i should really draw other characters


Moni sketches? Moni sketches!
I think I haven’t really posted my traditional art here since like?? inktober 2015 lmao it was about a time. Curse for not having a scanner.

I totally fell in love with @finni-winter’s Mac (and so did Moni).. Big skeleton guys are my weakness (and apparently so are his).

anonymous asked:

Heeey. Sorry if I disturb you by something or anything but could you maybe list some good shows? (It's not a must that LGBT couples are included) thanks a lot ❤️❤️💫

Hi, Anon! 

You’re not disturbing!

So I’m the type of person that watches a pretty random variety of shows so I’m not sure what your taste leans toward exactly. 

If you have any suggestions, make a comment or drop me a message with the show and why you like it! And if you want, make a suggestion on how to make this list better!

** Is for shows other people suggest to me. I’ll comment if I’ve heard of it or seen any of it. 

*I’ll try to put if it’s LGBT friendly. And also I want to put down if it’s diverse or not and a note if you suggest a show is diverse…I’m looking for either the main character that is a POC or more than 1-2 minor characters that show up often enough to make a difference to the plot. Don’t tell me a show is diverse if it’s 3 black characters are just window-dressing…👀

Let me see what I can remember and rec those and what I tried and didn’t like. 

  • -Shadowhunters: I love this trash show. It’s actually not all that great but it’s got some absolute gems of characters you end up watching it for anyway. I def recommend but S1 was watched with a ton of skip Clary/Jace scenes for me. This is LGBT friendly and diverse.  
  • -Riverdale: I tried man, I used to read Archie comics when I was younger but um, this show…I think it’s supposed to be ironically pretentious? It just falls flat for me tbh. It’s popular though so you can check a couple of episodes out to see if it’s your thing. There’s an openly gay character in this that should get more story than he does. Also, kind of LGBT baits too at times so not sure if I trust them completely. 
  • -The Expanse: My sci-fi pick. I love this show. It’s gorgeous, diverse, rich story, funny without trying too hard. I just get sucked into every character. It had one older married gay couple that was really minor characters but I don’t recall any current mains that are. But It’s an inclusive show so I don’t think it’s particularly averse to the idea. Based on books I haven’t read yet! 
  • -Veep: This is like a completely meant-to-be-offensive comedy show with the amazing Julia Louis-Dreyfus. While I wasn’t in love with the last 2 seasons, the first 4 are amazing. No clear cut character you root for in particular but it’s so close to politics you can’t help but laugh/cry. Watch it for the absolutely unapologetic legendary burns. Also, has a lesbian couple in it although it’s offensive comedy so prepare for that.
  • -Archer: Also another meant-to-be-offensive show that’s hilarious but so terrible and inappropriate. I don’t usually like that kind of comedy but I binge watched this when I was sick and got hooked. 
  • -Vikings: I love this show. If you like Game of Thrones, you’ll like this one only it’s got less nudity and more idgaf fight scenes. It’s got brilliant characters, beautiful battle scenes, really interesting storylines, and just good snarky humor. Watch it! Also, they’re not shy about same-sex couples even if they don’t explicitly say it. 
  • -Mr. Robot: Really good show, very different and…I actually don’t know how to describe it? The main has mental health issues. It’s a sociopolitical commentary type show. It’s about hacking and network security and corporation conglomerates in control of our everything and the fight against it. Also from @cherryrebel : mr robot has a shit ton of diversity in both race and lgbt, the lead is mixed race but the actor is egyptian, tyrell is bisexual, gideon is gay, angela, elliot and darlene are implied being lgbt+, i think i’m forgetting about someone but watch that show, it’s the shit 
  • -Legion: A superhero show that’s so incredibly NOT like the other superhero shows. You'll find yourself in a serious mind trip thinking you’re the one that’s crazy. But it’s really really good. Go watch. 
  • -Mozart in the Jungle: About a bunch of musicians and a crazy conductor you absolutely love. It’s really good. LGBT friendly! And diverse-ish.
  • -Luther: One of the best crime shows in my opinion. Idris Elba just does things and you will want to watch him do it. Anything he does is beautiful and brilliant. But the show actually IS brilliant and amazing and go watch!! 
  • -This is Us: one of those, where-the-hell-did-you-come-from?? shows. Really heartfelt stories that make you laugh, cry, and go aww a million times. 
