]

“Thanks for bringing me back, V!” you bid him goodbye, and walked off into the apartment. Your keys jingled as you unlocked the door, and you felt a wave of nostalgia wash over you. You hadn’t lived in this apartment very long, and you’d only been gone for a few days, but you already felt attached to this place.

The lights flickered on, and you smiled at the familiar sight of the living room. It was just as you had left i- huh?

The light switched off, and you freaked out a bit as it became pitch black.

Using your phone’s flashlight, you searched for the light switch, hoping it would work properly. Could the light bulb have gone out in the few days you’d been away?

To your relief, the lights turned back on, and you sighed. You would have had to change the light in the dark, otherwise.

But when you turned around, your relief was cut short.

A masked person with bleached hair stood in front of you, dressed in black, leather clothing. He had a tattoo on his arm, and teal eyes that stared right back at you.

“Wel – come home!” he greeted you mockingly in a creepy tone. “Too bad you’ll be leaving again. You must be tired, hm?”

No. No. V had said you would be safe.

“I need you to swear to me. Considering all the secrets you know, is MC safe?” Jumin demanded, a concerned undertone in his voice. It was clear that he was already close to giving in to V’s request, but he was still reluctant in letting you go.

“Swear…” V replied tiredly.

“I tend to believe numbers more than words, but if you are sincere, I’ll believe you.”

“Alright. I swear that MC will be absolutely safe on my life. Is that enough?” V had said.

V had promised you’d be safe. HE SWORE YOU’D BE SAFE. So why? Who was this man in your apartment? Why was he waiting for you? What did he want?

A blurry of thoughts passed through your mind. But none of these questions would be answered. You were knocked out, and soon met darkness. Betrayal was the last emotion you felt before everything faded to black.


  • V had lied. Again.
  • It was the second time he’d lost someone, and both times it was because V was careless.
  • You had gone missing, and even when Yoosung begged and begged Seven, you could not be found. Seven really did try to find you, but all traces of your disappearance had been skillfully erased
  • Yoosung snapped.
  • He screamed at V, pushing and shoving him to the wall.
  • Yoosung was a mess at this point, sobbing into his knees. He had his hands on his head, looking as betrayed as he felt.
  • His voice quieted down to a whimper, “You swore with your life, V. So why are you still here?” He laughed humourlessly, eyes glazed over coldly.
  • “You lied, V,” he choked on his tears, “You lied, again.”


  • He tried to stay optimistic, he really did.
  • “Seven, you can hack into anything, right? You’ve infiltrated countries, this should be a piece of cake, right?”
  • But he couldn’t hide the fact that he was only desperately holding on.
  • He’s an actor, so he should have been able to act like he was okay. He should’ve been able to act like this didn’t affect him. But it did.
  • You had always been so supportive of his acting career, despite hardly knowing him. He’d genuinely felt a connection with you. And he respected you for being able to tolerate Jumin Han, the man he despised. And now you had been kidnapped.
  • Your disappearance hit him so hard, he got drunk every night, and he was so hungover in the mornings, he couldn’t even go to rehearsals.
  • He went for long, LONG rides on his motorcycle. He couldn’t sleep.
  • He hadn’t even known you for that long, but it just hit him so hard.
  • Why did good people like you have to suffer bad experiences?
  • He just couldn’t understand.


  • God.
  • You know, she had been working under Jumin for so long, she had become unable to express herself and her own desires. Her first priority had always been her work, and she was generally emotionless and went along with her orders.
  • Until you had come along.
  • You had really talked to her. Not formal business talk, or careless small talk, but you had REALLY talked to her. You had listened to her.
  • Jaehee had always had to listen to Jumin, listen to her boss, listen to orders, listen to her colleagues making fun of her for being so busy, listen to Seven’s bullshit… It had always been her who listened to others. But not you.
  • YOU asked for her opinions, and you would agree with her at times. You really took an interest in her interests and hobbies, like her coffee and watching Zen’s plays. You… you had been her friend.
  • And she’d already lost you.
  • She still had to go to work, and she was just as efficient, but if someone really paid attention, one would find a tired Jaehee burying her face into her hands in stress every now and then. Aha. Not that anyone would pay attention now. You had been the only person who seemed to care, and you were already gone.

(I wasn’t sure how to write this, since I didn’t know if he should be aware of Mint Eye or not… I decided against it. It can be requested though..)

  • He blamed himself more than anyone else could.
  • You had trusted him and his words, and he had completely betrayed your trust.
  • He had never wanted you to be in danger. God, no. You were innocent in the entire situation. You had been dragged into this all because of him. All because he had agreed to let you join the RFA.
  • You could’ve been safe at Jumin’s apartment. So what if Jumin was a little possessive? Your safety would’ve been guaranteed. There were bodyguards to protect you there, and there would definitely be more evidence to work with.
  • V had been the last person to see you, as he had been the one to drop you off at the apartment. He should’ve walked inside with you. He should’ve checked the apartment before he left.
  • Instead, he’d pushed all responsibility to Seven, foolishly believing that Seven would be able to watch after her from the security cameras.
  • V hated himself for letting you down. For letting everyone down.


