i should really delete this

  • Sirius and Remus in the common room, lying on the couch, next to the fireplace, relaxing after finishing doing their homework️️️️

  •  Sirius leaning against Remus’ legs while Remus is reading a book️️ ️️

  • Remus unconsciously stroking Sirius’s hair because damn it’s so soft️️️️️

  •  His hand involuntary slipping behind Sirius’ ear ️️

  •  Sirius (half asleep) doing the you-just-touched-my-ear-i-have-to-scratch hysterical, canine-like leg movement️️️️ ️️️️

  •  Remus being fascinated by it and continuing stroking️️️️ ️️

  •  Sirius wriggling and kicking so badly, he falls off the couch️️️️ ️️

  •  Remus laughing his ass off so much his face turns blue️️

  •   Sirius giving Remus The Face Of Betrayal™
    (“how could you offend my pride in such brutal way you heartless bastard”)️️️️ ️️

  •  Sirius probably being mad at Remus for the next two days️️️ ️️

  •  Remus bursting into laugh every. fucking. time he recalls it ️️️ ️️

  •  James (after hearing the story from Remus) mocking Sirius at every opportunity, trying to scratch his ears during transfiguration class and calls him little pups casually️️️ ️️

  • And Sirius just being sincerely done with these two️️ ️️

  •  But he loves them both sO MUCH, GOD DAMMIT he can’t do nothing but just accepting it

some people make me feel so worthless, it hurts sometimes, I just wish to sleep for over a week without dealing with anything.

anonymous asked:

your southern crane has ruined the scarecrow fandom. stop.

Ow, my feelings.

I realize Southern Crane isn’t for everyone, just as pretty much every other Crane I’ve heard isn’t for me. Which is why I voice him how I want to hear him.

So, if you don’t like it? Fuck off and do your own. Fuck off and draw your own. Fuck off and listen to what you like, and let me do what I do because I don’t answer to you.

In short, fuck off.


me at 8am, trying to get myself together and go out: I love Yoon Jeonghan

ok so i have an idea for a new series but idk who it should be

like im debating between Taehyung and Jungkook (because i can write/know their personalities the best in my opinion)

so leave a message in my ask box telling me which member the series should be about please

the series will be titled “Letters For You” 

so yeah tell me which member it should be about

a’ight sit the fuck down and listen the fuck up

i realise that i’m in no place to comment on this issue, considering that it doesn’t involve me at all, but i figured that since i unfortunately only just found out about it i should do something more than just sending a message of comfort. but, y’know, i’m fine with deleting this is if it’s requested.

for those who don’t know, a particularly rude anon has been on fishy’s ( @all-that-and-a-bag-of-trash ) blog recently - i wont retell everything, but the basic jist of the message was a disagreement about who ‘owns’ stretch/underswap papyrus. and she was also told to kill herself because of the fact that she liked him.

for starters, what the hell, anon. i’m trying not to be too rude to anyone here, but i seriously doubt that telling someone to kill themselves is not the right answer in any situation. period.

secondly, no one ‘owns’ stretch (except maybe his creator, but, y’know). it doesn’t work like in real life with a real person - because he isn’t a real person. and, even in real life, no one is supposedly ‘owned’ by anyone - at least to my way of thnking. 
everything on here is all in the name of fun and, more often than not, just getting a break from things we all have to deal with in real life. i’m sure everyone would appreciate it if there was less of those kinds of messages being sent to people - especially over something so simple as this.

i had more to say, but as i’m typing this i realise that it goes off into borderline extremely rude so i’ll stop here.

but, to put it simply, no one ‘owns’ anyone just because they supposedly liked them first, you can’t call dibs on fictional characters. let people have their fun.

when you kiss it feels like love
it always feels like love and
suddenly, somebody is in love
with your laugh
and your eyes
the way you eat spaghetti
the way your smile is always crooked.
They’re in love and maybe
you’re someone who should be loved
(someone who deserves it)

But then there’s the tidal wave 
after three years or two months or six months and four days,
when suddenly they look at you
and your laugh isn’t anything special
and the way your eyes line with laughter at the sides
no longer does anything for them

It’s falling and it’s screaming and it’s
then why the fuck did you say all those things in the first place,
oh god, oh my god,
it’s becoming the one they used to love or
at least you think because 
well you’re not really sure how they felt
not anymore but
(they had to have meant it, right? right?)

It’s nostalgic and addictive
and it’s your ripped up heart on the ground 
it’s remembering the way crooked smiles used to make them laugh
and now makes them look away

Deleting + Revamp!!

Hello everyone! As you may have noticed from the title, I’ll be deleting this blog and revamping it into a different blog! I’m still deciding if I still want to keep the old username or not… Anyways! I’ll need to ask you mutuals something!

Please like this status if you want to keep the relationship/friendship between our muses! Also, if you want me to follow you in my new account, like this post as well! (or comment, doesn’t matter haha!) I deeply apologize for my inactivity; drawing has been taking over my motivation so I’ve been spending a lot of time doing that! (and I still am, ngl)

Anyways, this blog will be deleted a week from now (  June 27, 2017  ). This blog may be deleted earlier who knows…