  • -Killjoys: Another sci-fi show I love. It’s got diversity and great characters and great action and story. 
  • -True Detective: Crime detective show. It’s great, very gritty and serious but good stories and character-driven. 
  • -Humans: Sci-fi show about android robots that are part of normal life- they look human and are basically live in maids. Only five of these have consciousness. Really good UK show. Diverse AND LGBT friendly!
  • -Broadchurch: Another good UK crime show. Slow and gripping. @iamacolor mentioned a lesbian character in this one too. LGBT friendly.
  • -The Americans: Russian sleeper spies in America that lead normal lives, have American children, and are like totally Russians carrying out secret missions. 
  • -The Get Down: Great show that was recently canceled :( has about 1 season out. I’m not sure how to describe it and do proper justice. It’s lovely though with amazing characters. Also, LGBT friendly and clearly diverse!
  • -Stranger Things: Great show sci-fi mystery thriller type show. 
  • -Dear White People: Black college students from all kinds of backgrounds dropping truth bombs all around and being amazing. Also LGBT friendly. Go watch. It’s a balanced show with amazing characters. So both diverse AND LGBT friendly!
  • -Brooklyn Nine-Nine: an Amazing funny cop show that manages to be winsome, hilarious, endearing, quirky, diverse, balanced, and just amazing all around. V. LGBT friendly. 
  • -Fresh Off the Boat: Asian family comedy show that’s endearing and hilarious. (Also check out Jane the Virgin for crazy telenovela-esque antics that are hilarious and cute). 
  • -Orphan Black: Sci-fi show about clones. A really amazing show, LGBT friendly. Great story AMAZING characters…most of which is played by one woman. Diverse and LGBT friendly.
  • -Preacher: Great show based on the graphic novel…uhh not sure how to describe it but it’s good. Reth Negga is in it!! 
  • Also adding Sense8 for its LGBT and diversity. Good show but I’ve heard something about the directors/producers being racist? Not sure so I’m recommending with caution because the show itself esp s2 where the nonwhite characters got a better fleshed out plot is good. But since I don’t know what the producers/directors have done, I’m giving a heads up for someone else to fill me in.
  • Poldark: I just started this one 2 days ago. 2 episodes in I’m really enjoying it. It’s from PBS’s Masterpiece series. Aiden Turner as a Cornishman is delicious. So far I adore his wife and immensely enjoying yet another period show.  
  • Grantchester: Adding this to the list after I discovered it on my prime account. I’m only one season in and I love Sydney Chambers and his gruff buddy cop Geordie? This isn’t a show that is going to have you sitting on the edge of your seat. It’s totally a procedural type of show. But it’s characters are likeable, it’s story feels comfortable, and honestly, if it’s a shitty day for you and you just want something that’s easy? This is it. @iamacolor  :)
  • Entourage: So I binged 8 seasons and a movie in a week so let’s just say I fell into this gaping manhole…So it has one very prominently gay character on this show that gets a fair amount of screentime and a plot considering he’s a side character. He’s a fairly loveable character you really enjoy watching develop and grow. However, I should warn people that this show has really colorful language that is quite frankly really sexist and homophobic. For those of you that don’t know, it’s essentially a show about a popular actor from Queens that makes it big in Hollywood and brings along his 2 best friends and older brother to live with him and share in his wealth. If you can get past the language and inherent sexism, it’s actually a decent show about 4 guys with an extremely tight unbreakable, ride or die friendship. Lots of cameos by famous actors and directors, etc. I admit I might have a thing for Kevin Connolly and Adrian Grenier…
  • Jane the Virgin: Okay firstly, I LOVE this show. I wasn’t caught up because I had too much on my plate but like this show is so tongue in cheek and has great Latino rep! Including a character that speaks like 98% in Spanish so it’s great. AND they have LGBT rep so there you go. Enjoy and thank me later!
  • Superstore: Almost disappointed no one reminded me to recommend this show?? It’s basically centered around a store much like Walmart where you have a colorful cast of employees. It’s funny, it’s cute, it’s very socially aware. A disabled character (of color!), a gay character, and a smattering of all sorts. PLUS America Ferrera whom I adore!
  • The Good Place: Great show, great diversity, really funny. I binged it aaaallllll.