  • He had trusted V.
  • V had never, ever lied to him, and he was fully aware that V was a kind man, and had no bad intentions.
  • So when V had sworn that you would be safe at the apartment, Jumin let you go.
  • … He should’ve trusted his own instincts.
  • But he didn’t blame V.
  • All these years, V had remained by his side, through thick and thin. V had always been more considerate of others than himself, and Jumin felt that he was a good friend. His best friend, even.
  • On one hand, he knew that it wasn’t V’s fault. How could it have been predicted that you would be kidnapped? On the other hand, shouldn’t V have checked more carefully that it was safe for you to return to the apartment?
  • Jumin buried himself in work, silently taking on difficult tasks in a large quantity. He didn’t want to think about it. He didn’t want to doubt V. He didn’t want to worry about you. He just didn’t want to feel, and he didn’t want to think.
  • But every day he got home, he was reminded of you.
  • The clothes he had bought for you that you left behind… the laundry that you forgot to wash… the dishes you had used… the way you had played with Elizabeth the 3rd… the way you had laid down comfortably on the couch…
  • He kept your bedroom the way you had left it, locking it shut. When he’d seen a maid trying to open the door one morning, he ended up snapping at her, “DON’T TOUCH IT. Don’t even taint the doorknob with your filthy hands, goddammit! Get away from the door. GET OUT!”
  • Some nights, he gave into his emotions, drunkenly calling RFA members and begging them to return you to him. To stop hiding you. To stop pretending you were missing.
  • He wished it was pretend.
  • Even Zen felt tears brim in his eyes when he heard the broken tone and tears in Jumin’s voice.
  • He missed you.
  • They all missed you.


  • He couldn’t even be bothered to continue his cheery, annoying act after you disappeared.
  • He turned away all of Vanderwood’s missions, ignoring it completely.
  • Instead, Seven spent hours upon hours, days upon days locked up in his room, searching every tenth of a millisecond of the security camera’s feed. He kept trying to find clues of your kidnapping. He hacked into the city’s cameras to find the car you were in, but to no avail, there was nothing.
  • Seven lost his appetite for even Honey Buddha Chips, throwing it up when he tried to force them in his mouth. He was living on purely Dr. Pepper now, and god knows when he’ll get tired of that, too.
  • Seven was simply devastated.
  • He felt responsible for your disappearance. He should’ve been more careful.
  • He could’ve attached a GPS to your body, not just your phone. He could’ve installed more security cameras, even if it invaded your privacy. Security > privacy. He could’ve gone to your apartment to protect you, instead of cowardly hiding behind the screens.
  • Could’ve.
  • But didn’t.
  • It was too late.
  • He could never protect anyone. Not his mother, not his twin brother, not you.
  • He was useless. Absolutely useless.

respecting people regardless of their race, gender, sexuality, religion or lack thereof, size, physical and mental disabilities, age, interests, hobbies, income, style, and anything I may not have mentioned is actually really easy and requires way less effort than it takes to project hate onto any of the aforementioned dispositions. anyone inclined to be hateful to others for simply being human should really try being kind and respectful instead! you might find it a lot less exhausting!

vitre-art  asked:

Hi there! I was wondering if you could do a todoroki shouta sketch, lineart, and coloring tutorial? I'm mostly interested in the coloring brush presets and layer clippings and so forth... If you have the time, it would be wonderful to see! ;D

I’m literally the worst person you could ask for lineart/coloring/brush presets/layer clipping techniques or tips. (haha *gross sobing* i’m sorry but it’s true…)

Because allow me to show you my digital drawing skills with a sample (don’t do this at home, it’s bad!) :

  • First… I use the basic tools and I got nothing customized because I don’t really want to find the time for it yet as I focus on “fun and speed” more right now, it’s just a side hobby for me afterall… + here are the colors I set for Shouto (only set for him because I draw him just so much anyway so it’s faster this way) :
  • Then I just slap colors but also play with hue and saturation whenever it pleases me, before I start going yolo with the main shade and clean it :
  • Then I add stuff to make it look not so flat… I guess?


Not sure I should have post this since it surely disappointed you, haha… ;w;b

PS : (more samples)

anonymous asked:

Ah I don't mean to bother you but do you have any advice on how to deal with depression I'm sorry for bothering you I just don't know what to do

 Hey, it’s ok yeah you can totally ask me. I’m probably not the best person to go to because I’m not a therapist or whatever, but I definitely have experience with dealing with Depression so, I’ll tell what you helped me. and hope that maybe it helps you in some way shape or form. 

So when I was in this abusive relationship with my ex, I hit total rock bottom and I have never been so low in my entire life. Honestly if you met me now, and then met me like 2 years ago, you literally would be talking to two different people it was so bad. but I don’t need to go into detail or describe depression. I’m sure you already know what it is very very well. 

So, the killer about Depression is that you feel empty, sad, angry, etc etc, and it’s kills all motivation and drive and inspiration to do the things that you once enjoyed ya know? like, you no longer enjoy doing whatever your hobbies were, and you have no interest in doing them anymore. Depression tells you that you want to is sleep, eat/not eat, sit and stare at nothing, do nothing, not talk to friends or family. And because Depression is so strong, it’s easy to fall into doing those things of just not doing anything, and isolate yourself from any form of social interaction with friends and family etc. And a lot of the time you feel like that’s all you can do, like you don’t have the literal energy to do anything else such as something as simple as getting up out of bed after sleeping in over 10 hours or something. (it’s not laziness, it’s depression.) 

Well those things that Depression makes you want to do, is the exact opposite of what you should do. And those things Depression says you hate and don’t want to do, – all those hobbies, or getting up and taking a walk, talking to friends, doing something, is exactly what you need to do, to help you with your depression. The best medicine I find is distractions, and not letting it control you. It’s tough, especially emotionally, and you’re gonna hate it for a really long time, but eventually doing all those things you useto like, and now hate, the likeness to it starts to come back. but it’s easier said than done, and it takes a LOT OF WORK! and it’s hard. but you can do it! 

