i should really be doing hw now

it probably says a lot about the american school system that kids are getting physically ill through stress but still force themselves to work through it because they cant afford to get another bad grade that will tell them nothing about themselves except they arent good at memorizing papers full of facts at three in the morning when what they really should be doing is sleeping

Yo I’d like to talk about anonhate for a sec here. 

You guys probably know that I really hate anonhate. The person behind the mask is too bitter for words, and probably doesn’t even want to be seen doing what they’re doing. Look buddy, if you know it’s wrong, why the fuck do you still do it? It hurts the person who’s receiving it, and it also hurts yourself, because damn. You are not being the best person you could be, in fact, you aren’t even trying, because anonhate is totally preventable at all costs and I have no idea why the fuck you’d put that much effort into typing up those nasty ass words and sending them straight to a sad person’s heart. Shame on you. Like damn, I can’t even look at you in the eye right now if I could even see your face ): 

I’m incredibly upset right now because one of my tumblr friends had this huge demoting feeling of self-worth and decided to blog about it on her own blog under a read more. She came back to messages from anons calling her an “attention whore” and people telling her she didn’t deserve to talk about her life because she was “middle-class” and “white” and also “cis”. Really? Like have you ever been sad before? The last thing anybody wants to hear when they’re sad is that they’re an “attention whore” and that they don’t deserve to be heard just because of their fucking social class, etc. AND WOW OKAY SHE ACTUALLY LEFT A READ MORE THAT JUST SAID SHE COULDN’T TAKE ANYTHING ANYMORE. It doesn’t take mad science to know that feeding sadness a bunch of hate doesn’t solve anything. DO PEOPLE REALLY FEEL BETTER KNOWING THAT THEY PROBABLY DESTROYED SOMEBODY’S NIGHT? THEY MADE THEM CRY THEMSELVES TO SLEEP? THEY’LL PROBABLY WAKE UP, NOT WANTING TO EAT, ONLY REPLAYING THOSE DAMN WORDS IN THEIR MINDS. No matter what, those words will ALWAYS stay in their mind. You can’t really just say “LOL GET OVER IT, IGNORE ANONHATE” for some people it’s NOT THAT EASY. NOT EVERYBODY IS LIKE YOU, NOT EVERYBODY CAN SHAKE IT OFF; please understand that. Don’t send hate, don’t send hate, don’t send hate, ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO NOT SEND HATE. CONTINUE BEING THE BEST PEOPLE LIKE Y'ALL ALWAYS ARE!~ I know all of my followers are really awesome about this kind of stuff :’) I love you all *smooches the tops of your heads*

If you read that then you’re incredibly cool because I don’t really expect anybody to read something this long, I think this is my longest text post yet. If you did though *gives you a warm pat on the back and an ice cream* sweet dreams my little angel

Shits about to go down right now.

I am really, really getting fed up with all these people supporting the U.S. military and the militarization of the Philippines saying that they disagree with pulling out the U.S. military out of the Philippines.

I really, really am.

While y’all go on praising the U.S. military, our people are dying through their involvement. Men. Women. Children. Students. Activists. Journalists. Teachers. They are literally dying from the U.S. support, training, and funding of the Armed Forces of the Philippines who are doing all these atrocities under the Oplan Bayanihan program which does not distinguish actual terrorists from civilians and freedom fighters. Sure, China is being a pain in the fuckin ass but the U.S. military is not the fuckin answer if our people are dying by the very same damn people who are supposedly suppose to protect them.

So don’t fuckin tell me to stop being fuckin angry. I am angry because many of my moms friends are on that plethora of a list of people who have been mysteriously murdered or disappeared as students, activists, and journalists. I am angry because of what is currently going on in Mindanao with the occupation of Lumad ancestral lands, their communities, and their schools from the Armed Forces of the Philippines who are becoming a byproduct of the U.S. military and government considering the amount of funding and support they have received over the years and the many Lumad killings that still continue right now as I speak. I am angry because Aquino has done jack fuckin shit and smiles like an idiot brushing everything that is going on aside like they are a speck of dirt.

So while I will be controlling my use of profanity as much as I would like to fuckin use it in that post, I will silently be cursing out in my head.

But really folks, I should not have to do your hw for you. Google is your friend, it’s free, and easily accessible to us with an internet connection. All the information is right there. But I am seriously done with all these messages on both my personal and on @pinoy-culture on resources on what is going on in the Philippines, has been going on for years, the U.S. military involvement, and why the fuck they should get out. So currently doing the hw for all of you not only for you but for everyone else who wants to know what the hell is going on in our country and to our people and why the hell so many of us want the U.S. military out of the Philippines, to end the militarization of the Philippines, and get rid of Oplan Bayanihan.