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BNHA Art Tests! Since the canon style is so different from mine, I needed to ‘translate’ them first! I think I should draw the rest of the boys + the girls too… I also really like the villains designs so… omg many more to try! (・∀・; )

I did some TodoDeku for that one Anon who asked me to draw them but I hadn’t started the series at all by that point. Well, now you got to see it! (^w^)

the-sixth-month  asked:

I know I already told you (but that doesnt matter because Im sure you dont remember me) that I love how you draw Stan. And... basically everything else. I figured you draw everything in special shapes! I for myself try to draw more in shapes for drawing pracitce and not with these skeletons. You are really good at this! Maybe if you have time and if you want to, could you give me/us a small toturial? And maybe you dont even draw with shapes and its just me haha... Thank! :3

Thank you! But oh gosh, I really am the last person you should ask for a tutorial. I don’t think I have any conscious technique to it, I just sort of wing it. But I’m gonna try my best to explain my thoughts on different body types and how I draw them! I don’t draw shapes in the way I think you mean. At least I’m guessing you’re referring to something like this:

While I think this could actually be a pretty good way to go about it, this isn’t how I work. What I do is, I draw a rough outline of the character using a thick brush. Let’s take the sketch and line art of this drawing of Stan as an example:

So as you can see, there’s no real shapes or help lines or anything like that. But what I can tell you is this: when I draw bodies I always try to make them as dynamic as possible! My tip for drawing bodies is EXAGGERATE, EXAGGERATE, EXAGGERATE! Exaggerate the body types of different characters to add variety! Exaggerate different parts of the same character to make them more dynamic!

Since we’re on the topic of Stan, let’s talk about Stan and Ford. Identical twins with different body shapes? You can bet your sweet ass I’m gonna exaggerate those two in completely different directions! Identical twins are like the holy grail of character design practice - take two characters with the same face and see just how different you can make them! Let’s draw a quick doodle of the Stan twins:

Even in the rough outline you can clearly tell who’s who just from their body shapes. If you want to practice drawing different body types, I highly recommend trying to make the characters distinct from each other at the earliest possible stage of your drawing. Try to make it so that even from a rough sketch with no facial features or clothes you’ll still be able to tell which character is which!

Why am I going on about this? Because body shapes should not be treated as an afterthought! They need to be there, right from the beginning, right from the very first draft! I quite often see people draw fat characters that just look… odd. And you know why they look odd? Because it looks like the artist just sketched an average person and then added some chub during the line art process. Human bodies don’t really work like that! Unless we’re talking like a beer belly here, then the fat will be more evenly distributed across at least part of the body. This affects things like breadth of shoulders and hips, in other words the very frame of the body. If you’re a cartoonist, just adding some chub to a sketch of an average frame will never get a result that is as good and dynamic as a character than was drawn as fat from the very first draft (and this is why I think working from shapes can be very beneficial!).

Okay, so drawing different body types requires both planning and variety. But how do I go about designing a body? Well, personally, I work a lot with contrast, not only between different characters, but also within a single character. Since we’re on the subject of the Stan twins, let’s talk about Ford a bit. Ever wondered why I draw him with the same skinny legs as Stan, even though they’re thicker than his in canon? Well, part of it is because I draw them as identical and thus their fat distribution would work in the same way. But more importantly, it’s because my art style relies heavily on contrast in order to make characters appear as dynamic as possible!

I often draw characters like this – where one half of the body is broad/thick and the other narrow/thin. Let’s refer to it as ‘horizontal exaggeration’.

But what if I want to draw a character that is thin or thick all over? Can I still make them exaggerated and dynamic? Heck yeah, I can! Let’s talk about, uh, let’s call it ‘vertical exaggeration’! On the average human being, the midpoint of the body is at crotch level. Playing around with this midpoint helps a lot with making cartoony body types more dynamic!

Want to draw an overall thin character? Putting their crotch line higher up than usual will help emphasize how gangly they are. Meanwhile, a fat or stocky character is often drawn with a lower crotch line to help emphasize their girth.