Trying to find some kind of reason or obligation helps too. like what really got me on the stepping stones of doing better is I got this Indie game job, and I was given the like impossible task to make over 100 little paintings (all the custom artwork) in 3 and a half weeks, high quantity, in high quality. It forced me to paint and draw even though I had like no interest in art because of the major depression I was feeling, and that job forced me to draw 8 to sometimes 15 hours a day. It was brutal, and for a bit I hated having to draw so much cuz I didn’t really enjoy art, but then forcing myself to get up and do something I hate (but once loved) I started to like it again. And then when the Indie game ended, I wanted to keep pushing myself to improve and have a reason to keep me drawing, which is why I started Youtube. And it really helped me build my confidence and fight against the depression. 

Now the thing is, Depression never goes away, it’s a mental illness and it’s not something you can get rid of like a virus or bacteria. BUT FEAR NOT! just hear me out!  It’s a constant battle everyday. You can’t be cured, and no amount of therapy or med can change that. Don’t fall into the misconception that meds/therapy fixes the issues, because it doesn’t. It is HELP. and Help isn’t fixing, it is assistance for YOU to fix things. So getting medical or therapeutic help is definitely good and I promote it, but you can’t rely on it to fix your problems, because it has to be you to put forth the initiative, which is why I told you what I did above first. Meds and therapy try to regulate your hormones and work out solutions for you to deal with the issues in yourself and your environment so you can work out your depression. so the goal in getting better isn’t to find a cure, even still to this day I struggle with it a lot, and I have my moments and my episodes sometimes. BUT I’m not saying you’re going to be miserable for the rest of your life, because the truth is, you can be happy, while having depression. 

The goal is to learn how to maintain and live with it, so you aren’t controlled by it. I have control over my depression right now, and despite that it’s still always there in the back of my mind and it resurfaces sometimes, I’m actually very happy and have become a pretty stable person. (especially compared to who I use to be) 

So start by forcing yourself to get up, doing small things, try to seek out interests that distract you from depression, but also force yourself to fulfill responsibilities (work, school, chores, etc) which helps you get stronger and start gaining control of the depression. Seriously something I find very helpful is going on a walk. It’s easy to just slump around or sleep in bed and never get up, but walking, (that thing that you don’t want to do) actually helps a lot, and there’s a scientific reason for it too, not just it sounding nice. But the more you can do for yourself, and others even, the better you’ll feel, even if it doesn’t seem that way or a long time. It takes a lot of time to crawl out of the rut you’re in, but you’ll get the if you just keep going. 

I know I don’t give the best advice, but, I hope this helps in some way. 


June 21 2017

Happy Summer! I have now been out of school and happily at home for one whole week! 

This summer I will not be taking classes, so forgive me for a lack of studyblr content on this blog until I decide to start self-studying something, revising, or just go back to school lol. BUT DO NOT WORRY, MY ASK IS OPEN and I will continue to answer questions; I basically live on Tumblr lol. 

Instead I will just be taking some time for myself. I’m going to get into the things I used to do with my free time before I spent my days studying so much chemistry in college, such as tennis, drawing (some rusty portraits pictured here, still trying to warm up to it…), cooking, and embroidery. Tbh it’s only been a week and I’ve been bored a lot already (it’s really weird going from intense studying to having no responsibilities at all) so I will probs try to find new hobbies lol

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful summer so far! Stay cool out there and do something you lOvE love love.

Btw, should I get a new macbook? Mine is from 2011 lol it still has the DVD/CD slot and it weighs more than babies


As most of you here know, I am finishing my PhD in a program that was ranked #49 when I started it (I think it’s in the sixties now). I want to warn you about a few things.

The problem with going to a low-ranked grad school isn’t just that it is going to be hard to get a job afterwards (although, let’s be honest, this IS a problem: I was recently at a workshop where I spent 3 hours listening to people from exclusively top 5 universities describe how insanely hard their job search was).

It also isn’t ~academic nepotism~. There’s a fair share of that, too, don’t get me wrong, but in the end usually low-ranked school are low-ranked for a reason. Not everything in the world is exactly the same, and there are some things that are not as good as some other things (and it’s ok).

The problem with low-ranked schools is that no one wants to be there. None of the grad students and professors are there because they wanted to be there. Most of them are there because the places where they wanted to be didn’t take them, and ~mathematics~, or having a job, or leaving their country, or location, or etc seemed more important. But academically (which is, in the end, what we’re doing here), they are not where they would want to be. It’s no one’s first choice.

You get international students who are way overprepared and should be in a program 40 positions above (not me, I was a lazy bum) and know it and are only there because they needed to get the fuck out of their country by any means necessary. You get professors who had to choose between a better university and a decent high school for their kids. People who are here because their SO is in a much fancier university up the street. And of course people who were rejected from 17 school and had to take whatever offer they got (a lot of people never really recover from that).

But that’s the culture, the environment around you: you are constantly surrounded by people who would rather be somewhere else. 

So here’s what you need to do: you need to find people who are happy where they are. Probably not in your department: most people get over “but ~MATH~!” around their second-third year. I know like…one non-depressed grad student. So take a dance class, find a knitting circle, a sport, volunteer at a shelter. Everyone says “you need a hobby in grad school”, but what you really need is to be around people who like what they’re doing. 

secretglitterjuice  asked:

So as a very, very amateur, hobbyist photographer... I was going to ask you an abstract question about photography, but the cynic in me feels the need to ask... Do I need to live somewhere worth photographing to really get much out of this hobby, or do I need to just work harder to actually photograph what I like out of what I can find? Should I find what I DON'T? If it helps, I live in a very boring area. Not enough art/culture. I don't really feel at home in it either.

That’s such a great question that – out of 1,237 pieces posted to the blog – this is the first post of its kind.

First of all, I feel ya… if there isn’t much you love somewhere (and you’ve been there long enough to settle in and explore), that’s always tricky.

That was my whole life in Rochester, before moving to Durham recently.