In summary… I don’t really have any special techniques to teach anyone, but I really want to encourage people not to be afraid to exaggerate when it comes to body shapes! Exaggerate horizontally! Exaggerate vertically! Make those bodies weird and dynamic! I realize this is more of a rambling mess then a tutorial, but, uh…  I hope someone might have found this helpful?

And last but not least… Don’t worry if you can’t draw different body types just yet – just keep drawing and practicing and you’ll get the hang of it eventually! I think a lot of us have been at that stage where we were only able to draw skinny characters. Let’s take a look at how I drew bodies 8 and a half years ago and end this with a laugh!

If I can move past this stage, then so can all of you! Just keep drawing, keep practicing, and most of all, keep having fun doing it! Good luck!

So you want to watch Precure!

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Maybe you follow people (like me) who never shut up about it and you want to see what all the fuss is about, maybe you just love magical girls and never got into Precure, but there are over a dozen seasons and you don’t know how to jump in. Never fear, this masterpost is here to give you a rundown of Precure and it’s seasons, and hopefully by the end you’ll have an idea of where you want to start.

What Is Precure?

Precure (short for Pretty Cure) is a Toei Animation franchise started in 2004 and has been on the air nonstop since then, and is about to celebrate it’s 15th anniversary with the upcoming season (at the time of this writing). It’s a magical girl franchise, y’know like sailor moon or ojamajo doremi or other such shows. The main demographic is children so you don’t have to worry about any weird “fanservice” or panty shots or anything nasty like that, it’s very G rated.

What Are The Shows About?

In a general sense, precure is about a team of 2-6 teenage magical girls fighting bad guys and giant monsters and saving the world on a weekly basis with pretty outfits and big flashy finishers and the power of love and friendship. Each season follows a pretty standard formula (toku fans should be pretty familiar with it for the most part), and each season is around 48-50 episodes long.

Why Should I Watch Precure?

Because it’s good. It’s a really stellar franchise with a ton of content and genuinely engaging characters and stories. Also this isn’t your mom’s magical girl show, these girls throw punches, and kicks, and big lasers. Precure is pretty well known for being extremely hands on with its combat compared to other magical girl shows, though don’t expect the same kind of fights you’d find in kamen rider or anything. Also a main draw for a lot of people is the amount of gay subtext in, frankly, every season. While there’s only one season with an explicitly confirmed gay relationship between two cures, every season has varying levels of subtext between cures, it’s pretty cool. We won’t discuss the subtext in every season overview but trust us, it’s in there.

What Show Should I Start With?

It doesn’t actually matter which season you watch, every season is a new setting and with new characters and set in a new world (except for two sequel seasons i’ll explain later), so you’re free to watch whatever you want in any order!  We’re going to spend the rest of this post talking about each season to give you, the beloved reader, a glimpse at what each season has to uniquely offer. Don’t worry, there’s no spoilers down there.

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More otp prompt ideas (beach themed)

My girlfriend was yelling at me for drawing prompts but I suppose these could work for writing too:

# 1:
Person A napping and person B waking them up by making a crab pinch their nipple/finger/etc

# 2:
draw an underwater scene with a few of your faves snorkeling

# 3:
If you remember the yowie yahoo Scooby Doo movie where the gang is at the beach in Australia and Daphne is being oggled and Fred is so mad he sets the grill on fire or whatever, that scene but with your otp

# 4:
that one game where you sit on a teammates shoulders and try to push the other team off and into the water yeah draw that

# 5:
Some of your faves having a sand castle competition. They could be in teams or 1 v 1. (Bonus points if one character grew up at the beach so their castle is like, sand mansion god tier level awesome)

# 6:
Person A laughing at Person B bc they’re sunburnt and standing next to a crab thats literally the same colour they are

# 7:
That beautiful “burying Person C in sand while they sleep and giving them sand titties” trope

# 8:
draw your fave as the hot lifeguard (bonus points if they get hit in the face with a volleyball by the character that’s been oggling them the entire time)

# 9:
“I’m so sorry we were playing Frisbee on this crowded beach like idiots I really didn’t mean to hit you in the face with it oh my god you’re bleeding are you ok uh do you want help? I should help shouldn’t I”

# 10:
Otp in pool tubes trying to flip each other off of their tube and into the water

# 11:
“Volleyball tournament! you’re going down B!”
“Uh, no? you’re going down!”
- cue A and B getting their asses handed to them by C

# 12:
Person A making obscene sunscreen art on a sleeping Person B’s back so theyll have tan lines (or burn lines) of said art when they wake up

Illustration from Photography

I love taking pictures, of everything. It’s an open source of inspiration you can find everywhere. I would like to share with you a work process I used (still rough, it’s my own way, but still a work process) to work with one of this pictures as reference, and do an illustration from it.