It can definitely be an indicator that, even if just psychologically, looking to live elsewhere long-term could be wise.

Photographically, though, such situations depend even more on the individual shooter’s focuses.

There often seem to be two main archetypes of photographer:

  • Those who find beautiful scenes to document what they love
  • Those who use things as material to create what they love

Most everyone starts out as the former, simply because it’s easier (sunsets, anyone?), but one concept is no better than another, as long as both take the craft seriously. 

I relate much more to the latter by nature, but that in no way means I can’t appreciate something like landscape work…

We all like to play Ansel once in a while.

That’s the thing – photography is a weird visual medium. You’re inherently tied, at some level, to what you can physically see.

So, yes… if what you like to shoot is wildlife, and there isn’t a lot where you live, “just try harder” won’t help much. At a certain point, it’s just physics.

However, while someone is still learning, experimentation matters so, so much more than preferences.

Since you describe yourself as a “very, very amateur hobbyist,” you’re in the same stage as me – far from being locked into the “I know I enjoy shooting _____ and that’s my one big focus” stage of a long-time photog. 

I mean, goodness, I’ve taken at least 700,000 photos, and now find myself screwing around even more than when I first started.

Ultimately, in order to explore and shoot interesting things, it’s rarely the equipment or the locations… it’s mostly what you make out of them.

What you turn a scene into, how you make it yours. Honestly, lots of my favorite pieces were just the result of me looking at something boring, and saying “…I bet I can do something weird with that.”

Lamp post and a branch.

Doctor’s office waiting room.

Stairs and shadows.

Freakin’ coathangers

Simple scenes, shot unusually, plus some editing after the fact. That’s a huge aspect as well – whether it’s a film darkroom or Adobe Lightroom, image prep brings out infinitely more of how you saw a scene. 

Every photo is a lie. The very act of choosing a moment or composition already skews the the world to your preferences. Embrace it… reality is for schmucks.

So, practically-speaking: don’t be afraid to work with whatever you have right now. 

Experiment, try weird stuff, and look at the world a little (or a lot) differently.

You just might find you like what you see.


Wanna One After Your First Date Together

A/N: I will start doing Wanna One reactions/scenarios!! I hope you all can request what ever you guys want and I’ll work hard to make them great! It might take a while though since there are 11 members in the group! Also some of the reactions scenarios might be like BTS but I hope you guys don’t mind and enjoy it anyways! Thank you for reading! 

Edit: HOLY HECK 100 NOTES i know i’ve gotten 100 notes for bts before but still whenever i get 100 notes i get shocked because I don’t expect this many people to read the stuff i create! Thank you guys so much I really appreciate the time you have taken to read this! 


Even though you both had been dating for a good while he never had the chance to take you out on a date because of how busy he was. So after your very first date at the nearby cafe just catching up and holding hands across the table, something simple that you both had liked. He walked you home and when you were about to go inside he pulled you back and embraces you in a tight hug. 

“I had a really great time today and I hope we can do this again. I’ll text you later.”

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You both didn’t really think about the importance of dates but once Sungwoon had taken you on a midnight stroll at the beach as your first date you had began to appreciate why dates were so much fun. You both were just casually walking while holding hands. You occasionally caught him looking at you and it was the same the other way around. Once you had reached your home he was holding both of your hands in his while smiling really brightly at you. 

“I know our first date wasn’t anything important but I think we should start doing dates more often, you looked really beautiful tonight.” 

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Minhyun had decided that the right as to spend your very first date together was at a nice restaurant. Not the most expensive and not the cheapest, it was something that you both had been craving for a while but never got around to actually going to it. Through out the whole date he was just complimenting you on how nice you looked and held your hand, stroking your hand while gazing at you softly. Once you guys arrived back to your place he brought you into a hug and kissed the top of your head before leaving you for the night. 

“I think that it was a date well spent. I hope that we can go out like that again, you looked even more stunning underneath those restaurant lights.”

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Seongwoo would probably think of things that would remind you of the things you liked. Even though a lot of what he said was in a joking matter this first date meant a lot to him since he wanted to show you that he really put in a lot of work to make you feel special and happy. You both went to have a moonlight picnic on the hill where you both confessed to each other on You both soon laid down with his arm around you looking at the stars and just casually talking. After the date he would probably give you something special that you can just look at and be happy. 

“I know this isn’t much but I really thought about what you would like and I bought hoping that you would like it. I also enjoyed looking at both you and the stars tonight.”

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Jaehwan would take you guys out on a simple first date. Since you both have really common interests he knew that whatever he wanted to do you would probably end up enjoying it too. With that in mind he brought you to a park and took out his guitar to sing a song that reminded you of when you both first met. He even taught you a little bit about how to play the guitar. After the date he would just give you a long hug and talk about how much he enjoyed today. 

“I know it was simple but I really just enjoyed spending time with you today. Seeing you enjoy my singing means so much to me.”

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Your first date with Daniel would consist of things that he had wanted to teach and show you. He would probably teach you some of his bboying which would cause him to put his hands on you hips and a lot of hands on teaching. You both would probably blush at the contact even though you guy are almost always hugging each other and other stuff. Later you would probably go to his place and you two would play with his cats and he might blurt something out after the date is technically over which would cause the two of you to blush and get all flustered. 

“I can’t wait until we live together and then get another pet that we both can name together.” (pls ignore the beer can HAHA)

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Jihoon wouldn’t really overthink possible date ideas, he would just like to spend some alone time with you as your first date. Since you both like gaming he would invite you over to play some video games and you would end up sitting on his lap while he has his arms around you with the controller and you both are trying to beat each other in game. The date would probably end with him tackling you and then tickling you on the couch because you beat him multiple times at a game he’s really good at. Once you leave to go home he’ll probably hug you and then kiss you on the forehead and tell you that even though it was just like a regular hangout he enjoyed it a lot. 

“Even though we hang out like this often I think I really enjoyed it. I just like spending time with you in general.”

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Woojin might be a little to shy to ask you out on a first date even though you’ve been dating for so long so you would suggest that you would watch him dance and practice and that he could teach some of the moves to you. This would make him overjoyed and he would actively teach you a lot of the dances that he knows. You might end up falling which would cause Woojin to rush over to your side and make sure you are okay. When he walks you home he’ll probably hold you hand and it’ll be a comfortable silence until you reach your house. 

“I thought you looked really pretty while dancing even though you fell over. I hope you feel better! I’ll text you when I get home.”

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Jinyoung would take you out to a place that sells a lot of music since you both really enjoy listening to music together. While you guys are roaming around holding hands and finding music he would often show you certain songs and mention how it reminds him of one of your personality traits for hobbies that you like to do. He would secretly buy a song that reminds him of your guy’s relationship while you were in the bathroom and give it to you when he’s dropping you off. 

“I think this song really reminds me of how our relationship is, you should take a listen and tell me about it later.” 

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Daehwi would want to take you out to a place where you both would have fun. He would take you to a amusement park and would probably buy you a lot of matching things like those cute matching head bands that you were just casually looking at. You would probably ride a bunch of rides together and scream while holding each other’s hands. After the date when he’s dropping you off he’ll take out another couple item that he thought would suit the both of you. 

“Here’s something to put on your bag! I have one too so whenever you look at it, it’ll remind you of me and vice versa for me!”

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Guanlin would take you to a local arcade so that you both could have fun together and that he could also try to get you something from the claw machine. it took him twenty tries and he only got a really small plushie BUT you really appreciated his efforts to make you happy so you both got a lot of tickets and ended up getting something that you could give to him! After the date he would probably smile really big seeing you hold the plushie in your hands and really quickly give you a peck on the cheek before almost running away. He would also probably be so proud that he kissed you on the cheek for the first time that day. 

“I really enjoyed our first ever date and I really love the present you got me from the arcade!” 

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Utaite Quotes

a montage from twitter, namahousous, interviews and whatnot

Amatsuki : “I like how Soraru reads his lines so mindlessly.”
Soraru : “There are conspiracies about how I speak like that in real life”
Amatsuki : “Are you a robot?”
Soraru : “(●ー●)I am Soramax”

Soraru : “I never thought I would cry at this age just because my Dragon Quest save file was corrupted.”

KK : “Ah, will someone please tell me something to wake me up”
Sui : “Hey, don’t you have something to apologize to me about?”
KK : “Eh? That’s scary… Sorry.”

Mafumafu : “Today is father’s day! What should I give him? Good morning everyone!”
Fan : “Wait, father’s day is tomorrow…”
Mafumafu : “Wait”

un:c : “For some reason, I was stopped and questioned by the police at the station. They took my bag and said "Is this your bag? Can I see your wallet? Is this your wallet? Are you sure?” Do I look like a thief…?“

Zebra : "I should find hobbies that are calm. Like bungee jumping…”

Fan : “You look pretty busy, are you okay?”
Amatsuki : “I’m fine. I’m rotating between AmatsukiA, AmatsukiB, and AmatsukiC. We pay them a lot, too. We’re still recruiting AmatsukiD.”

luz “I’m in a packed subway and a pretty girl has her face in my chest. Thank god I’m alive…. (Tears of joy)”

Kogeinu “It’s not loud, is it? Of course it’s not, it’s my voice loool”

Glutamine “Ultraohayo!!” (Ohayo means good morning)

Fan “I like short men! Go out with me!”
Hashiyan “Shut up!”

un:c “The hot bath in Kagoshima is really soft!”
Mafumafu “How does it feel?”
un:c “It feels like Mafumafu”
Mafumafu “Wow, it must be really soft!”

Kogeinu “I want to deliver some good news, what qualifies as good news?”
Soraru “Maybe getting a girlfriend”
Kogeinu “Dammit”

Soraru “Good morning! Everyone have a good day”
Sui “Soraru san, it’s still 10 pm.”

KOOL “"I don’t like thundeeeeerrrr I’m scaaaaarrrred” said un:c. He’s cute.“

Ashikubi "Nooo… Don’t go to work, I’m lonely.”
Ashikubi “You’re cute, there you go (smile)”
Ashikubi “Yeah, I’ll be a good boy now… I’ll wait at home”
Ashikubi “Thank you, I love you”

Amatsuki “I found a couple of good restaurants”
Itou Kashitarou “That’s great! Let’s go someday”
Amatsuki “I’ve learned that people who say "someday” tend not to come, so I won’t look forward to it.“
Itou Kashitarou "Just think that you got tricked and wait!”
Amatsuki “Aah, there you go, tricking people again, you sinful man”

Mafumafu “When I try to talk to people, it’s like time has stopped and nobody answers.

Wait, so I guess this is what they call magic…”

Eve “I want to follow someone who tweets only funny things, any recommendations?”
Natsushiro “That guy called Natsushiro looked really funny.”
Eve “ ”
Natsushiro “In front~ of a new~ door~ aren’t you~ feeling~ lonely~ (sings)”
*The lyrics of Sarishinohara

Mafumafu “I’m at a cafe with Amatsuki kun! … Why are they giving us two straws in a single drink…”

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I had a sudden thought while writing a fic. There's absolutely nothing in canon to support this idea but: what if in S5 BoM Keith finds the real Shiro, injured but safe, either being looked after by ~or~ working alongside Keith's mother?