1. Take a picture you love

I took this photography you can see below last week ; and when I was looking to the result on my phone, I just could not believe my eyes ; it looked so magic ! I could not let it by itself, I had to do something from it. But I believe now that the same process can be applied to any other picture I took in the past ; I can work with them if I want to, from the moment a picture is giving me an emotion, I can just try to think how to push this emotion by using my art skills.

2. Thumbnail

At this stage, I just drawn on a side of my sketchbook a Thumbnail (a small drawing from the picture, as you can see bellow) and then, I just had fun letting my imagination working with the photography : pushing shapes, creating a character from the light, an other on a side…. thumbnails are really useful to just let things getting alive, without getting bored by details !

3. Let’s Draw !

Now, it’s just about drawing skills ; put back thumbnail’s proportions on my sketchbook, draw in rough all elements, try to clarify shapes…

Then, to clean up and put all details, I chosen to use a black fine felt (it can be anything, it’s on your good will). I tried to put smartly my details (a good tips : always think when you draw !! it should be your golden word, in any situation, if you want to progress) The space was not very clear on the picture, so it was kind difficult to create my interpretation of the floor, stares, bushes, plants…

4. Shadows and color

I’m steel learning colors foundations for the moment, so my technique is not that good yet … Hope I’ll get better by practicing ! I can still share with you my way, but I’m sure, others are much better than me to advise how to color at this stage !

Well, here what I did : I’ve put shadows with promarkers, then a color pass with water color (a very bad idea, promarkers and watercolor are reeeally not working well together ; well from this experience, it was catastrophic) then I used polychromos (white and black) to save back my drawing by pushing B&W, and finally, some colors/balance corrections on Photoshop.

5. Conclusion

Now it’s done, I’m not very satisfied yet by the result… but it still was a great experience, and I really would like to try it again ! My technique still need to be perfected, but I think sharing this experience with you guys could just help ; I hope you’ll be able to try by yourself with your own references (I took a picture but it can be anything) and make amazing art with your own method !

Have fun with your pencils, and see you next time !

✦ International F/O’s Day ✦

Hey guys! A few people in the self insert community and I have been discussing that we should have a day dedicated to our Fictional Others. We’ve have Self Insert Week from time to time throughout the years, but never really a Day to fully dedicate to those characters we fell head over heels with!


It can be whatever you want to do that day! You can go on a date, watch the sunset with them, or just stay indoors for a Movie Night! It can be anything: a drawing, a writing piece, aesthetics, or even a playlist! LEAVE IT TO YOUR IMAGINATION!!!! 

If you want to make a post for that day and you wanna see other people’s posts, leave it under #InternationalF/O’sDay so that you can see other people’s awesome work and ideas!

You don’t have to do anything to sign up for it, it is free to the public! If you have any questions, please message me or leave a message in my inbox! HAVE FUN GUYS!!!


Android January

  1. Face study using Cloud, inspired by Judy from Zootopia.
  2. Kiki for Krita 3.1, inspired by Panty and Stocking / Splatoon.
  3. Robotized Mao of my old friend Cotora, for I said to draw her years ago and I met him again on twitter!

By the feedbacks I received from the first chuck of FP2 experiment, I confirmed some major problems in my art style and I studied other artist’s style to improve (which I really should have done but rarely did before). I used non-FP2 characters for practice to avoid confusion and pay some art debt.

I will return to FP2 again in February.


@raedmagdon was kind enough to gift me her novel Fur and Fangs (that I had been dying to read). And I am in love with these characters. 

It has a little of everything I like: supernatural stuff, dorks being attracted to each other and falling in love, characters written realistically, etc. If any of that sounds up your alley, you should definitely check it out, I can’t recommend it enough (it’s like 2$) :D