Then I hope Shiro finds out she’s Keith’s mom and gives her all those glowing accounts of just how amazing and talented he is, how kind and loyal and compassionate and driven. How Shiro’s always seen this greatness in him and wanted to stay by his side, how much Keith really means to him and how proud she should be of her son. And like, by the time Keith finds them Shiro’s already told her about her son’s favorite hobbies, and little quirks, and how he flies like he’s not afraid to fall. She almost feels like she knows him already. 

Before I deteted and reported this (though, you can’t really report anything anonymous on tumblr which I believe is a very big flaw), I wanted to call this person out first. 

How dare you. I know I’m not suicidal and fellow admin and mods probably aren’t either, but the question I ask myself is: what if we were? 

Every day I try to find the balance between acting on stupid anonymous questions/comments OR ignoring them. And I’ve gotten pretty good at ignoring them. But every now and then I come across a question or a comment that is so ridiculous that I have to answer it. And this is one of them.

It might be a joke to you or perhaps you’re too young to actually understand what it means. So this is why I’m telling you: it’s not a joke. 

You’re lucky I don’t even have any relatives that I lost due to suicide. And I hope you don’t ever experience that either. 

I wonder if this is a big deal, and it’s not. But it could be. And I honestly believe that, if you’re taking the time to send  a hateful message such as this one, you should evaluate your descisions and your life choices. I advice you to go find better hobbies. And also, if you really did think it was a joke, perhaps you should evaluate your sense of humor as well. 


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Can the astrology chart really tell what profession would be lost fitting for you? My mc is in aquarius, and whilst i do agree with the part that my profession will most likely be something unconventional, I don't really agree with the rest. I don't feel connected to anything and I don't have any particular passions. I recently dropped out of high school aswell. Where else should I look to find out what I should choose as a job?

The biggest misconception in Astrology is the 10th house is the career related to work.  The 6th House is your Job, the 10th House is what your known for and what you seek to be recognized in.  Not everyone makes their money in the same field as they “career.”  Some peoples careers are actually their hobby and they make their money through the 6th or 2nd house activities.

Fining places of “career” can come from the South Node (what is instantly familiar) and The Rulers of the 10th house, 6th house and 2nd house.  Often Missed in translation is the 11th house and the 5th house.  The 5th house is what makes you unique and the 11th house is what you bring in terms of uniqueness to society. the 11th house is the other half of Saturn and can bring your career just as much as the 10th.

The Basic Anglophone Les Mis Adaptation Formula

Or BALMAF for short

If you’ve seen more than one non-musical Les Mis movie in English (whether it’s American OR British), you might have noticed that sometimes they’re eerily similar to each other. I’m talking about the 1935, 1952, 1978 and 1998 movies, as seen above.

I honestly think these are all at least somewhat based on each other. They all follow the same rough structure, they share suspiciously specific details… it’s not really hard to make the connections. So I figured I’d try to put that structure into words.

Disclaimer: I’m not necessarily saying these are all bad things. (Although most of them are.) They’re just shared features and I get that plot needs to be streamlined when you adapt a giant novel into a movie. But it’s amusing to make fun of them. Also I only included the ones that show up in at least three of the movies.


1: This is the story of Jean Valjean and Inspector Javert, everybody else is mostly just there to drive the plot forward.

2: Prison porn, lots of prison porn Okay okay not literal porn but you know what I mean. (exception: ‘98)

3: Fantine? Who’s that? Oh right Cosette’s mom. I guess we should give her a couple of scenes then… (exception: in ‘98 Fantine gets an actual story arc.)

4: We should really linger on this Montreuil-sur-Mer part of the plot, that’s the good stuff (but we can’t call the town “Montreuil-sur-Mer”, that would be ridiculous.)

5: The Thénardiers can only appear once, when Valjean goes to pick up Cosette, or not at all. Who needs all those plot points later on, this story is about the EPIC CHASE between Valjean and Javert!

6: You can have either Gavroche or adult Éponine but never both and they’re not related to the Thénardiers because we’re done with the Thénardiers already, didn’t I just tell you? Child Éponine may be allowed with the Thénardiers but she’s never named and has no lines.

7: Wow, Hugo really went off the plot rails after they arrive in Paris, didn’t he? There’s barely anything about Javert hunting Valjean in here! Let’s fix that and remove all this irrelevant stuff about all these side characters. We’ll just keep the love story because you gotta have a love story

8: I guess the revolution thing is kind of cool as a set piece for Valjean and Javert’s DRAMATIC REUNION. But we don’t really need to explain the politics and ideology and the fighting and all the minor character stuff, all that has nothing to do with Valjean and Javert!

9: Oh wait I guess we should still kill off whichever not!Thénardier kid we decided to include, though, for Dramatic Effect and to show how Tragic and Horrible revolutions are. (Exception: in ‘52 Gavroche doesn’t die)

10: Obviously Javert should go to the barricades to find Valjean, that’s much more important to him than “spying on the revolutionaries” lol (exception: '78)

11: Sewer chase scene! Yes, finally we’re back to the REAL story of Les Mis! Javert chasing Valjean in the sewers!

12: Well, Javert is dead so I guess we’re done now. VALJEAN WON! WHOO! HAPPY ENDING!

(more details under the cut)

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Why do you like physics? It's cool that you do but it's pretty hard lol

Hey! sorry it took me so long to reply to this but i was thinking about what i should say. It’s kinda hard to explain? Physics is more than just a hobby for me, it something that makes me feel like… like i actually understand things and have them under control. It makes me feel like im getting to know the universe on a personal level and it makes me really happy; i want to do it for the sake of doing it. I study it a lot by myself and i just find it really beautiful i guess. I also always had some mental health problems and when i first realized i was really into it as a kid it helped a lot, i was absolutely amazed that there is actually a way to explain and understand whats going on around us and how it all works. Being able to look at something and go “i know how this works, i understand it!” is one of the most extraordinary feelings i can think of, its one of the main things that keep me going

haha sorry that was a bunch of rambling, hopefully it makes sense

tldr: im a nerd 

How To Practice Meditation Using A Totally Different Approach

What would you say about an alternative way to practice meditation?

People who practice meditation on a regular basis have reported great benefits by meditating, such as a greater spiritual connection to their source, an increase in patience, enhanced attention and peacefulness

With these kinds of benefits, the practice of meditation is growing in popularity on a daily basis but there are those, like myself, out there who want to meditate but haven’t had a lot of success in achieving the state of meditation on a consistent basis through traditional methods?

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the outsiders gang x what they do for you on your birthday

-it would be kinda thrown together last minute tbh
-like he remembers but procrastinates planning anything until like the day before
-makes soda go with him to buy a present
-probably gets you some clothes that he thinks you’ll (look good in) like
-he definitely saved up for a while to get you nice stuff though
-day of, wakes you up at thE ASS CRACK OF DAWN
-“babe…babe, wake up…”
-“go away steve”
-so he tickles you until you get up
-when you finally actually get out of bed he starts being all cute and kissing you all over your face like
-“happy birthday baby girl”
-if it’s warm out you would spend the day at the beach
-and then go for a joyride in his car when it gets dark out
-brings you a lil cupcake with a candle that he made himself
-not the BEST cupcake ever but it’s edible
-making out in the backseat of his car in the middle of nowhere to end the day
-possibly leads to something else ;)
-if it’s cold you would still go outside bc he doesn’t give a damn
-you would literally just walk around the town and do random stuff outside
-play in the snow in winter
-play in the leaves in fall
-when it gets late and even fuckin colder y'all go hang out inside at yours/his house
-has the cupcake for you as mentioned before
-dEFINITELY birthday sex inside ;)

-has been planning for like,,,two weeks ?
-wants your birthday to be great af
-literally refuses to spend any money for like a month so he can get you something nice
-brings ponyboy with him to get a present
-regrets it bc he complains the whole time and is no help at all
-ends up getting a real pretty necklace for you
-gets up early to make you breakfast day of
-when you get up you find him in the kitchen and he doesn’t see you at first
-“hey soda-”
-accidentally knocks over the plate of pancakes in his excitement
-that’s ok tho bc there’s extra batter !¡
-afterwards that idiot blindfolds you and takes you to his car
-“are you kidnapping me or something??”
-“shhh i’m trying to be romantic”
-probably takes you to the zoo even if its cold out
-you two spend longer than you care to admit looking at monkeys
-go out for dinner afterwards
-nothing extremely fancy
-probably burgers at the dingo lmao
-stay up all night cuddling when you get home

-panics over it for like a month
-tries to subtly ask you what you want for your birthday/what you want to do
-ends up getting you some books and a box of chocolate
-kind of still hesitant to give it to you though
-“johnny are you sure she’ll like this ??”
-“yes pony she’s gonna love it”
-“but what if she doesn’t thi-”
-day of you spend like half the day just laying around cuddling
-darry and soda made a point of not being home all day
-eventually you two go out for a walk
-holding hands and being cute fUCK
-and then classic pony
-takes you to the movies
-if its cold you go indoors
-if its warm you go to the nightly double
-either way you spend the whole movie with your head on his shoulder
-and still holding hands
-you get home and pony realizes oH SHIT he forgot a cake
-but thank the lord there’s some chocolate cake in the fridge
-he can’t find a candle but he sings happy birthday to you anyway
-fun af day :’)

-takes the day off work
-has no clue what to get you tbh
-randomly asks dallas what he thinks he should get
-stupid idea wtf darry
-“she’s your girl darrel i ain’t pickin a present for ya”
-settles for a bouquet of your favorite flowers and something that has to do with one of your hobbies (like he’d get some paint/brushes if you like painting, a journal if you like writing, etc)
-he doesn’t really plan the day out
-lets you decide what you want to do
-makes a dELICIOUS breakfast though
-like holy shit chef darry
-you two end up going out for a nice picnic in a secluded place or something if its nice out
-if its cold you end up at some antique shop
-even though you don’t buy anything it’s just fun to look around
-you go back to his house eventually
-he kicks pony and soda out
-and then they tease him endlessly
-romantic dinner with candles and shit
-and obviously chocolate cake
-and then you just kinda talk for a while
-about life, the gang, lots of stuff
-and then oh boy
-he just walks over to you and you start making out
-which leads to more
-he has you screaming
-bless that guy

-ok let me just start with this guy is the biggest sweetheart ever
-he honestly doesn’t really plan anything either
-and also a real fluffy sweater its so nice
-just like him
-he shows up at your house at like 10 AM ish with his big ass bouquet
-you open the door and you can’t even see his face
-he hands you your flowers and he’s smiling like a DOOF
-“happy birthday honey”
-you stand there and hug on the porch for like 20 minutes
-then you just go inside
-and you don’t really leave
-you spend the WHOLE DAY cuddling and messing around
-its a very relaxed day, but thats what you both enjoy
-he cooks for you
-he’s not a bad cook tbh he whips up something pretty good
-he makes you put on the sweater he got you
-“but johnny it’s hot in here”
-“please, baby?”
-you can’t say no to those eyes
-you end the night with a soft make out session
-nothing dirty
-just pure

-he probably remembers
-i don’t think he’d get you anything tbh
-but if he did he’d probably steal you a jacket or something
-it’s not your size but the thought was there
-you honestly wouldn’t do anything special
-you’d just hang with the gang
-they’d be better about your birthday than dally would be lol
-the gang would scold dally for not doing anything
-he doesn’t give a rats ass
-“its just another day why does it matter? i barely even remember my own birthday”
-you’d go back to his place at buck’s eventually
-you make out
-but then as soon as you’re about to get naked and shit
-you refuse
-“i’m tired, lets go to bed”
-and you just roll over away from him
-then he just goes to sleep too
-it was an ok day

-he would definitely make you think he forgot
-but he would have a lil something planned for you
-like you probably spent the night together the day before
-then the next morning he just went on like its a normal day
-after like an hour you start to get upset
-you’re about to leave bc you’re lowkey pissed at him for forgetting but then he’s like
-“hold on baby i have something for you”
-and then he takes something out of his closet
-its a big (poorly wrapped) box with a huge bow
-“happy birthday princess”
-you’re both smiling like idiots
-he really did remember :’)
-he got you a mickey mouse shirt to match his
-he didn’t pay for it but its whatever
-he then takes you out for a drive
-like you don’t really have a destination
-you just drive
-you’re lucky he’s sober enough to drive
-you end up back at his house at like 2 AM
-tHEN you get drunk
-he asked darry to make you cake bc he can’t
-almost lights the house on fire with the candles
-but its ok
-fun fun fun day

Thess vs ‘Hobby Degrees’

There was a letter in the letters page in the free paper we get on public transport over here that I’ve been thinking about on and off all day and I think it needs discussion.

First, a history lesson for all you non-UK residents out there. Once upon a time, if you were a UK citizen or permanent resident, you got university for free, basically. No tuition fees. At all. And the government gave a grant to students. It wasn’t quite enough to live on, but it took the pressure off. It meant you didn’t have to work as hard at an ‘after-school job’ to afford books and off-campus housing (if you couldn’t get into the dorm; spaces were, of course, limited) and food and stuff. Didn’t matter who you were or how much your parents made; you wanted to go to uni? The UK was happy to have educated people joining the workforce.

Then, in about 1997 or so, it all changed. Tony Blair came to power, freeing us from what we thought of then as a pretty shitty Tory regime. He said that his three priorities in terms of his upcoming manifesto were, “education, education and education”.

Then he instituted tuition fees for uni and scrapped the grant programme. All at once.

Needless to say, people were pissed. There were demonstrations and marches and rage at this sudden attack of “fuck you, got mine” from the government. But tuition fees never went away. In fact, they went up. They hadn’t been hugely high by US standards, and probably still aren’t, but for people who had never saved up for their university education, or that of their children, because there was never any need…

That was twenty years ago. And now, Corbyn is standing on a platform of going back to the days where we had our uni tuition paid. There’s some debate about whether he actually promised to forgive all student loan debt, but either way, it would be a pretty big deal, if it could ever actually happen.

Now, the letter in the letters page of the Metro had some guy saying something about, “The government should only pay tuition fees for people entering the necessary arenas - medicine, engineering, things like that. Things like gaming theory and media studies are just hobbies”.

I personally find it ironic that he had this printed in a fucking newspaper. This letter, about potential political policy that he only found out about because he heard or read it on the news.

It just goes to show, I feel, how undervalued the arts really are. I mean, people seem to be intent on people only having the bare necessities. But … if you only have doctors and lawyers and engineers making all this money … what are they going to spend their money on, if there aren’t people who studied gaming theory or media studies or art? What happens if we strip society to the bare bones and refuse to subsidise the arts?

In Dead Poet’s Society, Robin Williams as Mr Keating said, “…Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.“ That has always resonated with me, and always will. People seem to identify ‘growing up’ as ‘putting away childish things’, and ‘childish things’ as ‘anything fun, moving or beautiful that isn’t Established Art’.

But … these people watch TV. They play video games. They read newspapers and magazines. They go to movies. Hell, they look at adverts all the time. Media studies, gaming theory, creative writing, art … all of those are necessary to create the things that we consume every day. This is our art. We need it. If life was just work / food / sleep … what would our lives be? Would they be worth living?

I tend to think not.

Please. For the love of the gods. All due respect to the ‘hobby degrees’. Every book you ever loved, every movie you ever cheered at or cried over, every game you ever spent weeks of your life playing, every shred of beauty or joy or angst or just anything that took you outside yourself for awhile … that’s because of them. Sure, you can make art without the degree, but it’s harder to make a living at it. More, artists just deserve the respect. They devoted years of their lives to build the toolbox by which they could make worlds for us, or at least make this world more accessible. Don’t call that a ‘hobby degree’. It’s only because of their efforts that you, you letter-scrawling fuckbiscuit, have hobbies at all.

Undertale 2: Overtale 2: Tokyo Drift REVENGEANCE, The Future, and You

Well, as development for U2O2 marches on, I’ve reached a point where I feel confident in announcing a launch window for the game. I’m currently shooting for a release in Q1 2018. It may be a little earlier or later than that, but I have a date in mind, and will elaborate in the near future.

As for why I’m spending more than a year making a joke, well, it’s a really big joke. Making things janky yet functional and balanced is a lot more time-consuming than it has any right to be, and I’m hoping the much deeper combat mechanics will make it more interesting to play (if only so that people will ask questions like “what sort of build should I be running against King Korn” or “where do I find the Soggy Surprise accessory” completely seriously). Combine that with a lack of time (this is a hobby and the game will be free, paying the bills comes first) and you’ve got a comparatively long dev cycle.

That being said, the game is about 40-50% complete at this time, and most of what remains is event sequencing rather than audiovisual assets or game mechanics. I plan on making a series of posts soliciting player feedback that will help shape the final product. In the meantime, thank you for bearing with me while I push this monster turd out!